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Harsh lived in a small village. He was 22 and lived with his father, Nitin and his mother, Amrita. She was a very simple lady. She usually wore a saree. Her bust and ass were huge. She had pretty thick thighs and, overall, a fatty body.

In the village they lived, it was considered that males were superior to females. The females have to obey every command by the males of the family. Harsh’ s father was ill, so he stayed at home most of the time.

Harsh always likes to tease his mother. He would find a way to enjoy her body. He could have fucked her way before, as she is obliged to obey every command by men. But as his father stayed home, he had no chance to fuck her.

One day in the kitchen. Amrita was making food while wearing a red saree, and Harsh swiftly came and hugged her from behind.

Amrita: Ah, Wha-

Harsh pulled her tightly and rubbed his dick on her ass.

Harsh: What are you cooking, mom? (He asks casually)

Amrita can’t stop him since childhood. She was taught never to disobey a male, even if he was her son.

Amrita: N-nothing special. (She stutters)

Harsh: Mom, today the weather is so hot. Don’t you feel like we should be naked in summer?

Amrita: Don’t tease me. Let me do my work.

Harsh: Work and Work. I think you should cool down a bit. Let me help.

With that said, he grabs her saree with both hands and lifts it to her pussy.

Amrita: Ahh! (She screams)

Harsh: I think now it would feel cool.

Amrita: Y-Yes, now leave my saree (She asks nervously)

Harsh: What, you didn’t like it? (He asks boldly)

Amrita: N-No, no, son, but I am getting late for lunch. So can you please leave my saree?

Harsh smiles.

Harsh: Ok.

He left the saree and was about to leave when he noticed her big juicy ass.

Harsh: Hey, mom, there’s something on your ass.

Amrita: Huh?

Harsh then swings his arm and, with full force, spanks her ass.

Amrita: Ah! (She screams)

Harsh: Oh, nothing, it was just a mosquito.

Amrita: Ok, Ok, Son. (In fear)

During lunch, they sit at the dining table. Harsh’s father ate and left. Now it was just him and Amrita. Harsh strips his clothes and gets naked.

Amrita: What are you doing?

Harsh: I told you before it’s hot today. You should also get naked.

His cock was erected. Amrita was stealing glances to look at his rod.

Harsh: Hey, mom, don’t you think the dal needs some salt?

Amrita: Wait, I will get some.

Harsh: Don’t worry, I have some natural salt.

He stood up and started stroking his dick. Amrita was surprised as she didn’t know what to do. Harsh was moaning loudly while stroking.

Harsh: Ah, yes, yes.

He then took her bowl of dal and ejaculated in it. The amount of semen was so great that the dal overflowed from the bowl. He then mixed it with a spoon and gave it to her.

Harsh: Now taste it, mom.

Amrita seemed hesitant.

Harsh: Taste it, I said. (He said angrily)

She fearfully takes it and drinks.

Harsh: How was it?

Amrita: G-Good.

In the evening. They both went to the temple, but due to the festive season, it was heavily crowded. People were devoted to their prayers. Harsh took advantage of the situation.

Amrita was standing before him, wearing a shiny blue saree with a black blouse. Harsh grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer. He then sneaks his hand under her saree and petticoat.

Amrita: Wait, what are you doing?

He then grabs her pussy with his whole hand. The prayers were so loud that nobody could hear her moans.

Harsh: Your pussy is so hairy, big, and fat. This pussy needs some training.

He started fingering her pussy.

Amrita: No, No.

She got weak on her knees and started bending forward. Harsh takes her to the corner so nobody can see it. With the other hand, Harsh lifts her saree to her waist. He grabbed her chubby belly.

Now Amrita was wearing her blouse. She was ashamed to be seen by anyone, so she tightly hugged Harsh.

Amrita: Please Stop. Someone will catch us. Please, I am begging you (She said with a sad face)

Harsh: Not today, whore. Do you know how much I waited for this moment?

Harsh grabbed both her ass cheeks and spread them so that it became easy to use her butthole.

Harsh: What an ass you got! This ass needs some massage.

With that said, he forced his entire middle finger into her asshole.

Amrita: Ahh-

Amrita screams, But Harsh immediately shuts her up by smashing his lips on her and starts sucking her tongue. And below, he was continuously finger fucking her asshole.

They both were moaning loudly, but there was so much noise in the surrounding that nobody could hear them. After that, it felt so good that Amrita came from her ass.

