Struggles of a Stepmom – Part 2 (A Mother’s Love)

Akash’s father had arrived at the right time before a group of horny teenagers could use his wife. The crowd dispersed soon after his arrival. At dinner, Sakshi pretended that she had no recollection of what had happened during her hypnosis. But Akash was in shock.

He stayed quiet during the family dinner. He couldn’t quite believe the power of his hypnosis. But there was no other explanation since his stepmom would never make out with his friends on her own. The sight of his friends groping his stepmom had made him horny.

Her dress was already quite provocative. In addition to that, she had indulged in some sexy foreplay with Vishal and Rohan. Secretly Akash was envious of them. He couldn’t accept the fact that some outsiders got to enjoy his stepmom while he was sitting there with a painful boner.

His friends had misused his power of hypnosis to fulfill their fantasies. If anyone should benefit from his skills, it should be him. He decided to take immediate action once his father went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Sakshi was unaware of all excitement building up inside Akash. She was still a little dazed by what Vishal and Rohan had done to her. But at the same time, she was glad that her husband showed up before things got out of hand.

After dinner, she saw Akash approach her when she cleaned the table.

Sakshi: Akash, I hope you enjoyed your birthday, but it’s too late now. You should go to bed.

Akash: Mom, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my hypnosis session. I still can’t believe it worked so well.

Sakshi: I am glad I could help Akash. And trust me, you are really good at it. In fact, I can’t remember anything that happened during my hypnosis.

Akash: Mom, if you don’t mind, can I try it again to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake.

Sakshi was caught in a dilemma. The last time she pretended to be hypnotized, it didn’t end well for her. If she doesn’t play along, it will ruin Akash’s birthday. He will also think of her as a slut for kissing his friends.

She could have turned down Akash’s offer, but that would raise suspicion, so she decided to try it. Only her stepson was around this time, so there was no chance of getting molested. Sakshi followed Akash’s instructions as she did the last time. And after a few minutes, she pretended she was hypnotized.

Akash waved his hand in front of her face, but Sakshi kept staring at him blankly. She felt his hands around her waist, but she didn’t respond. He was staring straight into her eyes. The next moment he leaned in and planted his lips on her mouth.

Sakshi was shocked. She couldn’t push him back and reveal her secret, so she stood there. This made Akash more confident. He started licking her lips with his tongue. This was his first time kissing a girl in real life, so his kiss was very sloppy.

Sakshi let him do whatever he wanted. She was worried about her husband catching both of them. But at the same time, she was flattered that her stepson was finally showing affection to her. However, she would have preferred a less inappropriate form of love from him.

After tasting her mouth to his heart’s content, Akash pulled back. He stared at his stepmom’s pretty face. His tongue had messed up her lipstick, and her lips were all wet with his saliva. He was overwhelmed with all the possibilities he had in front of him.

He could use his stepmom however he wanted. But like a super excited puppy, he didn’t know where to start. His eyes fell on her cleavage. Without a second thought, he grabbed her breast. Sakshi was biting her tongue. It was getting impossible for her not to react.

Akash squeezed her breast roughly. He was too excited to be delicate. He tried pulling her breasts out, but her dress was coming in his way. So he pulled down the straps of her dress to strip her. And before him was his stepmom, completely nude from the waist above.

Sakshi felt helpless in that position. She couldn’t even lift her arms to cover herself. But before she could process that humiliation, Akash had planted his mouth on her breast. He was bending forward to suck her tits, and his hands were now grabbing her ass for support.

Sakshi stood there like a lifeless object while her stepson bit her nipples. She reminded herself that breastfeeding was a motherly gesture, not a sexual act. She thought that Akash was showing her the same love that a son would show his mother.

Meanwhile, Akash was having the time of his life. Until a few hours ago, he had never kissed a girl. And now he was sucking his stepmom’s perky nipples while squeezing her plump ass. This was turning out to be his best birthday. Now he knew why his father fell for this hot bitch.

Akash wanted to undress Sakshi completely, but he worried his father might walk in. So he decided that the best he could do was dry hump his stepmom. He turned her around and hugged her from behind. His hands were squeezing her tits, and his boner was grinding on her juicy ass.

