The Corporate Wife – Part 6

After a few days, Rohit had to go for training for management at a reputed management institution. At the last moment, he also added my name. It was a 3-day long training.

I packed my stuff hastily that night. We had a flight to Lucknow after the office on a Friday. The training was on Saturday morning for 2 weeks. We reached the campus at 9 p.m. Our accommodation was very good.

Rohit and I had a common entrance to our room. We had a single room for each of us. That night, we both were tired. After dinner, we slept. The next day we had training from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. We both were drained after the whole day’s class.

Rohit was looking for some wine. But the nearest shop was 4 km away. He took an auto and went to the shop. I came to my room and changed into a baby doll. I was relaxing, and soft music was on the TV. At about 7 p.m., Rohit knocked. I opened the door and was surprised that he had brought whiskey and wine.

He told me to make pegs. I closed the main door and arranged snacks and made two pegs of whiskey. Rohit came in shorts, and we started drinking.

I thanked him, “Rohit, you are great. I did not expect this enjoyment at this time of the day. It was much needed after the whole day’s work. But drinking here is a bit risky. After all, it is an academic institute.”

Rohit smiled and said, “No one will come to know. You chill. Good that you closed the door.” We were drinking and gossiping while sitting on the sofa. I sat in front of Rohit. I was showing a bit of cleavage. Rohit was eyeing me as usual. I understood that he brought me here to enjoy with me.

I took the lead and sat beside him. Rohit started kissing me. I was high on alcohol. I also reciprocated. My pussy was longing for a good fuck. We broke after some time. I took him to my room and closed the door. I removed his shorts and started sucking his semi-erect dick.

It grew in no time. Rohit made me nude, removing my baby doll. I did not have a bra or panties inside. He entered me in missionary style and started pumping my wet pussy. I moaned, “Ah, Rohit. I need this so much. Fuck me harder. Ah, Oh yes.”

I had an orgasm, and Rohit ejaculated after 10 minutes of vigorous fuck. We lay for some time. Our intoxication went away a bit. It was 8.30 p.m. We went up and got fresh. I wore track pants and a T-shirt with a push-up bra and panties inside. Rohit wore jeans and a T-shirt. We went for dinner at the canteen.

Other people were eying my sexy body. I was enjoying it very much. After dinner, we went for a walk on the campus. I called Abhi and shared our whereabouts. Rohit also called his wife and had regular talks.

After the talk was over, he lit a cigarette. He also offered me. I did not reject it and was enjoying it while walking around the campus. It was a serene atmosphere. After walking for 30 minutes, we came back to our room. I changed into the baby doll and Rohit into the same shorts.

Rohit asked, “Want to have one more drink?”

I said, “Hope tomorrow we don’t have a hangover in the class.”

Rohit said, “Come on Sarika. You are not drinking for the first time.”

We were having drinks sitting on the sofa. We both were intoxicated and feeling sleepy. Rohit took the lead and took me to his room. He started eating my pussy. I was on cloud nine.

I moaned, “Ah, oh yes. Oh my God. You are doing magic.” He inserted two fingers to fuck my dripping pussy.

I said, “Rohit, please don’t tease me. Fuck me with your dick.”

But he kept on playing with my pussy and clitoris. I was building a massive orgasm. Rohit stopped just before I was about to cum. He then lay on the bed, and I started riding his cock in a cowgirl position. My head was spinning due to alcohol, but I was enjoying the fuck very much.

After vigorous jumping for a few minutes, Rohit ejaculated. I also had a massive orgasm. Rohit and I slept nude together in his room. In the morning, I woke up at 7 a.m., hearing the alarm on my mobile. I messaged Abhi and wished him good morning.

I went to my room and took a bath. I wore formal attire for the class. Rohit and I went to class after having breakfast together. I was very happy, and so was Rohit. Our training ended at 6 p.m. We came back to our room and got fresh. I wore a satin knee-length nightie.