Harsh: What a slut, came just from a finger.

Amrita was feeling her orgasm when she suddenly realized her position. She was scared. She was still tightly hugging Harsh, but Harsh pushed her away and left her there. Amrita somehow managed to secure some clothes and ran towards the house.

A few days later, Harsh’s father, Nitin, became very ill and got admitted to a hospital. In the hospital, Amrita went to meet Nitin wearing a yellow saree. She enters the room. Nitin was happy to see her but soon noticed that she looked a little pale and was a little shaking.

Nitin: Are you ok?

Amrita: W-What What Are y-you talking a-about? I am absolutely O-Ok.

Nitin: Why is your voice shaking? I hope you didn’t catch a cold. Is Harsh not looking after you?

Amrita: N-No, no, he is good.

While talking, Amrita puts her hand on her lower belly.

Amrita: I-I see you fine. I am leaving now.

Nitin: Ok, take care.

Amrita leaves the hospital and reaches home. There Harsh was sitting on the sofa watching TV. Amrita dashes at him and stands in front of him.

Amrita: Please do something about this.

Harsh: Hmm, What are you talking about?

Amrita shyly lifts her saree to her pussy. There were two small vibrators in pussy and one vibrator in her ass.

Harsh: Man, you are dripping wet. Did talking to your husband while vibrators in your holes arouse you? You are nothing more than a slut.

Amrita: Please, I did as you said. Now please remove them.

Harsh stood up and removed his pants.

Harsh: Yeah, but a slut like you don’t mind keeping vibrators in your pussy.

Amrita knew what she had to do. So she knelt and put her face in front of his cock. Without saying anything, she started licking his dong.

Harsh: The hell. Are you licking ice cream or what?

Harsh held her whole face and slammed his entire cock in her mouth. It was so big that she couldn’t even breathe.

Harsh: This is how you give a blowjob.

He held her face and used her like a fuck toy. He rigorously moved her head back and forth. His cock was even reaching her throat.

Harsh: Yeah bitch take that.

While fucking her mouth. He notices sindoor (a red powdered substance a married woman wears on their head) on her head.

Harsh: Oh, so you still put that on your head. Know your place whore! (He shouts)

He pulls out his dick and sprays his semen on her head, which erases the sindoor. Now her whole face and hair were covered in his semen.

Harsh: You are my fuck toy, nothing more than that.
He then grabs her hair and makes her stand by pulling it up.

Harsh: Now listen, today afternoon, there’s going to be a live show, and you are on the main course of the show. Do as I told you earlier. Don’t make me wait. (With a threatening tone)

In the afternoon. Amrita, with fear in her eyes, came to Harsh room. She opened the door. Harsh saw her and smirked. She was naked, but as Harsh asked, she was wearing just jewelry. A heavy necklace around her neck which was reaching her huge saggy tits.

Big gold bangles on both of her hands. Heavy earrings. She was wearing anklets on both legs and a big kamar bandh on her naked chubby waist. It was reaching her hairy fat pussy.

Harsh: That’s why people say the beauty of Indian women lies in their jewelry.

Amrita looks up and notices a camera.

Harsh: Today is going to be our first sex cam. Get ready.

Harsh then wore a mask and gave her a mask to hide their faces. He then pressed the recording button of the camera and made Amrita stand in front of the camera. Slowly people started joining the session.

Harsh: Let’s see what people will request today.

Around 25 people joined the chat.

Harsh: So guys, today, my mom and I will entertain you and fulfill your request. But don’t be a miser and pay to your heart’s content.

Viewer 1: Oh Shit, your mom! You are lucky as hell, man.

Viewer 2: 300 Rs show your pussy.

Harsh: What are you waiting for? Show your pussy (Angrily)

Amrita hesitated, but Harsh was giving her a death stare, so she didn’t have any choice. She came close to the camera and spread her pussy with her fingers to give them a good view.

Viewer 2: Nice. Looks like this pussy has taken many things inside it.

Viewer 3: Show you asshole also.

Harsh: First pay, sir.

Viewer 3: Arrh Fine, take 500 Rs but show your asshole and put a dildo in it.

Harsh: As you wish.

Amrita put her ass in front of the camera.

Viewer 4: Huge meaty ass. My favorite type of ass.

Harsh brought out a large size dildo and slammed it in her hole.

Amrita: Aah Aah (she moans)

Harsh roughly tries to insert the whole dildo inside her butthole.

