The Maths Teacher – Part 6

Hello again to all bastards and bitches! My heartfelt apologies for coming late with this new part. I have tried my best to keep this part as arousing and ecstatic as possible. Also, I have introduced one of my female readers Anushka as the main character along with John as she requested for such a fantasy. Hope this makes your cocks and pussies wet.

Here you go!

That night, the Maths teacher John could barely find his student Riya. He called her multiple times on her phone but it went unanswered. He was frustrated but had no idea that Riya had the fun of her life with Maya. The party was almost over with a few people around. John was convinced that Riya had ditched him and left. He grabbed his drink and started walking toward the hotel room. He was very frustrated and just wanted to forget the night with a good drink.

It was around 12:30 am. There were very few staff available. He walked through the assembly area to the reception desk. There he saw a beautiful lady standing at the reception. She must be in her mid-20s with a decent figure and was of wheatish complexion. She had long black hair and a smiling face. He went closer to the reception desk and asked.

John: Hi, I am staying at room no.416. Can I order a hard drink from here?

Receptionist: Sir, the kitchen is closed. You can still order water or coke.

John: Ohh, I would need whiskey rather.

Receptionist: Sorry sir, the bar is closed now. That won’t be available to order.

John: Okay. sorry, what’s your name?

Receptionist: My name is Anushka.

John: Anushka, I am ready to pay a good tip. It has been a rough day for me. I need at least 60 ml of whiskey to get me going. It’s a request, please.

Anushka: Sir, I understand but it’s just that the bar is closed now and therefore we can’t deliver.

John: What if I give you a good tip? Like a really good one.

Anushka (smiled playfully): That would still be not possible.

John: Okay, here is the deal. You get me a bottle of Jack Daniels and I’ll pay you the same amount as tip.

Anushka couldn’t believe it. It was a bit risky to serve alcohol after the regular hours. However, she knew that she could easily get it delivered. She was not expecting John to offer her such a heavy tip.

Anushka looked around and replied: I would get it delivered to you in your room. Please keep the payment ready. Also, I am adding this to your dinner bill, so please don’t mention this to anyone.

John: Sure, no problem.

Then John went to his room and sat on his chair. He took out a cigarette and began to smoke. A message flashed on his phone. It was Riya. It read that she had reached home with a sorry emoji and a pic of her sore nipples.

John had a smile. He did not expect this from Riya. Then he got up from his chair and extinguished his cigarette. He had an immediate turn-on and his hands reached onto his zip to free his cock. It was getting hard, the picture that Riya shared was doing its magic. It was a very hot picture of Riya laying on the bed with sore nipples and bite marks all over.

He didn’t care to ask about the bite marks as he thought they belonged to him from the session they had in the evening. Then Suddenly he heard the sound of his doorbell. John quickly adjusted his cock in the underwear and zipped his pants. Though the bulge was still evident, he took out his shirt which was earlier tucked in to cover his erection.

John quickly opened the door and there stood Anushka with a smile. Maybe it was the after-effect of the nude pic shared by Riya, but Anushka was looking ravishing. She wore a formal stretch skirt suit which was red in color and the shirt she wore was white. She had her hair open and the scent of the perfume she used was magical. The bottle of Jack Daniels she brought as requested by John.

Anushka: Here is your bottle, sir.

John: Thanks, call me ‘John’. How much for the whiskey?

Anushka: Sir it’s 5999 plus VAT. Please don’t forget my tip as well. I’ll be adding this cheque to your dinner bill.

John: You are such a smart girl. Give me your number and let me make the payment.

Anushka shared her number and John transferred her the payment for the whiskey plus her tip for delivering it to him.

John: Would you mind having a drink with me?

Anushka: No sir, I need to be at the reception.

John: Just one for my company. I won’t insist, but one drink and a small talk is all that I want.

John was an attractive man and Anushka was tired of her long shift. She knew there was hardly anyone at this hour to check on her availability at the reception desk and free drinks were a tempting offer.

Anushka: Sure, but just one.

Soon the drinks started, and the one turned into two, three, and four. Both were feeling tipsy and were having the best conversation they could have.

John: You seem to be very young and eloquent. What did you study?

Anushka: I am still studying. I do this as my part-time job only on weekends.

John: Ohh, okay. Where are you from?

Anushka: I am from the eastern part of the country.

John: You are so beautiful!

Anushka (giggles): I think you are getting a little high now.

John: No, I am being serious!

Anushka: What did you like in me?

John: Your face, your hair, your curves, all of it.

