Stranger at the Wedding Reception – Part 1

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This is the real story of one of my regular readers, Sneha. This will be narrated from the footsteps of the main lead, Sneha.

I (Sneha) was too early as I parked my car at 6 p.m. at the wedding hall. It was my best friend’s wedding reception. The hall was massive, with ample space for parking, which was a rare sight in a city like Bangalore.

I checked my makeup and combed my loose shoulder-length hair neatly, looking in the car mirror. I typed the text, “Hon, Where are you? I am at the hall. Come soon,” and sent it to my husband before deboarding the car.

I had to come alone because he had told me that he was caught up at work. He would come directly to the function hall. I dialled my friend Rachu to confirm that she was already in the hall. As Rachu confirmed her presence, as well as Lakshmi, I felt relieved.

I don’t like to walk in the crowd of strangers. Rachu waved as I stepped through the main door of the marvellously decorated reception hall. The hall was less crowded since the reception would start only after 7.

I happily walked into Rachu, Rachu’s husband, Lakshmi, Lakshmi’s husband, and Lakshmi’s 6-year-old son. We greeted each other. We three friends huddle to a side, sitting in a circle to start gossiping. I am seeing Lakshmi after a few years.

We three were best friends of the bride, so we planned to reach much earlier to the function hall. We decided to walk into the bride’s room. Lakshmi was talking about how she had to persuade her husband to come along with her away from her in-laws.

Both enquired about my husband’s whereabouts. I remembered and checked my phone, expecting a response from my husband. But there was no reply. We walked into the bride’s room filled with relatives, mostly cousins.

The bride was dressed to kill. We three started giggling and chitchatting around her for a while. The makeup uplifted her much more prettier and hotter than what she was. We three walked around and finally stood just outside the huge entry archway, continuing to chitchat and watching the guests enter.

Time ran swiftly as we gossiped with the huge hall getting populated. At 7, the hall was brimmed with people. At 15 minutes past seven, Bride and Groom, hand in hand, walked through the decorated lane to get seated on the stage.

Quickly crowd huddled, forming a huge line to walk onto the stage. The bride catches our group and smiles, acknowledging us. I check my watch and repeatedly glance at the entrance, waiting for my husband.

That’s when it happened.

Sitting around the end of the hall. I felt my heart skip a beat by the intensity with which this stranger looked or stared into my eyes. I got hooked with my eyes locked with his captivating eyes, spending more time than usual.

He held me with his stare, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I felt a shiver and a connection of some sort with this total stranger. I broke my glance to adjust my emerald green saree. I felt like a teenager with a fluttering stomach.

The stranger was much taller with a wider chest perfectly fit, dark, perfectly trimmed hair. His thick moustache looked more manly under his sharp, long nose. I felt a nudge on my shoulder to come back to reality.

Rachu nudged me to answer my phone, which was ringing. I checked my mobile. My racing heart calmed a bit upon seeing the call from my husband. I quickly answer and finally see him walking through the main door. I wave at him happily.

Once, my husband caught me waving. My eyes, in no time, started scanning the crowd, looking for the tall, handsome. I felt bad for doing that. Still, my heart and eyes searched for the stranger with my husband walking towards us.

My husband knew both Rachu and Lakshmi. He speaks to them as my eyes solely continue to search the tall stranger. I felt like a thief caught in the act. He was hidden from the view and watched my desperate search all along.

The moment my eyes met with his, he smiled smugly, staring at me. I control myself, looking away, shifting the focus to my husband, pushing my hand under his armpit and holding him tight. My loving husband apologizes, “Sorry babe, I got stuck up at the office and later this traffic.”

He showed me the gift he got for the bride, a gold bangle. I comb my husband’s messy hair with my fingers, “It’s ok, hon. You are here, and the time is right.” The love between me and my husband never lost any of its shine in our 3 years of married life.

From the day he fell in love to till date, he loved me crazy. I, too, love him for caring for me so much. I distract myself from looking at the stranger by thinking about my husband.

I met my husband at work as our offices were in the same building. After our first eye contact, my husband took 6 months to come forward to speak with me. After 1 year of friendship, he proposed for marriage.

Lakshmi interrupts my thoughts by asking, “Shall we go onstage?” I excuse myself to use the restroom. I walk down the steps around the hall towards the back of the hall to find the restroom.

My thoughts while I walked,
Who is this man?
I am married. Why should I get disturbed seeing him?
Did he notice me clutching my husband’s shoulder?
Isn’t this a kind of cheating, seeing a stranger with my husband next to me?

