Surprise Lunch Turns To Surprise Sex – Part 3

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Continued from the last part:

Tara had blown me away. Her beautiful body and bold attitude made me mad, leaving me in want of more of her. I was keen to know what more she had in store to offer and to explore that.

She had intended to arouse me for a casual fling. She had more than succeeded. She was aware that we had lit a fire that we could neither quench nor control. It was beyond our control.

I waited eagerly for Tara. She was my newfound happiness, my sunshine, my delicious meal for the last 2 days. There was something special. She was clear on what she wanted. She did not mind going that extra mile to get what she wanted.

I was waiting for Tara desperately. She took more than the usual time to return to my apartment. I wanted to call her. But I did not want to take any risk as Karan was with her. Finally, after a long wait for Tara, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see Tara standing smiling.

She was looking incredibly beautiful. She was wearing a long skirt and a simple white top on that. She had wrapped a dupatta on her neck, covering her body and boobs. She was wearing large earrings, a small bindi on her head, a thick gunmetal neckpiece, and light makeup.

I had never seen Tara like this. She would mostly be in western attire only, but to see her Indian attire was surprising and different. She was an all-new Tara. She was in her elements, seductive, inviting, and terrific. Her dressing was making me mad, inviting me closer to her.

Damn, she was so hot and irresistible. I pulled her and lifted her in joy. I was extremely happy. The scent of her body hit me like a whiff of refreshing air, the softness of her skin. The lovely feeling of her wonderful boobs on my chest instantly impacted my senses.

I had a raging hard in my pants. I welcomed her with a tight hug and instantly kept my lips on her. Tara’s eyes widened curiously, and her lips parted. A deep color swept into her cheeks.

My tongue slowly surged, thrusting deep into the softness of her delicious mouth. Her lips were wild and yearning, eagerly devouring me. Instantly Tara felt the evidence of my desire. She felt the hard, heavy, throbbing reality of my hard dick pressed against her soft belly. I swept her in my arms.

She was achingly aware of my firm, hard dick pressed against her. Of her, tightly furled nipples pressed hard to the wall of my chest. The exploding and surging passion with which I ruthlessly held her back. Tara stood on her toes to kiss me back.

I claimed my reward immediately, fitting my mouth to hers and taking a long, ardent taste of her delicious lips. She gasped at the feeling. I took advantage of her open lips to plunder her mouth with deep kisses that made her dizzy. She wrapped her arms around my neck, plunging her fingers into my hair.

My head swam in her thoughts. Tara welcomed the exploration of her tongue. I savored and consumed her with a kiss more aggressive than any. It was sloppy, wet, and demanding, consuming her and breaking her in my arms. It made her knees weak and turned her bones fluid.

Her body listed toward me and was instantly gathered into the hard urgency of my tight hug. Desires started flowing through her in a hot body that insinuated us in deep, private places. She gasped for breath as my mouth lifted from hers. It was a long, drugging kiss that consumed our senses.

I guided Tara across my study room and into a large sofa. Tara kept her bag aside to relax on the sofa. I offered her a glass of water. She said, “Thank you so much Vinay, driving in this traffic is so annoying and irritating.”

I replied, “Yes, it is getting worse with each day passing.”

She said, “Just drove 20 km, and my shoulders and legs have started aching.”

Tara raised her legs and kept them on the sofa, looking at me. I kept the glass aside and sat beside her. Tara being at my home was exciting. I was nervous, too but in a schoolboy crush kind of way. She was so beautiful. I had been admiring and desiring her beauty, but it never seemed right to act on it.

The past 2 days were crazy, unexpected, thrilling, and I wanted more. This had just started. It was only on hold for a while, but it was long enough to act on my feelings. I wanted this woman badly. Everything about her was perfect.

I asked her, “You want to relax for some time?”

With a seductive smile, she said, “Yes, we have been relaxing for 2 days, right? I want you to help me relax even better.”

I asked her, “Would you like to have something?”

She replied in her style, “Yes, why not? What do you have to offer?”

Her hand started moving on my body, just stopping above my dick. Our lips came closer to each other. I kept my hands on her cheeks to kiss her. She just touched my lips and pushed me back. She stretched her legs and asked me, “I would feel very relaxed if you can massage my legs if you don’t mind.”

Moving my fingers on her body, I said, “Sure, why not.” I tried to take her legs in my lap, trying to turn her around sitting on the sofa itself. She looked at me and said, “Sit down on the floor, Vinay. You will be more comfortable.” I sat on the floor opposite her.

