Tabassum Ma’am – Part 1

Hello ISS readers. Myself Varun here to share my experience that I had with my teacher. So let’s begin. I came to Chennai to pursue my masters and lived in a township near my university. My new life got interesting with time and I enjoyed it.

The best part of this new life is Tabassum ma’am, my maths teacher at the university. Maths was boring till then but she made it interesting. Not because of her teaching skills but for her beauty. You don’t need stress relief or break while learning maths if she teaches you. Her beauty gives me such relaxation.

As the name says, she is a Muslim. She has got that Arabian beauty in a desi physique at the age of thirty-six. She has a milky white skin tone and a charming face. I heard that she had a baby boy a few months back. Her post-pregnancy charm is still on her face making her face glow with a little blush on her cheeks.

She has a nice shaped body with considerably sized assets. She stands out when compared to a normal woman who attained motherhood. She usually wears sarees and churidars. I love to watch her in both. Her side view in saree can make anyone go mad. Her slim-fit churidars just fit her curvy shape perfectly.

Her leggings are something to talk about. They stick to her thick thighs and calves which make her shaped legs look sexy. I have no idea how she maintains such a good figure. But she is all a natural beauty from head to toe. Her breasts are not so firm or not so loose. They look big and squishy from the shape that her blouse shows.

Her ass is not too bulged or outstanding but a perfect round and bubble butt suiting her body type. It’s fascinating to watch her ass in leggings while the wind blows through the window and rises her churidar a bit up. Not just me, most of the boys in my class fantasize about her.

With a lot of interest in her, I acted as if I was interested in her subject. I used to go to the staffroom to ask a lot of doubts whenever I find her free in the staffroom. That way she knows me well and with time, we got close. It was just like a teacher and her favorite student but nothing more.

I used to stand in front of her table in the staffroom while she sat and explained my doubts. As she bent forward to look into the book which I put on her table, I got a good view of her cleavage. When she wears a churidar, she usually keeps her dupatta aside while in the staffroom.

In the beginning, she used to cover when I went to ask doubts. But with time, she stopped doing so. I don’t know if she forgets or if she felt free around me but my purpose of watching her cleavage got fulfilled. How much ever I tried, I couldn’t get a much deeper view.

It’s just a small part of her cleavage that I get to see due to her decent dressing and even that makes me hard. I always wanted to see her naked completely. But I know that would just remain a dream forever.

My semester exams were nearing and I was well versed with everything beforehand. I completed my syllabus and there used to be no classes during exams. My stress levels were at peaks. I missed looking at my fantasy MILF teacher’s milky cleavage.

I was desperate to see her. I can’t explain my feelings but I was in a dire need to just have a look at her. It was then I realized that I am addicted to her. I finally decided to go to her quarters on the campus directly. She lived with her husband and her recently born son in a 2 BHK. I went and knocked on her door.

She was surprised and shocked to see me. I was even more surprised to see her as she was in a t-shirt and legging. Its the first time I saw her in such a casual dress and the loose t-shirt gave a good view of her cleavage. Her half sleeve t-shirt showed her milky white hands.

Before she notices my desperate looks and questions me why I was there, I told her that I came to ask a few doubts. She hesitantly opened the door fully and asked me to come in. She was alone with her son sleeping in the bedroom. She asked me to sit in the hall.

She went inside the bedroom to wear an overcoat and came back. I didn’t understand if she normally covered up as I came or she noticed me looking at her. I left that thing and showed some topics to her to explain to me. She told that those were very big topics and she can’t explain.

But I tried and convinced her finally so that I can stay there for some time and look at her. She sat beside me on the sofa with a book on her lap. It’s the first time I sat so close to her. I can sense the sweet smell from her hair and body. her t-shirt showed a good shape of her busty boobs.

I even got to rub my shoulder against hers while adjusting myself on the sofa which she didn’t care much about. I enjoyed sitting with her like that and looking at her without her noticing my evil intentions. Meanwhile, her son started crying.

She asked me to wait in the hall and said that she will put him back to sleep and come. In a minute or so, the baby’s cry faded out and a sound of sucking was slightly audible from the room. It was clear that she is giving milk to her son. I was really excited and desperate to get a look at her naked tit.

But I didn’t know how. Just before I dropped the idea, I found a cordless landline phone on the table in front of me. It had no display on it, so she won’t get to know who called. I called to my mobile from that cordless landline to know its number and called back to it.

It started ringing. Before she said something, I took the receiver and pushed the bedroom door as if I went to give her the phone. She was startled and covered herself immediately with one of her hands, holding her baby in her lap. I expected that she would pull her breast out from the t-shirt and give milk.

But to my surprise, she removed her t-shirt completely and was giving milk to her baby. She covered with one hand but it barely covered her tits. I can’t forget the look on her face. She shouted in a low voice to get out of the room with her eyes closed. Her body covered with one hand and baby in the other hand.

I hurriedly rushed out of the room as if I got scared. I went into the hall and said sorry to her in a loud voice. But I didn’t get any response. I waited in the hall with mixed feelings. I was excited looking at Tabassum ma’am’s completely naked milky boobs. On the other side, I was afraid of how she would react.

As I was lost in thoughts she came out wearing her t-shirt and overcoat. I immediately stood up. I apologized for what I did and told her that it was unexpected. She looked angry but didn’t shout at me.

Tabassum ma’am: I asked you to stay in the hall right? Why did you come in? Don’t you know that you have to knock before you come?

Me: Sorry ma’am, I didn’t do it intentionally.

She asked me to go and come back later. She was really angry even if I did it without any intention. As I agreed and was about to leave, she asked me not to tell anyone about what happened. I told that I wouldn’t tell anyone and apologized to her.

She gave me her number and asked me to call if I had any doubts. She also told me to take her permission before coming to her house. I agreed and left. In spite of her anger and she asking me to go immediately, I felt overexcited and happy as I got to see her naked on top completely. It’s like a dream come true for me.

I felt accomplished and thanked myself for going to her quarters that day. In the next few days, I don’t know how many times I masturbated imagining that scene. That scene gives me a hard boner even now. She has got a great sex appeal.

I was tired of masturbating for her. I wanted some real action with her so that I can feel her body. I realized that it’s impossible. I convinced myself to do away with her thoughts and stop going to her staffroom or flat. I couldn’t keep my thoughts away from her and felt disturbed.

I used to look here and there whenever we looked at each other in the class while teaching. Even ma’am found my behavior strange and called me to her staffroom. She asked me why I stopped asking doubts and about my decreasing performance in exams.

She spoke out saying that its ok for that embarrassing event.
Tabassum ma’am: I should have locked the door. It is my mistake too. You don’t worry much about it. I am cool now. Let’s just forget about it and be normal.

As she started the topic and no one else was in the staff room, I felt a bit relaxed and gathered the courage to let my feelings out. I revealed how I saw her cleavage and how I felt after watching her semi-naked. After listening to everything, she just kept calm with an angry face. She asked me to come to her home after college to talk about it and solve it. What happened after I revealed my dark secrets?

Read it in the next part of my story. Feel free to share your feelings in comments or appreciate my writings personally at on hangouts.