Salwar Kameez to Bikini – Part 2

Hello, All Priti here again with the next part of my story. In the last part, we saw I picked Rizwan up at the airport, and we reached our place. He kissed me in the auto and hugged me while coming up the stairs. Now let us see further.

It was late; we entered the house, settled our bags, and started kissing each other like crazy. I pushed him onto the couch, climbed on his lap, and started kissing him. His hands rubbed my butt over my skirt, one stroked my boobs over my top, and the other rubbed my bare back.

We were turned on. He was hard down there. I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his nipples while he unhooked my bra. He was turned on to the hilt with the nipples sucked. He pulled me forward, tore my top, and freed my big boobs.

Looking at them, he went mad and started sucking them like a baby and biting them. His hard dick rubbing my pussy below and tongue sucking my hard nipples made me crazy that I was wet down already. We switched places, and he made me lie on the couch.

He moved my skirt up, started licking my legs, ankle, calves, and inner thighs, and nibbled his nose on my wet panty.

R: Somebody is wet down there, eh?

Me: Yes, for you, my darling. And someone is suffocating in there; release him.

I helped him open his pants and pulled his cock out. It was a big 7inch long and 3inch thick, circumcised cock. I stroked it with my hand while he bent, kissed me, and started fingering my pussy.

Me: It is so big. Put it in. I want it inside me.

I got up, removed my skirt and panties, and was naked in front of him; he pulled me to the bedroom, made me lie on the bed, and started penetrating me. He put oil on his dick, but my pussy was still tight. Only half his dick went in, and it was squeezing his cock.

R: You are so tight as a virgin, and your cunt is so hot and wet. Ahh.

He bent forward and kissed me.

Me: I have not been fucked for over 20 years, and you are the second cock to go in this pussy. Slowly, please do it.

He licked me all over my shoulders, neck, and boobs to excite me more, wean off the pain, and then started moving slowly. In a couple of minutes, I started enjoying myself, and with every push, he started putting his dick inside me while sucking my boobs simultaneously to relieve me.

A few more minutes and his dick was moving inside my pussy freely, and I loved it.

Me: Ahh. It feels so good. Keep doing it. I love you, darling.

R: I love you too, baby. Your pussy is going to make me an addict.

Me: Yes, harder, do it fast, do not stop.

He started pounding me in a missionary position, and in another 10 minutes, I had an orgasm. I had one after years, and it felt so lovely.

Me: Thank you, darling, that was wonderful.

We kissed other again. But he was still hard and not done yet. He kept pushing his dick, and in a few moments, he was pounding again. He then asked me to try other positions, but I never tried. He showed me to go on my fours and move my ass up.

Just looking at my ass, he was rock hard. He spread my butt and inserted his cock in my pussy, and started fucking me.

Me: Ahh, this is so good. Keep doing it. It is hitting my womb now. Harder, pound me harder, baby.

R: What a sexy ass you have. It is even better to fuck you like a bitch.

He spanked my ass. This made me look up, and I watched myself getting fucked like a bitch. I loved watching a man plow my pussy and seeing the pleasure on his face. We fucked watching ourselves in the mirror, which turned us on to the hilt, and both came in another 10 minutes.

He pulled out and released the cum on my ass, and I had my second orgasm. We cleaned ourselves. It was 1 am already. He poured a couple of drinks for us, and I lit a cigarette.

Rizwan: To our new life, cheers.

We both had the peg bottoms up, and now even I had become a pro at drinking and smoking. We had drinks and then went to sleep wearing our clothes. Rizwan wanted me to sleep naked, but I wore the gown and slept instead. He was pissed.

I had a sound sleep after the beautiful fuck. The following day we got up late. He was upset about last night and left to work without giving me a hug or cuddle. I messaged him, but he did not reply, so I called him with teary eyes during lunchtime.

Me: I am sorry, I have never done these things, so I was shy.

R: Why shy of me? Don’t you love me?

Me: I do. I love you a lot.

R: I don’t think so. If you did, you would be more open in front of me. I am sorry for the tone, but your dress sometimes irritates me. I would love my partner to be hot and sexy, which you are, but you wrap yourself up in too many clothes.

