Sex At my Aunts place Abroad – Part 4

Hello guys, this is Rajesh, a 27 years bisexual guy from Hyderabad living in Melbourne. This is a continuation of the series ‘Sex At My Aunt’s Place Abroad.’ So, after we had a threesome (me, aunt, & sis), I was discussing with my aunt.

Aunt: Hey Raj, how was your experience last week? When we three had fun in my bedroom.

Me: Yeah, aunty, it was good. I really enjoyed it. But why are you asking about it now?

Aunt: I enjoyed it, and I want to know how you felt about it. If you like to do it with two women at the same time, then maybe we could explore more.

Me: OK, sounds interesting. What do you exactly mean by explore more? Are you saying that we will keep doing it (me, aunt & sis)?

Aunt: Yes, we can do it anytime we want. Now that we have experienced it and all three of us like it. I’m talking about more possibilities.

Me: I don’t get what you are saying. Can you please explain it clearly?

Aunt: OK, there are many girls at my workplace who, mostly, talk very openly with me. There is this one girl, her name is Gina. She recently had a breakup with her boyfriend. By her actions, I’m guessing that she’s Bisexual, but not sure about it. She sometimes touches and squeezes my ass and boobs. Maybe we can easily get her into our action.

Me: Wow, aunty, I never knew that you have these kinds of thoughts. It’s really interesting. But how do we get started? What is the plan?

Aunty: I’ll invite her to our place for lunch, and then we’ll take it from there. It could get a little easy, as she likes Indian guys.

Finally, the day has come. My aunt and Gina came home. As the car entered the driveway, I was already sitting out in the sun. I was wearing a tank top vest and a short (that’s how I’m usually dressed at home). I approached the car and opened the door for my aunt and also for Gina.

Aunt: Raj, will you give us a moment?

Me: Sure. (and I went inside home)

Aunt: I saw the way you were looking at him. You like him, don’t you?

Gina: Yeah, but we can leave that aside.

Aunt: oh yeah? Stay here.

Gina: Wait, what are you doing?

Aunt showed her hand to Gina and signalled her to stay there. She came near me and said, “Looks like Gina likes you, and soon we go in, we can get started with it.” I happily said, “OK,” and looked at Gina. She had a very naughty smile on her face. Then Aunt signalled her to come in.

Aunt: Raj, why don’t you wait for us in the living room?

I just followed my aunt’s instructions.

Gina: (asking my aunt) What are you doing?

Aunt: Don’t worry, everything is under my control. Why don’t you come into the living room with us? I promise you’ll have a good time.

My aunt left Gina there and came near me. By the time Gina came in, we had already started kissing.

Aunt looked at Gina and said, “You know what? Raj is a very dedicated person. Do you like what you see? He’s very impressive. If you know what I mean. He’s willing to do anything that I want him to. I hope that you’ll join us.”

After saying this, Aunt again started kissing me. She put her hand into my shorts and held my dick. It was already rock hard and waiting to enter new holes (Gina’s). Aunt pulled my shorts down, and she, too, went on her knees and licked my dick by looking at Gina.

She took my dick into her mouth. While Aunt sucked me by making those beautiful sucking sounds, I kept looking at Gina. By her facial expression, I can say that she loves what’s happening in front of her. Gina threw her handbag and left her footwear, and she, too, went on her knees.

Aunt: Come here, Gina. You’ve been very good this week, and you deserve a treat. Let me see how you can take it. Show me.

Gina kissed and licked my dick. Then she took it completely into her mouth and started to suck it. Aunt was licking my balls and also pushing Gina’s head deep onto my dick. “Yes, Gina, suck it nice and deep. Now, look at me and do it the same as I do.”

Gina: Oh yes, aunty, you are taking it in like a professional. Please give it to me. I’ll suck it the same way as you are doing it.

Aunt: OK, now be a good girl and suck it deep. Show me how much you want it. I expect obedience. Put all of it into your mouth. Now, spit that saliva in my mouth.

Gina split in Aunt’s mouth. Then they both kissed each other and exchanged their saliva and then came back onto my dick. This time, Aunt sucked my dick, and Gina licked my balls. After some time, Aunt spat in Gina’s mouth, and they both sucked my dick with their wet mouths.

