The Corporate Wife – Part 2

Soon, I got a job in Bangalore. We both were very happy. I resigned from my previous job and shifted to Bangalore. I also got a promotion and became a senior developer in the new company. As Abhi’s transfer was in process, I left for Bangalore alone. Little did I know that it would change my life forever.

I was busy with shifting to a new location and a new job with a promotion. I did not imagine how I would stay there till the time Abhi shifts. I did not consider my life without his fuck that made me addicted in just one month. He even fucked 3-4 times in a day.

In Bangalore, my company gave me accommodation in a five-star hotel for a month. I was very happy. I thought Abhi would come by that time, and we could look for a flat then.

In my new workplace, I met Olivia, who was in my team and she was a very nice lady. Soon, we became very close friends. Olivia was unmarried. Her stat is 34-28-34. She was fair and good-looking. She joined one month before me and was well accustomed to the office work rules.

I used to get help from her. The initial 7 days were training. I used to come back by 7 pm. After that, I used to have video calls with Abhi as he also used to be free by that time. After dinner, we used to talk a bit before going to bed.

Somedays, I had to finger fuck myself to please my pussy. It was longing for Abhi’s dick for the last few days. We were used to flirting and sexting over the phone. But that was insufficient to quench the sex thirst that Abhi ignited in me.

Soon, the work started in full swing. The workload was very high in this office compared to. But this job had a higher salary, good prospects and a favourable location. So I did my best to cope with the load and come in the good book of my manager.

I discussed with Olivia about the stress and workload. I started having some sleep disturbances. I was not getting sex and the work-related stress of meeting deadlines added to that. Olivia was more experienced than me. She suggested that I drink wine at night or evening as it would relieve the stress.

I gave it a thought. In my hotel, there was a minibar. I never touched that. One evening, I invited Oliva to my hotel room. I never drank. Olivia was a bit surprised at this. She used to drink occasionally during college life. It helped her a bit to cope with corporate stress.

She gave me a glass of red wine, and she took one also. I liked the taste. But there was no effect. Olivia told me to wait for some time and go slow as I gulped the wine in one go.

Olivia said, “Sarika, enjoy the wine. Don’t drink so fast.” She poured wine from the bottle into another glass. I started sipping it gradually. Olivia had to leave that day as she had an urgent call from her home. I continued drinking. After half an hour, I started feeling light.

Abhi had a meeting that day, so he did not call. All my stress was gone after three glasses of wine. But as I was drinking for the first time, I slept without having dinner.

The next day, I narrated my experience with Olivia. She smiled and suggested drinking slowly and trying white wines. Soon, I got addicted to wine. After office I used to have wine to remove all stress. But after dinner, the intoxication used to go away. So I started taking one glass after dinner also.

I used to finger fuck my pussy so that I could sleep properly. Abhi got involved in a new project and he could hardly give time to me over the phone. I was missing him, especially his dick and fuck. Due to his work pressure, he could not plan a visit to Bangalore, nor was I able to take leave from the new job.

Days were going like this. Olivia made me familiar with drinking. I was getting free drinks, and I started enjoying it. It gave me a good feeling of relaxation after a hectic day. Without my notice, I was getting addicted to it. I tried red wine and white wine.

I vomited once when I tried whiskey, as it was a strong alcohol. I took more quantities like wine in one go. But Olivia guided me well, and I gradually became seasoned.

25 days in my new job in Bangalore passed like this. Abhi’s transfer was stuck due to some issues. As my stay was free for 30 days, I requested my HR for an extension in that hotel. HR confirmed that they could extend the stay for another month, provided I also paid a part of the hotel charges.

I calculated, and it was much less than the cost of renting and shifting to a new place. So I agreed. The office agreed to pay 75% of the room charges, but food and drinks were chargeable to me based on consumption.  Soon, I realised how much I got addicted to drinking as most of my food bill consisted of liquors.

But I was enjoying it. And my salary increased heavily in this job. So, I welcomed this high-profile life.

I got my salary a few days later. I was very happy and it was a Friday also. I made a video call to Abhi in the evening and had phone sex. Abhi talked dirty to me, and I finger fucked myself on camera while Abhi masturbated using a lube.

After I disconnected, I wore a baby doll and was about to make a whiskey for me to enjoy the day. But just then, my phone rang. It was from Olivia.

Olivia said, “Hey Sarika, what’s up?”

I said, “Nothing. Just chilling at the hotel. You tell me.”

Olivia said, “Good, good, you are chilling alone. But what about my party? You got your first salary today.”

I said, “You tell me when you want it. I am ready to give it anytime. You really helped me cope with this hectic schedule in this new city.”

Olivia said, “OK, OK. Today is Friday night. Let’s go to a disco. We will have fun together. And?”

I asked, “And? What?”

