Submitting to a Dom Trans

Hello all, this is Rajesh, a 27 years bisexual guy from Hyderabad living in Melbourne. I’m here to share my recent experience with a Dom Trans. So, without wasting time, let us go into

Whenever I’m free, I help my friend with his work as he is a contractor. This time I got off from work for about a week. My friend got to know about it and called me asking me to help him with his new site. We finished the work in time, and the owner referred us to her friend, Jess.

The actual story begins here. I went to meet Jess to finalize the contract and the payment. I reached there at 9 am. Jess opened the door, welcomed me inside, and gave me a tour around the house.

Me: before we discuss it further, I have a question, if you don’t mind. Once it clears, I can focus on the actual work topic.

Jess: Sure, what is it?

Me: How did you make it happen? You are a successful person, you’re married, and you have a beautiful house. You did it all as a trans woman.

Jess: Thank you. First, let me say you don’t have me butter me up. You don’t have to sugarcoat me to get the job. I like you already. It just depends on whether my husband approves it or not. Second, if you meant what you just said, thank you so much. It is not easy to have all these. Do you like my house?

Me: Of course, it is lovely.

We talked about all random things, like how she met her husband and her sex life.

Jess: Being a trans wife is not what people usually think. We fuck each other. It has been a long time since I didn’t fuck him, like topping him.

Me: (this came out of my mouth) I’m a bottom.

Without me realizing I actually said it.

Jess: Oh, really?

Me: Yes.

Jess: I remember being a very powerful bottom. But I have a very nice dick. I mean, after all, that’s why my husband married me. He loves my dick. But he doesn’t let me use it that much. I get bored just being the bottom when you like to do the giving and the taking.

I was excited by listening to her words, and my dick got hard and visible through my pants. Jess noticed it.

Jess: I thought you said you were just a bottom.

Me: I got a little bit excited.

Jess took my hand, placed it over her dick, and said, “You see, I’m excited too.”

Me: I can see and feel that.

We kept rubbing each other’s dicks.

Jess: So, do you think you will be happy working for us?

Me: Yes (with excitement). What about your husband?

Jess: What about him?

Me: I think he might catch us. Isn’t he coming home from work?

Jess: Umm, you know, if he catches us, he will join us. So, don’t worry about anything. Let us play between ourselves. I mean, there is a reason why I picked you for the work.

Me: Really?

Jess: Yeah (she turned me around and hit on my bum). You know, ever since I saw you working at my neighbor’s. I can see you walking around, and your ass looks so good (while saying all this, she rubbed her dick on my ass).

Me: You think so?

Jess: Yes (spanked again), look at that nice ass (she went on her knees and kissed and licked my bum). What would you say if I asked you if I could fuck your ass?

Me: I’d say, “Yes, please.”

She pushed me onto the wall, started touching my thighs, and slowly took it to my hole.

Jess: how does it feel when I touch you here?

Me: Fucking wonderful!

She kissed my neck and turned me towards her, and kissed me on my lips, and I quickly responded. We played with each other’s dick, and I kissed her neck. She immediately pushed me against the wall and took control of the situation exactly how I wanted. I surrendered to her.

She kept my hands to the wall, played with my body, and rubbed her dick with mine. Jess made me bend over the table, unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled them down. She continued rubbing her dick on my ass. I kept moaning, and she played with my dick.

Jess whispered, “You like how my dick feels rubbing on your ass?”

Me: Oh, I fucking love it.

I started moving my ass over her dick, and we kept groaning. Jess got on her knees.

“Look at that ass!”

She spread my legs and started licking my hole like a man licks a woman’s pussy. I was in heaven and couldn’t wait anymore for her to fuck me, but she preferred teasing me, “Do you like that?”

Me: Yeah, I fucking love it. Oh my god, oh fuck me, please.

I was begging her to fuck me, but she kept licking my hole by spitting to make it open for her big dick. Finally, the time came. She turned me towards her, stood up, and got her dick close to my hole. My heartbeat raised.

Jess: Would you like to feel my dick in that ass?

Me: I would fucking love to. Now don’t make me wait anymore.

She rubbed her dick on my hole.

Jess: You should bend over so I can give it to you (I bent over the sofa). Do you want my dick in your ass?

Me: I fucking need it. I want it. Please give it to me. (she went in my hole). Oh yeah fuck.

I was moaning, which made Jess more aroused and increased her pace. We were fucking like mad dogs on the street.

Jess: Sorry that I’m going too fast, but…

Me: Oh no, I love it.

Jess: My husband could be here any moment.

Me: Oh, fuck! (moaning)

Jess: You like how I fuck your ass?

Me: Oh, I fucking love it. Oh, my god (moaning)

She climbed on me and fucking me like a dog. I can feel her heavy breath on my neck and my ears. It made me more aroused, and I wanted her dick more. We both were moaning with every thrust of hers, and the moaning became more and more with every thrust.

