Sex At my Aunts place Abroad – Part 5

Hello guys, this is Rajesh, a 27 years bisexual guy from Hyderabad living in Melbourne. In this story, I’m going to narrate how my Aunt has helped me financially by setting me up with her friends. Read the complete story to know.

One day, I was sitting at home, and I didn’t go to work. My mind was completely blank as I didn’t know what to do. My Aunt had returned home from her job. Looking at me sit upset, she said, “Raj, is everything OK.”

Me: I’m so fucking stressed right now, Aunty. My money is just gone. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. It might sound stupid, but I’m thinking of selling my phone, laptop and all.

Aunt: No, you don’t have to sell anything.

Me: yeah, I love them, and I bought them with lots of interest. I don’t see any other option.

Aunt: I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through these troubles. Even my situation was the same when I first came here.

Me: Yeah, but how did you manage? What did you do to get it smooth?

Aunt: I got to meet this guy, and it was so much fun.

Me: When did you get to meet him? So, was he like your boyfriend?

Aunt: Kind of. I mean, I take care of his needs, and he takes care of mine.

Me: Yeah, I guess that’s how relationships work.

Aunt: Yeah, he has helped me a lot.

Me: If he’s bisexual and you are still in touch with him, then maybe we should do a double date.

Aunt: Maybe we can work out something like that. You know, I struggled a lot in the initial days. Maybe he can help you out, too.

Me: Your friend? How?

Aunt: Like he’s helped me.

Me: Wait a minute, you are not hooking me with him, right?

Aunt: No, it’s more like the term. We use sugar, baby. You know, I take care of his needs, and he takes care of mine. Mutually beneficial relationship.

Me: I understand now. So, who’s this guy? Did he come to our house before? Do I know him?

Aunt: You can’t tell this to anybody. Because I think you know him.

Me: Tell me, who is it?

Aunt: It’s Mr. Jay. Do you remember the guy we met when we went shopping the other day?

Me: Wait, Mr. Jay? The shop owner?

Aunt: Yes.

Me: I can’t believe you dated him. But how? Why you? I mean, he’s so good-looking. He can get anybody he wants.

Aunt: I mean, yeah, but he doesn’t want anything on the internet. He wants it to be very private from his personal life. He has a very particular taste, and I perfectly fit in it.

Me: OK, interesting.

Aunt: He likes it when I bring others to join us.

Me: Do you think that I will fit his taste?

Aunt: I want to take you with me and introduce you to him. Maybe he could help you out.

Me: That would be very helpful.

Aunt: Definitely, let me give him a call.

‘Hey baby, I’m here with Raj. He’s Bi. He’s cute and got big butts. He loves to come to play with us. He’s been with a few other guys before, but not many. His ass is not virgin, but tight enough. OK, so your friend Mr. D, yeah, sure. I think he’ll like him, and his wife too? Oh, OK, send us his contact. Love you.’

Aunt: OK, he’s going to send us his contact. It is going to work. You don’t have to sell your stuff.

Me: I don’t know what to say. Thank you, Aunty.

Aunt has talked to him, made sure everything is OK and shared our address with him. He was ready to come the same day and asked my Aunt to leave me alone at home. Then my Aunt said, “Raj, Mr. D likes you and agreed to help you. He doesn’t want me to be home when they are here. Are you OK with it?”

Me: Yeah, Aunty, it’s OK.

Aunt left me home alone and went out to meet her friends. I heard the doorbell, and I went to open the door.

Me: You must be Mr. D?

Mr. D: Hi, we are so excited to meet you.

Me: Please come in. Where is your wife?

Mr. D: thank you. Leave the door open. She’ll come in.

Me: OK. Come in this way. I’ve made coffee for you guys.

Mr. D: thank you, let’s go, we’ll sit and talk. So, are you excited about this meeting?

Me: Yes.

Mr. D: Your Aunt has explained your situation. I’ve helped enough people who were in the same situation. I’m happy to help you out, and we can keep this a regular thing if you are interested.

Me: Well, you seem like a nice guy, and I’m sure your wife is lovely as well. I think I’m definitely willing to do whatever it takes.

Mr. D: That’s excellent to hear. (over the phone) Honey, would you like to meet our new baby?

I heard the door open and footsteps coming towards us. She was wearing a night robe. Soon, she came near us. She removed the knot of her dress. I saw a big strap on around her waist. I turn around towards Mr. D with excitement and fear.

Me: She’s lovely.

Mr D: Why don’t you say hello?

I nodded my head and got up from the sofa. Even Mr. D got up, held my hand and took me to his wife, Mrs. D.

Me: so lovely to meet you.

Mrs. D: You too, you are so pretty and cute.

I’m facing Mrs. D, and she’s playing with my hair, and Mr. D from the back side is playing and pinching my nipples.

Me: Oh, easy, please.

Mrs. D: Yeah, D, take it easy. He’s new, and we have to make him comfortable with us.

Mr. D: So, am I not making him feel comfortable?

Mrs. D: He’s our new baby.

Me: I’ve never done anything like this before.

Mrs. D: he’s just a little nervous. But we are going to make you feel comfortable and at home, OK?

Me: Yes.

She pulled me close and kissed me.

