The Indecent Proposal – Part 2

Hello All, This is Anish again with the next part of my story. In the last part, we saw Ariana’s father get married to my mom. Ariana pulled me into the room, kissed me, then pulled my cock out and started giving me a blowjob.

My eyes were closed with ecstasy. When I opened my eyes, I saw mom giving a blowjob to Ariana’s father kneeling next to her. Now let us see further.

Her top was down, her boobs were exposed, and her naked bubble butts were too. I watched her in action and sucking my father-in-law’s big boner like a hungry slut.

Ariana: Mom, look how hard your son has become watching you suck a dick.

My mother was rubbing my father-in-law’s boner and looked at mine. She looked up and gave me a seductive look and then to my father-in-law, who was now naked.

FIL: Look at her. Even she seems hungry for his dick. Do you want to taste your son while I fuck my daughter?

Mom shied away, and FIL got the answer. He looked at me.
FIL: Son, how about you swap your wife with mine? You fuck your mother, and I will fuck my daughter.

I nodded, and he signaled mom. My mother switched places with Ariana and started sucking my dick. Man, she was an awesome cock sucker then. I started moaning,

Me: Aahh. Kay chokhteys tu?  (You suck so well!)

Mom: Ho hyannech mala shikavla aahe. Mala lund chi bhooki banavla aahe.  (Yes, he has made a cocksucker and cock-hungry.)

Me: Kasa jhaala he sagla? (How did all this happen?)

Mom: Sangtey, aadhi toh kadak lund majhya chut madhye taak. Aag lagli aahe, ti vijav. (I will tell you, but first, put that cock inside me.)

Saying this, she came and sat over my dick and inserted my hot rod in her hot and wet pussy. She was wet as hell.

Me: Kay oli aahe tujhi choot. Aah! (You are so hot and wet.)

Mom: Tu mala aj jhavnaar mhanunch sakal pasun oli aahe majhi choot and sarkhi oli hote. Haan 4th session aahe sakal pasun, tyaane teen vela jhavla mala sakaal pasun aadhich. (I am wet since morning anticipating your dick. This is the fourth session since morning, I am getting wet since morning for your dick)

Me: Teen vela baap re? Khup aag aahe tujhyaat? (Three times! You are too horny!)

Mom: Ho hyaanche laavli aahe. Majhyaatlya Randi la baher kadhla hyaane. 2 mahinya pasun roj divas bharat teen vela tari jhavto. Nagdich aste mi almost kivva chindhya ghalun firte. Group sex, double penetration, nude dance sagla kela aahe mi. Strip club madhye nagda pole dance pan kela aahe mi.

(Yes, he has brought the whore out of me. He has been fucking me for the past 2 months at least three times a day. I have done everything, group sex, double penetration, naked pole dance, everything.)

Me: What? Kadhi jhala he and kasa? (How and when did this happen?)

I started moving my hip to match her movement and fucking her hard now.

Mom: Aplya last video call nantar te agree nahi jhalele and mi pan upset hote tya babat. Don divasanni me Ariana la call kela and vicharla, tevha tine mala sangitla tiche baba mafia madhye aahe te. Ti mala mhanali k tichya babanna apan orthodox vaatlo so tyanna patla nahi.

Mom: Ti bolta bolta bolun geli k tyanchya kade jya bayka astat tya ashya nagdya firtat ani ugdhyavar jhava jhavi kartat, he family madhye normal aahe te. Tyanna vatla apan he sagla kahi accept nahi karnar and mi tila accept nahi karnar.

(After our video call, her father disagreed. When I called Ariana to ask what had happened, she told me the truth. Her father was in the mafia, and he felt we were an orthodox family. Their family was open to sex, and women would be naked around his father, and we won’t accept all of this.)

I turned my mother, came on top of her in missionary and started pounding her.

Mom: Aaah! Asach karat raha. Barobar bolte Ariana, tu mast jhavtos. Mag mi tyanna call kela and tyanchyashi bolle and tyanna samjhavaycha prayatna kela. Te aikatch navhate. Mi tyanna sangitla mi kahi pan karayla tayyar aahe. Mag tyanni ek att thevli majhya samor.

Mom: Mala tyanni video call var nagda vhayla sangitla, Mi jhaali and nagda naach kela, tyanna mi khup sexy vaaatli, te lund halvat hote and mala dakhavla. Te baghun majhi pan chut oli jhaali.

(Keep doing it. Ariana was right. You are a great fucker. I called your FIL and spoke to him. He was not agreeing, and I told him I was willing to do whatever for him. He asked me to get naked and show him my body and boobs. I got naked and seduced him with sexy moves. He was masturbating and showed me his cock. I was also wet looking at it. We both were on call for an hour and cum masturbating at each other.)

Mom: Mala avadla tyacha taatlela lund baghun. Dusrya divashi, do mansa aale ghari. Daar ughadla ani thet aat aale and search kela. Mi gown ghaatlela. Mi ghabarle, mag 5 minute nantar baghte tar kay tujhe FIL dakhal jhaale. Mi tyanna baghatch rahili and ti majhya kade baghat hote.

