The Story Of Ayush And Bagya

This story is about how Bagya met Ayush. I will introduce Ayush first. He is a typical Mallu Kerala guy settled in the Middle-East, after his education in India. He was working in a reputed company in the Middle-East.

This incident happened after 5 months of his marriage. He had shifted to his new house from his bachelor’s room (where he had been living for the past 5 years)

It was a Friday morning around 9 am, he was lying on his sofa and scrolling thru the Facebook newsfeed. He came across an ad of a dressing table. He had been looking out for a dressing table from a couple of days. So he immediately messaged the seller and got the address from her (Bagya).

He concluded the chat saying that he’ll reach her house by 12 noon. And then by noon at 12, he reached her house. He was wearing blue jeans and a red shirt. On ringing the doorbell of her house, a lady (her name-Bagya) in her 30’s opened the door. She was wearing grey cotton shorts and a sleeveless white shirt.

In the position, she was standing her right-hand underarms was clearly visible (it looked as if she had just shaved it 5 minutes ago).

Now I’ll narrate the story from Ayush’s point of view about his feelings for her:
For a second I was going into a trance seeing her glorious beauty. She welcomed me by calling my name and said please come in. I passed by her while entering the house.

Her womanly smell hit my senses. I was able to smell her open arm which was holding on to the top of the door while entering her house. After she locked the door she walked me to her bedroom where the dressing table was. As I was following her I noticed her complete figure from the backside.

The shades of her inner bra were visible thru her white shirt. She had a beautiful round ass and well-shaped body. She just had the right amount of flesh in all her body. Her boobs I would be able to cup it into my one hand that’s how perfect her boobs would fit into my hands.

As she showed me the dressing table I started examining it. Every time when I was able to look at her would admire hot sexiness. Any man’s dream fuck she was. She was like a Devi. Her name should have been Bagyadevi. After 20 minutes of examination and price negotiation, I paid the full amount.

I said I will send my pick up by evening. All these talks and negotiations were going on in her master bedroom. All this while I was enjoying seeing where all her skin wasn’t covered by her dress. Every small inch even thru the gaps of shirt buttons. It was mesmerizing. She had a sindhoor.

I did see some kids stuff in the hall so assumed she is living with her husband and child. Now as we were walking back to the door I noticed she had some kind of terrible pain while walking. She was limping a little while walking. Just after wearing my shoes, I was about to leave.

Out of my curiosity, I asked her what happened to her leg? Was she in some kind pain? To which she said she is a yoga trainer and her nerve had got stretched in yesterday’s session. She had to stay at home for the Friday coz of the pain she was getting while walking.

The Vaidya in me woke all of sudden. I got more curious to know where her nerve was paining the most. She stretched her wheatish legs and bend down and touched below her knee on her left leg. This was the first time my eyes fell on her bare boobs when she bent down to show where the pain was coming.

I was able to feel the itch in my private parts when I saw her boobs from the top of the shirt. It looked so soft and tender. Suddenly she called my name and asked, “Are you a doctor?”

Me: No. But my ancestral origin is from ayurvedic Vaidyas. So everybody in my family has to learn the basics of ayurvedic treatments. I explained to her how I can remove the pain in 30 minutes with hot water. She was really happy to hear those words.

She was going thru a really bad day and requested me if I could help her get rid of the pain. It was impossible for a man to not grant her wish for that beautiful pleading face. I asked her to get a half bucket of hot water and patiently waited in the hall.

Almost after 12 minutes, she walked into the hall carrying a bucket and a double-sized mat for her to lie down in the hall. As per my instruction, she lay on the mat with her hands to the side. I asked her to close her eyes and tell me if I have touched the spot where the pain is the most.

As soon as my fingers got in touch with her skin I felt my dick slowly rising. I knew it was happening beyond my control due to the situation. As I was in with a random hot lady I met today at noon. I was getting more intensive by my touch.

Even though our family tradition is in ayurvedic oil massage nobody in our house does that as a profession. Everyone has found their own way of earning money. Her skin was soft. I felt her calf in my hands the rising of my dick was getting stronger as I started feeling her bare legs.

Her eyes were still closed. I could see a slight smile of satisfaction on her red lips. She was thoroughly enjoying the movement because I know the relief she is getting from my touches. After 20 minutes of applying the hot water, she was starting to feel the difference in pain.

Then I asked her if you need a full massage for this leg, to which she gave thankful smile nodding her head. Since I cannot massage with the shorts as it was cotton material, I asked her to remove the shorts and to tie a towel. To which she went to the bathroom to change.

While coming back she even had oil in her hand for the massage. Wow! I asked her to loosen the knot of the towel and lie down with her eyes closed on her back. I took the oil in both hands and moved the towel completely from one leg. She was wearing whitish underwear it had some flower design in the center.

By now my dick was standing hard in full glory. Ready to conquer the world that was lying semi-naked in front of me, waiting for my warm touches. I took some oil and poured it on her thighs. I slowly started running my finger from the strip of the underwear down till her knees.

I massaged her whole leg for more than 20 minutes. Whenever I would massage her inner thighs, I accidentally brushed over her pussy quite a few times. I guess this is what made her lose her control. I could see she was biting her lips. She had spread her legs a bit wider, inviting me to do my magic in her cute little pussy.

I could now feel the heat that was being produced from both of our bodies. For a second I thought what if we both were naked and my monstrous dick was in her pussy giving the pleasure of her life. A pleasure that sex gives which can’t be written down in words.

All of a sudden I felt a hand on my legs which brought me back to my senses, it was her hands she doesn’t have long nails. But there was a pink polish on her nails. I knew what her hands were coming for. I continued my massage on her legs. I was about to complete the massage.

She kept her hands on to my dick over my blue jeans. I became numb my body froze with pleasure her hands started rubbing my dick over my jeans. To be continued.

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