She relaxed her legs on my lap. She looked into my eyes. Slowly she took off her dupatta. Oh boy, she was not wearing a bra. I could see her hot brown nipples protrude out from her white top. She kept one leg on my shoulder and the other one on my dick, gently exerting pressure on my dick.

I pushed her skirt and started to massage the leg kept on my shoulder. I used both my hands to apply little pressure on her ankle and arch massaging them gently. Tara removed her earrings. She kept them on the tea table as I massaged her leg gently.

My dick was rock hard as she kept moving her leg on my dick, stroking my dick gently. Tara asked me, “Do you have some lotion or Moisturizer? It would be more soothing and relaxing.”

I said, “Yes, I will get it.” I rushed to the bedroom to grab a bottle of lotion. By the time I returned, she had removed her neckpiece also. I was about to sit on the floor she stopped me.

In a smooth, seductive tone, she said, “Why don’t you take off your clothes? There is nothing to hide between us. I am sure you will not feel embarrassed anymore.”

Her soft melodious voice slid over me, and it felt like her fingers were running over my hard dick. How the fuck was her voice alone able to rule over my dick? Tara was lovely. She was mad full of life. She was sublime. She was full of flesh. I just wanted her.

Nothing would satisfy me more than my dick in her pussy. I wanted Tara to suck my dick to fuck and cum along with me. I smiled, removed my T-Shirt, and pushed my shorts down. My dick was standing firm. She looked at my dick as I sat on the floor. I took her legs back in my lap.

She kept staring at my dick and kept looking in my eyes shamelessly. Tara again sat in the same position. She kept one leg on my shoulder and her other leg just touching my dick. I squeezed the lotion on my hands and started to massage her foot and ankles softly.

Tara kept playing with my dick with her toe. I pushed my hands up to her calf, applying lotion and massaging them softly. I kept moving my fingers in smooth to and fro motion slipping my hands deeper in her skirt with my every stroke. Tara relaxed on the sofa, stretched, and spread her legs.

She applied a little more pressure on my dick now. I began to rub up and down her legs. I began softly and gradually increase the pressure on her legs. She held my dick between her toes. She started to move them, slowly stroking my dick.
I pushed my hands on her knees, massaging her legs.

Tara raised her skirt to her thighs as I started peeping within her skirt. My gentle strokes were igniting her passions. She was turning hot. I could feel the heat of her body raise as I massaged her lovely smooth legs. Tara’s cheeks and face had turned red.

Her facial expressions turned horny as she held my huge burning piece of meat in her leg fingers. It was too big. Her fingers were slowly moving up and down, making it very firm and hard. Her soft sensual strokes on my dick drove me crazy. The warmth and softness of her skin felt good to my hands.

I did not want to push things as she was enjoying my massaging. I was getting restless, driven by pure lust at that time. I had to control my urges and feelings. To burn with sexual desire with a hot girl right in front makes you go crazy.

I squeezed lotion on my hands and moved my hands on her thighs. Slowly I kept massaging her thighs deeper and deeper, pushing her skirt.

“Such soft skin,” I said. My fingers played along the inside of her thighs, driving her mad with desire as heat pooled at her right juncture. “I’ve been wondering what you felt like here.”

I shifted to gain better access to the skin high on the inside of her thighs. So close to the spot where Tara wanted me desperately. I slipped my hands further, and Oh boy, she was not wearing her panties. Tara was much beyond my expectations. She was playing her own game, her style.

She was getting wet at the thrill of my stroking. So fucking wet that I could smell her. Her eyes were telling me she’s not wearing panties, only for me to smother her spicy scent. I loved her bold attitude. I pushed her skirt till I could get a clear glimpse of her hot lovely pussy.

My fingers gently massaged her slowly. Her passion for me grew. She opened to show the hidden beauty within her as things unfolded at their own pace. I started to massage around her pussy. I was getting extremely excited as I started to flick and poke her pussy using my lotions dripped fingers.

I rubbed the top of her hot hole. I slid my middle finger, just inserting it a fraction, causing her to moan desperately. Tara’s sexual moans made me mad, “Ah, Vinay, fuck ya, oh god, fuck, this is so good.” I could feel the heat emitting from her burning hole.

I again teased her hole and slid my finger in her slippery lotion-coated pussy. The raging fire that urged us on was scorching us. It would have burned us if we tried to restrain it. Moving my hands upon her legs, I pushed her legs apart, getting a clear view of her glistening pussy.