Mom: Tyanni straight mala dharla and kiss kela othanvar and kiss karu lagle. Aadhi do minute mi response nahi dila but nantar mi pan tyanna kiss karat hote, tya mansaan samorch. 10 minute khup zor daar kiss jhaali and tyanni tyancha haath majhya gand var firvat hote. Mag tyanni majhi gown faadli, and mala nagda kela tya mansan samorch.

(I liked his dick getting hard for me. The next day two people barged in and checked the house first. 10 minutes later, your FIL walked in. I was in my wet gown with no undergarments, and he looked at me. He pulled me and kissed me like a whore on my lips. At first, I did not respond to him, but later I started kissing him like mad. He tore my gown and made me naked).

Mom: Mala kahich suchena. Mag tyanni tyancha lund baher kadhla and majhya haatat dila and mala kiss kela. Mag mi saglach visarla and tyancha lund halvu lagli and te majhe ball chokhat hote ani chut madhye bota ghalat hote.Mag tyanni mala tichech sofa var jhopavla, paay fhakavle ani tyancha kadak lund majhya chut madhye taakla ani jhavu laagle lokan samorch.

Mom: Tyancha lund aat jaatach mi vedi jhaali and majja ghyayla laagli. 30-minute tyanni maala jhavla veg vegla position madhye, kadhi kutrya sarkha and shevti mi tyanchya var udya marat pani sodhla.

(I felt ashamed at first, but when he pulled his dick out, I was lost in it. I started playing with his dick, and he suckled on my boobs. Later he pushed me onto the bed and began fucking me. He fucked me in front of all his men, and I got lost. He fucked me like a bitch, missionary, and in the end, I rode him like a cowgirl before we had our orgasms.)

Mom: Aadhi tyaane bathroom madhye jaun clean kela and mag mi gele. Baher aale tar te bedroom madhyech baslele naagde.Tyani mala odhla parat and majha gown kadhayla lavla ani mandi var basavla nagda. Mala mhane, ‘Kal tujhe ball baghun, ani nagdi gand baghun majha lund taatlela and utsuk hota tujhi chut maarayla. Khup aag aahe tujhya madhye pan.’

(I saw him sitting naked in the bedroom when I came out after cleaning myself. He pulled me towards him and removed my gown again. He made me sit in his lap naked, pressing my boobs. Looking at your naked body, I was hard. But I never imagined you would be so horny.)

I turned her on her fours, spanking her ass and fucking her pussy.

Mom: Mi tyaala mhatla k mi 20 varshanni lund ghetla aahe chut madhye, tar tyala naval vaatla. Mala mhane, ‘Asa kasa navra hota tujha. Majhi bayko tar naagdi rahaychi and mi tila roj jhavaycho kimaan 3 vela tari. Mhanun mala he lagna manya nahi. Amchya kade nagda rahna common aahe, baykancha ekach kaam asta amche lund chokhna ani jhavna. Ariana pan tashich aahe. Ti pan naagdi aste ani tumhi pan jhavat asta nuste.’ Ithe mi lagech gown ghalun aali tar mi Ariana na tichi ashi naagdi life allow nahi karnar.

(I told him I had sex after 20 years. He was astonished! He told me his wife would be naked every day, and he fucked her at least 2 times a day. He said Ariana is such since I don’t have the openness to let his daughter have the sex life she likes. We, desi women, cannot be bold like them since I wore the gown back quickly.)

Mom: Mi tyaala mhatla amhi jar randi banaycha tharavla na tar tikadhcya baykan peksha pan mothi randi banau shakto. Tar mala mhatle dakhav mala tu kiti modern hou shakte. Tujhya porashi jar lagna karaycha asel tar majhya barobar yaycha ani 7 divas majhi randi banun rahaycha. Jar satisfy jhala tar mi tyancha lagna lavun dein.

(If we desi women decide, we would be the hottest whores. He put a condition for me to become his whore for the next seven days. If he gets satisfied, he will get you two married.)

Mom: Mi tyaacha challenge accept kela and tyaala kiss kela. Tyaane mala parat jhavla. Tya 24 taasan madhye tyaane 4 vela majhi chut maarli and ekda majhi gand marli and mi pan besharam sarkha tyachya mansan samor jhavat hote.

Mom: Tyachya dusrya divashi toh mala Italy la gheun aale ani tya chattered flight madhye mi tyala seduce kela, naagda naach kela ani tyaala jhavla. Plane madhun jevha utarke tar tyanni mala jo silky dress dilela toch ghalun utarle, tyaat majhe baal ani gand ardhi cover hot hoti and dusre kahi kapde pan nahi aanle.

(I accepted the challenge and fucked him again. He fucked me four times during those 24 hours. I also gave up the shame and fucked him in front of his men. Two days later, he made me wear skimpy clothes and took me to Italy on a private plane. I did a naked dance for him on the plane, and he fucked me through the journey.)

I pounded her hard, and she was saying slang to me. ‘Bhadvya, majha paani sutatay.’She squirted, and even I released my cum in her ass. We lay there cuddling, and she continued with the story.

