The Story: Sapna Mami – Part 5

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Okay, I am now coming back to the story.

Rani was very good at blowjobs. Her tongue was moving very sexily on my dick which was fully erect by now. She was sometimes sucking my dick, my balls. Her actions with my dick were amazing.

As we both were sitting on the couch, she had to bend to suck my cock. This made her t-shirt lift a little bit, exposing skin around her waist. Even the starting part of her ass crack was visible a little bit. The best part of a women’s body that I love the most is their ass, and Rani had a big ass.

But this time, something was more exciting for me than her ass. It was her head. It had a long stretch of sindoor in the middle. I was getting very horny to see Rani sucking my cock with a long stretch of sindoor and with mangalsutra tied around her neck.

I then put my fingers on her sindoor and acted like I am putting sindoor on her. She just giggled a little bit. I then held her by her hair. She had long hair. I started pushing her head towards my cock deeper and deeper. When I released her, she coughed a little bit and started sucking it again.

Her actions on my cock with her tongue and her long Stretch of sindoor made me cum only in 5 mins. It was the best blowjob I ever had. I came in her mouth. It was a lot. She drank almost all of it, but a little bit came outside of her mouth. She just picked it with her finger and took the finger in her mouth.

“Tasty,” said Rani.

I then stood to adjust my pants. At the same time, Sapna mami entered the room with 3 cups of tea and some biscuits. She saw me pulling my pants up. Rani’s lipstick was faded a little bit with her face wet and sticky with my cum. Her hair was also undone as I held her hair for the blowjob.

Rani just stood, tried adjusting her hair and winked at mami, and said, “I need to wash my face.”

Saying this, she went to the bathroom. Rani moved into the house like she knows every corner of the house.

I then again sat on the couch and pulled mami by her hand. She fell on my lap. I started kissing her. After the kiss ended, she asked me, “How have you convinced Rani for a blowjob?”

“I didn’t convince her. She already came convinced.”

“Oh, tell me how it happened!”

“Okay, she just asked me that was I finished with the blowjob that you gave before she came. I just shook my head in NO. She then directly started the blowjob.”

I explained to mami, “She is great at blowjob. Her actions with her tongue on my dick are great. Why don’t you learn from her?”

“I am already learning. Now I have one more dick to practice on.”

“What do you mean by one more cock? Do you people suck some other person’s dick as well?” I questioned with a desire to know more.

“Yes, of course! Rani and I swap our husbands occasionally. Many times she comes here, and I go to her home for the night. Sometimes she teaches me how to suck dick and made me practice on her husband.”

Things were coming out. Mami and mama are not as straight and clean as I thought. Their life is full of actions.

By the time Rani came and saw mami sitting on my lap. She said, “Looks like there is a lot of love between mami and bhanja.”

“Yes, of course!” I said, winking at Rani, “just like between you neighbors.”

Rani came and moved her hands over my hair and sat beside me on the couch. We started having our tea and biscuits. All this while Sapna mami was sitting on my lap.

I was the first to finish my tea. I kept the cup back on the table. I then put one hand around Rani’s neck and another on Sapna’s neck. It was the moment when the doorbell rang again.

It was frustrating for me. Whenever I try to do some action, someone rings the bell.

“It must be you, mama,” Mami said, removing my hand from her shoulder and getting away from her lap, “It’s 7 pm already.”

Mami then moved to open the door, and Rani moved a little away from me and continued sipping the tea. Mama came in and was a little shocked to see Rani.

“How are you, Bhabhi?” Mama said, seeing Rani, “When you people came back?”

“Today in the afternoon only,” Rani said, “We people missed you at the village.”

“Priyesh, this is Rani, our neighbor,” mama said to me.

“I know. I already had tea with her,” I said to mama.

Mama nodded and said to Rani, “Bhabhi, where is Pankaj?” Pankaj was Rani’s husband.

“He was tired with the travel, so having rest.”

Like this, the chat continued. After some time, Rani went to her home. We had our dinner. Nothing much happened that day. I slept early because of the travel and action that I got on the first day of arrival.

The next day when I woke up, I was thinking about how to get Rani on my bed. As usual, mama went to the office. Pankaj had a field job. He, too, went to his office. He generally doesn’t have lunch breaks. Therefore Rani packs him the lunch.

Later I and mami had a kinky bath together. We had some kissing and caressing under the shower. We came out of the bathroom after some time. Mami was just a bra and panty. I was only in my shorts without underwear. My dick was semi-erect all the time.

We were just about to start preparing for lunch, and Mami’s phone rang. It was Rani. She said that she is preparing lunch for all three of us to have lunch together.

“It was Rani. She is preparing lunch for us.” Mami said to me.

“Oh, nice!” I said with a kinky smile.

“Let’s go and help her,” Mami said and moved towards the bedroom to bring her t-shirt and leggings.

“Bring my t-shirt as well,” I said as she moved.

She came taking her clothes and my t-shirt. She threw my t-shirt to me and put her phone on the kitchen rack. I wore my t-shirt. By then, she, too, had worn her t-shirt.

She then turned around and pulled her panties down. She then threw her panties at me. Her ass cheeks looked nice. I was attracted to it. I spanked it once before she wore leggings. I was sniffing her panties when she snatched them from me and went to keep them in the bedroom.

Just after she left, her phone rang with a notification which was kept on the kitchen rack. It was Rani’s WhatsApp message asking when we are coming.

I just replied to that message, “Just coming!”

“Waiting to have threesome fun with a new dick,” was Rani’s reply.

Rani’s reply blew my mind. I was going to have two big assed women on the same bed.

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