Strange Bond Between A Retiree & A Young Female – Part 2

I started telling my story about an unwarranted relationship with a young professional female. I unfolded true happenings, such as how I met her at the beginning and how the relationship developed. Then, it became much more than a casual teacher/student relationship etc.

There were some interesting, fun times. I leave it to my ISS readers to read Part 1 if you haven’t done so far.

I am retired from a long and enjoyable government service. Seventy years old. Having a very successful family life with grown-up children. The house is occupied only by me and my wife. The youngest is a daughter, married and living in the same premises but in a different house. Elders are living elsewhere.

I continue to Part 2 to unfold the true incidents of my relationship with the young professional. Enjoy reading.

Close encounters:

We were bored with several meetings in secret places. We never went to hotels where we could have fully naked sex sessions. The girl was reluctant to go to hotels for fear of it becoming a habit. She was also concerned that it might have disastrous implications if leaked to her husband or other family members.

Our fun was limited to meetings inside the car, in carefully selected secret spaces on a beach, etc. I wanted to go to a hotel room where I could make her fully naked. After careful planning, I promised her that we could go to a hotel just for one time and it would not be repeated.

By this time, she also wanted to see how we could enjoy inside a locked room. I selected a top-class hotel in my city. The risk of leaking is lower in such environments.

I told my girl that she may take leave from her work. I asked her to come to my town with enough stuff to spend a night or two in a hotel. After giving careful thought, she agreed. On the set date, I met her with my car at the bus stop and got her in my car.

Both we were wearing masks to disguise that we do so to prevent any infections such as Covid-19. She was excited to join me in my car secretly. But she was not aware of what was next – ultimate fun with a variety of experiments.

Since we were both married, we were not new to sex. However, sex between married ones is very casual. They are just traditional sexual activities popularly in missionary positions. Both of us wanted to explore real fun with different experiments involving a variety of sex positions.

I entered the car park of the chosen 4-star hotel in the city. I advised her to go directly to the lobby to pretend that she came alone. I went to the reception and checked in. Got the room key and proceeded to the room. My girl followed me with her stuff.

As we entered the room, I realized how desperately my girl was awaiting this moment. She just got hold of me and hugged me in my face, neck and all over my upper body. I did the same thing, tightly holding her into me. We decided to have a shower before going any further.

While having a shower, she called me and requested me to join the shower. I thought this was a good opportunity to do something we usually can’t do. I removed my clothes and entered to shower room. Now, both of us were in the shower. We cuddled with immense pleasure and kissed lips and cheeks.

Our bodies were tightly holding to each other. After about 5 minutes, I bent on my knees and started putting my tongue in her pussy. She allowed me to do so by widening her legs. After a while, she wanted to suck my cock. I let her do so without any hesitation.

She gave me a very gentle blowjob, which must be the best of my whole life. It was under the shower. Time-to-time, she looked at my eyes. But I did not want to cum as we haven’t yet started the more interesting part. After a suck of about 10 minutes, we both got shower gel on our bodies.

We again hugged, letting our bodies slip on each other. What a fantastic feeling. We have never experienced this type of fun in the whole of our life. I thought this fun under the shower was only one of many ways we could enjoy it. We left the shower full of excitement and fun.

The time now was around 11.00 am. Now, she had been wearing a towel. I was wearing a short. We thought we needed to have lunch. As this is a secret affair, we cannot go out for lunch. The only option was to order from room service. We ordered lunch and started sipping some whisky.

We were sitting on the couch. From time to time, we enjoyed kissing and hugging. She wanted to give me a hand job. But I was reluctant as I might cum, which makes me sexually inactive for about 2 to 3 hours. I let her suck my cock but for a short while.

After a while, we got our lunch brought by a room boy. I did not let the room- boy come inside as I did not want to show my girl to him. We had our lunch. Had reasonable amounts of whisky. While having lunch, we continued to sip whisky. After having lunch, we got into bed, and this was a complete relaxation.

I was thinking about how we started about seven years ago and what level of closeness we had come through. None of us ever expected this situation. The whole scenario happened automatically.

We cuddled on the bed. She got back into her favourite act. She wanted to suck my cock. But I wanted something else. I kissed her face, cheeks, ears, her neck. I put my hands on her naked body and rubbed her nipples, which made her uncontrollable. She was making a slight noise.

I found she was enjoying an enormous pleasure. I started licking her nipples, which multiplied her sexual feelings. It was time for me to go down her body. I kissed her tummy and her thighs. Gradually widened her thighs and kissed her pussy. She had shaved her pussy, so it was clean.

I put my tongue on her clit and started massaging it. I heard she was screaming with unbearable pleasure. I put my tongue inside her pussy as deep as I could. I can’t imagine how much pleasure she got. But I was sure she had come to the fulfilment of total satisfaction. I continued it for about 10 minutes.

I realized her mood was changing, and she was now showing she could not tolerate any more. She was shaking, and I realized that she was now very close to cum. I put my middle finger into her pussy, and it was totally wet. I took my finger in and out like intercourse.

Within a few minutes, she grabbed me tightly and indicated she was close to cum. I asked, “Are you close to cum?” She quietly said, “Yes.” Only a few seconds passed, and she came to her climax. That’s her ultimate pleasure moment. She became very stable and was lying, showing she climaxed.

It was not like male cum because, after a few minutes, females can again come back to normal. Males take about 2 to 3 hours to come back to normal after a cum. I offered her a little bit of whisky. She said she wanted some water. I gave her some water.

