The Corporate Wife – Part 3

The next day was Sunday. I had some office work and the whole day got ruined. At night I drank a beer only and slept early. The next week was also hectic. On Friday night, I planned to visit the disco. Olivia was also there. I wore a deep V-neck red top with a mini skirt that we bought last week with a high heel shoe.

For the first time, I was exposing my cleavage and belly. I was a bit nervous, but I tried to look confident. The skirt barely covered my ass. Olivia also complimented me. She wore a one-piece black dress, exposing the upper part of her boobs.

We entered the disco at 9 pm and ordered beer. We had some snacks. Soon, the crowd increased. The DJ was playing good music. I ordered whiskey for us and had two pegs with some snacks. Olivia called Sam and Sahil to check if they would come. But both of them were out of station.

I was a bit frustrated as my pussy would not get a dick. Olivia sensed my condition. She was also looking for a fuck as she was also desperate to connect to them. We went to the dance floor and started dancing. I started feeling light as the whiskey started its action. So did Olivia.

Soon, two boys came and started dancing close to us. One of them offered us drinks. Olivia agreed. I was a bit hesitant.

I whispered to Olivia, “Do you know them?”

Olivia said, “No. They are offering us drinks. It is safe here. Just be with me.”

We had a few shots together. They introduced themselves, but I forgot the names. After some time, we started dancing with them. The touch of the boy on my bare back and my hips was ecstasy. I was enjoying it as he was feeling my ass. He asked, “Are you ready for a one-night stand?”

I did not say anything and looked at Olivia. She was confident. The other boy also proposed to her the same. Olivia told me earlier not to take them home as we did not know them. We decided we would head to the parking lot and meet at their cars. We had a few more shots before going to the parking lot.

I was steadier than last week and excited for the fuck. They had two Range Rover cars parked in a secluded area in the basement. The glass was tinted, so there was no concern of privacy hampering. The car has ample space in the back seat.

As I went inside, the boy started the AC and started kissing me. Soon I took out his dick from his jeans and started sucking. It became rock-hard in no time. He removed my panties and sucked my pussy well. I had one orgasm while moaning loudly. He wore a condom and lay on the seat.

I adjusted myself on his erect dick and started enjoying it. My head was spinning due to alcohol, but I was enjoying it. I never imagined that I would enjoy fucking in a car in such an area. I thanked Olivia in my mind. He was pressing my boobs over my top. His torture enhanced my pleasure many times.

After fucking me in cowgirl position, he fucked me in doggy style for some time before ejaculating. He wore the jeans and came out. I corrected my dress and came out after a few minutes. Olivia was also done by that time. Our make-up was gone, and we were sweating profusely. We both looked like sluts.

Olivia asked, “How was it?”

I said, “Thank you, I really enjoyed this. Altogether, a new experience.”

We booked a cab and went to my hotel room. The next two days, I spent leisurely in my room watching TV and drinking some wine. The next week was also very hectic. My manager was very rude and used to assign difficult tasks to me. It was getting too heavy to tackle the unrealistic deadlines.

The next weekend was a long weekend as Monday was a holiday. As Abhi could not come, I booked a flight and came to Abhi on Friday night. He was very happy to see me. I had some guilty feelings but I did not indulge the thought much. We enjoyed and had dinner together after a long time.

As I was on my period, we did not have sex, unfortunately. I came back on Monday night. Abhi’s transfer was getting delayed, and my hotel stay extension was also about to end. Olivia had a room vacant in her flat. So, I shifted to her flat temporarily.

We went to a mall on Monday evening and purchased liquor worth 40K. All my first month’s salary was spent on enjoyment, shopping and drinking. But I was enjoying every bit of it.

There was a client meeting in Delhi on Wednesday and Thursday. My manager, Rohit and I took a flight to Delhi on Tuesday night.  We had two adjacent rooms. Wednesday was hectic due to meetings and discussions all day long. In the evening, I was really exhausted.

I took a bath and wore a baby doll without any bra or panties. I made a strong whiskey peg and started sipping it with some snacks. The manager texted me around 8 pm for some changes in the PPT for the next day. I was a bit irritated. The changes were ornamental. But the client was important for the company.

I made the changes and sent it back to him by 8.30 pm. I had already finished 3 pegs of whiskey by that time. I was so exhausted I could not concentrate without taming my mind first. He again texted a few minutes later. He asked if it was possible to discuss for a while and finalise the PPT for the next day.

I had no other option but to agree. I was totally drunk by that time and was feeling tipsy. I forgot that I was wearing a baby doll without any bra or panties. As he rang the bell, I opened the door and came to the sofa. Rohit was amazed to see me like this as he did not expect this look.

I offered him a peg of whiskey, and he agreed. We finalised the PPT in the next half an hour. I noticed that he was eyeing my hanging boobs and smooth thighs. The baby dolls hardly covered my boobs, and as I sat on the sofa, my thigh and legs were visible.

