Sex With A Cousin In The Village

It was summertime. I was visiting my native place which is a very small town in Uttar Pradesh. Our ancestral home is a typical rural large house with a large central courtyard and surrounded with large verandahs. There was a marriage in the relations and several relatives had gathered there.

Cots were lined up in the courtyard for everyone to spend the night. With clean fresh air and a clear starry sky, it was a really pleasant night. I took a corner cot and settled myself over it. Since I was too tired, I went to sleep within moments.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I woke up to pee. I eased myself and returned to my place. Everyone was deep in sleep. Suddenly, my eyes rested on the adjacent cot to mine. My maternal cousin, Tanya was sleeping there. She was lying straight with her face upwards.

Her round boobs heaving with her breath up and down. Her cleavage was visible from her low cut kameez and her white roundness was glistening in the clear moonlight. I lay down on my cot on the side, facing towards her to ravish her beauty.

Suddenly, she changed position and turned on her side facing towards me. Her boobs were pressed and almost came out from her kameez. It was a marvelous sight. I was mesmerized! I began to have a terrible erection. I raised my head to check if there was anyone awake.

Assured of everyone in deep sleep, I settled once again. I slowly raised my hand and put it over her shoulder, as if I did it in my deep sleep. I did wait for a few minutes to ensure she is not awakened. Slowly, I allowed my hand to slide down, till it came to rest on the exposed part of her boobs.

I allowed my hand to rest there, just feeling the firm roundness and warmth of her boobs. Assured that she was not disturbed, I slowly raised my foot and rested it on hers. I could feel the soft touch of her beautiful feet. After a few minutes, I raised my leg.

Then folding it a little, rested it on her thighs in such a way that my knee was touching her round ass and my thighs were on her thighs. I was making every move cautiously. Also making sure if she gets awakened, she takes it as an action during sleep.

I kept my eyes closed enough just to see her and yet appear closed if she gets awakened. And suddenly, she got awakened. She opened her eyes and feeling a lot of weight on her body. She wanted to throw it away, in a reflex action. Seeing me next to her, literally half on her, she removed her hand that she had raised to remove my leg from upon her.

She was now awake and watching me, thinking I was in deep sleep. Tanya raised her hand and rested it on me. It was a green signal to me that she agrees to my overtures. Just for reassurance, I changed my position to lay flat facing up. I forgot that I was having a terrible erection.

As I lay flat, my erection raised my pajama like a tent. Tanya extended her hand and rested it on my standing pole. It just went wild with passion. I inserted my hand into her salwar and reached her cunt, massaging it slowly over her vaginal lips. She too inserted her hand into my pajama and held my rock hard cock, rubbing it up and down.

Changing my position to face her, we both moved as close as possible, yet ensuring that we remained on our respective cots. We locked our lips to each other, sucking each other’s lips and tongues. Meanwhile, I was fingering her cunt rapidly, while she was sliding her hand rapidly up and down my cock.

She clenched her mouth and from her vigorous trembling, I could make out she was having a wild orgasm. Within no time, I too felt cumming. I pulled down my pajama and shot my load through the spaces in the cot, down on the soil below.

Once drained the whole cum, I cleaned it and rubbed my hand on the soil to clean them. We kissed and went back to sleep. It was a changed morning for us. Till now, we were just regular cousins, however, now, we were lovers. We kept looking at each other lustily, awaiting the opportunity to finish the unfinished business.

During noontime, when it was damn hot and almost everyone was taking a noon-time siesta, I beckoned her out. Once alone, I said, “Let’s go to the tube-well in the farms.” It was too hot with the sun blazing at its best on top of our heads. But this was the only time when we could finish our half-left errand.

We quietly walked out of the settlement into the fields and luckily no one saw us. We literally ran on the village road holding hands. For miles, there was not a soul around. All the farmers had gone to their homes for rest and the fields were empty. I took out my cock which was already rock solid.

Tanya immediately grabbed it in her hand. Tanya was wearing a kameez with buttons at the back. I opened the buttons and pulled her kameez a little forward to expose her boobs. I held her one boob with an arm around her. She holding my cock and I holding her boob, we walked in the open field under the sky.

Once we had walked a sufficient distance, we came across a huge neem tree with a lot of shady areas underneath. There was also plenty of grass carpet under it. In addition, we could also keep an eye on someone coming from a long distance too. We ran to the tree.

Once under it, I made sure no one was around. I pulled down the salwar of Tanya and made her stand against the tree, slightly bending forward. I put my pulsating cock near her ass, rubbing it all around. Tanya was delighted. I applied a little spit on my cock and entered her from behind.

With a very audacious aaah, she started moaning with pleasure. I slowly started pumping my cock into her ass. I was holding her boobs with my palms kneading them to my heart. At times, I caressed her nice tight ass. I pulled out my cock from her ass.

I massaged her cunt with my palm for a minute and then entered into her cunt. She was ecstatic. She was moaning on top of her wife. At the same time, I kept looking all around to keep watch if someone was approaching our side. The place remained deserted.

Tanya was trembling wildly and then she had wild rigors. She had an orgasm. I pulled out my cock from her cunt. Making her sit before me, kneeling, I shoved my cock into her mouth. Tanya began sucking my cock lovingly. I made her bend down like a doggy and shoved my cock into her cunt in a doggy style.

Within moments, she started having multiple orgasms. I was about to cum. I pulled out my cock and handed it over to her. Tanya began wildly running her hand up and down my shaft. Within moments, I let out a shriek and sprayed all my cum in her hands.

Exhausted, we embraced each other and lay down for a few moments. We got up, dressed and walked back home. We were there for three days and in three days, we enjoyed together multiple times with every opportunity. Sometimes, it was a quickie.