The Sex Files – Part 1

“Chiru, are you sure you’re okay with me going on my own?” Gayatri asked his boyfriend Chirag, ready to leave for Mumbai.

“It’s okay, Gaya. I trust you. Bye!” Chirag ‘Chiru’ said, smiling.

Soon, Gayatri ‘Gaya’ left, dressed in a mostly white colored salwar kameez with a narrow neck, short sleeves and buttons in the back. Similar to what she always wore to work.

Gayatri was a 28-year-old accountant working at an office in Kochin, Kerala. She had worked there since she was 26.

Hailing from Mumbai, Gayatri was rather fair compared to a typical girl in Kerala. She maintained a 34-28-36 body, thanks to her regular workouts. Her height was 5’7″.

She had a Keralite boyfriend named Chirag since she started working in Kochin. Gayatri’s hometown was Mumbai. Her cousin Anvi, who was 32 years old, was visiting from the US. Anvi’s hometown was Delhi.

During this visit, Anvi had also planned to visit Gayatri in Mumbai. Initially, Gayatri had planned to go to Mumbai from Kochin through the 8.35 am non-stop flight that would have taken her to Mumbai by 10:35 am the same day.

But the flight was a few days away from the day she had planned to land in Mumbai. Thus, if she had waited for that flight, she would have missed Anvi altogether.

So she decided to take the 9.05 am flight in the morning, which had a 10:05 layover at Bangalore from 10:25 am to 8:30 pm. Then, she would be able to reach Mumbai by 10:15 pm the same day.

So, Gayatri left Kochin with her handbag and her traveling bag with wheels. The first part of the journey was uneventful. Gayatri landed in Bangalore and left the terminal.

While she was leaving, she heard a man calling her name.

“Gayatri!” a man called her from behind. She turned back.

A young man, who was about as old as Gayatri, came towards her. He had a full beard all over his face, and although slim, he did look like a strong man. He was about 5’9″ tall. He was wearing a short-sleeved baggy t-shirt and denim pants with shoes. He had a traveling bag similar to Gayatri’s.

“Can you recognize me?” the man asked.

“Adnan!” Gayatri said at once with her eyes wide open.

Adnan was Gayatri’s boyfriend when she was in high school. After high school, he went to study at a college in West Bengal. Thus the two lost connections.

“Oh, I’m so happy to see you again,” Gayatri said, hugging Adnan.

Adnan hugged Gayatri back. The two released each other afterward.

“So, Adnan, what are you doing here in Bangalore?”

“Oh, just visiting some cousins. After that, I’m taking the 8:30 pm flight to Mumbai…to visit more cousins.”

“Wow!” Gayatri exclaimed.

“Hey, you know what, I think we both are taking the same flight. I’m also taking an 8.30 pm flight to Mumbai.”

“I think it doesn’t work like that, but maybe we are. Who knows?

“By the way, Gayatri, I have to say, you look… different.”

“Haha, what do you mean ‘different’?”

“I mean, you look fitter. Your body seems to be in better shape and…even stronger,” Adnan said, smiling.

“Thanks. You also seemed different. I couldn’t even recognize you at first.”

“Oh, by the way, do you have any plans until 8:30 pm? It’s a long time, I guess.”

“I was thinking about taking a hotel room. What about you?”

“Yeah, same. Hey, you know what? I know a guy at a hotel in Bangalore. Whenever I go there, he allows me to stay in a room, free of charge.”

“Come on, that’s ridiculous. You’re bullshitting with me, aren’t you?”

“Why would I bullshit with you? Okay, how about this? You come with me, and I’ll do it and show you, okay?”

“I’ll not be able to take a room at any hotel if I get that late!”

“Come on, Gayatri, have I ever caused trouble to you?”

“Except for that one time when we were caught making out in the classroom, no.”

“Haha, yeah. But that was it, right?”

“Okay, then, I’ll come to the hotel.”

By about 11:00 am, the two were at the hotel that Adnan was referring to.

“Looks like there’s no rush today,” Adnan said, looking around. There wasn’t anyone at the receptionist, and very few people were around.

“Adnan Bhaiya! Salam Alaikum!” the receptionist happily called Adnan.

“Alaikum Salam, Bashir Bhai!” Adnan responded with a smile walking towards Bashir, the receptionist. Gayatri followed him.

“Welcome back! Hey, who’s this? Your girlfriend?” Bashir asked in Urdu, to which Adnan also replied in Urdu.

“Oh, no, she’s an old friend. Hey, can she also get a room here today? She’ll be leaving at about 8.00 pm?”

Bashir went from funny to serious in a moment.

“Look,” he slowly said, bending a little forward.

“I’m already risking my neck trying to let you stay here for free. I can’t extend that to another woman unless you both stay in the same room.”

“Uhh, what do I do now?” Adnan murmured.

Meanwhile, Gayatri didn’t understand much of what Adnan and Bashir spoke. She called Adnan.

