Sibling’s Secret


6:24 pm

Knock, knock.

Guess they are here already. Okay, deep breathe, go.

“Haha, happy birthday! You didn’t expect us to be here, did you?”

“Whoa! Dad, Mom, Diya, what a sudden surprise! I-I didn’t exp-”

Okay, okay, fine. I know my excitement sounds so fake. But I tried my best to make it seem as real as possible.

Yes. “I really tried my-”

“You didn’t, you bastard, you’re such a terrible actor.” It’s Diya. My sister.

My parents planned a surprise visit for my birthday, and Diya was so excited. She was so excited that she even leaked it to me a few weeks ago. But the intention behind the excitement is a secret, a secret that is only between us.

Diya has a true hourglass figure with mouthwatering, hottest curves. She’s got sexy lips that are perfect for kissing. In short, she’s dead gorgeous. I lust for her, and she, too, does so in return.

When I was in college, that’s when we both started exploring each other’s bodies. It was so fucking fun. The moment our parents were out, the next moment, we were fucking like hell!

But it all stopped when I graduated from college and moved to Hyderabad. But now, we are meeting again after a long time. My parents will return to their home after staying a day. And, Diya, she will be here. That’s what she is so excited about.

And also, this was a part of the surprise. “Arjun, we got to return tomorrow. Diya will be here for a month, so take good care of her.”

“Dad? What? No way, it’s impossible-” Hmm. I guess I rocked it this time. Great work, Arjun!

So we got to wait another day to witness the pleasure again. That night, she was teasing me so badly. I was in my room she came from the back and hugged me so tight that I could feel her round, perfect tits pressing me.

And she didn’t stop there. She started stroking my cock slowly. When in shorts, she did it for a few seconds and ran away giggling. Man! I missed this feeling for so long. I can’t wait for my parents to leave so we can continue it.

But I thought of returning it first. My mom was cooking, and my dad was sitting on the sofa. She was in the shower, and I was waiting for her to be out so that I could go next. Finally, she’s out with a towel around.

I went inside the bathroom and took her panties, which she had just removed. It was so wet with her fluids and stains all over. I took the panty in one hand and turned towards her. I stuffed that panty in my shorts, right on my dick when she was looking.

I winked at her and closed the door. Man! The way she looked at me then. That naughty horny smile was so damn hot. I thought of jerking off. But man, who jerks off when there is a woman so fucking hot waiting for you to cum all over her body?

That night, after dinner, we were going to bed. Diya whispered in my ear, “Jerking off to your sister’s panties, huh? So, so naughty.”

“Just wait for tomorrow. The warmth of your brother’s cum over your tits tells you everything,” I replied.

She giggled and went to the bedroom, blushing.


The next day morning, it was the same teasing. She was cleaning the floor, and she bent in front of me in such a way that I could see her ass cheeks in her tight leggings. She turned front this side, and I could see her boobs through her t-shirt cleavage.

Man! They were so round and perfect. They’ve grown so much since the last time I’ve seen them. And it’s time.

“Arjun, Diya, bye. We’ll call you when we’re home.” My mom and dad left, and we closed the door. Locked it. I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her sexy lips passionately. “Arjun, Arjun, What are you doing?”

We exchanged our tongues and saliva and made love. She slid her hands into my shorts while our lips were still in contact. Diya started stroking my dick slowly. Man, it was so good. I fucking loved this moment.

I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her neck, her waist, and her thighs while she was holding me with her legs. I quickly removed her t-shirt and started sucking her smooth, soft melons. “F-fuck… Mmmhh,” she moaned, holding my head with her hand and her fingers through my hair.

Her nipples were so fucking hard, so fucking pink. She was moaning like hell. I pulled her leggings down and kissed her panties. She was screaming in pleasure, “Oh god, it feels so fucking good.”

I removed her panties. Man, it was the cutest fucking pussy you’ll ever see in your life. So pink. Completely shaven. I quickly started licking her pussy. Her nectar tastes so good,

“Ah! I am going to cum, fuck!” Her legs were trembling with chills all over her body. I made her experience her first orgasm. She was crying in pleasure. It took her a few minutes to catch her breath.

She said, “I know you must be so fucking hard, Arjun. I want so badly to wrap my fingers around your cock and my lips around it. And watch your face as I bring unlimited fucking pleasure to your body.”

She slowly crawled towards me, pulled my shorts down, and started stroking it up and down, up and down. Man! It was so freaking awesome. She is spitting in her hand and rubbing it all over my cock and stroking it.

And soon, she started kissing the tip of my dick and wrapped her lips around my dick. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it slowly. She made the movements grow faster and faster.

She gagged, moaned, and at last, I came in her mouth, and she swallowed it. She licked all over my dick and made sure no extra drop was being wasted. And we both started kissing again.

This time slowly, enjoying every milli second of this erotic moment. She directed me to penetrate her, “I’ve got no condom.” She bounced her tits with her hands and winked at me. I slowly inserted it inside her pink pussy.

She moaned louder and asked me to continue it slowly. And I began increasing my pace, and she was moaning so fucking loud. “Oh my god, bro! I feel like I am cumming again! Ugh, oh, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me, good! Bro!”

She cum again, “Aah, fuck me! Bro, I love you!” Her orgasm was wonderful. She took another few minutes and sucked my dick as fast as possible. She was gagging so loudly.

Yet she continued, and I came all over her tits. We cuddled that night, naked. And we did this every day.


10:36 am

Knock, knock.

I opened the door, and I saw someone, a girl. She was a perfect hourglass, just like Diya. She is so fucking hot, man. But who is she?

“Ahem, hey, Arjun! I’m Aditi, Diya’s friend. Is she in?”