He humped her for a while, and since this was his first time doing so, he ejaculated within a few minutes. He had a wet patch because he cum inside his pants. He squeezed his stepmom’s tits and pulled her dress up for one last time. He clapped thrice to break her hypnosis.

He didn’t want to reveal his wet pants to her, so he ran back to his room. Sakshi stood there stunned by what had happened. Till a few minutes ago, she had motherly affection for Akash while he sucked her tits. But after getting dry-humped by him, she wasn’t sure how to feel.

She was sure that she felt his boner rubbing on her ass. She changed back into a nightgown and went to bed. Her horny husband wasted no time stripping her naked and banging her. But unlike every day, she wasn’t fully engaged in sex. Her mind was still trying to understand what had happened earlier with Akash.

The next morning Sakshi noticed that Akash was much friendlier with her. Akash’s father also observed that and complimented them on their newfound love for each other. Sakshi was pleased that Akash had finally accepted her as part of the family after months of hard work.

She didn’t care that Akash had a slightly inappropriate way of showing affection to her. All that mattered to her was that she was able to provide comfort to him as a mother. A little touch now and then was not a problem if it helped her gain his trust.

And this was no worse than what she had faced in her previous life. Before marriage, she was a secretary under Akash’s father. And as a secretary, she often had to use her skills to help her boss relax. She was instructed not to wear a bra to the office from day one.

As days passed, her skirt kept getting shorter until it reached a point where her buttcheeks popped out of her skirt. Her ass would get spanked anytime she walked past a male colleague. But all this paled in comparison to the work she had to put in to please her boss.

Akash’s father would often show up at the office after arguing with his wife, and it was Sakshi’s duty to soothe him with a sloppy handjob. A few weeks into her job, her boss wanted more from her. So she had to put her mouth to good use on his cock.

He liked her work so much that he started asking for a blowjob every few hours after some time. It reached a point where sometimes he would make her hide under his desk during the meetings. And while speaking to the staff, he would pull out his dick under the table and make Sakshi blow him.

Eventually, Sakshi got used to her work life. But all this changed when the CEO of the company came for a visit one day. Akash’s father instructed her to please the CEO no matter what since it was essential for their promotion. He asked her to flirt with him a little bit.

She was told not to worry since the CEO was an old man who would at most feel her up. Akash’s father pushed her into the CEO’s cabin and waited outside. After a few minutes, he heard Sakshi’s scream and rushed inside to check on her. What he saw there surprised him.

Sakshi was sitting in the CEO’s lap with her shirt unbuttoned. He was devouring her tits while pinching her nipples. Her skirt had been pulled up, and her ass was getting fingered by the old man. Sakshi felt ashamed that her boss had caught her in such a compromising situation.

She tried to get up but the old man has had a firm grip on her. He just told her boss to wait outside and resumed violating her. After the ordeal was over, she stepped out of the cabin. There she witnessed that her boss was looking at her hungrily.

He pulled her back to his cabin, ripped her clothes off and rammed her pussy. That’s how her affair started with Akash’s father. After all that she had faced, what Akash did last night seemed quite mild. She now had to look after him like a mother. If that meant she had to cross a few boundaries, then so be it.

But at the same time, she wanted to be careful. The fact that she was sharing intimate moments with her stepson had to stay a secret. She couldn’t even reveal the truth to Akash because he would lose all respect for her, and he might even inform his father.

Meanwhile, Akash couldn’t believe his luck. He had never gotten a chance to lay his hands on a girl before. But now, he had access to the finest chick in the whole neighborhood. He was fondling the ass that every man around him was drooling for.

It became a daily routine for him to hypnotize his stepmom after coming back from school. He sucked her boobs and pinched her ass as if he owned it. After a few days of hesitation, he started rubbing his dick on her ass.

But he drew the line at penetration. At the end of the day, Sakshi was his father’s wife, and her relationship with him was that of a mother. He couldn’t bring himself to penetrate her. Breastfeeding was a mother-son activity. But intercourse would be going too far.

Sakshi was his father’s property, and it was his duty to protect her honor. But despite his best intentions, things were about to take a turn for the worst. Her horny stepson was not the only one craving her stepmom. The events on his birthday had aroused a lot of young dicks.

To be continued.