Aunt: Let me see how motivated you are to suck that dick. You do everything I want. That’s it. I want to see you sucking that dick deep. How does that dick feel in the back of your throat? Show me how deep you can take it.

Aunt: Look into his eyes when you suck him. Suck him nice and slow, I want you to tease him. You have a lot of work to do today. I want his dick to be rock-hard before I put it in your holes.

Aunt: Raj, Gina is one of the nice assistants I have. Now I want you to fuck her face, you like this one? She’s brand new go nice and slow. I want to see you push your dick deep in her throat. She’s taking it so deep for you, so keep giving it. She can take it.

Aunt: Now, Raj, give it to me. Gina, push me deep onto that dick. Do you like what you see, Gina?

Gina: It is so fucking hot watching you take Raj’s dick deep in your mouth. I love his dick.

Aunt: Oh yeah? Do you like it?

Gina: Yes.

They both got back to work, sucked my dick and balls.

Aunt: I’m going to give you such a good time today. I want you to fuck her in the ass. Don’t worry, she’s ready for it. Are you ready for this dick in your ass Gina?

Gina: Yes, aunty.

Aunt: Will you do it for me?

Gina: I’ll do anything for you, aunty.

Aunt: You’ve been a good girl, and you are now going to take that dick deep in your ass. Let’s go into the bedroom.

We all went into the bedroom. Gina was in the middle facing me, and aunt was behind Gina facing me. While I kissed Gina on her lips and slowly came down to her neck and also rubbed her pussy. Gina was playing with my dick, and aunt was kissing Gina’s neck and her ears.

Gina: You liked how I sucked his dick before?

Aunt: It’s nice and hard for you already.

Gina: Yes, it’s so fucking hard for me.

We again kissed each other, me and Gina. Aunt again pushed Gina on her knees and made her suck my dick. I pulled Aunt close and kissed her wildly.

Aunt: She’s going to be a good girl for you today. Raj now lay down on the bed for me. Gina, I want you to ride him. Let me make those wet for you guys.

Aunt spat on my dick and also licked Gina’s pussy and placed my dick on Gina’s pussy and pushed it in. Aunt put her fingers in Gina’s ass.

Aunt: Do you feel my fingers in your ass, Gina?

Gina: Oh, yeah, aunty, you are stretching my tight little ass hole.

Aunt: Do you want to know why I’m stretching your ass?

Gina: Why?

Aunt: Because I’m going to place that big dick in there.

Gina: Oh yes, I want this big dick in my ass. Please give it to me.

As Gina was riding me, Aunt was busy fingering Gina’s ass. We slowly increased the riding speed. My Aunt said, “Yeah, give it to her. She deserves it.” While Gina was riding my dick, she was about to cum.

Aunt spanked her ass and said, “Yes cum on his dick and give me that dick. I want to taste your cum off that dick.”

Gina: Yes, aunty, taste my pussy juices and put them back in my pussy. I want more of it.

As Gina was enjoying riding my dick, aunt licked Gina’s ass hole. Now Gina said, “Aunty, now I want it in my ass. My ass is ready for it now.”

Aunt: Why should I give it to you?

Gina: Because I’m such a good assistant and also a good girl.

Aunt pulled my dick out and again spit on it and pushed it into Gina’s ass.

Aunt: Raj, pull it out. I want to taste Gina’s ass off your dick.

Gina: You are such a dirty slut, aunty. I want it back in that tight little ass.

After that, Gina rode my dick in the cowgirl position for 5 minutes. Aunt asked Gina to get into the doggy position as she wanted me to enter her ass. Aunt spread Gina’s ass wide to make it easy for me to enter it. I fucked Gina in the doggy style for another 5 minutes and also made her butt red by spanking.

We again changed position, and we fucked in missionary. While I fucked Gina in missionary, aunt held Gina’s legs apart and licked her pussy. Gina also sucked Aunt’s nipples in between.

When I was about to cum, they both got onto the floor and opened their mouths. I released all my cum in their mouths. Later, they shared it by kissing and spitting in each other’s mouths.

Aunt: you are such a good girl. You took that big fucking dick in your ass until he released all his cum on our faces. I think you are going to be my new favourite assistant. I’m going to taste his cum over your face. Please give it to me. You are a very good girl today.

They kissed and licked each other’s faces, and also, they licked my dick clean. We all jumped onto the bed, and we kissed, hugged and played with each other’s bodies.

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