Shailaja pays her Hubby’s Bet – Part 1

Tring-Tring. The doorbell of Mr and Mrs Shailaja Ravi’s home

“Who is that?” A voice came from inside the house

“Pratap here!” I replied.

Shailaja opened the door saying,” Pratap! Who?”

I got an instant hard-on by looking at her in a saree. She looks very hot.

“Mr Pratap, who are you?” She asked me again.

I said, “I’m your hubby’s friend. I think he is expecting me. Is he at home?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t know. Come in. He is not at home, but he will be here anytime. Please have a seat. Feel at home,” she said.

I asked her to bring some water for me to drink. In the meantime, I closed all the windows and doors and locked them all.

“Hey, Pratap, why did you close all these doors and windows?” She asked me worriedly while handing over a glass of water.

I said, “It’s okay,” and extended my leg slightly to make her fall on me. She just fell on me, pouring all the water on my shirt and her pallu. Her 36 B-sized melons got crushed against my chest. Her body smell intoxicated me.

I feel like I should smell her every inch today. She adjusted herself to stand, and I helped her stand by holding her navel for support. But I don’t want to leave this opportunity. So I held her pallu while she was standing.

Then her pallu came down, exposing her cleavage. She tried to pull her pallu back, but my grip was firm.

“Pratap, what are you doing?” she asked me.

I pulled her to me by her pallu and said, “I want to feel every inch of you.”

“What?” She exclaimed in a loud voice.

“You are my property, babe,” I said slowly.

“Hey Pratap, I am your friend’s wife. Is this how you treat your friend’s wife?” She asked me.

“Hey, he lost you in a bet to me, babe. It says you must do whatever I want you to do with me until your hubby makes me lose a match. There will be a match every weekend. If he loses, you will continue serving me. Got it?” I informed her while my hands moved over her navel and tits over her blouse.

“If you would like to confirm, you can call your hubby sitting in my lap,” I said, sliding my hand into her petticoat. She pulled my hand off from her petticoat and moved forward to call her hubby. With that move, her saree fell, leaving her with a sexy low-cut blouse and petticoat.

I followed her to the phone. With my hands over her blouse trying to slide into her blouse, her tits are very tight. I could make her breathe heavily while I touched every inch over her navel and felt she was wet. She took her mobile with one hand and called her hubby.

I hugged her from behind and started listening. My lips were kissing her shoulder and sucking her ear lobes. She is getting hornier by me, by my moves over her body, and her ‘ok’ is getting converted into ‘Hmmm’ and moans. On the phone, her hubby confirmed our bet.

She got her eyes filled with tears listening to that, but her breath was increasing its speed. I had never seen a woman with both of these in a single instance.

I said, “Did you confirm with your hubby about our bet?” She said, “Hmmm, I did in a husky voice with a tear from. Her eye is moving down her cheeks. I just took that drop into my mouth with my tongue.”

She said, “Yes,” with her eyes looking at the floor. I am sure she might have seen the tent made by my dick in my trousers. I pulled her by sliding my fingers into her petticoat. She was a little hesitant and resisted my moves over her body.

So I took her lower lip between my lips and started sucking it. Initially, she resisted, but gradually she started sucking my lips, too, one after another. There was a small war between our lips. Our tongues became knives raised against others. It was a yummy 5-minute kiss.

Then I lifted her into my hands and made her lay on the couch. Wow, she looks amazing. I started kissing her on her feet, fingers, legs, thighs and panties. She wore a black netted panty over which I bit. I found it wet. So I pulled her onto me like my mouth was in her panty and started pulling it with my mouth.

Meanwhile, my hands are pressing on her tits over her blouse. All she responds with her moans only. Slowly I pulled her wet panty off from her and started sucking her pussy. She is amazingly pro at making her pussy available.

She is pushing my head into her pussy crack. I feel choked while my nose goes into her pussy crack. This pussy is very tight and an amazing sweet and salty combination. I started taking her pussy lips one after another. And inserted my tongue to get her clit into my mouth.

“Aah, uff, hmmm,” Her moans fill the room with their echoes. And that made my dick harder. I went a bit harsh over her pussy. I bit her clit and sucked it. She just jumped at once and adjusted herself to make me eat her pussy.

This time, her moans became louder and slowly converted into screams. “Ah, Pratap fuck me, yaar, come on. Fuck me, eat me.” She is literally screaming with pushing my head into her pussy crack.

I inserted my point finger into her pussy and started moving in and out. I was literally ramming her pussy. With my fingers in and out. She is adjusting herself, jumping for my every move. I inserted my middle finger, too.

I started ramming in and out with my lips working on her pussy lips. My tongue was working on her glory hole. My fingers rammed her pussy. She is moving like a wave, with her screams filling the room.

“Do you want to taste your pussy juice?” I asked her. Placing my fingers at her mouth. She sucked them. I started doing the same, like I was there to suck all her juices out. She started tightening her muscles and moaning at once and pushing me to grab more of her pussy.

Suddenly she released a scream, and more juice from her pussy came into my mouth. She now felt relaxed and pulled me to her by holding my hair with her fingers in my hair.

Her face is now looking at me. “You are a pro sucker!”  She said. I smiled and kissed her lips with her juices on my lips. She sucked my lips and cleaned them with her tongue.

“I got my first orgasm without being nude!” She said and smiled. “You can get a series of them being my slut,” I said with a naughty smile. “Slut!” She exclaimed, looking at me. I smiled and slid my hand, searching for her petticoat nada.

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