Anushka laughed, she did not imagine having this conversation with a guest in the hotel. John smiled, he knew he had his chances now. He took the glass from Anushka and kept it on the table. Then he brought her face close to his and kissed her on her lips.

As Anushka and John made eye contact, she nodded in affirmation and opened her lips for him to explore further. She was trembling while John continued kissing. His hands surveyed her body and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. In no time, his magical palms were fondling her boobs over the bra while he continued to restlessly kiss her.

Anushka was in full mood and was responding to John. She opened her mouth as the kiss deepened, the tip of his tongue exploring hers. His hand slid up from her breast to her neck and shoulder. With a slow and gentle tug, he unbuttoned her bra, exposing the receptionist girl’s 36D breasts.

His hands roamed over her breasts again circling her nipples. John gently pinched and twisted her nipples until they were even more erect. Then he bent down to place a nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue and sucking the hard tip. Anushka was now moaning with pleasure.

After a moment, he straightened his hands sliding to her hips and around to her ass. He felt for the zipper of her tight skirt and began to pull it downward. The rational part of Anushka’s mind told her to stop him. She could lose her job for real if anyone walked in on them. But her desire, her need, was overpowering and demanded satisfaction. Her skirt fell onto the floor.

Anushka (trying to stop John): Mmhmm, stop! I need to go. I may lose my job if someone sees me here.

John (without bothering to even reply to her): Mhmm, nice panty babe. I think you need to take it off.

Anushka: No no no. I can’t be doing this here. What if someone sees me here?

John: Shhh! Open your panty and give it to me.

Anushka: What! Are you even listening to me?

John: Your panty baby. That black panty you are wearing right now.

With a sudden fervor, he pushed her back against the couch and kissed her again. His one hand continued to squeeze her boobs while his other hand continued to explore between her legs. His fingers snaked beneath her black panty and stroked her clit. Anushka moaned loudly as she felt a finger slip inside her. She moved her knees further apart to take him deeper.

John whispered in her ears with a lot of lust in his voice: Take that panty off now.

Anushka who was too turned on by then with everything John had been doing and started getting off her panty reluctantly. She was red in shame. As she took it off, John grabbed it from her hands and sniffed it. “Umm, delicious”, he smirked as he said that. “This will remind me of you.”

He then lubricated the hot receptionist girl’s clit and continued to stroke her, occasionally pushing two fingers into her wet pussy. Anushka’s body was responding in tune with his strokes, her soft moans and gasps of pleasure filled the room.

John and Anushka were engaged in the perfect foreplay. His fingers were moving in and out of her vagina like a piston. Anushka by now had ditched her bra. She had her eyes closed while she moaned loudly and her nipples were rock hard.

John continued the nipple play of sucking her one boob and squeezing the other while his fingers continued to finger fuck her pussy. She laid back on the couch with her eyes closed and her legs spread to give John complete access to her vagina.

Anushka (her eyes still closed and still moaning): Ahhh Fuck..This is so hot. You’re amazing!

John teased: Haha… and you were worried about someone finding out you were spending the night here.

Anushka then opened her eyes. She saw how John made her pussy look like a leaking tap. Then she came forward and began pushing John on the couch until he was lying down. She could see the erection he had in his pants. Then she started undoing his belt and John quickly removed his trousers and underwear. Anushka grabbed his cock by the base and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

Anushka looked into John’s eyes and moaned as she licked the tip: Mmmm..This is so big and thick.

She continued sucking him deep while she looked into his eyes. Anushka would occasionally pull him closer so that she could swallow the entire dick.

After 10 minutes of sucking, she pulled her mouth off his cock and licked his entire length without breaking the eye contact. She covered his cock with her spit, started sucking his cock again, and used her hand to make up for what she couldn’t fit.

John: Anushka, fuck bitch! Mhmmm..that feels so good.

Anuska took John’s cock out of her mouth and licked down to his balls. Then she started stroking him faster while her tongue took long, slow licks.

John grunted: Ahh bitch, I’m not going to be able to hold my cum if you continue to suck me.

Anushka’s tongue felt incredible on his balls. She continued stroking him. As Anushka continued to suck him, he poured another peg for himself and Anushka and placed it on the coffee table nearby.

John took a sip while Anushka continued to suck him hard and sighed: “Ah fuck, this is outstanding baby. My cock is now desperate to get inside you.”

As John sensed that he was about to cum, he quickly pulled back his dick from her mouth. Then he leaned forward and kissed Anushka on her lips and gave her right boobs a big squeeze. Anushka got up and took a sip of her whiskey. She then came closer to John and grabbed his ass cheeks.

Anushka: Fuck me! Do you have a condom?

