Taking Virginity Of My Cousin Sunny

Hello ISS readers, I am your Suhani and I am back again with another sex episode. I really enjoy reading sex stories at ISS, and I have made many good friends here. Also, I wanted to thank everyone for their precious feedback and comments.

Well, this story is the continuation of my previous stories. So, I would recommend you to go and read them first. But, if you don’t want to read other stories, here is a quick recap for you: My age is 24. My stats are 34-26-36. I am originally from Bangalore but currently living in Delhi at my uncle’s house. You can say, I belong to a rich class of society.

I feel horny almost 8 out of 7 days a week. So, my virginity departed a long time ago, and since then, I had been fucked by lots of guys in lots of ways. Last year, I was fucked by my uncle when he was staying at my home during the lockdown.

Now, I have got a job in Delhi and I had been staying at his place for a few months. There are 4 members in the family – my uncle Amit(47), aunt Sowmya(38), and two younger cousin brothers Rohan (21) and Sunny (19).

Now coming to the current story. Everything was going fine in the beginning, I used to go to the office on weekdays and fucked by my uncle almost every night. But then the lockdown happened again and I was asked to work from home.

I really enjoyed going to the office and spending time with my colleagues (mostly male). While on the metro or bus, I just loved grinding dicks with my thick ass or teasing men by showing my deep cleavage. Now all of that is gone. I am locked inside the house.

Uncle became very happy when he heard this news. He ordered me not to wear any bra or panty at home. So I used to roam around wearing t-shirts and shorts only. Whenever no one was seeing us, he used to quickly grab me like a tiger. Sliding his hands inside my shirt and pressing my naked boobs or pinching my nipples became like a game to him.

Sometimes, he asked me to wear skirts so he can finger my pussy easily. Even at the dinner table while eating, he rubbed his toes over my soft pussy. Due to all these teasings, I was getting hornier every day. I felt a hundred times more lust for sex than a bitch in the rainy season.

But sex with uncle was reduced to short quickies. Whenever he liked, he just pushed me inside my bathroom, pulled down my shorts, or pulled up my skirt and quickly fucked me. He never cared about my satisfaction.

Our sex time was reduced to mere 2-3 minutes. He would just slide out his cock and ask for a blowjob, even at the time of my work. I was literally hungry for proper sex and orgasm. I felt he was just using me and I started losing interest in him.

I thought, my aunt Sowmya didn’t like me very much. I don’t know why but she was always mean to me. One day, she asked me why was I not wearing any bra. I thought she would never notice but that day I was wearing a thin shirt. I said that I was feeling hot so I removed it.

She scolded me very badly and warned me to wear a bra and panty all the time. So, from that day, I started wearing lingerie inside. Uncle was a little frustrated but I told him that it was aunt’s order.

In the meantime, I got very close to my boss, Mr. Sikandar Khan (43). He used to flirt with me all the time. Although he was married and had a kid, I found him quite attractive.

Eventually, we started talking about our sex life and fetishes. I told him that I liked having sex with older men. Afterward, almost every night we used to masturbate over video call.

He said that he absolutely loved my juicy body and would fuck my brains out if he ever got a chance. He asked me to be his mistress and bear his child. I readily agreed.

His cock was very magnificent. It was just impossible not to think about it. I wanted it inside me as soon as possible.

One day, I found one of my red panties missing from my bathroom. I asked my uncle about it but he denied taking it. He said why would he take panties when he could have the real thing.

Suddenly, he got excited and took me to the bathroom. He turned me towards the wall and pulled down my shorts and panties. He shoved his dick inside me and started fucking like a rocket. I asked him to slow down, but he said that he is going to cum.

I begged him to fuck me a little more but he didn’t listen. He quickly ejaculated inside my pussy, and left me there shivering.

That night, I called my boss Sikandar Khan and while talking, we started masturbating together. Suddenly, I found that my wireless headphones were dead. I told my boss to wait on the line as I went to get another headphone.

Everyone was sleeping. The lights were on only in Sunny’s room as he used to study late in the night. I thought that I could borrow his headphones.

I silently went to my cousin’s room and pushed the door a little, as I didn’t want to disturb him while studying. The door was opened and I was shocked by what I saw.

My cousin Sunny was 19 years old. He was a little overweight but a cute-looking guy. I always thought of him as a cute little pet but that night, all my notions towards him changed. When I opened the door, I saw Sunny was sitting on his chair and his pants were pulled down to his knees. He was stroking his cock slowly with one hand and with another he was sniffing and rubbing my red panty all over his face. My pictures were moving on his computer screen in a slide show.

I went near him and snatched my panty from his hand. He came back to his senses. He quickly pulled up his pants. He was very scared. I asked him what he was doing. His face became red. He started crying.

I consoled him and said not to worry. He hugged me around my waist and buried his face on my belly. I started moving my fingers on his head. I told him that I know exactly how he was feeling now and I was not going to tell anyone about it.

He was sobbing continuously. I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He replied that actually he had two girlfriends and both were twins. I was quite amazed. Then, I asked if he had sex before. He said no but he has kissed his girlfriends.

I don’t know what I was thinking but suddenly, I asked him if he would like to fuck me. He removed his hands from my waist. He saw into my eyes and said, yes.

I removed my shirt. I was wearing a very sexy black and red colored lingerie for my boss. He was staring at my body like a hungry animal. I dropped to my knees and started kissing him. He was just sitting on the chair.

I held his hand and put it over my boobs. He was pressing them very softly over my bra. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth started sucking his lips. His dick was hard inside his pants.

I pulled down his pants a little and his cock jumped over my face. It was not as big as his father’s dick but it was a sweet little thing. I started kissing his dick. I sucked it very little as I didn’t want to make him cum now.

I removed my shorts and lingerie. I was completely naked now. I also removed his clothes completely. I asked him to lick my pussy. He refused. Instead, he just kissed my pussy and grabbed my waist and started fucking my navel with his tongue.

I was overflowing with pleasure. He loved my navel so much that I had to ask him to stop. Otherwise, I would have come. While facing him, I spread my legs on both sides of the chair and sat on his cock. He was in ecstasy.

My cousin grabbed my boobs and started pressing them really hard. We were kissing continuously. He pinched and pulled my nipples. I was moaning in a very low voice.

Then he pulled back my hairs and took my right boob in his mouth. I was riding my cousin’s cock furiously. After some time, he grabbed my waist and started stroking very fast. I held his head and kissed him passionately. Soon, I had a great orgasm.

Then he hugged me very tightly. My boobs were lost between our bodies. He said that he was going to come and started pushing his cock very deep. With a little moan, my young cousin filled my womb with all his hot semen.

For some time, we remained just like that, hugging and kissing each other. Our bodies were covered with sweat. I was satisfied after a long time. I quickly wore my clothes, took his headphones and ran back to my room.

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