Olivia said, “The bill will be on you.”

I said, “Oh, come on. Done.”

It was around 8.30 pm then. Olivia used to stay nearby. Olivia said, “So get ready. I will pick you up at 9.00 pm. And wear western dress.”

I wore a black mini dress with a matching push-up bra and panties. Abhi had gifted me this dress. I applied some make-up, and I was looking pretty.

Olivia came in a cab to pick me up. She looked sexy and gorgeous. She wore a red one-piece sleeveless dress. It had a deep-cut neck. Her cleavage was exposed, and part of her boobs were visible. She had a tattoo on her shoulder. I noticed for the first time. It was always hidden in formal office attire.

I said, “Olivia, you look very sexy.”

Olivia said, “Thank you. You are also looking pretty. But your dress is a bit conservative.”

I said, “Actually, I have not been exposed so much to date. Abhi gifted me this dress.”
Olivia said, “I understood. But you will see girls in more scantier dresses here. Better you upgrade your wardrobe with sexy clothes.”

I said, “OK, as you wish. We can go shopping this weekend.”

Olivia agreed. I was excited to experience my first day in a disco. We reached the disco at about 9.45 pm. It was moderately crowded. I paid around 10K for the two of us, and we entered. Olivia was a regular customer here. So she was very confident. I was a bit shy.

Loud music was being played. We sat in a corner. Olivia ordered some food and drinks as we were a bit hungry. We finished two pegs of whiskey with some snacks. I started enjoying the music and the dark ambience. The alcohol started to take its effect. I felt light. Soon, two boys came and greeted Olivia.

“Hey Olivia, what a surprise. Nice to see you after a long time,” said one of the boys.

Olivia introduced me to them, “Sarika, he is Sam, and he is Sahil. And she is Olivia, my colleague and new to Bangalore.”

I shook hands with them, and they sat on our table. They ordered drinks for us. We had one more round of whiskey. Sam proposed to hit the dance floor. I was a bit hesitant. But Olivia held my hand and took me to the dance floor. I started dancing with Olivia.

Soon, Olivia went to the counter and brought Tequila shots for us. We had two shots. This was the first time I tasted Tequila. I started enjoying dancing, although my moves were amateur. Olivia was right. Most of the girls were exposing boobs. My dress covered most of my assets.

My head started feeling light, and I started losing control over my thoughts. Without my notice, Olivia started dancing with Sam, and Sahil came to me. I did not notice when I started dancing with him. I came to sense when he was holding my waist while dancing.

I was a bit perplexed. No one except Abhi ever touched me. An electric current flew through my body. I looked towards Olivia. She happily enjoyed dancing with Sam. Olivia understood my feelings. But she assured me through eye signs, and I continued.

After a few minutes, we all were tired. We came to our table, and Olivia ordered some food and whiskey. We had dinner together. Olivia was steady, but I was feeling a bit drunk. I was relatively new to drinking and already had whiskey and Tequila in a short time.

Olivia and Sam went to the dance floor for the second time. As I was alone on the table, Sahil accompanied me. We started chatting over a peg of whiskey, and without my notice, I became very friendly with him in no time. We exchanged numbers.

Sahil used to work in a MNC. He was very handsome and had an athletic body. Olivia came a few minutes back. She was sweating profusely. She looked very sexy. Her cleavage was glowing. It was 11.45 pm. I did not notice how the time passed. I enjoyed it a lot. But the alcohol started taking effect on me.

Olivia said, “Sahil, can you please drop Sarika at the hotel? She is a bit drunk. Sam will drop me at my flat.”

Sahil agreed. I was not in a condition to think and nodded to what Olivia said. We came to the parking lot and said goodbye to Olivia and Sam. Sahil started his car, and I sat in the front seat. It was weird to be with an unknown male at night for a married lady.

But I was not in a mental state to analyse this. The road was mostly empty, and I reached my hotel in 15 minutes. Sahil escorted me to the room, holding my hands as I was feeling tipsy. I somehow opened the door, switched on the AC and lights, and closed the door.

Sahil guided me to the bed, holding my hands, and I sat on it. I don’t know what sparked in my head, and I dragged Sahil to the bed and started kissing him wildly. Getting a green signal from me, Sahil started kissing me and started squeezing my boobs.

He started removing my dress, and soon, I was in bra and panties only. I did not even remove my shoes.

I said, “Sahil, please fuck me. I can’t wait.”

Sahil removed his jeans and took out his 9-inch long dick. He gave it to me for sucking, and I sucked it without any thought. Soon he entered my pussy in missionary style.

I moaned, “Ah, oh yes. Do it faster. I need this so much. Fuck this bitch. Oh yes. Oh, God.”

His fuck continued for more than 10 minutes. I was satisfied more than anything. He gave me the most wanted fuck. I completely forgot that I am married.

