The Exploration

Hello readers! I am Parth from Mumbai and am currently in the final year of graduation. I’m 21, and this will be my first story. I hope you guys enjoy it. This story is not just about sex but also about exploring love, feelings, emotions, thoughts, fetishes, and kinks.

Talking about kinks, we may have heard of one of the most common kinks known as ‘DADDY DOM LITTLE GIRL ‘(DDLG). Referring to males as ‘Daddy’ these days in a relationship is seen as attractive and accepted.

But on the other hand, referring to females as ‘Mommy’ in a relationship these days is taboo. Just as ‘DDLG,’ wherein a male ‘Dominant’ provides care, nourishment, and lots of attention to his female ‘Submissive.’

There is something known as ‘MOMMY DOM LITTLE BOY (MDLB)’ wherein the same happens but with the roles reversed.

MDLB/DDLG is not just a kink but a lifestyle. Dominants in these relationships are not like what is shown in porn. The word does not always mean being harsh and rough in bed. A dominant is seen as a respected person who provides physical and mental needs.

People see it as taboo and usually frown upon such a lifestyle. Referring to partners as ‘Daddy’ or ‘Mommy’ in a relationship does not mean that they are attracted to their real mothers or fathers.

The story is about a boy named Ishan. He meets the love of his life, and how he confesses his mental and sexual expectations to her.

Ishan is a simple guy in his youth. He’s 21 and is a student. Being a single child raised by his mother and maternal family, he didn’t want to be a burden on them but support them. He’s ambitious and spiritual as well.

He would start his day with morning prayers and then continue with his daily routine. He’s very humble and passionate. Since he had no father, his mother had to support their life and future by working. He had grown mostly with her absence in his life.

He was close to his maternal grandmother and maternal grandfather, whom he lost a few years back. They took care of him in his mother’s absence. His uncles would be in the office almost the whole day.

Ishan would attend his college in the morning and would be back at home by mid-day. Then he would spend the rest of the day being lonely. As nobody was around at home, he would feel lonely and would end up watching porn and playing with himself.

He was craving someone who would take care of him and love and be with him. But unfortunately, his mother couldn’t do it. He was grown with her absence and was craving for motherly touch and her presence. But it wasn’t possible, but God had other plans for him.

Soon, he would meet someone who would fill his life with joy, give him the bliss of heaven, care for him, nurture him, love him, and above all, be with him.

In the second year of college, he got an internship that required going to Pune for six months. That internship would boost his professional career, and he couldn’t miss that opportunity. He did not know that the same internship would change his personal life.

He was going to meet someone who would fill his life’s pores. He would get all of it that he didn’t get in his past. But for now, all he knew was about the details mentioned in the emails that the company had sent to him.

In the following week, he received a letter from the company. The letter had the joining details and a flight ticket. He wasn’t very excited since he had to stay away from his mother. At least he could spend some time with her in the evening, but now we couldn’t do it anymore.

But he was curious about something that was mentioned in the letter. His letter mentioned that he had to report someone named Naina the following Monday morning. That day he celebrated with his family what he had achieved. After the exciting, hectic and tiring day, he went to his bed.

He took that letter and read it again to make sure that he didn’t miss anything. He kept that letter and lay it on his bed. He started wondering about Naina. He was trying to make a mental image of her in his mind. He was wondering about personality.

He was wandering in thoughts of her. Suddenly a dirty thought of her hit his mind giving him an erection. He started himself and went to sleep in no time.

In the mid-day of Saturday, he received a call from an unknown number. He picked the call to answer. Naina called him on behalf of the company to give instructions about his stay in Pune, etc. As soon as he heard her voice, he was mesmerized. He couldn’t think of anything.

His hands went cold as his feet. His heart started beating heavily. He felt something that he didn’t feel before. He could feel a hard one in between his legs. Suddenly he heard Naina asking for an affirmation about what she had explained to him. He came to his senses and answered her, and kept the phone.

He again lay on the bed and started thinking about her. Her voice was sweet and gentle. He could feel dominance and care in her voice. Her accent was fluent and sophisticated. She seemed to be demanding and very professional. These thoughts made Ishan build her image and her personality in his mind.

