Should A Father-In-Law Be Seduced

This story is not just a story. It’s an experience. An experience started when I had gone to visit my son Aarav, who is married to Riya. This story jumps right into one night when I was not sleepy and walked out of my room to get a drink.

When everyone is asleep, even a small sound is audible, even if the sounds are of slow, soft moaning. I was quite surprised to hear it. For a moment, I thought I must be crazy. But then, as I moved closer to the hall, I could hear a female moaning slowly.

For a moment, I thought about it but then told myself no, I am just imagining. I reached near the main bedroom where my son and his wife Riya sleep. The moaning became louder. The moans were slow, loud, and stretching. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

Thoughts were running in my head. “Should I go near and try to see, or should I go back to my room and sleep? After all, I was in their house.” I started to turn around and walk back to my room when I heard,  Aarav, push it harder, babe.”

To be served dinner by someone and then hours later hearing her moan and wanting to be fucked harder. I couldn’t control myself and decided to walk towards the bedroom door. The idea was to stand by the door and hear. So it’s the middle of the night, everything is dark.

I am in the hall near the master bedroom, standing and hearing slow sexy, seductive moans. I reached the door, hoping to hear clearly but was surprised that the door was open. My heart started to beat fast, as I knew who might be moaning inside. I decided to take a peek inside and was shocked.

My son Aarav was lying on his back on the bed. On top of him was sitting a beautiful sexy naked woman with a milky white body with both her hands on Aarav’s chest. She was slowly grinding her ass and riding my son. I couldn’t believe how fair she was.

I mean, I have seen Riya many times before in sarees, kurtis, and jeans. But to see her naked body glowing in all its glory made my heart beat even faster. I couldn’t believe I saw my daughter-in-law naked, moaning with my son’s penis inside her.

As I saw her from the side, her left arm on his chest slowly rubbed Aarav’s chest while riding him.  Suddenly, what happened next made all the blood in me rush straight into my penis, making it hard. Riya just lifted both her arms and put them on her head, trying to stretch as if to push Aarav’s penis deep inside her.

What it did was give me a clear view of her huge milky boobs. I couldn’t believe that it was so big and the shape was just perfect. It was big, round, and held tight, not sagging. Each time she jumped on his cock it bounced, and it was the most beautiful sexy thing I had ever seen.

We all desire to see a hot sexy babe naked, but we don’t get a chance. We satisfy ourselves by watching porn or a hot web series on Ullu or Kookuu. What I was seeing reminded me of Flora Saini in Gandi Baat. Only this was 100 times hotter and sexy.

Because it was my daughter-in-law naked and jumping in full nude glory. Those huge bouncing melons with perky nipples on that sexy body had turned me on. I guess it had made me lost in her beautiful body. I accidentally made a noise, and Riya immediately turned towards me.

I quickly moved away. I didn’t know if she saw me or not, but I was really worried. I quickly made a drink, went to the balcony in my room, and started smoking and drinking. With each sip, the alcohol was hitting my senses hard. I couldn’t forget that beautiful sexy body.

On the one hand, I felt bad about what I had done. But on the other hand, the desire to see those big bouncy tits again made my already stiff penis even harder.

While I was smoking, all of a sudden, I heard, “I hope I didn’t make your sleep vanish.”

I was shocked to hear a voice, and I was shocked to see who was there. I turned back and was shocked. It was Riya! She stood there in an extremely short silky nighty, barely reaching her ass. I looked at her, and she looked at me. My eyes were on her eyes, and it started to go down her face.

She had tied her long silky hair in a bun, and her face looked sexy. She was not wearing any makeup, but her beautiful face and those sexy lips, along with a seductive smile, made her face worth holding and kissing.

I looked at her nighty. I realized that her entire cleavage was visible the way she had tied it, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. And it was so short. Her silky thighs were visible. She stood there looking at me while I checked out from top to bottom. As I looked at her eyes again, she said.

Riya: Why did you go away from the door?

Me: What door, what are you saying?

She came closer to me, and her boobs were visible more clearly.

Riya: I purposely moved my hands up because I knew they were blocking the view of my boobs.

Me: Riya beti, what are you saying?

Riya: Papa, come on, you are so hard now that you have a huge tent in your pajamas. Why don’t you stop acting as if you didn’t see anything?

Me: Riya, it was a mistake. I didn’t mean to intrude.

Riya: Papa, it’s ok. Trust me. I am not angry. Just to let you know, the tent in your pajamas is way bigger than your son’s.

My throat was getting dry, and I was feeling so nervous. I had just seen my daughter-in-law naked. Now she is standing in front of me with no bra, no panty, just in a skimpy nighty barely covering her. She has already noticed the big boner in my pajamas. I was just so shocked to respond to her.

Riya came closer to me now. We both were standing close to each other. I am 5’11, and Riya is 5′ 6. Riya looked up to me, and I was looking down in her eyes. My eyes noticed her beautiful face. It went lower, trying to see her deep cleavage again. She noticed me checking out her boobs again and again.

Riya: I guess you did enjoy it when I moved my hands up. Aren’t you going to offer me a smoke?

I was still in shock and was so mesmerized by her beauty, her sexiness, her confidence that I just looked at her. She slowly took my cigarette from me and took a puff. She let the smoke out of her soft juicy lips, and I felt the smoke on my face.

You might say it was just regular smoke, and this fucking horny old man is exaggerating. But guys, the moment that smoke left her lips and touched my face, there was something soft sensual about that smoke.

The moment it touched me, it’s as if I could feel her breath, tongue, lips, saliva all licking my face in the form of smoke. As she blew the smoke on her face, she just smiled. It was a sexy, seductive one. She knew I was nervous, yet I was enjoying everything she was doing.

Riya: You know you can undo my nighty. I am sure by now you have scanned me so many times to realize that underneath I am completely naked. Just as you had seen me in the bedroom.

Guys, when a beautiful hot woman talks to you, you lose your words and start fumbling. Imagine it being your hot daughter-in-law. You had just seen her completely naked, standing in a skimpy nighty and telling you that you are free to take it off her body.

You don’t know how to respond. Moreover, you know she is your son’s wife. Seeing me stand there shocked without saying anything, Riya just smiled and brought her lips to my ears. She was so close that I could smell her sexy body perfume.

It was so seductive, and it turned me on even more. I so wanted to hug her at least but controlled myself somehow.

Riya: I will take a shower in your bathroom and leave the door open. You can come and join me and soap my body. Or if it’s too much for you to do in our first encounter, you can stand and see me shower. You can relieve the pressure on your hard penis. That poor thing has been stiff since it saw me.

I was so shocked to hear. Riya took my glass and finished the drink and turned around, and walked towards the bathroom. As she was about to enter, she looked at me and dropped the nighty. She undid her hair, and the long silky hair fell on her shoulders, and she walked inside.

I heard the shower getting turned on. My penis was rock hard. Riya was naked under the shower, and she had invited me to join her. What was happening? I am dreaming, or it’s some illusion? Should a man fuck his own son’s wife?

What if I just did it once and tomorrow morning forgot everything that happened? Or everything would change between Riya and me? But she offered her body to me, and if she is willing to sleep with me, why should I worry. Will I ever get another opportunity like this? Fuck it.

I quickly opened the bottle and gulped down, and took off my kurta and banian. The sudden rush of alcohol made me even more horny and wild. I wanted to pick her up and hold her in my arms and feel her soft body while smooching her soft juicy, tender lips. ///”>My daughter-in-law looked like a nymph.

I walked towards the bathroom and could hear the shower. With each step, my heart was beating faster, ready to make her open my pajamas and strip me naked.