Me: I know, but this is how it has been, and society here won’t allow it either.

R: I know. I am sorry. I will be blunt, Priti. I love you, but I am a sex addict. I want my partner to be like a whore, naked and open to fuck whenever I ask, drink, smoke, and wear sexy, raunchy dresses. That is how my lifestyle is, but it isn’t yours, and I expected you to change and react to such. I am sorry. We will talk in the evening.

After he hung up, I was reminiscing about the time we had last night, and I was wet again. Imagining him fucking me all day, I masturbated and squirted. This was the first time it had happened. I was naked, and I looked at myself in the mirror.

His bite marks on my boobs and red ass made me feel young and appreciated. I decided to be the partner he wanted. That night Rizwan came in a bit late than usual to get a pleasant surprise. I wore the dress he had brought for me.

It was a transparent halterneck that contained 50% of my boobs. It had a cut from the hip, which showed off my sexy legs. I watched porn the whole afternoon and learned how they give blow jobs and other positions.

I messaged him to open the door with a key under the mat as I won’t be home. He opened the door and put the lights on. He looked stunned at me sitting on the couch in that sexy dress, showing off my legs and ample cleavage.

Me: Surprise! I got up and kissed him on the lips. How do I look?

R: Sexy and hot.

I pulled the chair and pushed him on it. And started making sex moves in front of him. Then I gave him a lap dance with the Israeli music on and rubbed my ass on his crotch, which was now dying to come out. I sat on his lap and rubbed my pussy over the crotch to excite him more.

I removed his shirt and licked his nipples while he was rubbing my ass. Then I unzipped him, pulled his dick out, and started sucking him. He started moaning.

R: Aah. that is so hot. You suck so well, aah!

I was taking it down my throat and wet it with my saliva. He held my head and started moving his hip fucking my mouth. I got up and undid my dress in my bra and panty. He got up, got rid of our clothes, and took me to the bedroom. This time I made him lie on his back and went on him like a cowgirl.

Me: Aah. It is touching my womb, sucking my boobs, eating them, biting them.

I was moving my hip at first, but then, in a few minutes, I rode him like a cowgirl saying slang.

Me: This is what you wanted, right? This is what you will get, Rizwan. I love you. Make me yours.

Rizwan: You sure you will be able to handle my sex addiction? I will fuck you anywhere.

Me: Yes, I am ready to be your whore; make me one. Keep pushing that dick in my pussy. She has been thirsty for her. Now quench her thirst with your cum. I will open my legs and get naked when you want me to.

R: Then I will ensure that she never gets dry hereafter.

I rode him for a good 10 minutes and then had my orgasm and collapsed on him. We kissed passionately, with our tongues fighting. He again turned me on my fours and fucked me like a bitch, looking in the mirror.

R: Look at your face. You are enjoying this.

Me: Yes, keep fucking me. I want your cock inside me, ahh.

After hearing this, he pounded me like a dog, holding my boobs from behind and biting my shoulders. Rizwan had good stamina, and he fucked me hard for 15 minutes. While he was about to release, I made him cum inside me.

We cleaned ourselves and again had pegs and smokes. We went to sleep, but this time I slept naked. In the morning, I woke up with a tingle in my pussy, only to find Rizwan licking my pussy. I went mad at him for doing it.

Me: Aah, you fucker, it feels so good. Ahh, keep doing it.

He kept lapping my pussy. He turned me over, asked me to face-sit him, and got me in a 69 position. I had seen it in porn. He started sucking me while I sucked his already hard cock.

I sucked him hard, too, and we both came simultaneously in each other’s faces. He released his cum in my mouth, and accidentally I gulped it. I felt yucky at first but then liked it. I just wore his shirt and made breakfast for him.

I gave him a nice smooch and boob rub and went for the shower after he left. I usually wear a gown and come back, but I just walked out naked today. I loved to see his marks on my body and imagine the night I was wet again. I sent him a text.

“I love you. That was a splendid night, thank you. Now is my hubby satisfied?”

R: Yes, I loved the surprise. You are one hot fuck. I will try and come early to my horny wifey.

