Summer Of 19 – Part 1 (Thrilling college campus sex)

All characters and storyline are a mix of reality and spiced-up fiction.

The summer of 19, the age of romance and desires as I was in my early 20s was about to give me my first-ever sexual experience. Now, before we dive deep into the story, let me introduce myself to my readers. My name is Abhimanyu Kapoor (name changed for obvious reasons) and I am a consultant in an MNC in Bangalore. Since it is my first story so, kindly support it.

It would not be an exaggeration but I do look a bit like Aryan Khan, at least a middle-class version of him. My physical build is however more like his father’s, fit, 5 feet 8 inches leading a healthy lifestyle. Now coming back to the story.

This story revolves around a girl I met during a cousin’s wedding in Ludhiana. Her name was Shrutika Taneja (name changed). She was from the paternal side of my cousin while I was from the maternal side. Shrutika was at the rise of her beauty. A perfect 19-year-old with a firm 5 ft 3 inches frame with stats 36-30-36 (which she told me later). She looked like actress Pooja Hegde on a heavier and curvy side. I was, however, taken aback by her smile and voice. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to talk to anyone since I was not at all a party person unless I knew the people around me.

As big Punjabi weddings go on for 3 days minimum, we got to know a bit about each other. Fast forward to the last day, I was supposed to leave for Gurgaon for some project work and there in the last hour, we exchanged numbers. When I bid goodbye to all the family members, she too came to meet me. Surprised by her audacity, I really appreciated her gesture.

The moment she hugged me, I could feel the pleasant fragrance from the nape of her neck, her hair. It really gave me a tough time maintaining my composure.

A day later, I texted her on WhatsApp to get some of my photographs captured on her phone. Gradually, we started to talk and within 4 days, she confessed that she had already developed a huge crush on me and hence wanted to meet me as soon as possible. I told her that I will be coming to Chandigarh for my final semester report submission in my college the next week, and my college was near her house. She wanted to meet me in my college for reasons still unknown.

So next Friday, after I was done with my report submission, I asked her to come and there she arrived in 20 minutes. We roamed around the campus hands in hands like love birds and then we entered the academic block through a back gate entry which led to stairs to the top floor.

We sat somewhere in the middle of a now vacant building and were breathing heavily. We came close, cuddled each other and started to talk about the wedding. It was at this moment when I looked her in the eye and thought this was the moment maybe. So I stopped talking, looked her in the eye, lifted her chin a bit and leaned on to kiss her. She responded with equal love and we started to kiss freely like two wild animals.

After kissing for straight 10 minutes, we were too horny to think about anything. I started to maul her boobs to the fullest and she started to correspond to my touch, rolled her eyes up and started caressing my hair. I asked her to come over my lap for a better grip. She obeyed me like a kid and sat on my lap.

Now it was easy for me to unbutton her shirt a bit so that I could suck on her breasts and while she was grinding my dick over my pants. The thrill of making out on an empty campus certainly raises your adrenaline but at least one person has to be alert. So I asked her to get up and follow me.

Luckily, we were able to find an empty classroom and we entered it. Since I knew the campus inside out, I knew that in no possibility anyone would enter the building at those hours. So I latched the door from the inside and we started our thing again. This time, we sat on a bench and kissed for another 10 minutes. We threw our shirts aside and now I unhooked her bra and saw those magnificent boobs in their glory. I sucked on those boobs like a hungry predator and she danced to the rhythm of tongue encircling her nipples. I sucked them till they turned red from their original perfect light brown color.

Her whole body started to shudder and she scratched my back which made me realize that she had hit her first orgasm. I then made her bend on the bench and asked her to just stay quiet. I quickly went behind her and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down and started to finger her pussy from behind. Then, as she understood my intentions, just gave me enough gap between her thighs so that I could fit my face and started to eat her pussy from behind.

I held her strongly enough and gave her the best pleasure she could wish for. She started to cum again and made my face wet with her warm juice. It was her orgasm-achieved face that made me happiest at that moment.

Now she wanted to let me know what she was capable of. She asked me to sit on the bench and she knelt on the floor and unbuttoned my jeans. My dick sprang like an animal unleashed from a cage! I have a pretty decent 5.5 inches dick with a good girth.

She started to sniff it like cocaine and started to lick my dick from the base. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked them hard while rubbing my dick with her hand. She then spit on my dick and made it all wet and started to suck it like a lollipop.

After sucking for 10 minutes, I was about to cum, but since I didn’t want to finish this soon, I asked her to leave it for a while and give me a good boob job. She understood her assignment and said, “As you say, sir” (wink)

She brought her big 36 C boobs close to my dick and started to rub my dick in the middle of the valley between her mountains. I felt that my dick has never touched anything this soft. Since I loved to lick her pussy, my mind gave me an extremist sort of idea. She asked me if I wanted to penetrate her, I said no since we did not have protection at that time. She was confused for a bit as she couldn’t understand what was on my mind.

I then made her lay on top of the bench and made her head lean over the bench’s length which made her head upside down and she was facing my dick. She understood the devil in me and started to blow my dick with an inverted head. I started moving my hips inside out. I could see although she was enjoying it, it was still a bit painful so I asked her to stop and stand up.

I then leaned on the bench the same way as she was moments early and then asked her to sit on my face so that I could eat her pussy while she could give me a good blowjob. After eating each other for 5-10 minutes, I was soon about to explode. She came like a fountain straight on my face with her juices. I asked her where did she want me to finish.

She said, “Cum in my mouth, my boobs, everywhere.”

I sat on the bench again and while she knelt to go for the final kill. After a minute, I was about to explode and she continued to suck me like a pro. I moaned her name and held her hair and came loads in her mouth. The first two strings of my juices went into her throat deep. In the next two shots, she took on her face, and the final remaining shots, she took her boobs. She gulped down the ones in her mouth and started to lick the ones on her face and boobs one by one.

I was about to take my handkerchief to clean my dickhead but then she snatched my handkerchief, threw it away and grabbed my pulsating dick and again took it in her mouth, this time to clean it with her tongue. I smirked at her and gave her a peck when she finished her thing.

We rested for 15 minutes. We got ourselves ready to depart back to our respective places. We kissed and promised to meet another time in the coming days. One thing that made me believe is that destiny is what it takes to be a lucky dawg. Stay tuned for the next part.

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