We were fucking right in the hall and heard the door opening. It was her husband (Jay). He saw us fucking naked on the sofa in the hall.

Jay: You couldn’t wait, could you?

Jess: What can I say? (laughing)

Jay came in front of me and took off his jacket and glasses.

“Hi baby, welcome home,” she kissed Jay.

Jess kept fucking me. She didn’t take out her dick from my ass. I got mixed feelings. I was nervous and excited, too, and I kept moaning. Jay slowly went behind us. He unzipped his pant and took out his dick. He got on his knees, started licking Jess’s hole, and pushed his dick into it.

I was looking at the whole action and enjoying it. There was a three-way fucking going on. I was at the receiving end, and the beautiful couple was at the giving end. During the three-way fuck Jess kissed me. It was a very high feeling.

Jess: Now it’s time for Jay to taste you. You are going to love it.

She took her dick out and came in front of me. I opened my mouth for her big dick. As I sucked her, she moaned, and she held my hair and mouth fucked me. Meanwhile, Jay got his dick ready to enter my ass.

Jay: Oh, yeah, that’s tight.

As the couple occupied both my holes, they kissed each other. I sucked Jess’s dick like a double chocolate ice cream, and she was enjoying it.

Jess: Do you like our dicks in your holes?

I just moaned with Jess’s dick in my mouth. I slurped her dick. She throat-fucked me and rubbed her dick all over my face. I can smell her dick on my face. They fucked me in that position for 10 minutes.

Jess: Now turn around. I want to fuck your ass again.

They stayed in their positions, and I turned around. Jess entered my hole and started riding it madly. Jay entered my mouth and went deep into my throat. As Jess kept fucking me, we three kissed each other.

Jess: You keep sucking that fucking dick.

She got her dick out from my ass and came beside me to suck Jay’s dick. I sucked his dick, and Jess licked his balls. Later we both sucked his dick by taking turns. Jess left me alone to suck Jay, and she gave her dick in Jay’s mouth.

As Jess mouth-fucked Jay, I licked Jess’s hole. Jess turned around by giving her dick to me and her hole to Jay. Once her hole got wet, she sat on Jay’s dick and started riding it. Looking at them, I didn’t want to stand there by myself. I jumped on Jess’s dick and started riding it.

Jess was enjoying both feelings. Jay’s dick deep inside her and her dick deep inside me. Jess suggested we do it on the floor instead of the sofa to make it more comfortable. We did the same position on floor Jess on Jay, and I was on Jess.

I was tired from all the fucking and jumped out from Jess’s dick. But she didn’t like it and pulled me back to suck her dick. Jess offered me her position, and I jumped on Jay’s dick. Guys, my ass was too tight for their dicks.

When I rode Jay’s dick, Jess sucked my nipple and played with my dick, and Jay played with my other nipple. Jess kissed me and gave her dick in Jay’s mouth. I kissed her boobs and licked her nipple. After riding Jay for 5 minutes, I jumped out and joined Jay in sucking Jess’s dick.

After sucking Jess’s dick for a while, she asked me to sit beside her and stroked my dick. Jay played his fingers on our holes. Then he applied some lubricant and our holes. He started fucking Jess, and Jess was kissing me. Jay made us into a doggy position.

He fucked our holes by taking turns while I was madly kissing Jess and enjoying the real action happening around me. While Jay was fucking me, Jess kissed me and said, “You have been a very good boy and took our big dicks in all your holes. How do you feel about it?”

Me: I feel lucky and blessed to meet you guys, especially you, Jess. It’s a dream come true for me to submit myself to a trans goddess like you and serve you in every way possible.

Jess: You got enough time to thank me. If you are open, I have a lot of plans and surprises for you, my baby.

Me: Of course, I love it.

Jay pulled me close to him, and he fucked me deep. He pushed my face onto Jess’s dick, and I again took her big dick in my mouth. Jay wanted to fuck his wife before he cum. So he pulled his dick out from my ass and fucked Jess’s hole. I just stayed there looking at them.

Jess: Cum in me, baby. Please cum in me.

Jay: Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.

Jess: Cum in me, cum in me, cum in me. (and he finally cum inside her hole). I love when you cum inside me. My turn to cum inside you. (looking at me)

Me: Yes, please.

She jumped on me, took Jay’s cum from her ass, and spread it over my hole. She pushed her dick in my hole and started fucking me like this was her last fuck. She released a huge load in my ass, and she kissed me.

When Jess was fucking me, Jay stroked my dick, and I, too cum at the same time as Jess. I cum on my tummy. The couple spread my cum all over my tummy and my chest.

Me: So, I think our first day went pretty well.

Jess: Huh, right.

Jay: Yeah, I would say so.

Jess: we agree.

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