Selena Trapped By Shiva

Hello readers, this is Selena here. This is the continuation of .  I want to thank this community for the overwhelming response to my series. I was held up since my last post, so that I couldn’t post new updates. Let’s continue from where I left.

In the last part, Shiva put me into my nightwear, switched off the lights, and left my home. Early morning Javed and Ali left the place, and Shiva thanked them. Shiva told them he would share the video of the great fuck he had yesterday night.

Daniel was supposed to arrive anytime soon. I was still dozed up. I didn’t know I was fucked like a prostitute by my watchman and an unknown cabbie yesterday night. Moreover, they recorded the events for their pleasure and future misuse.

So the next day morning, I woke up as usual. I was surprised to see myself in nightwear. As I was completely dizzy yesterday, I don’t know what happened to me and how I changed into my nightwear. Anyways I just let those thoughts pass and went to my bathroom and had a nice warm water bath.

I was finally free from Javed and Ali as they now had left the place. But I was in for a surprise that the watchman Shiva was going to torment me now. I was completely refreshed now. I was feeling like a free bird. I wanted to surprise Daniel in the most seductive way.

So first, I made him his favorite breakfast. Once done, I went back to my bedroom to get myself ready for my husband. I took out his favorite red push-up bra and panty. The bra keeps my boobs tight and gives a nice deep view of my cleavage. I wore my lingerie.

Next, I wore a red tank top and a black mini skirt that shows my body’s ample clear and sexy view. I applied his favorite red lipstick. I was ready now. I was looking like a red-hot siren when I viewed myself in the mirror. I was looking sexy.

Any man who would see me like that would throw me on the bed and fuck me hard. Inadvertently, my pussy was wet, and my nipples became erect, thinking of sex. I was hot now. Just then, I received a ping on my WhatsApp number from an unknown person.

U: Hi, sexy.

S: Hi, who is this?

U: I am your lover, babe.

S: Who is this, and how did you get my number?

I tried searching on the Truecaller, and the name came as Shooter Guy. I didn’t know anyone by that name. In between, Daniel called and said he would reach in 15 minutes. I told him that I have kept the door open and I am surprised for him.

Daniel was excited now, listening to my words. He must have had an instant hard-on. Meanwhile, I again received a message from an unknown number.

U:  I want to see your sexy body now. Please.

S: Who are you? I don’t even know you. If you keep irritating me, I am going to block you.

U:  You can block me if you want, but please show your sexiness to me and then do it.

I thought that it must be Javed, or Ali may be making some mischief. So I sent 3 pics in that attire. After 5 minutes I received a reply from that number.

U:  Wow, you are the best slut. Thanks.

I just sent a blushing emoji. It was now almost time for Daniel to come. I went and opened the door and kept it ajar for him. I went to my bedroom and just lay on my back on the bed. I had placed 2 handcuffs on each side of the bed. I put a blindfold on my eyes and cuffed myself to the bed.

I just lay there waiting for Daniel to come and pounce on me. After 5 minutes, I heard some movement near our main door then in our hall area. I heard someone enter the bedroom door. Someone had entered my bedroom. I thought he must be Daniel. I heard the sound of the camera shutter is clicked.

He was clicking my pictures in a compromising position. He came very close to me and was smelling the fragrance of my body. I felt his hot breath from my toe. He was slowly moving upwards and came very close to my panty and smelled my pussy juices. He knew that I was wet inside.

He then came near my navel and smelt it too. He moved further upwards near my boobs. He left a heavy breath there. He did all this without touching me anywhere. He was enjoying my body wireless. He further moved upwards and was breathing very closely near my neck.

I was breathing heavily because of his action. He then came close to my lips and gave a soft smooch. By the lips, I realized that it was someone else and not Daniel. I was in shock at who it could be. Just then, I heard him backtracking and leaving. He slowly left the door ajar and went outside.

I heard the footsteps leave the hallway then faintly outside the main door. I was in a state of shock at who that person could be. After 5 minutes, I regained my senses from the shock to find the footsteps entering my house again. But this time, it was Daniel for sure.

