The love of a sister – Part 4

“Believe me, bhai, my face and ears heated up instantly. Drops of sweat poured behind my ears. My heart pumped extra blood in my veins. The knees shook violently. Worst of all, I felt a huge splash of juice in my cunt.”

“My god, Didi, this is beyond a movie script.”

“Life is always more surprising than movies. Ekire eshob shune dekhchi tor jontor abar khada hoye geche!” (Oh my God, you’ve got an erection listening to the narrative.)

“How did you digest the whole thing? What happened next?”

“While the two ran away with fingers in their ears, Devleena watched you complete your routine. After her exit, I somehow reached the flat with my whole body shivering.”

“This must have occurred one week after my episode.”

“How did you cope with it? Eh he tor khada barata dekhe jibe jol asche re. Ami ektu ayesh kore chushi, tui tor byaparta khule bol to bhai.” (My mouth is watering for your hard cock. Tell me about you while I give you a leisurely suck.)

He promptly removed his shorts and directed me. “Tui amar du payer majhe tor dodo duto thigh te theshe chosh tahole.” (Lie down between my legs with your boobs pressed on my thighs and suck me well.)

I assumed the position as specified and started circular strokes of my palms around his stiffening cock.

“Ah, Didi, you got magical hands.”

“Let me make you really hard. Go back to your situation.’

“On reaching the apartment, I hit the shower to cool my body and mind. One of your sexy black bras was hanging on the towel stand. Against my wish, I visualized your back. You were unfastening the hook and putting the bra there.”
His cock gave an involuntary twitch.

“You must have had an instant erection again?”

“Yes, even harder than I had in the college and bus. I wanted to put it away, but I thought you might get offended that I have touched your bra. I finished the bath and spent some time watching TV.”

“You put away my thoughts for the time being. Thanks to Devleena, today you’re growing so well in my hands.”

“You like my cock a lot, Didi.”

“The best I’ve ever seen, and I don’t want to see another. It has given me unimaginable pleasure.” I planted a wet kiss on the shiny dickhead. He shivered at the touch of my lips.

“If not for that guy, your hands and lips wouldn’t be on my cock.”

“Toke didir special chaton di. Sukh nite nite puro kahini shona.” (Enjoy your sister’s tongue treatment while you narrate your situation.)

I started licking his heavy balls.

“The dreaded moment of your return from office was near. I wanted to dispel all those thoughts. The more I tried, the words surfaced. The doorbell rang. I tried to look cheerful as I knew you’d definitely be with my birthday cake.”

“Oh, now I see. You’re quite sulky and seemed disturbed. How could I know then what you were going through.” I recollected as I shifted to another ball. I sucked on it with deliberate chuckling sounds. He groaned deeply.

“Didi, when you arrived with the cake, I was still feeling guilty. While you arranged the cake and candles, I tried to bring a genuine smile to my face.”
I took out the saliva-coated ball and reflected.

“You did appear disturbed. I thought maybe due to study issues.” I went down on the ball and moved my tongue over it in circles.

“I just went through the motions of blowing the candles and cutting the cake. I was trying hard not to look at your body. Then I had to feed you the cake. My eyes caught your lips. You opened your mouth wide for the cake, and that guy’s words echoed in my mind. Perfect for cock sucking.”

“Did you visualize a cock going inside my mouth in place of the cock?” I asked before gobbling both of his balls in my accommodative mouth.

“Ah,” he groaned as my mouth engulfed his balls. “Not then, but for the first time, I looked at your lips and mouth with the eyes of a man. Even against my will, I had to agree with the guy.”

I removed my mouth and reflected. “You somehow finished dinner and went to your room on the pretext of studies. So, did you jerk off that night thinking about my lips and mouth?” I started licking his shaft from base to tip.

