The Sex Files – Part 3

The first time – continued:

“Wake up, sleepy head,” Adnan said, waking Gayatri.

It was 1:00 pm.

“I’m going to go and bring us lunch. You stay here,” Adnan said, getting ready to leave.

Soon, Adnan left the room, and Gayatri decided to call Chirag, her boyfriend.

When Gayatri took her phone, she saw a missed call from Chirag. She soon called him back.


“Chiru, hi. I landed in Bangalore.”

“Now? I think you were supposed to land about two hours ago. What happened?”

“I was tired, Chiru, so I booked a hotel room and slept. I’m sorry. I know I should have let you know.”

“It’s ok, Gaya. Let me know when you land in Mumbai, ok?”

“Ok, Chiru. Bye. Love you!” Gayatri said, dropping the call.

After the call, Gayatri laid back on the bed. She couldn’t help but imagine what might have happened between Anvi and Prateek while they were upstairs.

Nine years ago…

Anvi and Prateek went upstairs, and as soon as the two were away from the sight of Gayatri and Raj, Prateek took Anvi’s wrists and pinned her against a nearby wall.

As the two closed their eyes and started kissing each other’s lips, Anvi’s arms slid around Prateek’s neck and held his head in place.

While kissing Anvi, Prateek’s left hand slid under the back of Anvi’s top and upwards toward her bra. At the same time, his right hand slid into her pants and then into her panty and grabbed her right ass cheek.

Anvi moaned as Prateek unhooked her bra with his left hand. She at once broke the kiss and looked into Prateek’s eyes.

“Oh wow, Prateek, you’re talented, aren’t you?”

“I just can’t wait to make you naked and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow, babe.”

“I know, Prateek, and that’s why I love you,” Anvi said as she kissed his lips once.

“But let’s get into a room before we start making too much noise, shall we?”

Soon, the two entered a nearby room, kissing each other’s lips.

The two fell on the bed in the room and sat on the mattress.

As Prateek started kissing the right side of Anvi’s neck, he slid her t-shirt upwards with his left hand, exposing her right bra cup. Once her bra cup was exposed, Prateek hurriedly pulled it up, exposing her boob. Then he broke the kiss and started sucking Anvi’s right boob.

Anvi moaned, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip, as her right hand fingers ran through Prateek’s hair. As Prateek kept sucking Anvi’s boob, Anvi took off her t-shirt and put it aside. Then, she did the same with her bra.

As Prateek kept sucking Anvi’s boob, he slid his left hand into her panty and started rubbing her pussy. She arched backward and started moaning with her eyes closed.

Soon, Anvi fell on the mattress. Then, Prateek pulled her pants and panty off her legs and put them aside.

Now, Anvi was fully naked, lying on the bed, showing off her well-exercised, well-shaped body. Prateek slowly pushed his left index and middle fingers together into Anvi’s pussy, making her moan.

“Someone’s wet already, it seems,” he said, standing up and getting naked.

Prateek was soon naked. He had a somewhat muscular gym body, a good match for Anvi’s. Prateek then lay on the mattress with her legs towards Anvi’s head.

“Let’s do this,” Prateek said, sliding on the mattress, getting his face close to Anvi’s pussy and his now half-erect cock close to Anvi’s mouth.

“Wow, it’s already so big!” Anvi moaned, taking Prateek’s cock in her hands.

The two started pleasing each other’s genitalia in the 69 position.

Prateek licked Anvi’s clitoris, rubbing her labia with his right index and thumb fingertips. Anvi kept sucking his cock, riding her head back and forth. She kept moaning at the same time, with her eyes closed.

With time, Anvi became wetter, and Prateek became harder. Suddenly, Anvi took Prateek’s now fully erect cock out of her mouth.

“Prateek, I think it’s time for the final stage,” Anvi moaned.

Prateek knelt in front of Anvi’s legs as she pushed them apart.

“Anything you say, baby,” Prateek said with a smile as he slowly moved above Anvi, taking his face close to hers. He placed his palms against the mattress to put his weight off Anvi.

Prateek smiled with Anvi as he slowly laid on top of her, entering her at the same time.

“Mmmh…yeah, baby,” Anvi moaned.

As Prateek started fucking Anvi, he slowly slid his arms under her body and held her tightly against himself. As time went on, Prateek’s speed increased. Soon, he was fucking Anvi as fast as possible.

