Stranger at the Wedding Reception – Part 5

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The story will be narrated from the footsteps of Sneha.

My (Sneha) soft juicy thick lips still soaked from the sweetest sucking of the stranger. I stood clueless, hungrier than ever before. But the stranger walked out of the scene. After a few seconds, I realized that he wasn’t returning to eat my just shaved pussy.

Anger and lust pulsed inside me, climbing to its peak. I hastily climbed down the stairs to catch the man responsible for my two months of desperation. My mind was chasing the thought, “I want him. What if he had left? Fuck, I want him.”

After so many steps, I landed on the underground parking space, panting for breath. Wiping the sweat off my forehead, my eyes keenly scanned and found his bike unmoved. But the stranger was nowhere to be seen in this desolate parking space. I strolled around, searching for the stranger.

Disappointment and frustration creep in my head on not finding the man. A strong hand suddenly grabbed my wrist and dragged me to a small, cramped space behind the under-construction lift. My heartbeat and breathing stopped for an instant.

When I came to my senses, the stranger was holding my hair with his fist. He pushed me low, facing me to his pant zip. Making me kneel on the hard concrete.

This morning I wanted to give a nice blowjob to my husband as a punishment to keep him starving for more than 2 months. But my husband’s thick nervy cock couldn’t experience the warmth and oozing saliva of my mouth. It was due to the persistent calls from the broker who belonged to this stranger.

Now, after months of unsatisfied desires, hungry me was faced with this strange situation with the stranger’s pants zip ahead. I stared into his eyes. Fuck, the stranger shows his dominant side by not freeing his grasp on my hair even after a sharp stare.

I hate that the stranger can read me so well. He knows that I am in a bad need of a good fuck that too from his cock. Ignoring my stare, he pushed my head closer to his pant zip. I notice the movement of his thick dick inside the constricted space of his pant.

My hands could not wait to grab them. Forgetting all the principles and complete society, I place my soft hand, gently touching the erection over his pants. The moment my hand grazed his rod over the pant, his dick hissed, growing in size and girth.

He tightens his fist grip, pulling my hair. “You wanted this, right?” I stare into his eyes again. He demands, “Suck my dick, now.” I remain watching his eyes. He declares, “Pull down my zip and suck my dick now, otherwise . . ..”

Before he continues the statement, I obey. I ripped down the zip of his pants and unbuckled the belt and hook of his pants. His dick had made a huge tent in his underwear. I watch him again.

His voice is suddenly sweet as he says, “Sneha, I want your thick lips wrapped around my dick. Suck them as you wish. Suck them like I ever will be”, he boomed. These lines made me horny, especially when he wanted to treasure the time with me.

I slowly yank his underwear low. Thick nervy dark dick pops out. I was surprised to see a cleanly shaved dick who keeps this area always clean. I gently touch and move my fingers all across his huge dick, watching his eyes. The size was thicker than my husband’s.

The stranger held my chin, and his thumb brushing across my hungry lips, he said, “Open.” I obeyed, opening my mouth as his cock slid into me. He moaned, “Ah,” with his head thrown back as my lips circled his dick head. My tongue tip teased by circling the tip of his dark cock.

“Ah, Sneha, that’s nice.” The words inspired me, and my mouth slowly covered more of his thick cock, taking in as much as I could swallow.

When most of his huge cock was in my mouth, I drolled saliva drenching his cock inside my mouth. “Oh, Sneha. Don’t stop.” I started taking his cock in and out of my juicy mouth in a slow rhythmic manner.

His fingers threaded in my hair pulled, “How is the taste, Snehaa. Those lips, I was mad for them to suck me from the reception. Look at me.” I suddenly found his eyes watching me sucking his cock. I felt shy, and a blush crossed my cheek.

Continuing to suck his gigantic cock. My hand was rubbing his balls. His cock grew more in my mouth. “Ah. I might cum.” I blinked, watching his eyes. My tongue was moving, covering every bit of his dark dick.

I lost the sense of sucking a stranger in an open space in broad daylight. Since it was Sunday, there were no construction workers. The place where we stood was hidden away from any ongoer who might come to see the apartment.

I held his dick deep till throat and started stroking his foreskin with my hand. With every jerk, my bangles made a noise. After a few strokes, he instructed me, “Hands behind your back.” I am loving when he dominates me. I am all yours, stranger.

