The College – Part 1 (Introduction)

Hi and hello to everyone, this is your eroticandnorny back with a fantastic and fabulous imaginary story. This is a story in which there will be a college. This story is all about a very different college.

To the world, this college is the top most ranked college in the nation with high-quality staff and material. As a coin has two sides, this college too has another side. No one else other than the students and staff is allowed into the college. Even the parents aren’t allowed. Once a student who is at least 19 years old has entered the college, he/she has to sign a document that states that the college can take any action if anything done inside the college is leaked to the outside world and that the student’s mark sheet won’t be valid.

This college is located in the middle of a private forest (approx 100 acres). The college has a hostel. The students aren’t allowed to go out of the forest. The students are allowed to go out once a year for 60 days during the summer. The rules for the staff are also the same but they are provided with separate rooms. Then entire administration is done from the office which is located in the city. To reach the office from campus, it will take 3 hours by car (250 km).

One fine day, a parent came to the office and requested admission. The staff told him that the admission was given after an interview and a test. The student walked into the exam centre followed by a hot and perfect woman (invigilator). The student introduced himself as Vinod. His eyes were fixed on the hot invigilator for a while.

He then started answering the questions. The paper was so simple. He completed it in a couple of minutes and submitted it to the invigilator.

The invigilator intentionally bent onto his desk to evaluate the paper and he caught a rich view of her cleavage. He instantly got a boner. The invigilator smiled and went out. He was called to the interview within an hour. In the room, there were hot women exposing themselves. His eyes were stuck on them and the student got a boner again.

He completed the interview and was asked to arrive at the office by 10:00 am. His father and family were happy, but at the same time, they were feeling sad as they would miss their son for one year. The son packed his luggage and went to sleep.

The Next Day:

Vinod woke up at 6 am and prepared himself to leave home and his family for a year. He reached the office by 9:45 am. One of the staff received him and collected his blood sample. A bus arrived at 10:30 am. He took the bus and reached the college by 12:30 pm.

He was accompanied by a staff to his room and found that he had to live in a room with a girl. He denied the room. But the staff said that these were temporary rooms. They will be changed into the permanent rooms once they complete their first assignment.

Vinod noticed that except for the male students, all were women and ladies there. The staff informed him that the classes wouldn’t start till the assignment and division of sessions were completed.

That day was about to complete. He sat in his room all alone thinking about his family. Suddenly, a knock on the door disturbed him. A beautiful girl was standing at the door and introduced herself as Sarayu.

He inquired about her education and came to know that everyone on the campus got a minimum of 98% in their board exams. He offered her to do combined study till the classes started. Sarayu agreed to his offer. They both chit-chatted till 8:30 pm and then got distracted by the mess bell.

They completed eating food and again started to talk. Their talk was over at around 12 am and then they slept.

A Week Later:

The management announced the examination schedule including the result date. They came to know that they would get results the next day. They came to know that the segregation would be completed on the next day itself.

On the day of the examination, all went into the examination hall and attempted the questions. In the examination hall, there were hot and perfect women invigilators similar to the invigilators in the office.

All students completed the exam easily. The students were asked to come to the auditorium where the principal mam Chandrika will explain rules and regulations to them.

The Auditorium Speech:

Chandrika: A very cheerful evening to my respected teachers and dear students.

Students: Good evening, mam.

Chandrika: I hope you all completed your first assignment with great efficiency.

Students: Yes, mam (shouting).

Chandrika: We will have some rules from tomorrow. You seniors will come to the college the day after tomorrow. Most of you will be happy listening to the rules.


– No one will have clothes on them.
– Tomorrow morning a few of the staff will come and collect all your clothes.
– Girls are given menstruation cups.
– Teachers will also be naked along with the students.
– All the campus will have a swimming class in the nearby waterfall which is only 6 feet deep.
– Students will be divided into 6 sections.
– Any guy/man can fuck any girl/woman with her permission including me.
– Students getting less than 95% aren’t allowed even to touch anyone else.
– In case of pregnancy, we will have an experienced doctor along with foreign equipments.
– No one should leak this information to anyone outside the college.
– You can drink milk from any teacher with her permission.
– Free use is available for only Section A students.
– Anal is available for only Section A, B, and C students.
– Vaginal is available for only Section A, B, C, and D students.
– Oral is available for only Section A, B, C, D, and E students.
– Exams will be held every week.
– Students with 95% belong to Section E, 96% belong to Section D, 97% belong to Section C, 98% belong to Section B, and 99% and above belong to Section A.
– Only section A students can have intercourse while the class is going on.
– Once a week after the exams, students can plan gangbangs, orgies, etc., and can include any teacher in it.

The auditorium was filled with silence for a minute and then, suddenly loud cheers came from the boys’ side followed by the girls.


I hope you all enjoyed the first part of the story and sorry for not having intercourse in this part. We will have an infinite number of sex in this story series.

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