Mom: Ghari tyaane mala don mulinchya havale kela. Tyanni mala anghol ghaatli, massage kela, full body wax kela ani majhya chut ani boobs la cream laavli jyaane te tight jhaale. Mag mala ek sexy backless dress ghatla ani tyachya samor nehla party madhye.

Mom: Party strip club madhye hoti, aju bajula pori nagdya nachat hote. Tyaane mala ek drink dila and injection dila, tya nantar mi vedich jhaali. Mala saglyanshi bhetavla and mag mala sangitla naagda naach karayla. Mi pan tya porin na baghun naagdi jhaali and naach kela.

Mom: Tyaacha lund evdha taatlela, mala rahavala nahi and mi tithe tyacha lund ghetla ani chokhla. Mag tyaane mala jhavla tyachya partner sobat ani purna ratra jhavla mala.Next day mi uthle tar mi naagdich hoti, mi arshyaat baghitla tar ball mother ani gand mothi vaatat hoti ani daatache nishaan hote angavar.

(He took me home, and two girls took me with them. They waxed my body, gave me a massage, bathed me, and applied some cream on my pussy and boobs, which made them tight. I wore a sexy backless thin dress, and they took me to the strip club for a party. Girls were dancing naked around me.)

(Your FIL introduced me to everyone and asked me to do the nude dance for everyone. I was so high and horny that I did it, unzipped, and started sucking him. He and his partners fucked me that night, and when I woke up the following day, my body was sticky with cum with bite marks on them. I loved watching myself)

Mom: Tya pori aalya parat ani tyaane mala parat tayyar kela. Bikini ghalayla dili ani ek transparent coat ghatla. Mag amhi ek boat var gelo samudraat. Tya drink nantar majhi chut madhye aag lagaychi, tya boat var mich tyanna nagda kela and sex kela tya boat valya samor.

Mom: Toh mala naked island var gheun gela. Tithe loka naagde hote, and kuthe kahi sex pan karat hote. Amhi pan tithe saglya lokan samor sex kela. Kahi mansa mala baghun aple lund halvat hote and mala khup avadla te.

(Those girls returned and made me wear a bikini with a transparent cover-up. We went on the yacht, and my pussy had been on fire since the party. I got naked and fucked him on the deck of the boat. He took me to the nude beach, people were nude, and some were even sucking each other. I was too horny looking at it, and so was he. He fucked me in front of all the people, and I saw a few dicks wanking which made me feel so good.)

Mom: Tya divasa pasun te majhya chut che vede jhaale aahe. Tya trip var amhi group sex pan kela. Majhe teeni hole bharlele. Tya divashi tyaane Ariana la phone karun hokaar dila. Pan majhyaatli randi tyaane baher kadhleli, ani toh pan majhya chut cha veda jhalela.

Mom: Ek week cha ek mahina jhaala and toh divasa madhye 4 vela mala jhavaycha, office madhye aardhi naagdi thevaycha and nagda karun jhavaycha. Tyaane tyachya clients shi pan mala jhavayla laavla aahe. Roj daru, cigarette pyaychi mi, gym karaychi, mhanun tar fit jhaali aahe mi.

Mom: Tya divashi tyaane mala sangitla tyaala lagna karaycha aahe ani mi pan hokar dila. Mag bas, tyaane Ariana la sangitla and tumhi ithe.

(From that day, he got addicted to my cunt. We had group sex on that trip. So he called Ariana and agreed to the marriage. Since then, we have been glued to each other and fucked at least four times daily. Alcohol and smoking were regular, and we fucked everywhere in the office. After you got married, he told me he wanted me to be his whore for life. I obliged, so we got married, and you are here.)

By the time she finished telling me the story, I was hard again. Ariana and her father walked in.

FIL: Looks like you are satisfied now, huh! Mother-son had a good time like us father-daughter.

Ariana: How the hell do you take it, this man is so horny.

FIL: And so is your stepmother. That is why I am crazy for this pussy, because she is always wet and willing to take my dick in. See.

He fingered her cunt, and yes, she was wet again. My mother got up and went to him and kissed him, sitting in his lap. He was pressing her boobs. Ariana came to me and held my dick.

Ariana: You pervert fucked your mother, eh! Now come, put that semen in me.

She pushed me and started riding me and kissing my lips. She bounced on me briefly, putting her boobs in my mouth.

Ariana: Now my family is complete, fuck me, hard bastard.

Me: Yes, my whore, I will make you my whore like your father did to my mother.

Mom: Yes, we both are your whores. Our job is to keep those dicks in our pussy. We will get fucked wherever and whenever you ask us to.

Mom and Ariana went on their fours facing each other and kissing each other with we both fucking their asses. They were moaning with their lips locked. The session lasted for 30 minutes, and Ariana had two orgasms. We were tired and went to sleep.

Since then, I have worked with my FIL in his business and made his money legit. Mom and Ariana would be with us at work. We would fuck our ladies whenever they or we were horny. My mother and Ariana were comfortable roaming naked in front of other people or even getting fucked.

That is all, folks.