He fisted my hair, and with one thrust, he took over. I sheathed my teeth with my lips. He pushed deep into the back of my throat until I gagged. He pulled back and continued to mouth fuck me. His moans are low and throaty.

“Sneha. I am going to cum so fucking hard,” he warned. My tongue flattened under his dick head. Fuck what the hell I was doing. I have never in my life tasted someone’s cum, not even of my husband. Here I was, so horny, with my tongue waiting for the cum shot.

His body shook and shot cum which flew like a bullet from a rifle. He yanked my hair and erupted the lava cum into my mouth. I swallowed, letting the saltiness fill my mouth and run down my throat.

“Holy shit,” he loosened the grip. I waited on my knees, watching him. He hauled me up and kissed me hard. “That was the best”, he started. I wiped my lips and smiled, feeling happy since I could give him a memorable time.

My nipples were snooping out of my Patiala dress. The top of my boobs was peeping white and milky to be savoured. The day was hot. I was sweating badly. He drove me, making me hug him like a single body on his bike.

He took me to a juice corner, and we had juice. While having juice, I left a text to my husband on my arrival at the office. The stranger, too, spoke to someone instructing him to leave the key. After some time, he drove me to the underground parking space of another apartment.

It, too, was lonely and longer than the first one. He parked his bike next to a sedan. The front door was open. He climbed into the driver’s seat. I sat next to him. I was thinking, what is he doing? He drove the car around the same parking lot to a darker and hidden corner.

“Get into the back seat”, he ordered, turning off the key. I followed his instructions silently and mounted the back seat. I noticed that the mirror was tinted with one-way visibility from the inside. He climbed into the back seat and closed the door. My heart pumped beating at its peak, and I was jittery again.

I continue to sweat from the heat of the sun, cramped car space, and my body heat. The stranger looked very comfortable. He pushed the front seat as much as possible, making sufficient room in the back of the car. He positioned my head to rest on the rear door glass.

He placed one of my legs over the headrest of the middle seat. My other leg was resting on the car floor. He stared into my eyes as he lifted my Patiala dress above the navel. “Ah,” I jerked back when the thick of his fingers rubbed over the pussy on top of the pant.

My pussy was wet. In a neat pull, he freed the knot of my pants. Slowly, he parted the pants away from me. He raised my dress further higher until my bare belly button was accessible. He drew circles around my quivering belly button with his index finger.

The index finger slowly travelled from the belly button to just above the clitoral hood. Fuck, man, he was soo nice. He continued drawing circles just above the clitoral hood over the drenched panty.

Suddenly I recalled, Why I shaved my pussy? It was to break the long wait of my husband. But here I am with a stranger’s finger touching my neatly shaved pussy. There was pin-drop silence except for the sound of our breaths.

He parted the sticking panty away, “Snehaa, How wet you are?” I bit my lip, watching him. His strong hands firmly held my heavy thighs as he positioned his face into me. I grabbed his hair, and my belly button could feel his warm breath.

Goosebumps forming all around my sensitive areas. I was ticklish. With his first firm lick, my hand buckled his palms from behind, which were resting on my knee, “Ahh. Auch.” His tongue tasted me unhurriedly.

Stopping now and then to suck and kiss. He lifted me with my knees bent on the headrest of the seat and placed a hand behind my back. He lifted my back, taking my pussy closer to his lips. Damn, he was eating me with his nose nudging my clit.

I was enjoying every moment with low and controlled moans. I lost control when he inserted two fingers into my pussy, widening them. With pussy widened by finger, his tongue probed inside of me quickly and with more pressure.

My legs began to shake. He pulled out his fingers. His mouth was working its magic his thumb started to rub my clit. My full body bowed into him as I rippled a full-body orgasm. My throat was at its peak when I moaned.

He wiped his lips and started to kiss and suck the side of my neck. He was kissing me, not allowing me to take a breath from the deep orgasm as I continued to moan. He handed me only my pants to wear and kept my panties for himself.

He drove me to a restaurant, and we had our lunch. After lunch, he drove me to what looked like his office. He asked me to wait in the car. The stranger enters the office. After 2 minutes, I watch a man leave the office.

As the man walked out, he eyed the car. But he could not see me because of the tinted glass. The sun was at its peak, and the AC of the car chilled me. The stranger walks and opens the car, “Come.” I follow him without asking any questions.

I stepped into his office with an unmanned front desk. He told me to sit on a chair. He walks through another door which appears like his main office. He returns in no time and closes the shutter from the inside, darkening the space with only sunlight peeping through a few windows.

