Sweaty Afternoon With Bangalore’s Hot Cousin Sisters – Part 2

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Quick recap, Bhumika and Yogita are cousin sisters in their early twenties residing in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Bhumi and Yogita have just recently started satisfying each other’s urges with lesbian fun.

Bhumika and Yogita started watching porn together as teenagers. While watching porn, Yogita and Bhumi decided to have physical fun. Yogita messaged the ISS guy Madhan via Telegram, who came, and all are nude now (read part 1).

Yogita was very short, honey-colored with the right propositioned sexy assets. Yogita, on the other hand, was very fair, tall, around 6’, and skinny. Yogita was very beautiful out of the two chicks with a soft clean face with no pimples.

Continuing the story, I looked at the hairy pussy and then the face of Bhumi. She blushed cutely and closed her face hurriedly with both of her sleek lanky hands. She was very slim, tall, pretty, and cute (all are aptly suited for her).

I swept my fingers over the bare navel area, moving gradually to the sweet pussy. I pulled Bhumi by the hip for her wet pussy to be close to my starving lips. My nose is so close that I could smell the cum of Bhumi, which was driving me crazy.

Yogita left the erect penis which she was holding and sat next to my head, watching us. My face moved slowly towards the lush pussy of Bhumi. My lips just touched the sparse hair over her pussy, and Bhumi Suddenly abstained, climbing down from me.

She shyly moved to the corner of the bed and covered her body with the blanket. I moved slowly next to shy Bhumi and ran my hand over her silky head. I was now more crazed to taste the pussy of Bhumi. I pushed the staring Yogita, who was sitting next to me, to a sleeping position.

Bhumi is peeking through the gaps of the finger which were closing her face. I moved to the feet of Yogita and lifted her feet to my mouth. I love young teens because every minute bit of their body can be loved infinitely and the desire never feels fulfilled.

I planted a gentle kiss on her cold feet and then started sucking the little toe of Yogita for some time. I held her feet and started sucking firm white clear heels. I then gently laid the leg onto the bed and parted her legs apart. When the legs moved to unveil the pussy, she closed her pussy with both of her hands.

I saw Yogita, who was blushing red and gave a naughty smile. I slowly moved my head to kiss the soft fleshy calf. When my lips nibbled the calf with my lips, she gave a deep sigh exhaling the breath out.

I then placed a kiss below the knee joint, and my lips moved to her thick white soft heavy thighs, which were looking like banana stem. My lips started to nibble through, and I saw the erection of her body hair. My lips are sucking the hairless soft middle thigh.

She started moaning, which was low-voiced and controlled. I proceeded to suck through the middle thigh to reach her pussy and stopped. I moved to the other thigh and repeated sucking to reach her pussy before stopping.

Yogita had arched her back and was enjoying my sucking with a low-voiced moan with deep breaths and closed eyes. My eyes glanced at Bhumi, staring with her sharp eyes peeking through the gaps of her fingers covering her face.

My lips traveled to the navel area, and I started kissing the soft, perfectly fit tummy. My sucking lips moved to the belly button, and my tongue played with the belly button. Yogita enjoyed my tongue going in and out of her belly button, which was noticeable with the increase in the sound of her moan.

Bhumi has now relaxed by removing the hands away from her face. I moved my sucking lips slowly deeper to reach the area just above her pussy. She held my head by the hair and pushed me slightly away.

She is now looking at my eyes with an expressionless face. She was breathing heavily through her nose and mouth as well. I planted a kiss on her breathless lips and pushed slowly again to the sleeping position.

I parted her legs and moved between her heavy white thighs. I moved my lips very slowly towards the pussy till feathers away and waited. Yogita was breathing too heavily and arched her back again.

I placed a slow peck of a kiss over the hairy pussy. I parted the pussy lips with two of my fingers which unveiled the pinkish inner skin of her pussy with a tiny hole with jelly cum.

I could smell the aroma of some perfume mixed with the smell of her cum. While seeing into the staring eyes of Yogita, my lips started sucking the fresh pussy.  When my lips locked into her pussy sucking, she moved her body with a jerk and gave a loud moan.

