The Mother Saga – Part 15 (Goa Honeymoon)

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The story of our Goa honeymoon continues.

It was 8:30 PM, and the AC bus arrived at the stop. The shopkeeper looked at the bus and said, “AC bus.”  Nobody from here boards the AC bus. I did not know about it.”

The conductor got off the bus and asked me for the ticket. After checking, he asked me whether we had any luggage to keep inside the luggage compartment. I said yes and gave the larger bag to him. He tagged it and kept it inside while mom and I boarded the bus.

Mom was looking at an AC bus for the first time. She was happy and excited too. The cool air from inside hit us as we entered the bus, and mom looked happier. Then she turned around and looked at me with a question mark. She could not see any seats on the bus.

I told her to keep moving inside as this was a sleeper bus. She looked in amazement as all this was new to her and me. Then I found the upper double berth sleeper for us and asked mom to use the small ladder and climb on top of the berth. She looked puzzled and began to climb up.

I then kept the bag at the rack and climbed in too. The upper berth was a bit cramped for me to sit straight but comfortable for us to sleep. The bus began to move. I switched on the small light inside and looked around. The double berth was spacious for two.

There was a dark glass door and curtains to cover the whole glass. I asked mom to lie down towards the window side and open the curtains on the window side. Mom was still dazed by the experience and kept looking outside the window.

I checked the dark glass door on the other side and checked how much was visible from the other side. If we closed the glass door and the curtains, nobody from the other side could see anything happening inside. This was an advantage for me. I closed the dark glass door and closed the curtains completely.

Now it was like a private cabin for us. I looked at mom, and she was smiling happily. I adjusted the AC blower for full flow, and she sighed with the cool fresh air hitting her face. Then I lay down, and we looked outside from the window for a few minutes.

“Did you like the bus?” I asked mom. She said she loved it very much and said thank you for the wonderful surprise. She kissed me passionately. I told her that though people outside could not see inside, they could hear if we spoke loudly. She understood and began to whisper.

I lay on my back, and she turned towards me and was caressing my cock over my shorts. “I love you, Dev, I love you as my son, I love you as my husband, I love you as my master. You have given me all the pleasure that a woman can ask for,” She kept whispering in my ear.

Her hands were caressing my cock and my balls. “Your balls are so big. They make such great cum. It tastes good. Your cock is my master. I will serve my master as he wants. I love this cock. I am your slut, son. I am your mother cunt. I am your whore bitch. You are my bull, fuck your cow master,” she whispered.

My cock was now fully erect and stood 10-inch-long and 4-inch-thick in my shorts. Mom licked my cheeks and began to kiss me passionately. We sucked and licked each other’s tongues for more than 15 minutes as the bus moved along the highway.

Mom inserted her hand inside my shorts, brought her thick and long master out, and began stroking slowly. Then we broke our kiss, and I pulled out her sexy breasts from the blouse. As I pulled them out from the top, they pushed each other for space and formed a very sexy cleavage.

Due to the cold AC air hitting her nipples, her nipples were getting erect. I began to lick her nipples and suck them very gently. She tried not to moan and bit her lips as I sucked and licked her nipples. After 10 minutes, she pulled out my cock from my shorts and gently rubbed the cock head with her fingers.

My precum was oozing out, and she spread it all over the cock head. Then she used her fingers to take some of the precum on her fingers and brought it to her nose, and smelled it. “The smell of my master’s precum is intoxicating,” she whispered as she went on to lick her fingers.

I slowly began to pull her saree to her waist. She responded by lifting her ass to help me pull the saree above her waist. I began to run my fingers over her pussy lips. We both kept kissing, licking and rubbing ourselves as much as possible without making any sound.

After another 20 minutes, I asked her to turn around and face the window. She looked puzzled but turned around. I made sure her saree was pulled up to her waist and her sexy ass exposed. I then got closer to her from behind and came in a spooning position while kissing and licking her ears and neck.

Slowly and gently, I pushed my 10-inch long cock inside her pussy from behind. She gasped as my 4-inch thick cock head spread her pussy lips wide. It entered her sloppy cunt while rubbing against her clit all the time. She tried her best to stop making any sounds.

But as my cock dug deeper in her pussy, she let a soft moan. My cock was nestled deep in her  cunt, and I stayed still for a few minutes. Jyoti was breathing heavily as her sexy boobs were rising and falling. I slowly began to pull out my cock from her pussy and thrust it in again.

