Saturday-night at a pub ended with foursome – Part 1

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Coming to the story, Tharini is the main heroine of this memorable story. Tharini is a slim hot south Indian lady. She has been in contact with me for the past year now. Tharini is one of my reader fans. In September, one evening, Tharini messaged me, “I am too frustrated in life. Let’s meet.”

About Thariini: Tharini is aged 30 and married to Prakash. They have been happily married for 5 years now. She was a virgin when she married Prakash. Prakash is a hungry guy with lots of sexual experience before marrying her.

After marriage, he never looked away from her. He tasted every bit of her. Tharini is a slim, petite, and tall lady. Tharini’s body structure and skin color will make any guy crazy to fuck her till his last drop.

Her husband was no different. He banged her in many different ways and many exotic locations. Tharini enjoyed her sex life to the core. She got pregnant immediately after marriage. After 1st baby, within 6 months, she was pregnant for the second time. Tharini is a mother of two kids.

The sex life slowly dwindled after the second kid. She never denied sex to her husband. She was submissive to Prakash whenever he needed her. He lost interest in her and was looking for fun out of marriage.

Her husband’s regular visit to Thailand was proof of his never-ending sexual hunger. Her father passed away during the second year of her marriage. She is more dependent on her husband. She is madly in love with her husband. Because of all this, She never dared to intervene in his sexual adventures.

During one of her husband’s Thailand visits, she connected with me. She did her first fling outside marriage with me at her home in Dollar’s colony. Tharini liked me very much. I loved her very much. She was perfect in all the corners of her body. Tharini’s kiss was very special.

We had a pact that we would not chat on a day in day out basis. Instead, whenever Tharini needed to have fun, she would text me the date and time. I will respond with my availability with a ‘thumbs’ up or down sign.

Once our date and time matched, we used to be in bed caressing each other’s bodily needs. We met secretly and enjoyed ourselves on three different occasions in her house.

Present day: Tharini messaged me, “I want to have fun.” She also told me, “not sex. I want to go out with you to a party.” I knew it was risky. She convinced me, and I booked the evening at NoLimits pub, opposite Garuda mall.

A famous pub around MG road for the nightlife party with DJ, dance floor, and booze. On a crowded Saturday night, I reached the spot at 7:30 in the evening. Tharini reached the spot by 8. I went wild seeing her. She looked gorgeous for her age.

She was hotter and sexier compared to those teen girls younger than her. No one will guess that Tharini is a mother of two babies. She was dressed to kill. I walked to her and clasped her hand. Heavens! she was looking like an actress.

She wore a burgundy colored wrap dress with a single-shoulder three-quarter puff sleeve and sleeveless second shoulder. The dress was touching a pinch above her knee. The dress was shiny, with tiny diamond shapes stuck all over. She looked very sleek.

She had applied minimal makeup with matching burgundy lipstick. She had silky free falling dark hair. I was damn lucky to have found Tharini in my life. She was so pretty with her sparkling eyes, sharp nose, and thick juicy lips.

We walked inside after crossing the hefty bouncers. The DJ was on with many neon lights flashing, loud background music with the dance floor filled with men and women dancing to the beats. Tharini was smiling wide, seeing the stage.

We walked to our table and sat, seeing the dance floor with many men and women. Due to the loud music, I went close to her ear and asked, “What would you like to have, hon?” Oh heavens, I can smell the fragrance emanating from her body.

I could not control myself. I sat next to her instead of opposite her. She said, “I don’t know. I can try anything with you.” I asked, “Alcohol?” she nodded with a smile. I ordered tequila as a starter, two cocktails, and some non-veg snacks.

I taught her about drinking tequila shots. She smiled and took it, and shook her head. Tharini was enjoying with loud giggles. I had my hand over her knee and was caressing her thigh’s soft skin after pushing her dress slightly high.

She was engrossed in enjoying the crowded music-filled DJ. We took the cocktail very slowly, along with the snacks. After completing one shot of the cocktail, She told me in the ear that she wanted to dance. I took her to the stage, and we danced.

She danced freely. She danced to the rhythm of the music. During dancing, a girl pulled Tharini through her hip. That’s the girl Pavni. In the kick of the alcohol, Tharini danced like a professional with Pavni. Pavni and Tharini giggled out loud.

I walked to our table and started sipping my second shot seeing the new hot north Indian girl Pavni with Tharini. Pavni looked very hot. She was short compared to Tharini’s height. Pavni was wearing a black colored round-necked T-shirt.

The T-shirt was sticking to her huge 36-sized boobs. The boobs looked heavy and huge for her short height. She wore jeans that were sticking tightly over her big ass. Pavni was much milkier compared to Tharini’s skin tone.

Pavni got hefty and heavier assets compared to Tharini. Tharini was prettier and cutest compared to Pavni. I noticed the swaying ass of Tharini while she moved her hips to the loud music. After the dance, Pavni walked to our table and started conversing with us.

After a while, her boyfriend came and introduced himself as Sandeep. Sandeep was a well-built gym body. All four continued drinking at our table and boozed till midnight. Pavni and Sandeep were modern and open-minded people.

They became closer quickly. Sandeep and Pavni were working for an IT company in Bangalore. Sandeep was from UP, and Pavni was from Delhi. They have been in a live-in relationship for the past 2 years.

During our 3 hours of sitting together, Pavni took me to the dance floor and danced with me. She giggled and put her hand around my neck. I grabbed her hips, stared at her eyes, and danced to the beats. She danced while Sandeep sat chatting with Tharini.