“Ah, ah,” Anvi moaned each time she was penetrated.

“Ah, ah, yeah…fuck me harder, Prateek,” Anvi kept moaning.

Prateek kept fucking Anvi as hard as possible, pressing her into the mattress inches each time he penetrated her.

“Aaah…I’m going to cum!” Anvi suddenly moaned.

Prateek removed himself from Anvi and knelt in front of her. Anvi started rubbing her pussy with her right hand.

Soon, Anvi’s juice started gushing out of her pussy, wave after wave.

“Aaah…yeah,” Anvi moaned, smiling.

After Anvi stopped cumming, she lay on the bed again. Prateek turned Anvi to her left-hand side and pushed her right knee upwards until her thigh made a right angle with her torso.

Prateek then put his knees on both sides of Anvi’s left thigh and slid forward. He then placed his palms on both sides of Anvi’s torso and entered her pussy.

“Aaah,” Anvi moaned as Prateek started fucking her. She looked at Prateek’s face and smiled.

Prateek fucked Anvi as fast as possible, but this sex position tired him. Soon he started sweating badly, and sweat started falling on Anvi’s body. After some more fucking, Prateek got off Anvi and laid on his back in front of Anvi’s face.

“Retribution time, haha,” Anvi moaned as she rubbed Prateek’s cock with her right hand, licking his gland occasionally.

“Oh, yeah, darling,” Prateek moaned.

After Prateek’s cock was hard again, Anvi put both her knees on both sides of Prateek’s hip and sat on his crotch, slowly taking his cock in at the same time.

“Oh, yeah, your cock feels so good in my pussy, baby,” Anvi moaned as she started fucking Prateek.

“Wow, you’re so hot right now,” Prateek said as he reached up and grabbed Anvi’s boobs with both hands.

As Anvi kept increasing her speed, she arched backward and held Prateek’s shins with her hands. Some more time later, Anvi stopped riding Prateek. Drops of sweat had started to appear on her body.

As Anvi finally stopped riding, Prateek raised his torso upwards and hugged Anvi. Anvi put her arms around Prateek’s neck,, and the two kissed.

While sharing the kiss, Anvi slowly started riding Prateek again. Prateek placed his left palm on the mattress behind his back and straightened his arm, putting his weight on it. With his right hand, he grabbed Anvi’s jaw and slowly slid his right index and middle fingers into her mouth.

Anvi closed her mouth and started sucking Prateek’s two fingers as she kept riding him, moaning at the same time. After some time, Anvi stopped riding Prateek and started sharing a kiss with him again.

As the two were sharing the kiss with their eyes closed, Prateek put his right arm around Anvi’s hip and held her tightly against himself. He then turned around, getting her under himself.

Prateek then started fucking Anvi again in the original position.

“Aaah…yeah, fuck me harder, baby, make me cum again,” Anvi moaned. Prateek started fucking her harder than ever before.

“Ah, I’m going to cum!” Prateek moaned as he removed himself from Anvi. As Anvi raised her torso and sat on the mattress, Prateek stood on the floor and took his cock close to Anvi’s face.

Soon, one after another, waves of Prateek’s juice started hitting Anvi’s face and the insides of her mouth as she shut her eyes tight. Anvi couldn’t help but smile as Prateek’s load hit her face.

“Aaah, aaah, yeah,” Prateek moaned, with his eyes closed, as the last waves of his juice hit Anvi’s face.

Then, Anvi took his cock in her right hand and started rubbing it up and down, sucking the last drops of his juice.

“Hey Bhagwan…you’re one nasty bitch, Anvi, and I love you for that,” Prateek moaned, rubbing his right hand fingers through her hair, as Anvi’s cum struck face looked at Prateek and smiled.

Suddenly, Adnan entered the room! He wore the same clothes as when he met Gayatri at Bangalore airport.

(What’s happening right now? A glitch in the matrix?

“Gaya, wake up!” Adnan said to Gayatri…

Present day…

“Gaya, wake up!” Gayatri heard Adnan speaking as he slowly opened her eyes.

Gayatri was naked on the bed and masturbating!

“Looks like someone was having a good time all by herself. Bad girl!” Adnan said with fake anger. Gayatri just smiled.

“Go get ready to eat, Gayatri, and while you’re at that, why don’t you start telling me what you were thinking?” Adnan said, taking the two lunch parcels out of the transparent bag he had carried them in.

To be continued.

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