“Ooh, your tongue feels so velvety and wet. Images of the cake entering your mouth and close-ups of your lips hammered my mind. The guy’s words that if she were my sister, I would have gladly put my cock in her mouth revolved constantly in m brain. Didi, I had an erection like never before. I resisted jerking off. I knew if I started jerking, I would be thinking of my cock going in and out of your mouth. Didi, my cock wanted to be wrapped in your mouth, but my mind fought hard against it.”

“Ole amar shone bhai le (Oh my sweet brother.) You must have felt very guilty?”

“Terrible. What kind of a brother am I thinking of putting his cock n his sister’s mouth? What if you guessed my intentions? I felt like the biggest sinner on earth. Yet your lips and mouth felt so inviting!”

“ I went through similar feelings that day I heard Devleena.”

“Oh, really? Tell about it a bit.”

I grabbed his balls in one hand and stroked his shaft softly with the other.

“I came to the flat with a guilty feeling for having gone wet down there. You were reading the paper and greeted me. I couldn’t meet your eyes. Now I recollect your way of looking at me had also changed. Maybe Leena’s words made me feel that way.”

“No, Didi, it had changed in the next two days. I had become comfortable viewing you in a sexual manner.”

“The paper hid your face, and Leena’s reference of eight inches kept harping in my mind. Bhai, I tried to resist, but my eyes rested on your shorts, trying to visualize an eight-inch cock underneath.”

“You did that!”

“I scanned your whole body with Leena’s eyes. Your broad shoulders, solid biceps, triceps. The manly hair on your worked-out chest. The strong thighs. Bhai, I realized Leena was precise in her analysis. Any girl will love to have sex with you. Then her words hit me like a harpoon.”

“Which ones?”

“Hritika ko apne bhai se hi chudwani chahiye.” (Hritika should get fucked by her brother.)

“Every time that sentence played in my mind, I got fresh bouts of wetness welling up in my cunt. At the same time, I was feeling guilty, just like you. He’s my kid brother. He might die of embarrassment if he reads my mind. For God’s sake, you’re his elder sister.”

“I remember now. You were very uneasy that day and a few more days after that.”

“So you must have had a sleepless night that day. Come, enjoy Didi’s mouth and tell me how your thoughts about me changed.” I started sucking his dick head.

“Ah, Didi, no matter how many times you suck my cock, your mouth always feels better than the last time. That week, I fought with myself and the desires of my body. For my body, it just saw the sexiest woman on this planet.”

I sucked harder, taking half of his length in my mouth.

“The mind kept saying she is your big sister. By the end of the week the guilt feeling subsided. The denial stage evolved into an state of acceptance. She is your sister, but she is also sizzling hot. I kind of started to enjoy looking at your lips. I got huge erections when you dressed up in saree for office. My mind had accepted you as an extremely desirable woman. Then on a Tuesday morning I noticed a change in your way of looking at me.”

“It was the day after I heard Devleena,” I informed, moving my mouth. “You always wake earlier than me and go for your jog. I got up and started my exercise on the balcony. I caught Devleena walking briskly along with Akanksha and Anupama. They were probably talking about me. Then you returned with your sweat-soaked T-shirt.”

I removed my mouth.

“I deliberately passed them for fear of hearing something like before. But I need to notice that then all three were looking at you with lust in their eyes. That made me feel jealous. I could see you doing squats, and Leena’s, about your size, kept hitting me repeatedly. I tried to resist but still got badly wet again. Oh, tell about yourself while I give you the full treatment.”

I took his entire shaft down to the back of my throat.

“Ah, Didi, that guy mentioned only your lips and mouth. He couldn’t imagine how good the back of your throat felt on my cock. You entered the flat. I came back from the balcony. My eyes got focused on your boobs. The sweaty T-shirt clung onto them and clearly displayed the heavenly shape and enormous size. The guy’s comments that his blouse was bursting echoed in my mind. I agreed with him. For the first time, I didn’t feel guilty and truly admired your body.”