I did not know when Sahil left my room. I woke up at 9 am the next day. I was lying nude on my bed. I remembered last night, and I was awestruck. I cheated with Abhi. He had no fault. I was thirsty for sex and used Sahil for this. I had a very bad feeling for Abhi.

I cheated even before our honeymoon, and Abhi made me really happy. I looked at my mobile and saw a thank you note from Sahil. Sahil thought of it as a one-night stand. Abhi called me, but I did not pick up as I was feeling guilty. I took a bath and wore a baby doll.

After breakfast, I thought for a while. While there is no doubt that I cheated on Abhi, but I enjoyed the fuck very much. Getting fucked from Abhi and Sahil were two altogether different experiences. Personal satisfaction is also important.

I tried to justify myself as much as possible. Sahil quenched my thirst and tamed the fire in me for sex. I called Abhi after a while and tried to speak as normal as possible. He informed me his transfer would take some more time. We exchanged greetings and hung up.

Olivia called after lunch, “Hey Sarika, are you OK?”

I said, “Yes, madam. I was a bit drunk last night. But Sahil took me to the room safely. Thank you very much for the experience.”

Olivia said, “My pleasure. Anyways, you paid for your pleasure last night.”

I smiled, but I did not say anything about my fuck session with Sahil. Olivia proposed to go shopping in the evening. I met her in the mall at about 5 pm. She was wearing a high heel shoe with a pink knee length gown. I wore jeans with a top. We went to a shop.

Olivia chose a few sexy dresses with matching lingerie for me. It cost around 20K. I tried on a dress to check the size. I liked the appearance of exposing my cleavage. I also bought a mini dress for Olivia.

After shopping, we roamed for some time in the mall and went to a restaurant cum bar for dinner. We ordered fish fry, chicken biryani and mutton curry. Olivia ordered whiskey for us, also. The dinner was on Olivia. We finished one peg with fish fry and ordered the second peg.

Olivia asked, “So Sarika, how was last night?”

I said, “Yes, it was amazing. I told you in the morning.”

Olivia smiled and said, “No, no, how was the night with Sahil?”

I said, “Means?”

Olivia again smiled and said, “Do you want me to trust that Sahil only dropped you at your room and left.”

I was a bit perplexed by her words.

Olivia said, “Don’t worry, Sarika. I know Sahil. It is very unlikely that he has not enjoyed with you in the room or the car.”

I asked, “How do you know?”

Olivia insisted, “You first tell me did you enjoy with him? I swear it will be between the two of us.”

I hesitated but trusted her fully and confessed that I slept with Sahil.

Olivia said, “Oh! That’s like a smart girl. It is good that you initiated it. Sahil asked me for your details in the bar. He really liked you.”

I said, “So you planned it, you bitch. You know I am married.”

Olivia smiled, “I have not done anything. I just sensed your needs for a good fuck correctly and acted as a catalyst. Sahil is very good in bed, I know. So you must have enjoyed fuck after a long time.”

I said, “This is not right. You know I am newly married.”

Olivia said, “Sarika, you initiated the sex.”

I agreed that it was my fault to cheat on Abhi. But Olivia came to my rescue with moral support. She said, “I know what you need. Don’t take it like cheating. You just pleased yourself with a good dick.”

I said, “Yes, Olivia, that’s how I managed myself to face Abhi. Thank you for your support. But how do you know Sahil is good in bed? Did you sleep with him?”

Olivia smiled and said, “Quite a few times. And not only Sahil, with Sam and a few others. You can’t handle corporate stress with just wine if your pussy is not pleased regularly. You are married. You are lucky in one sense. However, you are away from Abhi. But I have no other option, and I do not want to commit to a relationship now. Also, I like being fucked by different dicks.”

We finished our dinner with this discussion. I ordered two glasses of red wine for us. I said, “Yes, all dicks are different. Although I experienced only two. You may better tell.”

Olivia said, “So why are you not trying 3, 4 and so on?”

I said, “No, Sarika. I am married. Abhi will leave me if he comes to know. Last night, it was desperation and alcohol that made me sleep with Sahil.”

Olivia said, “Has the need gone totally?”

I nodded negatively.

Olivia said, “One fuck ignites the thirst for many others.”

I asked,  “So what do you suggest?”

Olivia said, “Nothing, just continue pleasing your pussy. Abhi will not come to know. All boys have interest in your pussy, not in your husband or personal life.”

I said, “OK. As you wish. But who is next to get my pussy?”

“Try Sam. Last night, he also had an eye on you. He is married, but his wife stays in his hometown.”

I agreed. We left the mall at about 11 pm, and I reached my room at 11.45 pm. I finger fucked myself while talking dirty with Abhi and went to sleep.