Shailaja pays her Hubby’s Bet – Part 2

She pushed my hand away and asked, “Am I your slut?” I smiled in return. She slid her hand into my shorts and tried to pull my dick. “Careful,” I said, looking at her and slapping her ass. “Shh, I want to be your slut, a real slut.” She whispered, taking my ear to her mouth.

I took her earlobe and started sucking while my hand slid into her petticoat and pulled her nada off. She got fully nude below and started covering her pussy with her hands. She got her cheeks red and looked at me. “You!” She said,

I slapped her on her pussy and said, “Do you want to let your hubby know how you are paying his bet?”

“How?” she said, kissing my dick tent over my shorts. “Let’s record ourselves and send it to your hubby!”

“What? No!” She replied. “Then what should we do?” I asked her, kissing her bra hooks. I am sucking her earlobes and neck and pressing her tits over her bra to loosen her hooks. “Ahh, let’s do one thing. Let’s make him see us live.” She replied.

“I want your dick, Pratap!” She is saying it again and again. “I want my hubby to see me.” I took her phone she just raised from the bed and made me stand. She stood on her knees and kissed my dick over my dick tent. She held my shorts and pulled them off in one go.

My hardened dick hit her slutty face. In the meantime, I called her hubby on a video call. I pushed my dick into her mouth and displayed her on a video call with my dick at her throat fucking. “Wow, Pratap, what is that? Is she my wife? Oh, my God slutty,” Ravi said from a video call.

“Now your wife is my slut,” I replied. “Hey, Shailaja, he is saying that you are his slut. Is it true?” He asked. She said, “Yes, he is a pro at satisfying me. Look how he fucks me. It is a live session for you.” Started sucking me again. She is a pro at sucking.

I held her there by holding her hair and pushing my dick in and out. She sometimes was taking my balls into her mouth and sucking them too. “Uff, I can feel a real slut in you,” I said. She looked at me, smiled, and looked at the screen to check what Ravi was doing.

He pulled his dick out of his pants and started stroking it. I smiled at him. She sucked and stroked a little while I bent towards her and pulled her bra off to make her nude. And I pushed my dick to her deep throat and stopped for a little.

She got panting and spanking on my thighs, so I released and looked at Ravi. He looked very anxious. I pulled her by her hair and made her be in a doggy position. One of my hands was pressing her tits and pinching her nipples while the other hand’s finger slid into her pussy.

She shouts, “Shh, pinch slowly,” but I show no mercy. I was stretching her nipples. She says, “Pratap, bite me fuck me like your bitch.” Ravi is getting more and more horny by his wife’s words, and he is stroking his dick. I started biting her ear lobes.

Spanking her ass to make her horny. She is begging to push my dick in. After making her more horny. I placed my dick over her pussy and started hitting her face. Shailaja adjusted my dick at her hole and requested me to push in. I slowly passed, stretching and kissing her back and neck.

I slid my hands into her hair to get a grip and pushed my whole dick. She shouted, “Aaah!” That made Ravi spray his cum on his laptop cam. My dick went almost 60% in without leaving time for her to adjust. I pushed my other to the remaining cum in Ravi’s dick-covered webcam.

We could not see him as his Webcam got his cum on. I continued my phase. That room filled with her moans, screams, and echoes. “Haa aah, fuck me, fuck me like your bitch,” are the words from her. She found that cum on Ravi’s webcam, so she shouted, “This fast?” to Ravi.

Ravi just smiled. I continued fucking her in doggy in different combinations, like pulling her nipples, fingering her pussy while I fuck her pressing her tits etc. I found her being lioness in getting fucked.

I turned her on to me and made her dance over my dick in a cowgirl position. In the meanwhile, Ravi cleaned his webcam and came to watch his wife dancing on my dick. She directly approached me and sat on my hard dick, leaving a great scream.

Then she slowly started moving up and down, and I, too, moved my waist against her movement to make it more hot. She started slowly and gradually increased her phase. She was jumping on my dick with her bouncing melons. I held them with my hands to control her.

She is good at operating her pussy lips and her hips. The way she swings her waist makes me more hard-on. I took her nipples and started chewing them while she jumped. I fucked her in opposite to her movement to make it more deep.

I took her face over me and started sucking her lips while I fuck her in the high phase. After a while, she made her muscles tighten, then I pushed my dick faster, and she cummed over my dick. The flow came over my dick. She turned towards her hubby.

Ravi had already cum twice by that time. She said look, “Pratap has not yet cum. Saying this, she went between my legs to suck my dick. She took my dick into her mouth and started sucking again. This time I wanted to fuck her mouth hard and rough.

So I held her face and quickly moved my dick in and out as she could not breathe properly. But she managed to take a breath. She could not take a breath only when I put my dick head across her deep throat. After a while, I held her tight and cummed my cum in her mouth.

She took it fully, tasted and swallowed it. Ravi was amazed by her performance with me. He praised me. She slept beside my dick as she fully drained. After about 2 hours, Ravi came home and woke us up. He sucked my cum from her mouth and took her to the bathroom.

He cleaned and draped her in a low-cut blouse and a see-through saree.

“Pratap, you won the bet. She is all yours. You can use her whenever you want till you get bored of her.” Ravi smiled and said.

“By the way, what was the bet my loser hubby lost?” Shailaja asked.

Ravi started explaining. “We have 3 bets, which you made me lose.”

1. If I lose anything, you will not pay by getting fucked. I said this, but you were ready to pay. So I lost.

2. You will not take any dick into your mouth at any cost. That’s what I said, but you took his dick twice, so I lost again.

3. You will never make me see you getting fucked with another man. I made a bet over this, but you conducted it live. So, I lost again.

Shailaja got a little shy listening to this from her hubby. She made him fail in the bet and failed to keep his trust in her. Then Ravi said, “It was fine. I enjoyed it, and from now onwards, she is your slut, Pratap. Enjoy.”

I took her out nude and made her lie in my back seat. My car started moving towards my villa. That’s it, guys and girls. Please add your valuable suggestions at .