I released the cock to speak. “Wow, you recovered from the guilt in a week. As it was my second day, I was still feeling ashamed of myself as my cunt was getting wet for you. My mind asked me, is it really eight inches? How do I ascertain that? Damn Hritika, how can you be lusting for your kid brother’s cock? Leena’s words that I should get my brother to fuck me kept on playing in my mind.”

“If I could read your mind, then I would have surrendered my whole body to you. Why don’t you apply your heavenly hands and tell me how you eventually got to see my dick? Let’s change positions.”

“Get your hips on my lap, dear. I noticed that you started going without briefs beneath your boxers and could make out the impressions of your dick when you read the morning papers. Were you doing it deliberately?”

“Yes, sis, I wished something like in porn flicks would happen. You might grab my cock. I even used to sleep naked in the room at night. I prayed that you would sneak into my room and grab my cock.”

I couldn’t help laughing at the side effects of porn. “What else did you use to imagine?”

“You always had bananas in breakfast. I used to imagine my cock in place of the banana. The day you wore the cherry red lipstick, I would have the hardest erection.”

“What exactly went through your mind?”

“I wanted to kneel you down on the floor and shove my dick in your mouth, yet I wanted you to take it in your mouth on your will.”

“Your wish did come true.” I ran my fingers over his stiffening length in my classic style.

“Ah, Didi tor anguler choya thik sheirokomi lage jokhon prothombar amar dhonta dhorchili.” (The touch of your hands still feels like the first time you touched me.) He sighed deeply.

“Dhyat kotobar je tor bara niye chyanacheni korechi tar iotta nei. Etodine amar choya ekgheye hoye geche, eto sudhu amay tyalonr jonnye bolchish.” (You said that just to flatter me. It must feel boring now after having fondled your dick for endless times.)

“Na Didi na tor hater choyate ajo ja shihoron hoy anyyo eu erokom dite pareni. Shara jibon sudhu tri sporsho chai.” (Nobody has titillated me like you. I want your touches for my entire life.)

I was overwhelmed by the emotions of his words. I reached out over him and planted a deep passionate kiss on his lios , with my thighs cudling his dick.
“Ore amar shone bhai re eto ekebare premiker moo kotha bolchish.” (Oh, my sweet brother, you’re speaking like a lover.)

“ Ha Didi ha ami tor premik , tor preme habudubu khachchi.” (Yes, sis, yes, I’m your lover, head over heels in love with you.”

I gave him a proper mouth feeding, sucking on his lips and tongue with great passion. When our mouths parted, he gushed. “ Ah Didi ki mishit tor thonth ar jiv, mne hoy saradin tor mukhe much dubiye pore thaki.” (Sis, your tongue and lips are so sweet, feel like dipping into your mouth all day long.)

I commented naughtily, “Amar aro onek to jayga ache, sekhane tor jontrota dobate ichcha kore na? (I have a few other places where you might consider dipping your tool into.) I enjoyed the smile on his face, got back, and started my silky touches on his cock.

I got to the context of how I saw his dick for the first time.

“Achcha tui je eto heat khetish amake dekhe, nijeke samlatish ki kore . Amar bra panty niye khichtish naki? Ami to kokhno amar ogulote kono fyadar dag dekhini ba norachora hoteo dekhini.”

(What did you do to relieve the heat you felt for me? Did you jerk off on my bra and panties? Leave alone cum stains, those were always in order.)

“Ichcha to bhishon hoto. Tui ghore na thakle tor drawer khule tor bra panty onekbar dekhtam sudhu. Bhoy hoto Jodi ektu norchor hoy tor reaction ki hobe.” (I did feel the urges, and I had looked at our undergarments in your drawer. But I was afraid to touch them lest you find out and things went wrong.)

“So you jacked of in your room or the bath?”

“Since I started fucking at the age of seventeen, I had never jacked off.” He proudly announced. “Remember my college girlfriend, Avantika?”

“Yes, that skinny one with huge jugs.”

“I used to bring her here and fuck her, visualizing you in her place.”

“Thank God you did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen your dick live. Eeeesh, chudtish oke r bhabtish amake?” (You fucked her while I was in your mind?)

