Sex At my Aunts place Abroad – Part 6

Hello guys, this is Rajesh, a 27 years bisexual guy from Hyderabad living in Melbourne. I’m very much excited to share this incident with you guys. I almost got caught by my Uncle while my Aunt and I were having fun.

So Mr & Mrs D has used me and paid me for my service. I just laid on my bed as I was very tired by all the action. When I opened my eyes, it was 10 a.m. My Aunt came into my room to wake me up.

She was very happy and said, “The couple loved your service, and they are very happy with your service. They also gave me a commission for setting you up for them.”

“Oh, that’s good, aunty. I’ve thought about it all the fucking time.” I held her hand and pulled her onto the bed. She’s just wearing a bra and panty and covered it with a robe dress. She fell on me because of the force I pulled her with. Soon, she fell on me, and I kissed her.

Aunt: Wait, stop. Your room is all messed up. Let’s go into my room. Your Uncle has left for work, and even your sister is not home.

Me: Oh, ok, let’s go. Do you want the same treatment that I got from them yesterday?

While we were walking to her room, I kissed and licked her ears from behind.

Aunt: Oh, you are so naughty.

Soon, we went into her room. I opened her dress knot and started kissing her boobs and her lips and rubbed my hand on her back, and squeezed her butts.

Aunt: I think we have amazing sex together.

Me: Yes, we do.

Aunt: But also, I think it’s not the right time now. Your Uncle can come home anytime.

Me: Doesn’t that make it so fucking hot. We get caught by Uncle, and we all can have a threesome together.

I kept kissing her to make her stop talking.

Aunt: But he’s your Uncle, don’t you think about that? What if he’s not into it? What if he tells everyone in the family?

Me: No, there is no chance of him getting to know about us. That won’t happen, relax.

Aunt: Come on, we will get caught if we are not careful.

Me: Stop worrying. It’s not going to happen.

I pressed her ass with both my hands and kissed and licked her boobs. I pushed her on the bed and pressed her hands to the bed. I kissed around her waist and licked her belly button. She calmed down and started to enjoy the pleasure. I lifted her and took off her robe dress. Now she’s just in her bra and panty.

I made her bend over and started to kiss her back and licked along her backbone. I slowly came down to her bum and kissed her butt. I pulled her panty a little bit down and put my tongue on her ass hole, and kissed it. She liked it very much.

Then she turned towards me and wanted to give me the same pleasure that she was getting. She pulled my underwear down and slowly bent towards it. She said, “I love this dick so much.” She kissed it and took it into her mouth. Soon she started sucking my dick.

In two minutes, we heard the door open, and it was my Uncle. She quickly pulled her panty back and put on her robe dress. She asked me to go back to my room. Soon, I went into my room. Uncle went into their room and kissed my aunty.

Aunt: Oh darling, what a surprise.

Uncle: You look really hot in this dress.

Aunt: Oh baby, you saw me in the same dress an hour ago when you left for your work.

Uncle: I took a half day off from my work. I wanted to come home and see my wife and make love.

Aunt: Oh, that’s so sweet.

He went and sat on the bed, and she slowly opened her dress knot and dropped it down. Uncle turned her around and gave a spank on her ass. He pulled her close and started to kiss her. He then got up, pushed her onto the bed, and undressed himself.

Aunt got up and helped him to open his pants and pushed them down. His dick was hard by then, and she took it into her mouth. I got to see all this action through the gap in the door. Uncle lifted her face and said, “I’ve been thinking about this while driving home.”

He kissed her and pushed her back. He slowly started kissing her feet and moved up to her pussy by licking her thighs. Aunt was enjoying all of it. He licked her pussy and made it wet and pushed his dick in it and moved it in and out.

Aunt: Oh god, you know how much I love that dick? Baby. Oh, it’s so good. What else did you think while driving home? I love it when you talk dirty to me and tease me.

Uncle bent over and kissed her while fucking her in missionary.

Aunt: You know my pussy is all for your dick. I love it when your dick moves in and out of my pussy. You fuck me so good, oh god. Please fuck me harder, ramp my pussy. Choke me, I want to cum on your dick.

After listening to it, Uncle put his hands over her throat, increased his speed and also slapped her face. By looking at all of this, I played with my dick. He’s fucking her like a wild bull. He held her hands, locked them to the bed and kissed her neck.

Then he pulled his dick out and laid back on the bed, and made her suck his dick. She sucked his dick nice and got on it to ride him in cowgirl. As she rode him, he got up, hugged her tight and kissed her lips and her boobs. He again turned her around and made her doggy style.

He entered her pussy from behind. Aunt was moaning, “Oh yes, baby, please fill me. I want to taste your juices.” He fucked her hard and released all his juices in her mouth. She swallowed all of it without wasting a single drop. Then, they both laid back on the bed.

After 5 minutes, Uncle’s mobile rings. It’s from his office. They need him back at work. So, he got dressed up, kissed Aunt and left for work.

Soon, he left home, and I went into their room. Aunt still hadn’t put on any clothes and was sitting on her bed. I walked in, pushed her on the bed and kissed her boobs. She was still horny, so without wasting much time, I took out my underwear and entered her pussy.

Me: You want it, aunty?

Aunt: Yes, please.

I put my dick in and rammed her in missionary. While fucking her, I pinched her nipples, and I slapped her boobs too. She liked it, and her moans increased. After fucking for 5 minutes, I made her suck my dick, and then I entered her pussy doggy style.

I locked her hands at the back and gave her hard spankings. She liked it and asked for more. Her words made me hornier. So, I pulled her and held her by the throat and became very rough with her. She increased her moans. So I closed her mouth with one hand and spanked her ass with the other.

“So, tell me, aunty, that we’ll fuck like this whenever I want.” My Aunt said, “Yes, Raj, you can fuck me whenever you want. I’m all yours when your Uncle is not home.”

I then held her by her waist. I made her lay on her left shoulder without taking my dick out and continued stroking her. I pressed her head down and made her watch my dick going in and out of her pussy.

Aunt: OMG, your dick feels so fucking good in there, keep banging me.

Now, she wanted to ride me in cowgirl. She got on top of me and placed my dick in her pussy, and rode my dick for about 5 minutes, and I was about to cum. So, I made her go on her knees, and I made her stroke my dick.

Aunt: Oh yes, baby, I want your cum. I want to fucking empty your balls on my slutty face. Please give it to me, baby. I deserve it, don’t I?

After listening to it, I asked her to open her mouth. I released all of it in her mouth and on her face.

We just lay there on the bed till evening, naked and hugging each other. In the evening, we took a shower, helped each other clean and went out for dinner.

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