Sanskari Girl To Sex Slave

Hello friends, my name is Ritu. This is a fictional story where a well-behaved girl turns into a slave of a loan shark due to her brother’s large debts. So now, without wasting time, let’s get to the story.

I am 23 years old, and my brother is 26 years old. I live with my brother in a flat which is on rent. Our father and mother passed away in an accident a few years back.

My brother’s name is Yash. He had tried a few businesses in the past, but they also failed this time. But this time, he took a loan of 5 lakh rupees from a loan shark.

Now, he was threatening my brother for the money he owed to a loan shark. We were tense about the whole situation and were thinking now what to do. The next day, Ramesh (a loan shark) came to our house asking for money.

My brother and I pleaded with him to give us some more time. Then my brother sent me to another room. Ramesh and their brother were discussing something about loans. After some time, Ramesh left, and I asked my brother what happened. But he was not looking well.

After some time, he called me and asked me to sit and listen calmly. I was getting a little nervous about the situation. Then he said to me that Ramesh had proposed to him something by which we could pay the whole loan. He would also give us the rent for the house.

I was very happy. But it was very short-lived, as my brother told me about the proposal that Ramesh made to him. I was in shock. The proposal was that I had to become his slave for a month. I was very angry at my brother. I was shouting at him about how he was even considering this.

But then my brother said, “We had no other way. We don’t even have money left to pay the rent of the house. If we don’t pay Ramesh back by the end of this week, he will sue us, and I can go to jail.”

I was almost crying. My brother said, “It is only a month, and it will pass by. Please accept this time. We have no option left.” I accepted that I would be a slave of Ramesh for one month. I was preparing myself for what was coming now.

I will have sex with Ramesh for one month now. But who knew that it could be worse?

My brother informed Ramesh that we have accepted the proposal. He informed me to pack my bags for one month and come to the given address the next morning. I reached the address with my bag. I knocked on the door, and Ramesh’s wife opened the door.

I was a bit surprised that she also knew about the slave proposal. Her name was Jiya. Jiya showed me my room. She seriously asked me that am I was okay with being a slave for one month.

She added, “It would not be as easy as you are thinking it could be painful at several times. You will also have to drink piss as a substitute for water for a day and many more such things.”

I was shocked after hearing all this. But as for my situation, I know that I cannot reject it. I said to Jiya that I was okay with that. She asked me a final time if I wanted to leave. “This time, you can still leave. After this, you will not be able to leave for one month and will have to obey their every order.”

I agreed, and she told me to get changed and then come to the hall. I changed and came to the hall, where both Ramesh and Jiya were sitting on the sofa discussing something. They saw me.

Ramesh said, “From now on, for one month, we will be your masters. You have to obey everything that we say. If you don’t obey our commands, then we will punish you or increase the duration.”

Then, immediately, as a first command, Jiya told me to undress. I knew it was coming. I removed all my clothes, tops, jeans, bra, and panties. I was covering my pussy with one hand and my boobs with the other. She told me to stand straight as they wanted to see me properly.

Ramesh, after looking at my boobs and pussy said, “So the slut is not a virgin Someone has already enjoyed her.” Jiya stood up and came near me, and started pressing my boobs. She inserted one of her fingers in my pussy and said to Ramesh, “The slut has not had sex for a long time.”

Then Jiya told me to unbutton Ramesh’s pants and start sucking his dick. I hesitated a bit, and then she shouted fast. So I unbuttoned the pants and removed his dick from his underwear, and started licking it a bit. Ramesh was enjoying it.

I started sucking his dick, some of it, not the whole. Suddenly Jiya grabbed my hair and pushed his whole dick in my mouth. For a moment, I was not able to breathe. Then she made me suck the whole dick until Ramesh came in my mouth.

I was about to spit it out, but then Ramesh said not to spit it out and swallow it. So I drank it all. Jiya gave me a collar and said to wear it around the neck. I knew it was for the dog, but I had to wear it.

She told me to go and have some rest in the room. I started to pick up my clothes and wear them. But Jiya said, “Who permitted you to wear clothes? You have to wear only that collar until we tell you to wear something.” I took my clothes and had some rest in my room.

Jiya called me for lunch. We had lunch together, then Jiya asked me to wash dishes and then come to her in the hall. I did the dishes and then went to the hall where Jiya was watching TV. She told me to be on my knees and start licking her pussy.

She was wearing pyjamas, so I pulled them, and she was not wearing any panties. She had a clean-shaven pussy, not a single hair on her pussy. Even I, who is younger than her, didn’t have that clean pussy. I started licking it, and I did it for some time.

Then Ramesh came into the hall, saw me licking Jiya’s pussy, and smiled. Ramesh pulled down his pants, and his dick was out now. He started to rub his dick around my pussy. I was getting more and more horny because it was after a long time I would be having sex.

Then he pushed his dick into my pussy in one go, and I cried, “Aah.” Jiya grabbed my hair and pushed my head into her pussy.

Ramesh was about to cum, so he pulled his dick out of my pussy and cum on the floor Jiya also came earlier. Now Jiya ordered me to lick cum of Ramesh and clear the floor. I started licking the floor, and it was clean in 3-4 minutes.

Then Ramesh told me to come to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Ramesh told me to sit down, so I sat down. Then he said, “You should take a shower.” I agreed with him, but then he started pissing on me. He pissed all over me. This was the reason he told me to come to the bathroom.

I was feeling gross since I was pissed all over. Jiya, who saw all of this, laughed and said, “This is just the beginning, darling.” She told me to have a bath and have some rest since it was new for me. Later on, there will be no time for resting.

After a while, Jiya came to my room with a dildo in her hand and immediately asked me to spread my legs. I did as she said. She inserted it in my pussy, pulling the dildo in and out very roughly. I asked her to please be gentle. Instead, she slapped me on my ass until it was red.

I came in a few minutes, and my ass was red and hurting. Then she left. I rested, and then Jiya called me to help for preparation for dinner. Then I helped her in the kitchen for dinner. We talked. She was friendly, and she also told me that I should enjoy this instead of resisting. Otherwise, it would be painful.

After having dinner, all of was were naked and watching TV. Jiya’s boobs were bigger than mine. Then Ramesh started fucking Jiya. I was so horny even watching it that I started fingering myself. Then Ramesh switched from Jiya to me and started fucking me.

I was enjoying this very much Jiya slapped me a few times on my ass. Ramesh cum on my body. Then Jiya started to lick the cum which was on my body, and then we kissed. For the first time, I kissed a girl. I responded, and then we sat down since everyone was exhausted after this session.

Then we headed to our rooms and slept. This was the end of the first day, and I was enjoying it.

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