She is now moaning louder and held my head tighter, forcing into her pussy. I opened her pussy lips again. My tongue hungrily licked the inner skin of her pussy like a candy tasting the cum of Yogita.

Yogita was enjoying my job between her legs by her continued moans. While I continued licking, I observed Bhumi move close to Yogita and sitting. Bhumi is now brushing Yogita’s head. I continued tasting Yogita with my hands holding the thigh. Heavens, I love these young angels.

She gripped my head hard now. I sensed that she is about to cum. But I did not want her to cum, so I stopped sucking. I asked, “Shall I insert?”

She just nodded with no words coming out of her mouth. She was sweating. I asked, “Are you a virgin?” She nodded her head again.

I asked, “Do you want me to break your virginity?”

She nodded multiple times. I hurriedly tore the condom cover and wore the condom over the dick. I took out the lubricator gel from my bag and rubbed the gel between my hands.

I applied lubricant over the condom and evenly lubricated it. I then rubbed the lubricant gel over the pussy and prepared for the first insertion. I inserted my saliva-drenched finger inside the tight pussy, which went easily.

She jerked and moaned. I caught her through the sides of her ass and positioned my dick to the opening of the pussy lips. I kissed the knee and sucked it.

She was eyeing me with a frightened as well as excited face. I grabbed her hips tight and tried pushing my dick, but it did not pass through. She cried with a hint of pain. I again applied more lubricant gel over her pussy lips and massaged lubricating the pussy.

I pushed my finger in and out of her pussy. I held her again by the hip and rubbed the clitoris of the pussy with saliva-drenched fingers. I told her to give a smile and relax her body. While she was smiling, gazing into my eyes, I pushed my dick inside her firm, tight pussy.

She gave a huge wail and jerked her ass backward. My dick was now partly inside her tight pussy. I sucked her middle finger and pushed my partly forced dick further inside her virgin pussy.

She squeezed my hands tightly. I asked her if it is hurting, she shook her head (signaling no) with a relaxed face. I pulled out my half inserted dick which was covered with slight hymen blood.

I asked Bhumi for a piece of cloth. She jumped from the bed to bring in the cloth. I wiped the blood over the dick and wiped the pussy dry. I climbed over Yogita again and started kissing her with mouths wildly sucking each other’s lips.

My hand reached between her legs to massage her pussy, rubbing her clitoris and the wet hole. She was wet again, and I fingered her pussy while my lips were locked onto her.

I broke the kiss, positioned my shaft again between her legs, held her hips, and pushed my dick gently. It was not fully consumed (only 50% was inside her). I started stroking the pussy, moving my hard dick in and out of her pussy. My dick could feel the tight wet pussy around it.

After few slow blows, I pushed my dick extra deep to be 70% inside her pussy. I continued to move in and out for few more strokes. I stopped when I felt she needed rest and relaxed between the tired Yogita and awaiting cutie Bhumi.

Yogita hugged me resting her head over my chest. Her huge boobs were pressed tight against my body. I pulled Bhumi to sleep on the other side of me. Bhumi kept a hand over my chest and rested another side of me.

After resting for some time, I pulled Bhumi and started kissing, drinking all the honey from her moist lips. While I was wildly kissing Bhumi, my hands started exploring all around her sensual body.

My hands are now at her hourglass-shaped navel. My fingers were playing with her miniature belly button on the slim tummy. Bhumi was sticky with no tummy and a slim navel. I loved her shape and attractive looks.

My lips then started sucking her cheek, neck, and ears. My hands slowly moved to graze through the navel to the top of her pussy. It was shaved a few days before, and the slightly grown hairs were poking.

I grasped her pussy. Bhumi exhaled a huge breath. I then started rubbing her pussy which was moist. Bhumi’s beauty, height, color, and figure are comparable to Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor.

Guy’s lengthy story is always boring to read, and I wanted to explain every minute detail of the story. I will continue in the next part with Yogita sucking my cock and Madhan licking the wet pussy of Bhumi.

Thank you to all the ISS readers.