He turns on the lights and watches me. There was a hunger for each other visible in our eyes. The way we looked at each other. Is this what I have been waiting for this two months? Is this why I kept my husband away? Was I shaved my pussy for the stranger?

Oh god, a sudden recap of the reception night made me damn horny. I started imagining his ripped muscles hidden inside his shirt. I suddenly yearn for that huge dark cock that was inside my mouth moments ago to pierce through me and fuck me to orgasm and fuck me through my juices.

He walks to the partition door of his main office and commands, “Get in. I can’t wait any longer to fuck your pussy, Snehaa.” I walk slowly through the door to get banged by this stranger.

Is this my Sunday working at the office?

As I stepped inside his office, his strong hand spanked my ass for the first time, gently making my ass cheek jiggle. After a small gap, his strong hand squeezed my fleshy ass cheek and spanked me the second time.

This time it was harder, louder, and more painful, making my fair ass turn slightly red with his palm mark. The pain of his spank only boosted my desperation and hunger for his nervy dick. A cool breeze was flowing from the AC inside his office, and there was a big 3-seater leather couch.

Standing in front of me, he places my hand on his shirt button and widens his arm. I unbutton his shirt button, watching his mysterious eyes. I remove his white shirt, unveiling his stone-like biceps. A white banyan covered his sculpted chest. He pulls away his banyan, showing his shapely chest and stone-like abs.

He flipped me around, grabbed my back, and propelled me onto the couch. He quickly pulled away my pants and bent me with my hands holding the seat top. He widened my legs, spreading my ass wide open for the stranger.

His fingers gently caress, moving around my pussy, probing my wetness. “Hey, Stranger,” I spoke in a hypnotic tone. “I am ready for you now.”

“You are more than ready”, he answers, “Take off your top.”

I quickly get rid of my Patiala top. His voice shrill, “Say it. You should ask for it.” I replied huskily, “I want you. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me. I am all yours.” He positions me with one leg bent on the leather sofa and another leg resting on the mat of the floor.

I moan in pleasure, “Yes”, the moment his dick head rubs against my clit and pussy lips. In a slow, measured manner, he slides his thick cock into me. “Ouch,” I cry.

“Is it deep?”

“Yes. It is deep”, I stammered.

The stranger was into me. “Don’t stop.” Holding the sides of my ass cheeks, his dick toured my warm wet pussy with steady thrusts. His firm fuck was in perfect sync with momentary loud spanks on my ass cheeks, “What an ass. God, this ass made me fall for you,” he commented with his spank.

I was building up for the second time. “Yes, Fuck me harder”, the words flew out of my mouth naturally. He stops and immediately yanks out his cock, stopping me from orgasm. Even with the AC running at its peak, we both were sweating profusely.

He unhooked the bra and tilted me around. He reads me as my eyes convey to him Why he stopped fucking? He responded, “I want to watch you when you orgasm.” My massive white boobs with erect tiny dark nipples were in front of the stranger, ready to be destroyed.

He grabbed both my boobs and climbed over me, making me rest on the couch. He hungrily sucked my boobs with his lips sucking every bit of my boobs, “Ah. I wanted this from the reception. These boobs spoilt my sleep,” he ate hungrily.

I was shouting moans at his animalistic eating of my boobs. No one ever ate my boobs like he did. We kissed again. He sat on my chest and boob fucked me spitting saliva for lubrication. He then bound my hands with his banyan.

He ordered me not to move my hands. He positioned himself between my heavy thighs on the couch. “You want this right. Have it”, he pushed his cock with a huge force. He was fucking me with huge thrusts. I shot juices. His dick continued to fuck through the juices.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pain and pleasure his dick gave. He was thrusting his huge cock with heavy plunges driving in and out of my pussy. In no time, I was building up for my third orgasm.

The stranger fucked me tirelessly. After he shot his cum when his dick rested, I climbed on top of him and kissed his sexy. The moment my lips ate his body, he would turn on and fuck me again. My pussy was turning dry and again wet for him.

When my pussy remained dry, he would apply saliva and drench them. He fucked me mercilessly, turning my ass red with his spanks and my pussy red sore with pain. He fucked me multiple rounds in multiple positions till 8 in the night.

Sneha reaches home and scrubs with heavy soap to wash away the unforgettable and wildest encounter she had with the stranger.

Thank you, all ISS readers.