“Tokhon toke chara r kauke bhavtei partam na , ajpari na . Kintu tui amader chudte kobe dekhli, koi amar to erokom kich mone porche na.” (I couldn’t think of anyone else but you . nor can I today. But when did you see us fucking? I can’t recollect anything like that?)

“That day in the office, recurring thoughts about you were making me restless. I decided to take a half-day leave and return home. We had separate keys for the door. Assuming you were in college, I opened the door. I would have slammed the door loud, but a girl’s voice, moans rather, reached my ears. I closed the door cautiously so as not to interrupt the proceedings. I removed my high heels, tiptoed to my room and, keeping my office bag in my room, trod softly towards your room. The girl’s moans became louder as I got near to the door.”

“You must have guessed it was me with some girl.”

“That’s obvious. Though initially, I wondered which girl it might be. Was it that slut Devleena or some other broad you had run into. But then it dawned upon me that this was the golden moment I was craving for. This was the opportunity to get to see my brother’s dick live in the flesh. My heart beat loud and fast,”

“ Uff, Didi, what a lovely coincidence. What did you see?”

“As luck could have it, the door was slightly ajar, providing a decent view of the inside. You were stark naked with your back to the door. You were on your toes on the floor, and Avantika was on the bed on her back, her legs spread wide like a slut moaning at the plunging of your cock in her leaking cunt.”

“Did it feel good?”

“A plethora of thoughts in my mind and uncontrollable sensations in my body seemed to have overpowered me. You had a condom on which glistened with that slut’s juices making it shine. You were pulling in and out only half of your dick, and it was definitely four inches. By the way, I didn’t know it was Avantika at that moment as your body hid her face. Later, I saw her face and knew. For me, she was an unknown slut. What pleased me was that you were definitely eight inches, just as Devleena had predicted.”

“What physical sensations did you experience, and what thoughts predominated your mind?”

“My heart was grateful that my desire to see your cock had come true. But I wanted to see it raw, without a condom and the entire length. My mind was not prepared to see it in another slut’s cunt. My body tingled from the toes to the roots of my hair. The nipples hardened, and cunt churned badly. I felt extremely jealous and considered rushing into the room and replacing her.”

“Damn, Didi, you sounded like you could have done that.”

“Jolly well, but I wanted to see the climax, the face of the slut and how you cum. It would have caused a major embarrassing scene if I had indeed barged in.”

“That’s my sensible Didi. You were highly turned on?”

“Yes, and extremely jealous. You were plundering her pussy with intense ferocity and passion, with clinical precision. Ami to hotobak je amar adorer choto bhai erokom paka chodare tairi hoyeche. (I was astounded that my dear kid brother is such a seasoned fucker) Were you visualizing me in her place?”

“At that time and even now, the only woman in mind was and is you. The more I thought about you, the speed, pleasure and intensity multiplied beyond my expectations.”

“ Eeeesh , tar mane tui ekebare postut chilish tor mayer peter didike chodar jonnie!” (Oh my God, you were fully prepared to fuck your sister born of the same womb as you!)

“200 per cent Didi. Mone hoto toke chudte na parle jibonta shoal anaii britha (My entire life would be wasted if I couldn’t fuck you.) Did you start thinking about me like that when you watched me fuck Avantika?”

“Ekdom thik dhorechish. Tor lamba mota barata jokhon or gude dhukhchilo ami vabchilam eeesh amar gude dhukle ki aramtai na petam.” (You’re right. When I saw your long, thick cock ploughing her cunt I tried to imagine the amount of pleasure it would give me if it were my cunt.)

“Ah, Didi eivabe ghuriye ghuriye kochla dhontake, of ki bhishon sukh dish re amay. (Yes, give that circular motion of your hands. It’s so pleasurable.) What happened next?”