This made a loud creaking sound from the berth, and I tried again with the same result. I decided not to try again and told mom that fucking her there was not a good option. She understood, and we slept in the same position with my cock buried deep in her cunt.

I licked her earlobe and caressed her nipple with one hand while the other hand was playing with her clit. My tongue around her ear and neck aroused her erogenous zones. My fingers played with her nipple and clit rings, pulling and pinching them, making her juices flow freely.

After 20 minutes, she began to breathe fast and pressed her ass against my cock. I shoved my cock to go deeper. This brought her orgasm as she shivered. Her pussy convulsed rhythmically, making my cock throb inside her pussy. I began to unload my hot sperm deep in her pussy.

She kept shivering and panting while this was the first time I came inside her without even fucking her. We both enjoyed the sensations in our bodies. We drifted to sleep in the same position, and the bus kept moving on its journey.

It was 6 AM when the bus reached our destination, Goa. My cock was still inside moms pussy. Her boobs were out of her blouse when the bus conductor knocked on the glass of our berth, shouting that Goa had arrived. I pulled out my cock.

She pushed her boobs inside her blouse and dropped her saree to her knees. We then got up and got down from the bus. The bus stand was full of people arriving from different cities, and many taxi drivers thronged the people. I took our luggage, grabbed mom’s hand, and moved to the exit of the bus stand.

A young taxi driver followed us and asked where we would like to go. I told him the hotel name where I had booked the room. He stared at us like we were unfit to get into his taxi. Then he asked me whether I was sure about that hotel. I sneered at him and began to walk away.

He called me again and said he would drop us off. We then got into his taxi, and he drove us towards the hotel. Mom was excited as she did not know that we were coming to Goa. She kept holding my hand and told me that it was her dream to visit Goa. I told her that I knew that and hence we are here.

I saw that the taxi driver was looking at the boobs of my mom in the rear-view mirror. After a few minutes, he looked at her boobs again. Her sexy cleavage was visible as the blouse was much smaller, while her pallu was between her big papayas.

When I found him staring at mom’s boobs the third time, I slowly moved my palm near mom’s boob. I slowly placed it around the base as if I was grabbing her boob. He kept looking at it as I palmed my mom’s boob while she was excited looking at the scenery outside.

After 30 minutes, we reached the gates of the five-star hotel. The taxi was stopped at the gate, and the security asked him where he wanted to go. I informed the security that we had a reservation at the hotel under Mr. Dev.

Mom was astonished to see the huge gardens and manicured lawns of the five-star hotel. She looked at me as if we were staying there. I nodded, and she was ecstatic. The taxi stopped as we reached the porch, and I paid the driver.

We got down, and a bell boy carried our luggage to the reception. We entered a five-star hotel for the first time and checked out the interiors with our eyes wide open. I completed the check-in formalities and paid the amount for a 4 nights stay.

The receptionist gave the room key to the bell boy and said, “Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Dev to our hotel. Please enjoy your stay.” I thanked her, and mom looked at me as she heard the lady address us as husband and wife. The bell boy led us towards the glass elevator.

We both were excited as even an elevator ride was a first for us. The bell boy pressed a button, and the elevator moved up. We could see the sea from the heights and the superb beach adjacent to the hotel. We reached the 10th floor, and the bell boy led us to our room.

The room was huge. It had a small corridor at the entrance, then a small lounge with a big sofa and tea table. A big smoked glass separated the lounge and the huge king-size bed. The bed was soft and large with very nice decoration and past the bed was a huge glass window that led to the balcony.

The balcony offered a fantastic view of the sea and the beach. I thanked the bell boy and paid him as he left the room. I locked the door and checked the room. Even if we kept the curtains of the balcony door open, nobody could see inside.

I closed the balcony glass door but kept the curtains open. I set the AC temperature as I was feeling hot. Mom just sat on the bed, staring at the room and its interiors. I kept our luggage in the wardrobe and sat on the bed beside mom.

“Do you like our honeymoon destination, Jyoti?” I asked. She looked at me, and tears welled up in her eyes as she nodded. “Do you like your honeymoon hotel and room, Jyoti?” I asked. She again nodded and hugged me tightly, bursting into tears of joy and beginning to cry.

We hugged each other, and she wept for a few minutes as I allowed her emotions to flow. After 15 minutes, she stopped crying and looked at my face. She then reached and kissed my lips with love. We kissed each other passionately.