John: Yes, I do. But would you mind letting my dick feel your wet pussy?

Anushka knew what John meant but she asked: What do you mean?

John licked her neck and collarbone and nibbled her earlobes.

John whispered in her ears: I meant, can I fuck you without a condom?

Anushka had her eyes closed. She bit her lips and said in a low voice: Yes. I want to be your slut for tonight.

John guided Anushka to the edge of the bed and made her sit in doggy style. She positioned herself perfectly and removed the pillows to give John better access from behind. John then squeezed her boobs roughly and slapped her ass cheeks.

Anushka: Uhmm… that was wild! Fuck me now, please!

John slowly began inserting his dick inside the horny receptionist’s vagina which was already wet and dripping by then. As soon as he entered her, Anushka let out a loud moan. She clenched her hands and grabbed the sheet while her moans were louder than ever. John’s continuous boobs play had made them red and Anushka was now hornier than ever.

John: Can you chew my underwear, baby, while we have sex? I want to wear your saliva-laden underwear for tomorrow.

Anushka: Eww! You are so kinky. But I don’t think I can say no to you for anything tonight.

Then Anushka took the underwear that was kept on the side of the bed. She sniffed it once and felt the smell of John’s cum and sweat. She sniffed it deep and closed her eyes and began chewing and sucking it.

John continued driving into her with full thrusts for another 20 minutes. Anushka was panting in pleasure and pain. Then John took his dick out and brought his nose closer to her butt hole and began sniffing it. Anushka took her head up as she felt his breath near her ass hole.

Anushka: What happened?

John: Nothing, I am in awe of this beautiful piece of ass.

Anushka: You like it?

John: Let me show you how much I like it.

Saying this, he stretched her ass cheeks and licked her ass hole.

Anushka: Ahhh.

John continued to lick her ass hole and made it completely wet. He then took his tongue and began inserting it inside her butt hole. Soon, his entire tongue was inside her ass. Once it was in, John began encircling the inside of her ass with her tongue.

Anushka: Gosh, I have never experienced that. I am cumming.

John continued to tongue fuck her ass for another 5 minutes. He liked the taste of her ass. John then took his middle finger and slowly inserted it into her already-wet vagina.

Anushka: Please put your cock inside my pussy. I want it there.

John: Mhmm… you are going to love this, baby.

He then took his finger out from her vagina and started rubbing his finger around her ass hole. Then slowly he worked his finger inside her butthole.

Anushka: No no no. Not there!

John did not waste a split second and guided his dick inside her already leaking pussy. Now Anushka had her ass finger-fucked while her pussy was filled with John’s cock. His right hand was still fondling and squeezing her boobs. Soon, Anushka began to experience another wave of orgasm.

Anushka yelled in sexual ecstasy: Oh God, yes! I am going to cum again. I am going to cum all over you.

She continued moaning loudly: Fuck, fuck, fuck! Cum inside me. Fill me up. I want to feel you explode in me.

Soon, she let out a deep, guttural moan, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Don’t stop.” Her pussy squeezed John’s cock as she came all over him.

John: Ahhh, You just squeezed my cock so hard.

He grabbed her thighs tighter and began thrusting his cock as deep as he could. Anushka could sense the orgasm building within John so she continued to move rhythmically to John’s thrusts.

John: Ahhh, Baby, I am going to cum now.

Anushka grabbed John’s ass and pulled him toward her. She said in a deep sensual voice –

Anushka: Fill me, baby, fill your sperm inside my vagina. I want every drop of your thick jizz in my pussy.

Soon, John unloaded his cum inside the receptionist girl’s vagina. Anushka could sense the hot cum flowing through her vagina and filling her cunt.

Anushka: Baby, seems like you just unloaded your balls inside me. My vagina is full of your cum. I’ll get pills tomorrow when I’ll leave.

John collapsed on top of her. He took his finger out of her ass and started licking it. The taste of her was driving him crazy and buried his face in her boobs. They both enjoyed sex and lay there for a while and then decided to shower.

As Anushka was about to get dressed up, John asked, “Babe, Can you please give me your panty as a souvenir?”

Anushka nibbled on John’s nipple and said, “Only if we exchange our numbers.”

They both laughed and exchanged their numbers. Anushka bent down and removed her panty. Then she kissed John again, this time on his lips before she left. She hurried her way through the passage towards the reception.

She had decided that she would lie to her colleagues that she was unwell and was taking rest in the medical room for hotel staff. John wore his underwear that Anushka chewed and his cock was again covered with her saliva. He lay on the bed while sniffing her panty and no time fell asleep. They both were happy with how the night unfolded for them.


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