Sex At my Aunts place Abroad – Part 2

Hello guys, this is Rajesh, a 27 years bisexual guy from Hyderabad living in Melbourne. This is the continuation of my previous story.

After my sister saw us (me and my aunt) fucking, she went into her room and closed the door. My aunt and I helped each other get dressed. We went out to talk to my sister so she wouldn’t tell anyone. But she did not open the door.

After a couple of hours, she texted me, saying, “You guys don’t have to worry. I’ll not tell it to anyone.” I showed it to my aunt, and we both got relaxed.

The next morning, she was very casual, as if nothing happened. She came into my room, woke me up and gave me a coffee in my hand. She ran her fingers from my shoulder to my fingers. By the way, I forgot to tell you about her. She’s about 5’7, around my age.

I took my coffee and said thanks. I had my coffee and took a shower. Then, my sister again came into my room and asked me to come for breakfast. We three (me, my aunt, and my sister) had breakfast, and everyone went into their room.

After a while, my aunt came into my room. We were feeling relieved as my sister was not going to tell anyone about what happened between me and my aunt. We were sitting next to each other on the bed and watching a movie on my laptop.

As we were very close, our breathing became heavy. We could smell each other, and we kissed. In 10 minutes, my sister came in and said, “Oh, that’s my favourite movie. Can I join you guys to watch it?” My aunt said okay. She came and sat next to me. I’m in the middle.

As we were watching the movie, my sister rubbed her thigh with mine. She moved her hand on my thigh, and my cock got growing. She continued playing till we finished the movie, and all three went into the kitchen for lunch. After lunch, I went back to my room.

My aunt went out for some work. Now it’s just me and my sister at home. After half an hour, my sister walked into my room (naked) by calling out my name. She saw me and said, “Oh, there you are.” She locked the door from inside and came next to me.

She held my hair and whispered in my ear, “You fucked my mom, and I know she enjoyed it a lot. I heard all of it from outside.”. I pulled her close and said, “So you want the same to happen to you?”

Sister: Yes, that’s exactly what I want (I kissed her). Oh, you are finally going to give it to me. I was wondering how much longer you are going to make me beg.

After hearing that, I straight away pushed her onto the bed, spread her legs and licked her pussy. She moans heavily.

Sister: I guess now it’s time for me to call you Daddy.

Me: Absolutely.

I grabbed her right boob hard.

Sister: Eat that pussy, Daddy (I kept licking her pussy). Oh, yes, I’ve been waiting so long for this. Oh, yeah, that feels so good. Lick that tight little pussy good.

Me: Taste your pussy from my tongue. (I went up to kiss her.)

Sister: Oh yeah, I can’t wait to taste you (I tap hard on her thigh). I like it when you go hard on me, Daddy (I continued licking and tapping her thigh again). OMG, you eat my pussy so good, oh yes, lick that clit (I go up to kiss her and put my middle finger in her pussy and fingered it.)

Sister: Can I taste you now? Please, Daddy (I kissed her and pointed her head to my dick). Please, Daddy, I’ve waited long enough for this. (I pulled my shorts down, my cock stood up and hard in front of her mouth). I know you want to feel my mouth on this cock.

She spat on my cock and took it in her mouth. While she was sucking, I grabbed her boobs and face fucked her.

Me: Suck my cock good, and let me spank that little ass

Sister: Yes, spank me. I like that.

While she was sucking, I pulled her up, kissed her and spat my saliva in her mouth. I let her continue to suck. She stroked and sucked my dick at the same time. I gave her a few more hard spanks. I made her spit in my hand and used it as a lube to finger her asshole.

Sister: Oh, that feels so good. I’ll take care of this cock so much better than my mom.

Me: You’ll take care of my dick? Is that what you want?

Sister: Yes, Daddy, I’ll do anything to make you happy.

Me: You want to fuck me? Is that what you want?

Sister: You know very well what I want (I made her sleep with both legs on one side to enter her pussy). I was just wondering when you were going to give it to me (I again made her spit on my hand and rubbed it over my dick and pushed it into her pussy.)

Sister: Oh yeah, baby, yes, Daddy, keep it going. Do you like my tight little pussy? I know you do, fuck it like you own it.

Her words aroused me more. I spanked her ass and boobs and also choked her.

Me: You want to be my slut? This is how you want to get fucked every day?

Sister: Yes, Daddy, I am your whore. I am your slut. You really know how to take care of this little pussy. Oh, Daddy, yes fuck me.

I fucked her in that position for around 5 minutes. Then I made her suck my dick. While we were completely lost in fucking, my aunt returned home. After she heard our moans, she some to knock on my door.

Sister: Go away, Mom. Yesterday you had fun. Now it is my turn.

Aunt: What do you mean?

Sister: I told you to go away. He’s mine today.

Aunt: Open the fucking door, or I’ll break it.

We didn’t pay any attention to it and continued fucking. Now my sister got on top of me and rode my dick. While she was riding my dick, I played with her little boobs and nipples and spanked her ass.

Aunt: I don’t fucking believe it. My daughter is fucking my nephew.

Sister: You like this little pussy? Will you make me your little slut? Yes, Daddy, fuck, go deep in it.

While my dick was still in her pussy I got up and licked and bit her nipples and tapped on her boobs.

Me: Is this what you want?

Sister: Yeah.

Me: Taste your pussy.

She took my dick in her mouth and said, “This pussy tastes so good.” She again rode me in reverse cowgirl. After 2 minutes, I made her doggy style and went deep in her. I made her play with her nipples.

Sister: Anything for you, Daddy. Fuck me whenever you want and however you want.

Me: You know what I’m going to do now?

Sister: What are you going to do, Daddy?

Me: Daddy is going to cum all over the pretty little face and the dirty little mouth.

Sister: Oh, I would love Daddy to cover my face in your sweet cum.

I spank her ass hard and said, “Look me when you say it.”

She turns towards me.

Sister:  I want Daddy’s cum all over my face. (I pulled my dick out of her pussy and stroked it on her face). Can I have it, Daddy? Are you going to give me your cum? You’re going to make me a good little cum slut for you? Please. My mouth has been waiting so long for it. Yes, Daddy, give it in my mouth.

I released all over her face and mouth and made her clean every drop of my cum.

Aunt: (knocks on door) Raj!

Sister: Oh god, that woman won’t leave us alone. Little does she know you are my Daddy now. Come, let’s go (she opens the door). Thanks for finding me a good man, Mom. He’s a lot of fun. Good luck finding another, or else I’ll let you share him.

I’ll keep you posted if there’s another incident between us.

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