I removed her blouse and made her topless. She removed my shorts and began stroking my cock as it grew to its full length. We kissed and licked each other’s lips and tongue. We moved to the bed. We were naked within the next few minutes.

The passionate exchange of saliva and sucking each other’s tongues made us hornier. My cock was throbbing as it reached 10-inch in length and 4-inch in thickness. I grabbed mom and pushed her on the bed while inserting the thick cock head in her pussy.

She moaned aloud. I began to thrust her pussy hard as my cock reached the depths of her pussy in the missionary position. I fucked her like an animal as her boobs bounced on her chest and swung. She closed her eyes and bit her lips when I was pinching her nipple and rubbing my thumb on her clit.

“Aaah,” she moaned as I kept ramming her hard and fast like a piston. The bed was very supportive, and I liked the recoil it gave while I thrust inside her pussy. After ramming her for 20 minutes, I finally came inside her pussy with spurt after spurt of my cum and filled the depths of her womb.

She was panting and enjoying her orgasm as her pussy was dripping her juices on the bed. We lay there for some time and then slowly drifted off to sleep.

I was woken up around 9 AM by an urge to pee. I opened my eyes to find mom looking at me with love in her eyes. She saw me waking up and ran her hand over my cheeks and her fingers over my lips. “Thank you very much for the beautiful hotel room for our honeymoon master,” she said with tears.

She reached forward and kissed my lips. We lip-locked for about 5 minutes as we sucked and licked each other’s lips and tongue. I broke the kiss and told mom that I needed to pee now. She giggled and released me as I got up from the bed. I looked at mom as she was looking at me.

I then pointed my finger to the floor where I was standing beside the bed. As if the slave inside her understood her master’s need, she just got down from the bed, stood in front of me and dropped to her knees. She then looked at me and opened her mouth.

“Good slut,” I said. I held my cock tip and placed it on her tongue of her open mouth. “My slave understands her master’s command. Now drink it all without spilling any drop on the carpet below, ok slut?” She nodded as I placed my cock head on her tongue.

I pushed a little inside her mouth before slowly releasing my fresh morning piss down her throat. She looked beautiful as her eyes filled with love, lust and gratitude toward her master. Her body glowed with pleasure, excitement, and attention from her master.

Her breathing was slow and stable as her heart was experiencing the bliss of servitude to her master. Her brain is switched off. She need not think of anything now, only listen and follow orders from her master. She looked like a perfectly trained and tamed sex slave.

She managed to gulp down all of my piss slowly. As I finished peeing, she sucked the tip of my cock and cleaned up all the piss. “Good, slut,” I said as I ran my fingers through her hair as a reward and appreciation. She kept looking at me, and her face showed her happiness to obey her master.

“From now onwards, this kneeling position is your only position whenever we are alone in private. As soon as we are alone in a private place like our home, a room, or any secluded area, you shall take this kneeling position. You shall remain in this position unless I ask you to change position. Is this clear?” I ordered.

“Yes, master,” she replied, “I request your permission to speak, master,” she said. “Speak,” I replied. “I also need to pee, master,” she said. I slapped her hard, “That is not a proper request slut. You should say that your slave needs to pee, master, please grant permission to pee.”

She rubbed her cheek and requested, “Your slave needs to pee, master. Please grant permission to pee.”

“Ok, follow me on your fours like a bitch,” I said. She followed me on her fours like a bitch as I headed towards the balcony.

Surprised as I opened the balcony door and stepped outside, she was looking at me. As I mentioned earlier, the balcony was covered from three sides. As we were on the top floor, there was nothing but the open sky overhead and a 4 feet high wall at the front.

I went and stood near the 4 feet front wall looking at her. She crawled out of the room and onto the balcony while checking if anybody could see her naked on her fours like a bitch.

“Piss like a bitch on the potted plant over there,” I said, pointing to the plant. She crawled over to the pot, looked at me and then lifted her left leg from the ground like a dog. Her golden piss began to flow from her pink pussy lips right over to the plant inside the pot.

Her face flushed red as she saw her master admiring his bitch pissing on the balcony of a five-star hotel. Her flow of piss filled the pot, and she relaxed as she finished pissing. She lowered her leg and finishing and took the kneeling position. I waved my hand and signaled her to crawl back into the room.