Sex Before Love, Love After Sex

Hey guys, Rohit back here almost after a gap of about 2 years with a story of my love after sex with a cute girl. I got busy with Bangalore life and work. Hence the long absence. I hope the readers and the authors are keeping good in these difficult and trying times.

So here I am, back with my next story about . I am about to narrate a real-life story that happened in 2019 in my hometown Kolkata. The year 2019 started with some downs. I was nurturing a break-up but was also keeping myself busy in other possible ways.

Months went by, and life, work got the better of me and kept me busy. But it kept me dry down there as well. I could have still done it with my ex, but I didn’t want to. I wanted newness in my life as I greatly believe the proverb ‘Let bygones be bygones.’

So there I was in the middle of something when I received a text message on FB messenger. It was from Sanchita. She was my college junior though I was not very acquainted. She joined after I had already passed out. She had completed her Master’s and was looking for a job. Hence the text for some guidance.

Before replying, I did a quick profile check, and boy, oh boy, she was pretty. Her pictures had me glued to the phone screen. I decided that I have to make the conversation last long. The conversation started, and it did last long (I am good at this).

One talk led to another, and soon we were sharing WhatsApp messages and video calls. She was single, and I was all the more eager to go down on her. We had already started talking dirty over the video calls. I did get quite a few chances of ‘peek a boo’ (maybe those were intentional).

Through our conversations over 6 months now, we have gotten to know each other a little more. I won’t bore you with those details. Rather I will straight away come to our first meet.

It was Durga Puja, and we decided to meet on one of the days. Things went as per our plan on the D-day. We did have a nice time going out for lunch and pandal hopping. And surely it goes without saying that I was checking her out.

She came wearing a perfect ethnic dress of salwar kameez, which nicely hugged her at the right places and flaunted her curves. She must have been having 34 sized boobs. The curves were perfect at the right places, be it behind or the side. Her pictures didn’t do justice to her as she was much more beautiful in reality.

My little brother started giving me hints that it wants to come out and feel the touch of her hands and lips. But I knew that wouldn’t be an easy task. I have to carefully move forward, watching every step I take so that I can finally get her to ride me.

I had to fast also as I had just 6 days left before I return. Honestly, I was in no mood to return with dry hands. Before we parted ways that day, we hugged each other. Ah, that feeling when her soft boobs pressed against my chest. I had to adjust my dick and standing posture with great difficulty.

The moment I returned home, I ran to the washroom to satisfy my little brother. I promised him the next time it won’t be my hands for sure.

We had already developed some affection towards each other, and the time had come to build on that. Time was flying by, and I had to do something. So with my fingers crossed, I sent her a text after Vijayadashami.

“Hey, wassup?”

“Nothing much, a bit down as now the Pujas are over, and another one year we have to wait”

“Yea, true. Are we meeting tomorrow?”

“Yea, definitely. But where are we going?”

Now was the time for me to take the chance and gamble.

“We’ll go to an OYO. I will book it till evening.”

*Wait. What? No, no, I am not going. It is too early.”

I understood that I need to sweet-talk her and give her confidence and comfort. So I started being all kinds of romantic and lovey-dovey stuff and finally changed her mind.

I had already booked an OYO. I picked her up and went straight there. The check-in was smooth, and the room was nice and cozy.

“So, do you like it?”

“Yea, it is good.”

She seemed a bit down. Maybe she was still not sure about what was about to happen. But I knew I would surely cheer her up and clear her mind. I knew my strengths, and I knew the basics. I made her feel comfortable, and we discussed many things which we didn’t discuss over video calls or normal phone calls.

I sat there hugging her from the back. Occasionally landed small pecks on her cheek and forehead and watched her speak and smile. She was a real beauty with her smile, and her eyes were dreamy. She was wearing a shirt and jeans today. I just couldn’t wait for my hands to go inside them.

Enough of lovey-dovey talks, I thought and ran my fingers down her cleavage. She gave me a look – that look which makes you confused for a split second whether to carry on or leave. But I trusted my instincts and landed a small peck on her lips.

She gave a smile, and that was enough for me to understand that she was ready. I didn’t take my fingers from her somewhat exposed cleavage and slowly started to unbutton her shirt. She laid back on me, and we smooched. Our lips were locked, and our tongues enjoyed the taste of each other.

I ran my fingers slowly from her cleavage to her wonderful round hooters. I kissed her around the neck and bit her ear slowly. I could feel that her nipples were already erect, and she was breathing heavily. She ran her fingers through my hair and pressed my head so that the smooch didn’t break.