After this, he texted again.

R: I am sorry to push you. We won’t do it if you don’t like it.

Me: I loved it, stupid, and I think I am also getting addicted to your dick. I will do whatever my love wants, even if I need to become a whore. I will be the sexy lady you want me to be. Anything for you, baby.

R: Think again. I may ask to fuck you on the road, beach, or at a party, with other people too. We have a lot of naked parties and group sex in Cuba. Will you be able to be so open to roaming naked in front of people? This is what I mean by whore.

Reading this text, I drifted into imagining him fucking me on the beach, making my pussy wet. I texted him back.

Me: I am wet imagining you fuck my pussy on the beach. I will do it all, Rizwan. You want me to be a naked street whore? I will have become one. You unleashed the slut out in me. Even I love sex, and my pussy will suck your juice out.
After this text, I got a video call from him. I was still naked and picked it up straight. I turned the camera to show him my naked self, and his eyes widened.

R: Already following instructions, eh?

Me: This is what my love wants. Isn’t it?

R: Yes, but we need to get you sexy clothes and lingerie. Let us go shopping in the afternoon.

He met me at the mall. A girl was with him. She was a stylist, and she took me with her. She bought me sexy padded bras, thong panties, and G-strings that covered only my pussy. She got me gowns that were thin like chunaris and transparent to wear at home, satin bathrobes, and dresses that seldom covered my ass.

All the dresses showed almost 60% of my boobs and cleavage. Then she took me to the salon, gave me a haircut, did a full body wax, and removed all hair from my body. While doing it, she massaged my pussy and applied a cream on my boobs and pussy to make them firm.

It was almost five hours of shopping and a makeover. She made me wear a dress. That dress was held in the neck like a halter neck but with a string and ended just below my thighs. She took all the bags and everything and took me to a car in the parking lot.

I saw Rizwan was in it. He came out and was mesmerized to see me. He thanked the lady, gave her money, and made me sit in the car. But instead of going out of the lot, he moved towards the parking lot and parked in a dark corner. He kissed me on the lips and rubbed my inner thighs.

Me: What are we doing here?

R: Waiting to see if you live by your words.

Me: What do you mean?

R: You said you would do everything I say, so I want to fuck you here.

Me: I see, so you want to test me, eh? Okay.

I moved forward and kissed him hard now and started rubbing his dick. I unzipped him and started sucking his cock while he undid my dress from the neck.

R: Hmm, yes. You are such a sucker.

He lifted me and pulled his pants out. I removed my panty, came over to him, and started riding him. the dress was below my boobs, and his dick was touching my womb.

Me: Are you happy now? See, I told you I could be the whore you wanted.

I bent forward and kissed him, and he was pinching my nipples hard. Rizwan was too excited. I removed the dress over my head, got naked, and was riding him hard now. If someone noticed very carefully, we could be seen. I heard a few people pass by, too, but we kept doing it.

In 20 minutes, we both came at the same time, and he shot his load inside me. We stayed there and cleaned ourselves. I wore the dress without the undergarments.

From that day, At home, I would be naked when he stepped in, and we fucked twice daily. Once in the night and once early morning.

On Friday, he took me to a pub. I wore a free tank dress with frills that came to my mid-thighs and showed ample cleavage. I felt young. That night I had different liquor. We danced, smoked pot too, and was high. I pulled him to the washroom and gave him a quickie.

That weekend was bliss. We were naked after we came from the pub till Monday morning, and we kept fucking like newlyweds. He even made me talk to my son while licking my pussy. I lost count of how many orgasms I had that weekend.

By the next week, I was more comfortable being naked and stayed naked the entire day. All the time we were together, we sucked, licked, and fucked each other. He fucked me thrice every day with his work schedule too. Also, when dropping him at the airport, we booked a self-drive car.

He fucked me in the airport parking before his flight. I was wearing a gown dress with no undergarments and returned home from the airport. During the video calls, we used to be naked and even masturbated with each other.

I sent him nudes and recorded all our sex sessions while he was here. I would watch them the entire day on my TV.

What happened next and how I moved to the US will tell you in the next story.