The girls give James a job

James had cheated on a few girls. Those girls got together to teach James a few lessons he would never forget. It was a spectacular encounter of revenge and karma. It was perfect poetic justice.

Nuzla, Garima, and Devika joined together to unleash their Girl Power in ways that would be memorable for each of them. They kidnapped James and stripped him down to his little girly panties. And tied him across a spanking bench.

It was a bit of a surprise to discover that James was wearing a tiny thong panty with lace and a bow. It was bright red and so girly.

“Oh my! Hahahahaha! Now that is a tiny panty! Very hot!” laughed Garima.

“Yes, it is! Very cute and very femmy!” giggled Nuzla.

“Hahahahaha! I think this panty changes things…we were going to torture you, but now we get to humiliate you, James!” smiled Devika.

James could not move as he was tied up. Garima snapped the string side of the panty and then turned to Nuz. Nuz smiled and pulled a large paddle out of a bag. Nuz began swinging the paddle and swatting James’ exposed butt cheeks.

Thunder claps echoed in the room as Nuz whacked James’ butt cheeks over and over and over. James winced and moaned as Nuz spanked him with undisputed authority. The girls all giggled at what was happening.

After Nuz had delivered 100 firm smacks to James’ ass, she paused to admire her work. James’ butt cheeks were rosy red. Garima then took the paddle and began to spank James.

She would lightly run the paddle in circles on his cheeks before delivering a firm pop. Each spank made James grunt, and his body shook with each firm swat. After 100 swats, Nuz was laughing, and James was grunting in humiliation as his brain sizzled.

James could not stop blushing. His butt was on absolute fire. He glared at Garima and squealed like an excited dolphin. Garima laughed so hard that she had to catch her breath and had tears in her eyes.

“Do those panties feel like they are on fire?” teased Garima.

James grunted in exasperation, “Ugh! My fiery panties!”

The girls laughed hard. Devika was determined to show James what red hot panties were all about. She took the paddle, and Devika spanked James until he was dizzy. His eyes spun and crossed, and he mumbled and whimpered incoherent words. His butt cheeks glowed with blazing warmth.

Each girl giggled at the knowledge that James would not be sitting down for a few days. James knew that Girl Power owned his world. It was extremely embarrassing.

The girls sat and observed their handiwork. James, humiliated beyond belief, was delirious with mind-blowing embarrassment. He whimpered and grunted and rambled incoherently.

“Me woo…boo boo button…a-riba mendana…oooooh!” James whimpered.

“What? What does it even mean?” laughed Devika.

“It means…You girls win! My butt hurts, and I’m wearing tiny panties!” giggled Nuzla.

The girls laughed and gave each other high-fives in victory as James’ head bobbled with dizzy humiliation. The girls took photos with a blushing cross-eyed James and posted them on Instagram.

Garima put a ball gag on James, and they untied him and took him to the busiest public park in the city. They handcuffed him to a park bench and put up a sign that said, “MY NAME IS JAMES PAUL KINNEY, AND I GIVE FREE BLOWJOBS!”

The girls stood off in the distance and watched for a while. They saw a large group of homeless guys gather around James. They took his ball gag off and then fed him their cocks. Devika called one of the guys over and gave him their paddle.

“Make sure you guys spank his ass and keep feeding him cocks all night!” Devika instructed.

The guys followed her instructions and deep-throated James repeatedly. They spanked him routinely and kept his butt cheeks red hot, and throbbing with pain. James was fed 68 cocks that night and guzzled several gallons of cum.

It would be a full week before a publicly humiliated James could sit down. Even then, the faint taste of cum remained in his mouth. He licked his lips and thought of all that cum. Those girls made him gulp down.

Devika contacted James on the phone to instruct him on a few actions. She anticipated he would be submissive to her because her Girl Power was firmly established in James’ pathetic life. Devika was correct in her assumption. James was completely submissive to her.

“James, I want you to begin dressing as a French Maid every day when you get home from work. Every blowjob you give should be performed by French Maid James. Do I make myself clear?” Devika demanded.

“Yes, ma’am. I will start that tomorrow and will dress as a French Maid every evening from now on.” James submitted.

“Good sissy boi!” observed Devika.

“Yes, ma’am!” James surrendered.

“And another thing, it is reported that you are only performing about 3 blowjobs a week?” Devika inquired.

“Yes, ma’am!” James replied.

“That is not enough for a slutty cheater like you! Effective immediately, you are ordered to perform 20 blowjobs a day!” Devika commanded.

“Yes, ma’am!” James blushed.

“As a matter of fact, put in your two weeks’ notice at work. You are quitting your current job. In two weeks, your new job will begin!” Devika smiled.

“What is that new job, ma’am?” James asked.

“You are the panty-boi cock-slurper!” Devika laughed.

“Yes, ma’am!” James blushed.

“In 2 weeks, you will begin to wear a French Maid uniform at all times, even in public. And you will be performing non-stop blowjobs for 8 hours a day!” Devika ordered.

James’ mouth dropped open in shock and humiliation. He was speechless.

“Did you hear me, sissy slut?” Devika asked.

“I…I…yes, ma’am!” James whimpered.

“Very good! That should put you in your rightful place and give you about 50 cocks to suck daily!” Devika giggled.

“Yes, ma’am!” James submitted.

James, always dressed as a sexy French Maid, sucked approximately 18,250 cocks yearly. That level of slutty cock-slurping made James the world’s sluttiest cock-whore. He owned every blowjob record in the world.

James would never recover from the intense embarrassment that the girls put him through. He was owned by their Girl Power.

Garima, Nuzla, and Devika smiled with great satisfaction whenever they thought of putting James in his sissy place.


  • Served as deserved!!!! LOL