She was losing control over her body with every stroke of my lips against hers and was breathing heavily. I started pressing her boobs from over her bra (as I had already swiftly unbuttoned her shirt) and caressing them. She let out a soft moan and smooched me harder.

My hands went inside her bra and were on her raw flesh. I lifted her bra from below to get a firm grip on her melons and started squeezing them and nipples harder. She kept on moaning and broke the smooch. We adjusted our position to a more comfortable one.

In no time, her shirt was lying at one end of the bed along with her bra. I was licking and sucking her nipples. I sucked her nipple while I pressed the other one hard. She let out moans while running her hand through my hair and pressed my head harder against her boobs.

I kept on sucking both of them till she could no longer bear the pain of my biting and sucking. She got me undressed and turned me over. And there she was kissing all over my body, moving her tongue over my male nipples, biting softly on my lips.

I was already in my shorts, and my dick had already risen to the occasion. She slowly went down, kissing, and noticed my hard-on.

“Someone looks ready for the show,” she giggled.

I smiled at her back and helped her get off with her jeans. I went on top of her again, and we kissed. My hand made its way inside her wet panty while she started to stroke my tool. I broke the smooch and came down, kissing almost every possible part of her body.

She was moaning with pleasure all this while, and I slowly removed her inners. She was there lying in front of me, fully naked, just like a tigress on the bed waiting to be tamed by her Master. Her pussy was wet. Man, they were dripping wet. Every drop of her juices was oozing out, and I was thirsty as fuck.

It was time for my tongue to do its job. It was time to fulfill my thirst, which I sure did in the best possible way. I licked her pussy dry and made her cum all the more again. She pressed my head between her thighs and moaned in the greatest bit of pleasure that she was getting.

I kept on sucking her while my left hand pressed her boobs. I inserted two fingers inside her glory hole and kept on licking. She was not prepared for this gift. She let out a sudden moan and pressed my head even harder.

“Oh, don’t stop, please. Please, faster, don’t stop,” and she came on my hand with a loud moan.

She got wild and turned me over and was almost on the verge of tearing away my shorts (which somehow was saved). My tool was dangling in front of her eyes. With a firm grip, she started giving me one of the best blowjobs I have had in quite some time now.

She knows how to suck a dick. She was a pro. I felt as I lost control of the immense pleasure I was being given. It was a long wait, but the wait was surely worth it. My tool was ready to drill its way through her glory hole. She placed herself perfectly above my dick in cowgirl, and I was inside her within seconds.

She was moaning with pleasure as she bumped her body over my dick. I pressed her boobs and licked her nipples occasionally. We changed the position, and soon we were in the doggy style. I clutched her hair and slapped her round ass. She was giving out loud moans, and my drilling increased its pace.

After a good 7/8 minutes of a wonderful fuck session, I was about to cum. I was without a condom and swiftly took out my tool and straight away came on her belly. She lay there, with closed eyes, still breathing heavily with pure satisfaction and a soft smile lingering between her lips.

I lay down beside her and cuddled her while occasionally kissing her cheeks and lips. She got herself cleaned. We cuddled and slept for some time, after which we had another two wonderful sex sessions before finally checking out. I was happy that I was finally not returning dry.

She was happy that she finally agreed to come with me to OYO. Else she would have missed out on something great. We walked through the lanes and by-lanes, through dim city lights in the swift breeze with holding hands. I found myself looking at her beautiful face while she spoke and laid her head on my shoulder.

And one question suddenly struck my mind, “Did I just fall for this girl? Have I already fallen in love with her without my knowledge? Does she also love me?” Two days later, I left for Bangalore with a heavy heart with that one question still on my mind.

Two years have passed since, and this pretty beautiful angel is my girlfriend right now. I guess you can understand what the answer to my question was. We have had quite a few steamy sessions in the past two years. We have discussed our sexual fantasies extensively meanwhile.

We currently share a common sexual fantasy of doing a threesome (both genders included) or, even better, a foursome (young couples preferably) if we get someone with the same mindset and when that opportunity presents itself.

So guys and pretty ladies out there, if you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact me via mail id /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”d0b3a2bfb8b9a4e0e4e1e1e9e190b7bdb1b9bcfeb3bfbd”>[email protected] or Hangouts. Desperate guys, please stay out of this as you won’t be entertained.

I hope you again show me the love and erotic response you have shown for style=”color: #3366ff;” href=””>my previous stories. Please do give my previous stories a read. I am pretty sure your dicks would be hard, and your pussies will be wet. I will be waiting eagerly to hear from you. And please do stay safe and healthy in these difficult times.