Then we started our next session, which was her chance to please me. We were lying on the bed. She slowly took my cock out of my shorts and started rubbing my cock. Soon she did put it in her mouth and started to suck, which she does very nicely. I was fully naked, lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

She, too, was fully naked and now sucking my cock. I can’t explain how much pleasure I got. After a while, I changed my position. I stand up near the bed, allowing her to suck lying on the bed. I moved my cock forward and backwards to the same rhythm she was sucking my cock.

As I was in the highest level of sexual feelings, I could not delay cum. I told her I was close to cum. She did not like eating cum, so I did not want to put cum in her mouth. I was very close to cum. Any moment I could cum. I removed the cock from her mouth and let her use her hand to give me a shake until I cum.

She did that nicely. I did cum, giving me ultra happiness. I made a big noise when I cum that I could not control. Both lay down until we recovered from our first fun inside a locked room. We had entered into our world of happiness. It was getting dark. We were back to normal and needed more fun.

We washed our faces and thought we had not done enough to get the full benefit of the opportunity. Also, we couldn’t do this regularly because of the limitations we had. We were lying on the bed. We wanted to enjoy another session of whisky. We poured whisky and got them near the bed.

Little by little, we sipped whisky. In the meantime, she started rubbing my cock, indicating she needed more sex. We cuddled, and I jumped on her, kissed her face and lips and finally started licking her nipples. She started sucking my cock again. This time, we changed the positions to play 69 position.

She was on me sucking my cock, and I licked her pussy lying under her. I entered my tongue into her pussy. She gradually moved her mouth up and down to make it like intercourse. We did it for about 10 minutes, and we wanted to try more positions.

The remaining whisky is on the bedside table. She said she wanted to drink whisky from my cock. She asked me to put my cock in one of her whisky glasses and put it in her mouth for her to taste whisky combined with my pre-cum. This was a novel experience she discovered.

I saw how much pleasure she had been enjoying. I, too, enjoyed looking at how she enjoyed tasting whisky mixed with pre-cum. After this, both were completely out of control. And fully open-minded. One reason may have been we were drinking whisky, although not to a level that we became drunk.

We had heard and seen videos of the cowgirl position. The girl indicated she wanted to try that act. She hugged me and kissed me. She made me lie, looking at the ceiling. Then she sat on me. Before allowing her to go cowgirl. I wanted her to let me lick her pussy.

I asked her to sit on my face putting her pussy in my mouth. She did that, and now she was sitting in my mouth. I had a great time licking her pussy. I put my tongue in her pussy time-to-time and tried to send it in as deep as possible. I found out she was enjoying it very much.

I was still lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling. After a while, she sat on me and inserted my cock into her pussy. It was not easy as she could not match the pussy and cock. But after a few tries, finally, she got my cock in her pussy. She was moving up and down but not in a rhythm similar to regular intercourse.

A few times cock went off from the pussy, so she had to put it back. I realized this act gave her pleasure more than anything because it was not usual intercourse between male to female. In the cowgirl position, the male is lying, letting the female do the job.

So, the female has the full control. Control of speed, rhythm and how deep she wanted to send the cock inside her pussy. Although it might be the first time for her, her speed, rhythm and depth were excellent. She started slowly giving me time until I got my cock rigid.

After a few movements, my cock became hard like a wood. I felt it was going deep inside. Sending it deep inside might be what she wanted. I looked at her face, and she was unconscious. Her eyes were closed, and she was making a moaning sound. She was getting enormous pleasure out of it.

We reached the end of our fun. It was time I was very close to cum. I said to my girl, please move faster because I was about to cum. She knew the speed and did it a hundred times faster. I did cum and became fully tired. By the way this might be the best act that we both enjoyed so far.

So far, we did not have engaged in usual intercourse. Finally, we wanted to do that, too. We had body wash to get refreshed. We ordered some snacks and had more whisky sessions with the bites. We did not want to eat heavy dinner because that inhibited sexual activity. Then we got back to the bed.

The first thing that we did was to make love for a while. We were quite happy about the successful night out we had so far. As usually my girl did, she started rubbing my cock. It got rigid very fast. I thought, now it is the time to put it in her pussy. Changed the position that she was under, and I jumped on to her.

I applied some gel to both her pussy, and my cock to make it easy to cock go into the pussy. I made her legs wide open and made my cock closer to her pussy. Without any delay, my girl placed my cock near the opening of her pussy. She asked me to slowly enter into the pussy.

We both were now tightly held on to each other. Kissed our lips, and I licked her nipples. Slowly moved my cock up and down. Gradually, I went further inside. I felt it touch the end of pussy passage. It was really a discovery for me. I did gentle movements to give her the best feeling of the cock.

She was screaming, “That’s great, that’s great, please do so, my dear.” Intercourse in a missionary position was not new to us, but this intercourse gave both of us immense pleasure. It was combined with love, fear, sex and feelings. It was a secretly planned operation, so pleasure is comparable to none.

At the end of this play, we decided to make cum together. By now, both were ready to cum. It was not easy to cum together. A little bit of planning is required. Finally, we found the exact time for both to cum together had arrived. She put a pillow under her belly and kept her legs wide open.

I started making movements faster and increased the speed quickly. Now, it was moving a hundred times faster. She shouted, “I cum, I cum.” I increased the speed and sent the cock as deep as possible. Within seconds both cum at the same time.

We were finally tightly held on to each other. We slept the whole night as we were really tired. We checked out from the hotel the following day morning. This was our successful first night out. The story goes on as we are now more confident of going for night-outs.

With the experience we had, we wanted to do something completely different from our first-night sex acts. I would continue to present what we did in subsequent night-outs. They will be even more exciting.

I am happy to receive your comments. Please send your comment to . Please await Part 3 of our story.