I was having red wine while scrolling on my mobile. Rohit came and said, “Wow, Sarika, you look so sexy today.”

I said, “As if I do not look sexy other days. Tell me that you need my pussy now.”

Rohit laughed and said, “As if you do not need my cock.”

We shared a smile and started drinking wine, sitting side by side. Rohit was rubbing my boobs over the nightie. I did not have a bra inside. My pussy was getting wet. Rohit lowered his shorts, and his erect dick sprang up. I poured some wine on it and started sucking.

He became harder soon. We switched to the 69 position, and Rohit started eating and tongue fucking my pussy. I shaved my pussy before coming here as I knew what would happen here.

After some time, Rohit entered my pussy. I moaned in pleasure, “Ah, oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck this bitch. Oh, Rohit. You are too good.” He pleased my pussy for more than 10 minutes. I had two orgasms and Rohit cum.

He lit a cigarette. I also smoked one. I was feeling fresh after this fuck. Then we got up and got ready to go out for dinner. Rohit wore jeans and a shirt, and I wore a knee-length dress with a push-up bra and panties.

As my boobs grew over time, I noticed I was exposing a bit of cleavage in this dress. This was not the case earlier. At the dinner hall, I enjoyed that all were eyeing my deep cleavage, which became more prominent when I bent to eat.

After dinner, I called Abhi, but he was tired that day due to workload so we hung up shortly. Rohit also finished talking with his wife. The next day was our last training. We had a flight at night to Bangalore.

But Rohit proposed to postpone the flight for a day so we could roam the city. I could not resist as he was my boss, and I had no problem either. I was getting good fuck, and I was sure I would get a benefit of it on returning to the office.

That night we slept in my room as Rohit’s bed was stained from our last fuck session. We cuddled a bit and slept.

The next day, after class was over, we checked out, and Rohit took me to a five-star hotel in the city. The room was very nice and had a nice city view. I changed to a semi-transparent baby doll.

I thanked Rohit for this hotel planning, and I made whiskey for us. The room had a minibar with a nice wine collection. As I was making whiskey for us, Rohit ordered some snacks. The waiter came a while later and served us snacks. Rohit closed the door, and we started drinking.

Rohit was cuddling me. I also gave him kisses. After a few pegs, he took me to the bed and removed my baby doll. I was a bit drunk and removed his pants and started sucking his semi-erect dick that grew in a short time. He then fucked me in doggy style.

I was moaning in pleasure. The intoxication increased the pleasure also. The bed was ultrasoft, and I was enjoying the fuck by his powerful dick. I moaned, “Ah Fuck me, Rohit. Fuck this bitch. Oh yes. Thank you so much. Oh ya!”

He cum after almost 10 minutes, and I also had a couple of orgasms. I was highly drunk and slept without having dinner.

The next day, we woke up at 9 a.m. I took a bath and got ready. I wore a T-shirt with a push-up bra and jeans. I was showing a bit of cleavage. After breakfast, we headed for a city tour. We visited the famous historic places throughout the day and came back at 5 p.m.

Rohit booked a flight at 10 p.m., and the hotel was near the airport. We were exhausted from roaming all day. Rohit ordered some snacks, and I poured red wine into glasses for us. I went to the bathtub. Rohit also joined me. I changed to only a bra and panties.

But Rohit soon made me nude and started playing with my boobs. He fucked me once more in the bathtub. It was my first sex in the bathtub. I gave him a good blowjob later on and thanked him. We had dinner at 8 p.m. and left for the airport.

I joined the office the next day. Olivia came early, but as I reached late at night, I came to the office at noon. During lunch hours, I narrated my experience with Rohit over the last few days. Olivia was happy for me that I was enjoying the corporate life.

I got promoted in the next week as a manager. I was very excited. But there was a new issue. Rohit left the company as he got a better offer in Noida. A new boss came, and both I and Olivia were reporting to him. His name was Ajay. He was middle-aged and handsome. Soon I and Olivia became accustomed to him.