I kissed her legs. I started from her leg, fingers sucking and licking few fingers, rolling my fingers on her long smooth legs. I kept moving up, kissing her ankle, calf knees, and I moved to her sexy amazing thighs. The clear view of her soft hot dripping pussy made me all excited.

I wanted to taste it once again. Lick it, suck her pussy till she would scream loud to release her juices. I moved up her legs, kissing and licking sensually on her thighs. I began poking and playing with my beard on her thighs, sending her in a tizzy.

I kept pricking my beard deeper in her thighs on her soft, delicate skin as she began to lose control of herself. Tara tried to push my head down to stop me but in vain. I was able to attain dominance over her. Slowly she was surrendering to my arousal and madness.

The gentle pricking of my beard was triggering new sensations in her body. The flames of her desire, burning higher with my passion, were intoxicating. I felt wonderful. My fingers traced the wetness of her lovely hole into the depths of her pleasure.

With great difficulty, she contained her excitement, her eyes emitting all her horny desires. I kept both her legs apart and caressed my lips on her thighs. She got goosebumps all around her body. I gently moved my face upwards to smell her. Then suddenly, I licked her in a long stroke.

My mouth was feeling her warm hot flesh. I moved my tongue deeper and swirled it through her wetness and heat, tickling and licking every bump and fold deep inside. Her body shaking in sheer pleasure and utter madness as I swirled and pushed my tongue sensually all across her wet pussy.

I slowly moved my tongue and slid my lip up and down over her clitoris. I increased the speed and started to lick alternatively. Few fierce licks between the hot burning walls made her mad. Tara closed her eyes and tried to push me away, but I again licked her.

She moaned, and her eyes popped up in the delightful sensation. I gave her 2 or 3 sensual strokes, and she pushed me down on the floor again. She looked at me and asked, “You like this?” I replied, moving my mouth again closer to her pussy, “Just loving this.”

She stopped me and requested, “Can you please massage my shoulders first?” I said sure. I pulled my hands out of her skirt. It pulled down her skirt from her waist. Tara raised her body, allowing me to remove her skirt. She sat on the sofa, half nude from her lower half with her legs crossed.

She stretched her hands on the sofa and relaxed her head back. I stood behind her and asked, “You want me to apply lotion on your shoulders.”

She said, “Yes, Vinay, show the magic of your fingers make me feel relaxed.”

She raised her hands. I moved my hands down to hold her top and remove it. Slowly I moved her top, and her boobs juggled out. They looked magnificent as she sat bare and nude. Wow, her lovely melons popped out. They were perfect pairs of hot, inviting flesh. They jiggled.

Her brown pointed nipples had turned hard the size of her boobs tempted me to take them in my mouth and suck them. Tara breathed faster as she felt me nuzzle the fragile wisps of hair at her nape. I told her, “How soft you are, Like smooth silk. Like kitten fur.”

The touch of my lips kissing and sucking them gently on her neck and ears sent a ripple through her overheated body. Tara moaned. She moved her hands to feel my body, a wicked smirk ram across her face. I squeezed the lotion on her shoulders.
I started to massage her neck, shoulders spreading the lotion. Tara looked back at me. Tara said, “Use more lotion, Vinay. This looks too dry. Coat my body with this lotion.” I took the bottle of lotion to squeeze it on her neck and shoulders.

Tara said, “Yeah, this is much better. You have such strong hands, Vinay. It feels wonderful,” she said as my hands sensually moved on her shoulders and looked back into my eyes. I could not stop, could not take away my eyes from her hot sexy body. That is what a man wants.

I wanted to be in heaven. I wanted to take her to heaven. I started very softly to increase the pressure slightly after every few strokes. I kept moving my hand down with every stroke to the soft skin on her boobs. I kept alternating on her back and front.

I continued with long strokes up and down the left and right of her lower back and spine, from her shoulder to the edge of her ass crack. I allowed my fingers to gently linger and brush on the marks of her panty lines and upper buttocks. Tara moved her hands to hold my dick in her soft hands and started stroking it.

I worked my way from her shoulders to the edge of her ass crack. I slipped my fingers slip into her ass crack. It sent shivers down her body. She firmed her grip on my dick, making it throb in her hands.

Tara was so soft and supple. I relished the smoothing touch and goosebumps as my hands explored her boobs. She placed her hand on my thighs, softly caressing my legs. I moved my hands to feel her glorious boobs. I felt my dick would explode any moment if the heat kept building up.

My dick was burning. I was sure her pussy was now dripping. The atmosphere in the room had turned heavy with our hot breathing.