“Adnan, what’s wrong?”

“It’s a little awkward, Gayatri,” Adnan started talking.

Adnan explained the situation to Gayatri.

Gayatri thought. Should she stay in the same room with a man she was no longer in an intimate relationship with?

After Gayatri met Chirag, she had never had sex with another man, so she thought for a few seconds.

“Okay, we shall manage it somehow,” she finally said.

“You…sure about this?” Adnan asked in a somewhat surprised tone.

“Yeah,” Gayatri said.

“Okay, I’ll take the room then,” Adnan said, turning back towards Bashir.

“Go to that corridor,” Adnan said to Gayatri, showing her a corridor that started from the reception hall.

“Walk all the way towards the other end. The room is the one towards your right hand side. Wait there. I’ll be there soon.”

Gayatri waited in the room. Within minutes, Adnan was there.

“Okay, let’s go in,” Adnan said, unlocking the door.

Gayatri couldn’t help but notice the bulge in Adnan’s pants that she didn’t see earlier. Did Adnan have an erection because of Gayatri?

Gayatri started feeling uneasy. But she thought it would be rude to leave now.

“I will figure out a way to stay a safe distance away from Adnan,” she thought.

Adnan opened the door and stepped aside.

“Ladies first,” he said. Gayatri entered the room reluctantly.

Adnan entered after her and closed the door, locking it.

“Adnan, what–,” Gayatri tried to say something. But Adnan hugged her tightly from the front and grabbed the hair on the back of her head with his right hand. He then grabbed Gayatri’s meaty ass as he started greedily eating her mouth, tightly holding her head in place with his right hand.

Initially, Gayatri wanted to push Adnan away, but as he kept sucking her lips, she felt the warmth increasing inside her, and soon she closed her eyes. Her palms slid against his arms, and soon, she started rubbing her fingers through his hair.

After eating her lips for a while, Adnan licked her towards the left side of her neck, taking her dupatta away from her neck simultaneously. And started eating her there.

“Ahhh…www,” Gayatri moaned, with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open.

After eating Gayatri’s neck for a while, Adnan took his face away. He then turned her around and started unbuttoning her kameez as Gayatri placed her right cheek on the wall in front of her, moaning.

“Mmmm,” Gayatri moaned with her eyes closed. Adnan quickly unbuttoned her kameez and then unhooked her bra. He then pushed them both off her shoulders, making her topless. He then threw his arms around hers and grabbed her boobs.

“Ah,” Gayatri gasped as Adnan started massaging her boobs, simultaneously eating the area between her left shoulder and her left ear.

“Ahhh,” Gayatri moaned with her eyes closed. Adnan slid his left palm upwards her neck and his right palm downwards her belly.

Adnan then took Gayatri’s face in his left hand and turned it to her left-hand side. Then he started eating her mouth again, as his right hand slid into her salwar and into her panty.

“Mmmm,” Gayatri moaned into Adnan’s mouth as Adnan started playing with her pussy and clitoris using his fingertips.

Gayatri rubbed Adnan’s right hand into her panty as he kept playing with her pussy. After a while, he took her in his arms and threw her to the bed.

“Ah,” Gayatri gasped as Adnan started taking her footwear off. After that, he pulled her salwar and her panty off her legs. Now Gayatri was fully naked. She lay in bed as Adnan got naked and got on the mattress.

Adnan pulled Gayatri’s legs to both sides and knelt in between. He placed his palms on the mattress by both sides of Gayatri’s waist and entered her at once.

“Ah,” Gayatri let out a painful gasp as Adnan entered her. Her eyes and her mouth opened wide as he started fucking her. Adnan slid against Gayatri and hugged her tightly. He held her in place and started fucking her with his face against the left side of her neck.

“Eeeh,” Gayatri moaned, biting her teeth with her eyes closed tightly. As time went on, his thrusts became harder and more frequent.

“Aah!” Gayatri screamed, tightening her fists as Adnan’s bone-crushing grip tightened around her body. His penis entered her pussy, like a piston, over and over again. She didn’t see, but he was biting his teeth, as he wanted to cum soon.

As Adnan pumped Gayatri more and more, more and more of his sweat flowed all over her. Adnan fucked her like this for about twenty minutes straight. In the end, when he finally stopped, Gayatri could feel his juice filling her womb.

Gayatri had no problem with that. Since she regularly had sex with Chirag back in Kerala, she was always on the pill. But her body was in pain because of Adnan’s tight grip on her body.

“Oh, wow, that was awesome,” Adnan moaned as he lay next to Gayatri’s right hand side.

As Gayatri turned towards her left side, Adnan hugged her from behind and kissed her right shoulder and right cheek.

“Let’s have a nap, and after that, we shall go have lunch,” Adnan murmured to Gayatri’s ear.

As the two closed their eyes, Gayatri remembered the first time she had sex. This happened at college.

To be continued.

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