I pulled the small mirror from my handbag. I wiped the sweat drops from my forehead, corrected my hair, and adjusted my saree, revealing a part of the blouse covering my boobs. I grab brown lipstick and draw around my soft lips.

While I pressed my lips, spreading the lipstick even over my thick lips, I remembered his lips. His stare sent a lot of messages like, then and there only, he wanted to drag me to a dark corner. He wanted to lift me, pressing his lips hungrily onto my lips and lifting my saree and fuck me raw and pulp.

My pussy was wet imagining this. Scolding myself, “I am married. Chi. Thu,” I head back to the hall. As I was about to climb the steps, my heart stopped for a bit. I ran into the handsome man who towered tall in front of me. He spoke in a dominating voice, “Hey, beautiful.”

I was stunned. I could not form any words, and my mouth stuck mum. I was blushing for a second before controlling myself to a serious look. He was damn smart looking with razor-sharp eyes. I finally framed my first question, “Do I know you?”

Him: No.

He stood watching a long time before speaking the next sentence, “I just found you very attractive. Stopped to convey that you look very gorgeous.”

I reply, “I am sorry,” with a serious look. He continued to smile, scanning all around my face. Staring at my lips, “Your soft lips look glossy. Did you apply lipstick now?” I was startled by his audacity. My nipples poked erect out of my blouse.

No man had dared to comment on my lips other than my husband. I utter in a slurry tone, “Hey, mister. I am married.” He continues, “Does it matter? I liked your looks. Is it wrong to enjoy the beauty?”

I was nervous in his presence. I correct my hair and fizzle my legs, breaking eye contact as I stare at his feet. I realized something. I quickly looked all around to ensure none of my friends caught me talking to this handsome stranger.

I felt like tasting his lips. He notices everything, catching me looking around.

He spoke, “Nobody is here.”

Me: Sorry, what? Why?

He spoke, “The one you held onto. Was it your husband?”

Me: What for?

I was blabbering in his shadow. I don’t know what to say. I wanted to stand here looking at him. But I can’t. I say, “Excuse me. You misunderstood me.” He spoke in a romantic low tone, “I feel like kissing you here, tasting those soft brown lips.”

I stepped past him, which made my pussy sticky wet. I walked breathless, shivering, and wilder back to my group. All along, I controlled myself from turning around to look at him. I am in a different world as I walk into my husband. We three families stand in the line towards the stage.

I remembered at that instant that I had seen him before. He raced his bullet swiftly through the traffic near the function hall. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about this stranger. My eyes wandered around the crowded hall, searching for him.

I couldn’t find him. I felt so dejected that I walked away from him since I couldn’t find him at all. We reached home at 11 midnight. My husband quickly changed and sat on the couch, watching highlights of a cricket match.

I slipped out of the saree into a nightie. I jump onto the bed, feeling desperate and horny. I realized that I was horny from the moment I saw this handsome stranger in the function hall. I couldn’t sleep. I headed to the hall and rested my head on my husband’s lap.

I kiss his lips. I kiss lips again, seducing him. He was easy to provoke. He asks, “What happened to you today?” I said, “Nothing,” and kissed his lips again. Leaving the TV blaring on, he lifts me to the bedroom.

He drops me on the bed with a thud and jumps over me. He busily runs his hand all over me. His lips hungrily kiss my lips, cheek and neck. I moan, uttering, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” He lifts the nightie high, pulling away my drenched panty in seconds.

He had undone his clothes in no time and positioned his cock into me. I love him so much. He undid my nightie and sucked my boobs with his cock entering my moist pussy. I suddenly remember something and push him away.

I was on child control. We were not having sex without protection because I was heading for a position that needed me at work for another 2 years. He scratches his head and understands. He runs out and comes back with a condom slid over his cock.

He thrusts his cocks and fucks me in the usual missionary. I usually take much longer than usual to orgasm. My husband knows that. He tried multiple occasions with many different tricks like dildo/fingering but no success.

We understand each other. I am satisfied with him. In our 3 years of marriage with countless fucks, he has succeeded only twice in reaching my orgasm. He bites my shoulder as he shoots his cum.

In no time, he settles next to me to sleep. He likes to cuddle me after sex. He searches for my body in his sleep. I enter into his body as he snores to sleep. After some time, I release myself from his clasp.

I sleep staring at the roof with the fan. I could not get sleep. I felt bad sluttish that I remembered about the handsome stranger while my husband fucked me.

Thank you, all ISS readers.