He called out my name and was searching for me. I heard him move towards our bedroom. Once he entered, he started whistling and saying, “Wow, I am lucky to have a sexy porn star as my wife.” He said that he could use her for both businesses as well as pleasure.

Saying this, he came and started kissing my legs and was caressing my thighs. I was already hot and high. I was reciprocating with wild moans. He then slowly pulled down my skirt and rubbed my pussy over my panty, which was already wet. He moved down my panty and inserted 2 fingers in my dripping pussy.

He was first doing it slowly but then increased his pace. I was so high that I had an orgasm. He then got completely naked and came on top of me. I could feel his dick near my pussy. He then took my tank top above my head and removed my bra too upwards.

Now I was completely naked and tied down to do anything for my hubby. He inserted his dick in my pussy and was drilling it hard. I, too, started moaning, enjoying his rhythm. He did this while squeezing my boobs and smooching me hard as I wore his favorite lipstick.

He kept on drilling me for 15 minutes, mauling my lips and breasts, and finally came on my thighs. I asked him to untie me, which he did. I went to the bathroom and started the shower to clean myself from all the hotness. Daniel joined me, and we smooched for some time under the shower.

Then we applied soap to each other and had a sexy couple bath. We then dried ourselves and dressed our daily casual wear, and sat for breakfast. While we were having breakfast, Daniel was a bit tensed. As a loving and caring wife, I asked him what the issue was.

He said that there are issues with Mr. Kukreja and Mr. Rashid, his business clients. So, I boldly told him that they had great fun with me and also gave him a big advance cheque. He said that’s not the problem. Daniel said that they are pretty old now and are not aggressive in business.

So, he has acquainted two middle-aged people Harish 39, and Suresh 42, and convince them of the orders. I understood the whole scenario now. I asked Daniel what’s in his mind. Daniel told me that we would join them in their private beach resort at XXX the day after.

There I have to seduce them and get the deal done somehow. Daniel said that he would leave the resort with some excuse and leave me with them. I can freely seduce and get the deal done. Before I could say anything, he asked me to pack sexy beachwear. He has some formalities of agreements to close the deal.

Daniel told me to get myself ready for the occasion. Saying this, he left for work. After just a few moments when Daniel left, I got a message from the same unknown number.

U:  Hi, Sexy.

After this message, he sent 3 pics of me tied down in the bed for Daniel in a very compromising position.

S: How did you get these?

U:  You should be asking me why did I get these.

S: What do you want?

U: My friend and I want to have sex with you.

S: What do you think am I? I can’t do this.

U:  Ok. Then I shall print these pictures in a pamphlet and post them in your surroundings.

S: No. You cant do this. I will pay you.

U:  Pay us by your body. Be ready in the same dress. We will come to your house in 15 minutes.

S: What? No, not at my place, please.

U:  Ok, then come to XXX hotel, room no. XXX in 20 minutes in that same attire.

S: That’s a dingy place. How can I come in that attire? Please spare me.

U: 18 minutes and clock is ticking, if you don’t come I will send them for printing.

I dropped the phone on the bed and got ready as told by the unknown number. I went downstairs hurriedly and booked a cab to that place. Even the cab driver was staring how come I was going to such a place. I reached there. It was a shady place like some brothel.

I reached the given room no and saw there was a filthy guy in the room. He told me to come in and sit on the bed. I straight away fell on his feet and asked him to spare me. To which he said to me that if I don’t cooperate, he will release my pictures.

He said that he and his friend would fuck me for the next few hours to their content. After that, I am free to go. This guy’s name was Sanjay. He then asked me to strip naked. I was hesitant, to which he said that if I don’t cooperate, he will rip apart my clothes.

So I obeyed and removed all my clothes and was standing nude in front of a filthy stranger. Someone then knocked on the door and came in. It was my apartment security guard, Shiva. I was shocked to see him there. He told Sanjay that she is a sexy slut. Both laughed and then lifted me and took me to bed.

First, Shiva fucked me mercilessly for 20 minutes and cum on my face. Then Sanjay fucked me for 30 minutes, and he too cum on my face. Then they said that I could leave and I should come whenever they call. I just nodded and left from there.

To be continued.