Mrs. D: Come here, he’s going to take off your clothes while I kiss you. Now open your mouth, OK?

Me: OK.

To make it easy for you guys from here on, I’ll address Mr. D as he and Mrs. D as she.

She put her fingers in my mouth and licked my lips with her tongue. He opened my shirt and played with my nipples. A current passed through my body, and I shivered.

She: You have sensitive skin, don’t you?

Me: Yeah.

She: You got a pretty body, don’t you?

Me: Thank you.

She: That’s so pretty, soft and smooth. Also, you have smooth hair.

He: You like my wife? Do you like what she’s doing to you?

She: Take off my dress and touch me.

I took off her dress and put my hands on her big boobs.

Me: Your tits are so nice.

She: Press them hard.

She put her hands on my hands and pressed them hard on her boobs.

Me: I don’t know what to say.

She: You don’t have to say anything.

He was choking me from the back side and said, “Start by saying thank you!” Then they kissed each other.

Me: Thank you.

He: You want to kiss her?

Me: Yes, please.

She put her hand on my dick and slowly rubbed it, and then kissed me.

He: You like that?

Me: Yes, sir.

She: You are going to call him Daddy, OK? That’s what he is.

Me: Yes, mam.

She: Say it.

She held my hair tight and turned me towards him.

Me: Oh, Daddy!

He: That’s like a good boy. (she’s licking my ears)

He: Do you like that?

Me: Yes, Daddy.

He: Are you a good boy? Do you do what you are told? Are you going to make me and my happy?

Me: Yes, Daddy.

I slowly went down on my knees.

She: What are you doing? (She lifted me by pulling my hair) He’s very eager isn’t he?

He: Are you eager to please us?

Me: Yes, Daddy. I’ll do anything.

She pushed me onto my knees and asked me to keep my mouth open.

She: You are going to get my husband’s dick hard, OK?

Me: Yes, mam.

She: Keep that mouth open, and I want you to take all of his dick. I want to see that little mouth filled up like a good boy.

She pushed my head deep onto his dick, and he took hold of my head and started fucking my mouth.

She: Ask Daddy, saying please fuck my face.

Me: Please fuck my face, Daddy.

He: Now tell us what you want.

Me: I want to please you.

He: That’s not what we told you to say. (he slapped me)

Me: Please fuck my face, Daddy.

He again put his dick in my mouth and fucked my face. At the same time, he pulled her close and kissed her. I became a sandwich in between them.

She: Yeah, baby, keep fucking that little face.

While he fucked my face, she spit on my face. He spread that spit all over my face and again slapped me. After he fucked my face for like 3-4 minutes, he pulled his dick out and put it in her mouth, and I got to lick his balls. He also slapped my face with his dick.

She was playing with my nipples by pinching and pressing them hard. She kept spitting on my face and in my mouth. He again continued fucking my face for another 5 minutes, and my throat started hurting.

He: Do you want my dick inside your ass?

Me: Yes, Daddy.

They made me bend over the bed, and both of them spanked my ass hard. She put her big strap on in my ass without any lube. The pain was like hell, and I screamed. They again punished me with spankings and ordered me to keep quiet.

I became doggy for her, and she slowly moved her big strap-on in and out. Then he entered her pussy from the back, and it was like a train with three bogies. The fucking continued for another 5 minutes, and he spanked both our asses. The room was filled with all our fucking screams and moans.

Me: Please, Daddy, give me that dick. Even I want to taste some of it.

He: You want to taste it? Stick out your tongue if you want my dick in your ass.

She: Yeah, put that tongue out, and you are going to lick my ass hole.

I stayed in the same doggy position. She came and bent over in front of me and put her ass near my mouth, and pressed my face in her ass. I did what I was asked to, like an obedient slave. I licked her hole by pushing my tongue deep in her ass. Then she moved and asked, “How does it taste?”

Me: Delicious, miss.

He: Now, do you want my dick in your ass?

Me: yes, please, Daddy.

She slapped me and again put my mouth back on her ass, and he entered my ass from the back. His dick was even bigger than the strap, and he, too, entered without any lube. I was not able to bear that pain and tried to move.

But he held me very tight by my waist and gave me a hard spank for moving. I started screaming and begged him to be gentle. To which he again spanked me.

He: If you want to ask something, how do you ask?

Me: Please, Daddy, please be gentle.

My screams continued because of the pain. To make me quiet, she kissed me. Once I got settled with the pain, she again put her ass in my mouth. I was taking his dick in my ass and, at the same time, giving my tongue in her ass. He fucked me in doggy for some time, and then he changed me into missionary.

As he fucked me in missionary, she came and sat on my face and made me eat her ass. He fucked me in missionary for 5 more minutes, and he ordered me to ride her strap-on in cowgirl. He went to have some drinks as he got exhausted from all the rough and hard fucking.

I sat on her strap-on and started riding it. Then she pulled me close and kissed me. In 2 minutes, he came back, and he, too, pushed his dick in my ass. It was too much for me to take in. My ass was so full. After fucking me for 5 more minutes, he was about to cum, and I went on my knees in front of him.

She made me open my mouth wide, and he released his cum all over my face. I sucked his dick clean, and then he gave me a bag with cash in it. They cleaned themselves in the shower and left.

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