“In five minutes, she came pretty hard, moaning rather loud. You shoved the entire shaft in her profusely watering cunt and stayed still to let her savour the post-orgasm bliss. That ensured you’re indeed a seasoned fucker and careful about a woman’s pleasure. I wondered whether you had already cum inside the condom.”

“You wanted to see my cum fly out of my dick, didn’t you?”

“If not consciously, definitely from deep within. Your heavy balls, which now are in my hands, also caught my attention. How marvellously it was slapping against her cunt and making loud, obscene thumping sounds.” I gave his balls a twisting squeeze, and he let out a lusty groan.

“Do girls like heavy balls?”

“Heavy balls mean thicker, plentier and healthier sperm, thus better babies. Biologically, girls will go for heavier balls.”

“Tarpor ki holo bol na. Ah Didi tor hater malish kheye ekebare swargo sukh pai re.” (Do continue, sis, ah, your hands are heavenly.)

“Ne bhai ne, prankhule didir hater sukh ne. Bhalo kore danda darale amar much, gud pod jetar ichcha korbe setar sukh nish.” (Relish my hands, bro. When your joystick is really hard, you can probe my mouth, cunt or ass, whichever you want.)

“Nebo Didi nebo, konotai charbo na, tin mash dhore uposh korechi. Sud somet ei uposh bhangbo.” (I’ll take all sis. I have been fasting for three months. Time to quench my thirst with dividends.) Now to that day.”

“After around five minutes, which seemed five years to me, you withdrew your cunt juice-smeared dick. For the first time, your entire length was visible to me. My body and mind both wanted to see it without the condom. I was extremely jealous of Avantika that she got to cum with your cock.”

“Were you getting desperate to throw her out and pounce on me?”

“In my heart of hearts, yes. If I only knew that you were actually thinking about me, I would have done that.”

“Didi, that would have been explosive.”

“But it was much better and fulfilling than how it happened, actually.”

“I agree that was nothing short of divine. Bole ja to tarpor ki vabe chudlam Avantika ke?” (Carry on with my fuck withAvantika.)

“You turned her over on her knees and hands, climbed up the bed and started taking her doggy style. Ah, your cock looked delicious, even with the condom. The moment you plunged in the entire dick in one thrust, she gave a loud grunt of immense satisfaction. Bhai re jeno mone holo tor barata or na amar gude dhuklo. Guder bhitorta ja tab have pak kheye gelo. (It felt as if your dick entered my cunt. The insides of my cunt swivelled madly.) I suppressed a loud grunt from my mouth by pressing my mouth with my hands.”

“As I was imagining you, I made her go doggy style so that I wouldn’t see her face.”

“That’s why there was a marked increase in the speed of your thrusts as if like a machine gun. You shrieked and groaned louder than her. I could tell you were close. Yet you didn’t cum inside her, even with the condom. You pulled out, jacked off the condom and announced that you wanted to cum on her face. You could have cum inside.”

“Didi, at that time, I hadn’t been blessed with a view of your heavenly pussy. It was tough to imagine what I hadn’t seen. Your lips and mouth were always visible to me, and most of my fantasies involved those. I always fantasized cumming in your mouth or all over your angelic face. That’s why I asked Avantika to finish me with her mouth.”

“No wonder your eyes were closed. Generally, all men keep their eyes wide open when a girl takes his cum in her mouth or face.”

“I was thinking of your mouth only. So how did I cum?”

“You shoved half of your cock inside her mouth and unloaded the first volley. She was taken aback and withdrew from your cock, struggling with the cum in her mouth. If I were in her place, I would have taken you whole up to my throat and swallowed every drop of our cum. What a waste she made. Then you kept cumming rather hard, fast and thick and plastered her entire face. A few threads landed up on her hair as well.”

“Ha pore chokh khule dekhlam or matha mukh amar fyaday ekebare lyata pyata hye geche. Prothombar amar taja fyada dekhe tor kemon legechilo?” (Yeah, I saw the mess when I opened my eyes. What were your thoughts on my fresh cum?”

Hrik and Hrika will be back with your patronage.