Surprise Lunch Turns To Surprise Sex – Part 5

Tara wrapped me by her body, relaxing in my arms. We relaxed, lip-locking and licking each other for few minutes. My dick was all raring to feel her hot pussy. I started to caress her boobs.

The intense licking should have made her pussy muscles stretch. My passion to drive my dick in her hot pussy reached fevered desire. I was waiting to tear her pussy with my dick and feast on her sexy body, and fuck her hard on the hard rough floor.

It was clear that our inner core was begging for more. With each minute passing, this thirst was getting more intense. We had lit a massive fire inside our bodies, and only a long, hard fuck could extinguish the fire. I pushed her down to the hard floor, looking in her lusty eyes, squeezing her hot naked boobs.

We both were sweaty, and our sexual moans were piercing the eerie silence of my bedroom.  By this time, she could not control the burning passions. She started to moan loudly as I rubbed my dick on her love hole gently. Tara looked at me with her deep, inviting eyes, “Oh yes, Vinay, yes, put it inside, fuck me.”

She relaxed back on the floor, eagerly spreading her legs. I was rubbing my overpowering dick against her pussy lips. She had triggered and manipulated my body by her actions, by her antics. She seductively pushed her fingers at my hot monster.

Feeling it in her lovely soft hands made me more desperate to insert my burning prick in her velvet hole. I held my dick to tap it on her pussy lips, gently hitting on her outer lips with my dick. I wanted her to starve for my dick. She seductively raised her body with ecstasy.

My pulsating and throbbing thick hard dick started to tease her dripping hole. Keeping her there, I want to insert her tight and deep, screwing her so hard that I could hear only her screams. I sat on her waist and started to kiss her.

I clutched a fistful of her hair and whispered hotly in her ear. “I’m going to get between your thighs, fuck you hard. I want you to fuck me back riding on my thighs.”

She said, “I would love to do that, my fucking bastard. What are you waiting for?” Tara moaned as soon I placed my dick on her lovely hot pussy. She looked at me in anticipation to feel the tight insertion. Her breath caught with my touch on her pussy. She kept moving her hands on my body.

She pulled me down to gently kiss my lips and earlobe again. “This is fucking too good, Vinay,” she said with a somewhat husky and aroused voice. I started to softly rub my dick on her fuck hole.

Lovemaking takes time. With a woman as hot as Tara, it is never enough. It is a myth that sex must be quick and smooth. To find pleasure in each other, both men and women need to take time to explore each other with their hands.

Their lips and they need to be open to each other in a mutual, consensual, and non-judgmental style. She rubbed her boobs against my body, running her lips across my cheek to the curl of my ear, sucking, nibbling, and licking.

She spoke to me, the scandalous words more sensation than sound. It was pure magic. Tara wrapped her legs around my waist. I grabbed her ass as tightly as she could. I pushed my dick in her tight hole. Tara moaned as I slowly pushed in.

I could feel my hot thick dick rip her pussy walls and move inside. I applied a little more pressure. She felt my dick piercing her pussy walls and moving deep in her. She raised in pain. With her eyes and mouth wide open, she moaned.

My burning dick pierced her hot pussy and moved to its deepest corners. I gently pulled back to thrust it back in her in a deep hard jerk. Tara moaned, “Oh god, Vinay slow, fuck you man, slow please.”

Despite all the licking and lubrication on her pussy, her hole was tight. I could feel my dick skin being peeled. It was a pretty tight, hot hole. She stopped me. I paused, waited, took few deep breaths to push my dick in her hole again. She rocked her head back in pain and pressure.

She just held me tightly with my dick firmly saddled in her lovely hot pussy. Looking at her and waiting for that one forceful push is as delightful as waiting and watching a beautiful sunset. Looking in her lusty eyes, I pierced my throbbing dick again in her fuck hole.

I kept pushing it as far as I could. Let me tell you. It was bloody, tight, hot, and sinfully erotic. The feeling of my dick entering and moving deep inside her pussy in a single jerk. It was bloody, so painful, and enjoyable. My dick pierced her pussy repeatedly.

The skin on the dick knob was pushed back and stretched. I held her boobs tightly and squeezed them. Tara moaned. I kept fucking her, thrusting my dick deeper in her pussy. I ripped her pussy and thrust my firm dick in and out. She held my waist. I kept drilling her hard and deep.

Tara wanted more. She wanted my dick deep inside her. I thrust my dick deeper with every hump on her pussy. She could not hold back her horny emotions. She raised her hips to make the drilling even more thrilling. Tara kept moaning and abusing as she demanded more commanding me.

I marveled at how beautifully her body arched as she and gave commands. Tara raised her legs in the air. Her fingernails dug into my back. She held me tightly as I started piercing my full-length rock-hard dick in and out of her pussy hole.
I could not be gentle. I kept thrusting my dick back and forth of her love hole.

I kept giving her whatever she was now forcefully commanding for. I was fucking her with more vigor and passion, holding her waist firmly. My dick started to hit her deep and hard. I could feel my hard rock dick in the depth of her pussy flesh.