She seemed to be 24-25 in age during the call. Ishan couldn’t take her off of his mind. He returned to his senses and started packing his stuff as he had a flight the next day. His whole day was spent in her thoughts.

Soon Monday arrived, and it was time for Ishan to report to Naina. He was nervous and a bit afraid. He reached his office floor and went to the reception to ask for Naina. The receptionist asked him to wait for a while. He sat on a couch, thinking about her and his first day in the office.

Soon a guy arrived and asked Ishan to follow him. He was a staff member from the HR department. Soon they got done with the paperwork. The staff member instructed him to report to Naina again and guided him to her desk. He was nervous, and his heart started beating fast.

His throat went dry, and he was covered in sweat. They reached the desk, and Ishan saw her for the first time. She was sitting at the table, making herself comfortable as she had just arrived.

She was fair and beautiful. Quite taller than Ishan. Her eyes were like dove’s eyes. The eye makeup that she had applied had the power to make anyone get lost in her eyes. She had a straight nose and silky smooth hair. Her cheeks seemed as soft as rose petals. Her dimple complimented her smile.

Her lips were luscious. She had applied a light red lipgloss that made her lips look more luscious and made them shine. Her smile would make anyone go crazy for her. Her fingers were long and elegant. Her long nails were shining as she had applied silver nail paint.

She was wearing a yellow Kurti, which complimented her skin tone. She was wearing heels which made her posture dominant and arousing. She was fit, and her bosoms seemed to be perfect. Her hips were curvaceous. Her earrings gave her face a subtle and beautiful look yet very professional.

She had applied a beautiful cologne. Her unique fragrance took away Ishan’s senses and his attention. He was lost, lost in her, her beauty, smile, and most of all, her fragrance.

He had an erection. But fortunately, it wasn’t visible as his pants were a perfect fit. He was already crazy for her. He came back to his senses when he heard her voice. She was saying something.

Naina: Hey! Are you ok!

Ishan: Yeah! Yeah! I’m fine. I’m sorry I was unattentive.

Naina: Are you sure?

Ishan: Yeah, I’m sure. I’m sorry.

Naina: Oh no It’s fine. You are just so sweaty and seem too nervous.

Ishan: Yeah! I’m sorry this environment is just very new for me, unlike my previous office. Also, it is my first day here, and everything here is quite new and fancy to me.

Naina: Hey! It’s ok. Don’t worry. It’s quite understandable. I’ll be there to guide you, ok! I’m Naina, by the way.

Ishan: Oh yeah! Hi! I’m Ishan, and It’s a pleasure to meet you finally. Good morning, by the way, Ma’am!

Naina: Same here, buddy. It’s a pleasure to meet you too! Follow me. I’ll show you where your desk is.

Ishan: Yeah, ma’am.

Naina: And hey, you don’t have to call me ma’am. Just call me Naina, ok.

She said this in a commanding tone. After listening to what she said, Ishan ought to obey her in a commanding and heavy tone.

Ishan: Sorry, ma’am. I mean Naina.

Naina gave him a look after listening to ma’am but then calmed down when she heard Naina.

Naina: There you go, kid. It wasn’t that hard, was it?

She smiled.

Ishan: No.

He said it in a low tone. He handed his documents to her, and she went away. Ishan took his seat and kept waiting for her. As he was waiting nervously, he started to think about her. She was quite similar to what he imagined, except she was way more beautiful.

Naina came back and sat on the desk beside him and gave him a cup of coffee as she took a sip from her cup. It was a long time ago when someone handed him a cup. Back at home, he used to make his coffee. Very occasionally, he used to get a coffee made by his mother.

He felt good. He took the cup from her hand and thanked her. Soon they started with their work. Naina explained to him properly what had to be done. And whenever he made any mistake or had any doubts, she explained to him nicely as she understood it was his first day.

But on the other hand, Ishan was very afraid of his constant mistakes. He was nervous, but after her rectifications, he would do better. As soon as it was lunch break, Ishan rushed out of the ice and pulled out his packet of cigarettes. He took out one and placed it in between his lips.

He lit it. As he took a puff, he felt relief. He calmed down a bit. After all, it was quite a hectic day for him. He was constantly making mistakes in his work. He finished his cigarette and went in to have his lunch. Naina was sitting there. She was checking out her phone.