I observed a bulge in her shorts. I had a naughty idea. I made another peg for us and continued drinking even after the PPT finalisation. I sat close to him while modifying the PPTs and his hands were touching my body every now and then. Maybe it was intentional. He was eyeing me constantly.

Although I was drunk, I could see the spark in his eyes.

I asked, “Sir, what are you looking at?”

He was a bit hesitant and said, “You look very pretty.”

I held his hands and put on my boobs. I said, “I think you are looking at these.” He said nothing. In no time, he untied my baby doll and started sucking my boobs like a baby as if he was eagerly waiting for this. I moaned, “Ah, Sir, what are you doing?” in a seductive tone.

He did not say anything and continued playing with my boobs. After gulping the peg, he lifted me and took me to the bed. He sucked my pussy.

I moaned, “Ah Sir… Please stop.”

He said, “Please say Rohit. You are too sexy.”

I said, “Really?”

He did not say anything and fucked my pussy in a missionary position for 5 minutes. He did not have much stamina, but he quenched my thirst for the night.
After some time, he left. I closed the door and slept.

The next day, we had a fruitful meeting, and the client liked my PPT. Rohit thanked me.

I asked, “Is it for the PPT or the night?”

Rohit winked and said, “What do you feel?”

We shared a laugh. As the meeting was successful, Rohit celebrated it with me that evening. After getting fresh, I wore a knee-length short satin nighty with a bra and panties inside. I was showing a good amount of cleavage. He came to my room, and we ordered some food.

I made two pegs of whiskey. He was eyeing me as usual. I sat on his lap and finished the first peg. He was fondling my boobs. After the food was served, I closed the door. He came behind me and removed my nighty. He started pressing my boobs from behind.

I moaned in pleasure. My pussy started flowing. He took me to the sofa and made me nude. I took out his dick and sucked for a while. Then he started fucking me on the sofa. As my pussy was dripping wet, his dick entered in one go.

I moaned again as he started fucking me vigorously, “Ah, Rohit. Oh yes, Fuck me. Oh God.” He lasted for a bit longer that day and pleased my pussy. After that, he had dinner together. I wore the nightie only without a bra or panties that got soaked in my pussy juice.

He left after having one more peg as his wife was calling. I also called Abhi before sleeping. Abhi asked me, “Why is your voice so low.” I was drunk and tired. I told him, “It was a hectic day, and I am having a bad headache.” Abhi told me to take a rest, and we disconnected the call.

Those fucks changed my life in the office. After coming back, my workload was reduced gradually.

I narrated the event with Olivia, and she said, “Sarika, you are very smart. You played the right card. Who will tell he has two kids? All men need sex. This is the key to survival in the corporate world. Make sure you please Rohit from time to time.”

I smiled, nodded positively, and said, “We also want sex.”

Soon, I got a promotion, and my salary almost doubled. Abhi was very happy for me, but his transfer was stuck. Although I missed him, my pussy was getting pampered by many dicks.

After a few days, Abhi got to leave, and he came to Bangalore to meet me for 2 days. My room was beside Olivia. I was busy in the office that day as I did not get a leave. Abhi visited the city in the morning.

At night, Olivia, Abhi and I had dinner together. I wore a nightgown that covered my whole body. Olivia smiled at me, seeing my transformation in front of Abhi. After dinner, we went to our room.

Olivia said, “Go enjoy your own cock.”

I thanked her and smiled. Abhi was eagerly waiting for me to come. He pounced on me like a tiger and made me nude in no time. I sucked his dick, and we started with the cowgirl position. After many days I was getting fucked without condoms.

He ejaculated his hot cum in my pussy very shortly. But I was craving for more sex. I sucked his dick again, and it grew again in a few minutes. He entered my pussy in doggy style.

I started moaning to excite him more, “Ah Abhi, please fuck me. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Ah. Oh yes. Fuck me harder.” He started pushing his dick in and out faster. The room filled my moaning and thumping sound. I had an orgasm after a few minutes, and he also ejaculated.

We lay down for some time. Abhi said, “Your pussy has become a bit loose. Seems you are finger fucking too much.”

I said, “Is it? I really miss you. Please arrange something for transfer.” In my mind, I was worried as I was getting fucked by many dicks, and Abhi could sense that anytime.

The next day, I managed a leave somehow. Olivia left for the office at 9 am. I and Abhi had sex thrice that day and roamed the city and visited malls together. He had a late-night flight.

After he left, I discussed with Olivia about loosening my pussy. She suggested a cream to gain the tightness. I thanked her again for saving me, and had red wine together before going to bed. I was enjoying my life to the fullest and getting good fucks from strangers.

Gradually, the need for Abhi for sex started to diminish. However, I loved him a lot. His transfer was also stuck. He suggested that I look for a job in Hyderabad. I gave it a thought. But Olivia told me that I would miss the freedom there. I also thought that I got addicted to partying and drinking so much here.

But Abhi was different. If we started to stay together, my life may not be the same. I told Abhi that I was searching for a job. But the salary and job profile were not good compared to my present job. He did not force me much.