The Story: Sapna Mami – Part 3

Hello guys! I am Priyesh. I hope you have been doing well. I got a good response on the previous part of the story. Let’s get back to the story.

We got into the kitchen and were in a dilemma about what to cook. Mama would be home at any point in time, and we haven’t started cooking yet. Finally, we decided to cook khichadi.

Mama came home by 1:15 PM, and lunch was almost ready. I was helping mami to clean the kitchen and arranging the dining table. All three of us had our lunch together. Mama wasn’t happy that mami cooked khichadi in lunch as I was home after so many days.

I then told Mama that I was the one who suggested cooking khichadi as it got late. To which Mama asked, “Why what happened? Why were you late?”

“Priyesh was telling me about his college and all, and we didn’t realize how the time passed,” Mami said quickly.

Mama left for the office again at 2:00 PM. As soon as mami closed the door, I held her in my big and strong arms. (I am 6ft in height, by the way). I carried her to my room. She pushed me on the bed and climbed on me.

She was sitting on my rock-hard dick and moving her ass in a very erotic manner. Now I was dying to penetrate her. I held her firm boobs in my hands and started mauling them. “You are too hot, mami! Mama is very lucky to have you, but currently, I am lucky,” I said with a big smile on my face.

She just smiled. Her smile was very erotic. I then just pulled her face onto mine and started kissing her on her soft lips. She was cooperating as well. She even pushed her tongue into my mouth and made me suck her tongue. Meanwhile, my hands were exploring her ass. Slowly I removed her palazzo.

Now she had pushed my t-shirt up and was sucking my nipples. It was a lifetime experience. I then removed my t-shirt. As I was removing my t-shirt, she slid my shorts and underwear down. I then felt her cold fingers on my hard cock. She then took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it. She was a pro at it.

“Looks like you have practiced a lot with Mama. Ah, keep sucking it,” I said, rubbing my hands over her back. I was feeling her bra strap. I felt like I am in heaven. I was enjoying every second. She was moving her tongue in a very erotic manner. Her hand was exploring my balls now and then.

“This is not because of your mama only,” Mami replied and started sucking my cock again.

I was not able to believe what I listened to. There were butterflies in my stomach. I then held her hair and started pushing her face onto my dick. I was able to feel her throat with my dick. Then I stood onto the bed and made her sit onto her knees and suck my dick.

I started mouth fucking her pushing my dick deep into her mouth. After a few minutes of mouth fuck, I ejaculated on her face. Some of the cum drops fell onto her t-shirt as well. She was looking like a whore in her t-shirt and panty with cum all over her face.

She then went into the bathroom to clean her face. When she returned, she was completely naked. Her boobs were bouncing with every step she moved. I was sitting on the bed. When she came close, I held her hands and pulled her. I made her lay on the bed with her face down. I directly slapped her ass cheeks hard.

She let out a loud moan. I then continued slapping her a few more times. She let out a loud moan with every spank. Her butts were red as tomatoes. I then started biting her ass cheeks, making her moan even louder. Slowly I started licking her ass, then moved to her ass hole and then to her cunt.

Her pussy was wet. It tasted a bit salty, but it was nice. I then turned her around to eat her pussy in a good manner. Now I was licking her pussy while my hands were pinching her nipples hard. She was holding the bedsheet tight with both her hands and trying not to moan loud. But she wasn’t able to do that.

She was moaning very loud. I then put my hands on her mouth so that none of the neighbors would be able to listen to her moans. After a few minutes of licking, she started pushing my head deep. I understood she was about to cum. I continued licking her clitoris.

All of a sudden, she let out a loud moan and came all over my face. I drank a bit but not all of it. She looked satisfied. I was also satisfied, but the most important task was remaining, i.e., to penetrate her. I moved to kiss her. I pushed my tongue in her mouth and making her suck it.

She must have been tasting her cunt and her orgasm from my mouth. After 10 minutes of kissing and sucking, we were ready for further action. I placed my dick over her cunt and started rubbing it. Sometimes I would enter a little bit and again pull it back to rub her pussy again.

She was pleading with me to enter. She was horny as hell. When I didn’t listen to her, she held my ass and started pulling to make my dick enter her. I then eased myself and entered inside her. I was feeling the heat of her pussy. I started stroking her. She continued moaning.

“Fuck Priyesh, fuck me fast.”

I increased my speed which made her moan even louder. The sight of her boobs moving up and down with every stroke of my shaft made me even hornier. I continued fucking her for more than 10 minutes. I was about to cum, and she said she too is about to cum and said to continue fucking.

We both came at the same moment. Her pussy was oozing out with our mixed cums. I then lay onto her and started kissing her cheeks.

“Have you enjoyed, Mami?”

“Yes, but don’t call me mami after all this fucking, at least when we are alone.”

I said, “Okay, Sapna.”

She then moved away and went to the bathroom. When she was going into the bathroom, her ass was facing me, and the sight was amazing. She didn’t close the door of the bathroom as well.

I was smiling inside myself as I was able to fuck mami on the same day when I got to her home. I was also happy that I am going to get her every day till I stay. I hope you enjoyed reading the story. There is more to come, by the way.

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