My quick hard thrusts pushed her roughly against the floor. Tara was determined to take everything that I gave to her in her stride. She clung to me by the neck, pushing her hips up to match my hard thrusts.

Her hands moved to my ass cheeks, slapping them and holding them firmly, pushing me more into her. Tara kept raising herself against me, her boobs juggled in unison.

Tara was at her best, she moaned. Tara screamed again, “Pull my hair, spank my ass, feel me everywhere, oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, Vinay.” Oh god, how wild she was, every breath she took, every step she made. Every moan she let out. Every part of her body moved as we enjoyed the intense fucking session.

Oh my God! Wow! I could not get enough of her. She unraveled her desires deeper every time I fucked her. Every time a new sexy, sensual side Tara was revealed. I felt like I was floating away like my very soul was on fire. Her fingers are gliding on my body, our tongues dancing together in our mouths.

Tara screamed, holding me tight digging her nails in my back, “Oh! Don’t stop, baby. Take me deep, Vinay.” The mind-blowing, thundering sex which we thrust on both our bodies was unlike anything else we had ever experienced before.

We were enjoying her newfound sexual world. I started to fuck her harder like a wild animal. I kept piercing her pussy with my rock-hard dick. I started to pump her fast and hard. I thrust my dick in and out of her pussy into her greater depths.

Tara felt herself quickly climbing to an orgasm, and she moaned loudly. Her juices kept flowing. I continued to pound her burning pussy with my throbbing dick in long deep strokes. I started to let out moans in more frantic growls as I could feel all my blood rush to my lower body.

My thrusts on her pussy became faster and more furious, and I could feel her release building deep inside her. She kept moaning. I increased my speed of ripping her pussy with my dick. After a few fierce, forceful and deep hits to her hot pussy, I felt my release building up.

She looked at my face expressing the joyous feeling of my dick assaulting her small pussy. The feeling of my hard dick making its way in and out was incredible. Tara held me, and she kissed me again.

I increased my pumping speed. I held both her hands behind her head for a deeper fucking. She screamed in joy as she could feel her release building up. Tara shouted, “Oh yes, fuck you, Vinay, don’t stop.” She started licking me crazily, riding waves of ecstasy that gripped her hot, fab body.

She spread her legs apart, forcing my dick deeper into her pussy. Tara took me to the edge. I could not hold on any longer. This special feeling rushed through our bodies, and it would not stop for any reason. Her body buckled under her imminent release.

In no time, we both came together. I filled her pussy with my heavy load. This was her 2nd release. She came so hard that she fell on the floor, holding my face on her face. She kept moaning like a wild woman. It kept moving her entire body in small jerks.

A steady stream of juices kept erupting from her fire-spitting pussy. Holding me tight and kissing me, she came. I kept my dick firmly saddled in her hot pussy for few minutes, taking our time to recover from the intense and tiring session.

I relaxed in her arms as she kept stroking my head and hair. We slept on the floor for more than 20 minutes doing nothing. As we relaxed, Tara lifted her legs from my body, kissed me on my lips, and rushed to the washroom. She came out nude and quickly dressed up and made her hair.

I held her hands, requesting her to stay back. Tara did not say anything. She stood there looking into my eyes.

Tara said, “Have your lunch Vinay and relax for some time.”

I said, “It’s too early to have lunch, Tara.”

Tara said, “There is something special for you.”

I requested her again, “Let’s have lunch together.”

Tara pushed me gently and said, lunch is for you only. Call and let me know if you like it.”

I tried to kiss her again, but she stopped me.

She said, “Have patience. We have just started Vinay.”

She picked her bag, waved at me, and vanished in a flash. After relaxing and refreshing myself, I picked the lunch box that she brought. There were only two containers and a bottle of chocolate milkshake.

I opened the lunch box. I was surprised. The first box was empty, and she has kept a purple-colored designer sexy bra in it. I opened the other box, and she had kept a matching sexy panty in it. Oh, damn her, she was just unbelievable. I made a video call to her.

She picked the call and kept it on the kitchen slab. She did not speak and behaved as if she was too busy. She made me wait for few seconds and then picked the phone and smiled.

She said, “Want to have lunch? Come over.” I waved her bra and panties at her. She said, “Wear those panties and come.”

I was taken back. I asked her again, “What did you say?”

In a commanding voice, she said, “You heard it right. Wear those panties right now. I will wait.”

I removed my shorts and pulled by those tight panties between my legs and thighs. It was tight. It could barely hold my dick. I again had a massive erection. The panty was too small to hold it. My meatballs and dick kept falling and protruding out from the panty.

She was laughing, looking at my plight. She was enjoying this thoroughly.

Tara said, “keep my bra in your pocket, and don’t bring back the lunch box. I will collect it later.”

I said, “See you in some time.”

She said, “Have your milkshake and come over quickly. I want to have a shower, and I want my undergarments.”

She gave me a seductive smirk and disconnected the phone. I got ready to leave for her home.

Tara had expressed her feeling by a message which read. “I want to take time to indulge in foreplays. From playing games to cover each other in food and lick it away, and then on to long sessions of lovemaking. In the morning. In the afternoon. At night. Soft, intense, loving, lustful, kinky. Everything. I want us to try everything.”

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