Viewer 5:  Inserting this large dildo in his own mother’s asshole. This guy is a real mother fucker.

Amrita: Ah, Please, Harsh. My ass is going to break. This thing is way too big.

Harsh: Shut up bitch. This is nothing. Just wait. The real thing is also coming. Now shake your ass. Amrita started twerking with her ass facing the camera.

Viewer 3: Yes, Yes, Shake that fat ass.

Harsh spanks her ass.

Harsh: Fast, Fast.

Amrita twerks faster.

Amrita: Ah, Harsh Please remove this or I will get crazy.

Viewer 6: Now, I am a huge fan of incest sex. I will give you 1000Rs if you do a lewd pose and beg for your son’s cock.

Harsh: Wow, that much. Now beg for it bitch. I guarantee I will fill your womb with semen, as you are my favorite toy.

Viewer 7: Yes, Do it.

Viewer 8: Do it. Do the lewd pose.

Amrita was looking at the ground in shame. Harsh grabs her hair and whispers in her ear. Amrita looks at Harsh with fear in her eyes.

Amrita: Ok, I-I will do i-it (She says nervously)

Amrita backs off and little and faces the camera. She put her hands behind her head and bent her knees a little. The dildo was still shaking inside her ass.

Amrita: I want it. (She says in a very low voice)

Viewer 9: Did she even say anything?

Amrita: I-I want it. I want my son’s cock. I want him to fill my filthy womb with his warm semen. I want him to make me pregnant with his child. (She shouted)

Harsh smirks.

Viewer 10: This is the sluttiest woman I have ever seen. Wanting to get pregnant by her son. She is a freak.

Viewer 11: Yeah, Son, give her your cock and knock her up.

Amrita starts moving her hips back and forth.

Amrita: Cock… Cock… Cock… Cock… I want my Son’s cock.

The number of viewers also increased to 70.

Viewer 11: Fuck her, Fuck that bitch.

Many people started spamming to fuck her. Harsh comes in front of the camera naked.

Harsh: As you wish.

He grabs her thighs, lifts her, and rams his rod inside her pussy. With one hole filled with a dildo and the other with her son’s dick. She orgasmed the second Harsh inserted his dick.

Amrita: Ahh Ahhh (She moans)

With a single thrust, he reached the deepest part of her womb.

Harsh: First, I will give you your reward.

He then released his whole load in her womb.

Viewer 12: Holy shit, He is cumming in her pussy.

Amrita still hadn’t recovered from her previous orgasm and had a new one.
Harsh pulls out his cock. Amrita’s pussy was flooded with his love juices.
Harsh was still hard. Amrita’s pussy was twitching. She was trying to rest, but Harsh held her up and grabbed the dildo in her ass.

Harsh: Now I will take my reward.

Harsh pulled out the dildo and inserted the dildo in her pussy. Amrita’s pussy was still flowing with semen, but due to the dildo, the path closed. Her pussy was still sensitive. She didn’t have any control over her body. Harsh was toying with her like his own slave.

Harsh: That’s like my toy.

Harsh then positioned her ass in front of his dick and rammed his dick inside her butthole.

Viewer 13: Anal! That guy is surely kinky.

Viewer 14: I am a sucker for both incest and anal. This is the sex cam of my dreams. Take this 2000Rs

Many people in the chat started paying a good amount. Harsh was thrusting her ass so hard, and the jewelry she was wearing also started making noise from the impact.

Harsh also started pinching and pulling her nipples. Amrita was having multiple orgasms. She was not in the shape of saying anything. The room was filled with her moans.

Viewer 16: Fuck, Man, I am cumming too.

Viewer 17: Me, too.

Viewer 18: This guy is brutal. He is fucking her so hard.

The number of viewers increased to 150.

Harsh: The climax!

Harsh grabbed her throat by his arm from behind and choked her while he ejaculated everything inside her butthole. Amrita falls to the ground. She was still panting. Harsh removed the dildo. Both holes were flowing with his semen.

Viewer 19: That was the best sex cam I have ever seen.

Viewer 20: Yeah, I came a load.

Viewer 21: My balls are empty too.

Viewer 22: I hope you do these sex cams regularly.

Harsh: Thanks for joining. I hope you all liked the show. See you next time.

Harsh sees the revenue and smiles, and then switches off the camera. He looks at the tired Amrita lying on the ground.

Harsh: Huh, I got tired just in this. This was just the starting. The real thing is yet to come.

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