Ishan saw this and wondered why is not having her lunch. He hesitantly asked.

Ishan: Hey! Why aren’t you having your lunch?

Naina: Oh hey, You came finally. I was waiting for you for lunch.

This was again something new for Ishan. Not something like it did not happen to him before, but it happened on a rare occasion. He was the one who usually used to wait for his mother, and now someone was waiting for him. He felt nice about it. Throughout lunch, Ishan learned many things about Naina.

Naina was a confident, smart and beautiful girl. But her past was tough. She grew up during her parent’s divorce. She neither got her mother’s attention and nurturing nor her dad’s. Her past was difficult, but later she moved on with her life as she got a job.

She moved away and started to live alone. Now she was living her life in peace and stability. She started caring about herself and her life and took care of it. She was caring and sweet but also very professional.

She never used to mix with her colleagues because of office politics and knowing the intentions of her male colleagues. She had to be that brutal to survive in that environment.

Since Ishan was new to the office and interning under her guidance in the company, she got to know many things about Ishan. She realized Ishan wasn’t like other male colleagues. He was sweet, innocent, obedient, and respectful.

A few months passed by, and things became normal for Ishan. He adapted to the environment and the work. He used to study for his college on weekends and tried to keep up with academics. Sometimes Naina used to help him with his assignments and projects.

They became good friends and went along really well. Both of them now could feel a spark in them for each other. Naina now started to take a lot of care of Ishan, and Ishan did the same. Ishan never tried to be physical with her. He made sure that he didn’t get unnecessarily close to her. And Naina knew this.

This was one of the many qualities of Ishan that Naina loved the most. Naina started to feel something more about Ishan. No matter how much time she spent with Ishan, it was never enough for her. She craved more. She liked taking care of him. But she loved it more when he obeyed her commands.

She provided him with lots of care, nurturing, and attention. Something he did not get in his past and something she didn’t get for herself. She was taking care of him as if she was his mother. She ensured that he didn’t get too much on his plate in the office and didn’t fail with his studies.

On the other hand, Ishan loved what Naina was doing for him. He couldn’t be any happier as he was getting everything he wanted. Naina was spending a lot of money on Ishan, so she took him to fancy restaurants and bought him gifts.

Ishan was a baby to her now. He always made her happy by obeying her. He loved her maternal behavior towards him. He sometimes used to cook for her and feed her, something he couldn’t do for his mother.

But among all of this, something was missing. Something that would bring them closer would make their bond stronger. It was the physical touch. Ishan was craving her touch. He craved to sleep on her lap. He wanted to hug her as she was doing so much for her.

He wanted to sleep in her arms when he missed his mother. But he couldn’t do it. He honored her very much and respected her. He was also afraid that if he got close to her, he might lose her, which he never wanted to happen.

Naina, too, wanted to hug him, hold his face between her breasts when he was sad, make him sleep on her lap, kiss his forehead. Ishan was her baby. But she, too, was reluctant to approach him physically as she didn’t want to appear too bold. She was afraid that Ishan wouldn’t respect her if she did so.

She, too, craved many things, but she couldn’t do anything. She wanted to take more care of him on a physical level, She wanted to provide him with her physical love, but unfortunately, she couldn’t. All she could do was wait for the right time.

She arrived early in the office the other day as she had to attend an important meeting. She texts Ishan about the same as she couldn’t pick him up. She finally gets done with her meeting and eagerly comes out in excitement to meet Ishan. Just as how a mother would be excited to meet her child after a long time.

But she couldn’t see him anywhere. So she checked her phone and got to know Ishan hasn’t even read her message yet. She called him, but the calls were left unanswered. She feels something different. She gets worried and leaves for his place as soon as she can.

She takes a half-day and rushes to Ishan’s place to find out about the situation.

To be continued.

Many new things are on their way in this story that you guys may find new. I am open to your criticism, thoughts, feelings, expectations and suggestions about this story. You guys can email me about the same at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#96e2fef3f4f7f4efe1e4ffe2f3e4d6f1fbf7fffab8f5f9fb”>[email protected]. Thank you.