Tharini was high and was speaking continuously in the kick of the drink. I controlled my booze to stay in awareness of these newfound friends. Pavni convinced us to continue partying at their apartment.

I asked Tharini separately. She forced me into it. I agreed since I was in my senses. I made Tharini sit with Pavni in the backseat. I sat with Sandeep. The flat was 15 minutes drive from the pub. Sandeep took short roads, avoiding traffic police on the main road.

We reached their beautiful apartment. I opened the back door for Tharini to deboard. Sandeep supported Tharini, while Pavni stuck with me.

Sandeep walked ahead with Tharini towards the lift. I walked behind with Pavni tightly held by her hip and hanging over my shoulder. Pavni touched my cock over the pant. I was shocked and had a huge erection.

Pavni delayed us entering the lift with Sandeep. I entered another lift with Pavni. Pavni was very horny that she started kissing me. In the short lift travel, we kissed with our alcohol-stinking mouths tasting each other.

We walked into the vast flat. All except Pavni sat in the middle of the hall on the carpet. Pavni went to the room. Pavni returned after removing her T-shirt and brought a bottle of vodka with four glasses.

Pavni sat sticking to me in her black bra. Her huge milky white boobs and cleavage made my dick tear out of my pants. Sandeep seated next to Tharini. We continued talking to the cheers of drinks.

While chatting, Pavni rubbed her shoulder with mine and caressed my thigh. On the other hand, Sandeep touched the bare knee of Tharini. I understood where this all was going.

I moved slowly, close to Pavni. I looked at her eyes with my lusty eyes. She grabbed my hand casually. I rose, signaled her, and walked to the restroom. She followed me.

On leaving the restroom, Pavni was waiting for me with lust. I hurriedly pushed her to the wall close by. I grabbed her hands and started kissing her thin lips. I could taste the alcohol out of her mouth.

She pulled my hair and kissed me wildly, with our lips going in and out of each other’s mouths. We kissed long, with my hands feeling the soft cushiony hip of Pavni.

I continued sucking her lips, grabbing the ass through the tight pants. She broke the kiss and removed her pants. She jumped over me and continued kissing me wildly.

I grabbed her bare round ass cheeks, which were fleshy, and squeezed them hard. My lips were sucking her tongue dry. She inserted her hands inside my pant and grabbed the snake inside the pants.

Pavni stopped kissing when we heard some noise outside. We turned to see that Tharini had caught us kissing wildly. Tharini was staring at us with jealous-filled eyes. Pavni walked into the washroom.

I walked past Tharini to the hall and joined Sandeep. Sandeep was very high in the kick of alcohol. Pavni returned with just a bra and panty to the hall, followed by Tharini. Both sat on either side of mine.

I placed a hand over Tharini’s thigh and started massaging. Pavni moved towards Sandeep and started kissing him. I moved close to Tharini and started kissing her wildly, with Sandeep staring at the wild act unfolding before him.

Tharini went wild. She kissed me and sucked my lips and tongue hurriedly. I sucked Tharini’s lips till she was breathless. I glanced at Pavni. She broke the kiss with Sandeep and removed his pants.

Pavni removed Sandeep’s pants and underwear. She started sucking his fully grown cock. Sandeep was heavily built, which made his cock look tiny for his body. Pavni was sucking his juicy cock.

I pushed Tharini onto the floor next to Sandeep and lifted her dress. Tharini pushed me away in hesitation. I removed her panty against her wish. When I massaged her pussy. She stopped her objection.

I drenched my hand wet with saliva and massaged her pussy which was wet from precum. I knew that Tharini usually cums early from our last encounters. I also knew that Tharini likes her pussy being licked.

I lifted her legs and dug my face between her thighs. I moved my pointy tongue all around her pussy area. Tharini started moaning with heavy breaths. Pavni was blowing Sandeep’s cock, next to me.

I teased Tharini by continually moving my tongue only around pussy, ignoring the main area. Tharini grabbed my head by the hair and pushed my head, making me lick her pussy.

I locked my lips with the pussy lips of Tharini. I sucked the pre-cum filled shaved pussy of Tharini. Tharini shouted with excitement and moaned louder. My eyes stared at Pavni, who was excited about my licking.

Sandeep was excited by the moan of Tharini’s. Sandeep’s dick was oozing with saliva and was gagged full into Pavni’s mouth. Pavni was breathless, and Sandeep pulled out his dick before cumming.

He shot loads of cum all around the carpet. He rested on the carpet in relief. Pavni moved towards Tharini. I continued licking her pussy. Pavni moved from the top and started kissing Tharini.

I was mesmerized by the lesbian act which was unfolding. I was licking her pussy, and my eyes were staring at the slow seductive kiss of Pavni and Tharini. Tharini, too was enjoying the slow kiss of Pavni.

Pavni very slowly sucked the lower lips of Tharini, and then Tharini sucked the lower lips of Pavni so that they were sucking away the honey. My dick was wild inside my pants. I removed my pant and T-shirt. I am in my underwear.

I continued sucking the pussy of Tharini with her hands, pushing my head tightly into her. Pavni opened the shoulder strap of Tharini and pulled out her small melon boobs. I stopped sucking and allowed Pavni to remove the dress of Tharini completely nude.

Pavni locked her lips, sucking the erect nipples of Tharini. I dug my face and, with speed, sucked her pussy. Tharini pushed my head and shot the cum. Now Pavni looked at me hungrily.

In part 2, Making Pavni cum with a hard fuck with Sandeep sucking and Tharini sucking Pavni’s huge boobs. How Tharini crazily eats the bodybuilder Sandeep and gets spanked fuck from him.