The Other Door Of Heaven With Ravi

Hello friends, this is the recent lucky incident happened with me. I am going to narrate it as it was without any spices. So maybe you find it a bit different from my last stories in which I spiced them up a bit. Since my last incident in bus 2.5 year back and especially when I wrote it here, I was getting many emails.

I was choosing someone to get laid with. As you know in India we think about safety a lot so I was very concern about choosing my ass’s master. At the same time, I was getting most of the mails from bottoms. So till June, there was no development in real fucking and I was exchanging pictures mainly.

I got 1 top with whom I was chatting a lot to finalize our meeting. One day I got a mail from a guy named Arjun. We exchanged emails and pictures. He turned out to be a bottom. But his ass was so lovely that I made my mind to fuck him. To be honest his butts look sexier than my wife’s butts.

My wife is dusky whereas Arjun was fair and his butts look like a porn star. But suddenly he disappeared and I was left with my hard dick and hand. I am saying hand because my wife was pregnant at that time.  I found it turn off to fuck her with that tummy.

Last month I was in hospital as my wife was delivering the baby. We went to the hospital at night and she was taking time. There was 1 guy Ravi. His wife was there for the same reason. So while we were waiting, I and Ravi started chatting and became kind of friends.

Around 2 in the night we both went to pee. And I don’t know why but when we were there I just looked at his dick. It was small. He too noticed it and asked me why I was looking at his dick. I tried to avoid it. But then I said, “My wife always told me that my dick is very large. It gave her a hard time every time I fuck her. So I thought to check yours.”

Then he asked so what did you see. I told him please don’t mind but mine is bigger. He said he didn’t believe me. After a pause of 2 seconds, he asked me to show mine. He asked me to come to 1 of the toilets. I don’t know why but I straight away followed him.

He sat on the English seat. Before any action on my end, he opened my jeans and took out my dick and start rubbing it with his hand. I had been thinking to fuck Arjun since our chat. And since he vanished I was masturbating watching his ass pictures. So my dick became hard in no time.

Strangely Ravi started kissing my dick and in no time he took out a condom from his pocket. He rolled it on my dick and start giving me a blowjob. He was so desperate and eager and was almost giving me a deep throat. To be honest he was doing better than my wife.

It was like he is in love with my dick and he wanted it more than me. Asking my wife to give me a blowjob. Probably my wife does it only because I ask her. But this guy was doing it as if he was born for it. I only realized it when I noticed that I was playing with his hair and pushing his head more on my dick.

As opposed to my wife, when I do it with her I always feel resistance as if she is not able to take it. But with Ravi, it was like I am supporting him or encouraging him. I could feel his breathing in my pubic hair. To be honest he was giving me the best blowjob of my life.

Though my wife gives it without a condom Ravi was giving me the best time of my life. And my 7 inches dick was rock hard and was trying to become 8 inches. Ravi was in the mood of becoming the most important person in my life. Next, he turned and bent in the English commode.

Yes in English commode. This guy was literally put his head in that filthy shit and make so much space that I could dig his ass with long and strong stocks. He himself put my dick head on his asshole after putting some saliva on his asshole. My dick was already wet with his mouth job.

As I was ready to push my well-placed dick in his ass he closed his mouth with his hand. And to be honest this act of closing his mouth woke devil in me. I pushed my 7 inches dick in one slow go in his asshole. My wife hadn’t let me fuck her ass as she wanted to save it for future when I will lose interest in her pussy.

This was the first asshole I was fucking and I was fucking it carelessly. I was cruel to Ravi. But Ravi whose legs were shivering and eyes were popping out didn’t ask me to stop. He was trying hard to not scream. I was taking my dick completely out of his asshole and then again ramming it in one go.

I could notice his asshole was becoming wider than my wife’s pussy. I was stretching his butts wide and trying to put my complete meat in his ass. I could notice his hair was touching the water in the commode. But he was like signaling me that, “Fuck me harder, master,” and I was doing that.

I was cumming and my digging got wilder and his legs started shivering. But I was not caring and with a few wild strokes, I put my dick maximum in his asshole and cum. I cum a lot. We stayed in that position for a moment and then he turned and sat on the commode.

He took condom from my dick throw it in the commode, cleaned my dick and then rubbed my cum on his cheeks. We came out and sat together in the lobby outside our wives room. He asked me how was it. I told him it was the best fuck of my life.

He told me a gay bottom will always be more submissive than a girl. Girls know they can get dicks easily whereas bottoms can’t. So bottoms almost worship his top. And as girls have pussy they may not want to give a blowjob or get fucked in the ass. Whereas ///”>the gay bottom is always looking for dick for his asshole.

A gay bottom will be ready to take hard fuck in asshole. And to get his asshole fucked he will give you the best blowjob even if he doesn’t like it. Because he wants your dick at all cost. I couldn’t disagree with him. My wife didn’t let me fuck her ass till date.

And blowjobs were a formality for her whereas Ravi gave me the best satisfaction of my life. We exchanged numbers. We both were blessed with a healthy baby. Our normal life is going good. Since that toilet fuck, we have met three times in the last 30 days.

So guys let me know your views on . Now I know a man can also play from both sides. I am ready for both. Arjun I am missing you, please mail me again.