The Tale of Sulekha’s Family part-1

Hi all, my name is Sulekha. I’m here to take you on through time and tell you about my and my family’s sexual experiences.

I used to a young girl back then. Papa had invited some of his friends over for a little get-together that involved a lot of drinks. All of the men came alone. Even those who were married left their wives at home.

To give you some background, my mother got married young. She was just a teen when she was married. And at the time this story took place, she was in her early 20s. Papa was 11 years older than her. It was an arranged marriage between the two.

The men had gathered on the front lawn. They were all seated on the grass floor, basking in the moon’s light. Mummy was working in the kitchen. It was 9 at night. She was wearing a black saree with orange borders and preparing dinner.

I was playing alone in the backyard (angan). I don’t think anyone knew that I was there. My elder sister was in the room upstairs. Papa hollered for mummy and asked her to bring them more chilled water and ice.

Mummy carried a tray full of bottles and a bucket of ice to the outside and returned a few minutes later. She put the tray back in its place and returned to making dinner.

After a short while, Rajeev uncle, one of papa’s friends, came inside the house. He worked at the same office as papa. He was papa’s junior and was roughly the same age as my mummy.

Rajeev uncle made his way through the kitchen, past mummy, and into the backyard. He smiled at mummy, and she returned an awkward smile. Because it was dark outside, he didn’t notice me. He disappeared behind the second door, which was the common toilet.

Just then, the lights went off, and the whole house was engulfed in darkness. Power cuts were a big problem back then. Mummy kept a bunch of candles on the second shelf above the slab. She lit a couple of them and placed them on the slab to light up the kitchen. But it was still poorly lit.

After setting up the candles, she went back to chopping the tomatoes. Rajeev uncle came out of the toilet after a few minutes. He walked back into the kitchen as it was the only entry into the backyard. It was still dark, and mummy probably hadn’t noticed his presence.

He flicked mummy’s pallu and knocked it off her shoulder. Mummy tried to pick it up, but he had his foot resting on it. He followed it up by tipping over the packet of Haldi. It dropped to the floor and spilled all over. Mummy bent over to pick it up and clean the mess.

Rajeev uncle picked up the knife, slid it under the back of her blouse, and with a single stroke, cut it open. In his motion, he also cut off the strap of her bra. Maybe it was accidental, or maybe it was deliberate. Who knows. Due to being bent over, her blouse and bra slid down her arms and dropped to the floor.

Mummy picked them up and covered her breasts with them. But she still had to hold them in place with her hands. Rajeev uncle retrieved a candle from behind her and showed it to her blouse. It caught fire straight away.

In a protective action, she threw the alight blouse and bra out into the backyard and covered her breasts with her hands. The flaming piece of clothing flew past me. Rajeev uncle tried to part her arms from her breasts, but she stayed firm. He picked up her bogged head and kissed her chin.

“Rajeev ji… please… don’t,” mummy whispered.

“Why not?” replied Rajeev uncle.

“I’m married,” mummy answered.

“You were married back then as well,” Rajeev uncle protested.

“That was a mistake. I don’t want to repeat that,” mummy urged.

“That wasn’t a mistake, Sangita. That was passion,” Rajeev uncle argued, “it was my passion for your amazing body and your passion for a man’s love.”

“That was a long time ago. I love my husband, and you are married too now,” mummy argued.

“I don’t care about it, why do you,” he said and sealed mummy’s lips with a kiss before she could say anything.

He picked up the salt from the shelf, poured some of it on her shoulder, and licked it. He sprinkled it on her neck and licked it as well. Mummy’s defenses began to come down a bit. Her hold on her breasts loosened up, and eventually, her hands dropped to her side.

“Rajeev ji,” mummy whispered.

Rajeev uncle moved down her body. He moved his tongue around her nipples, wrapped his fat lips around them, and sucked her boobs. And then sucked the other one. He undid her bun. Her hair unfurled and fell. Mummy leaned back, her eyes closed and lips parted.

Rajeev uncle turned her around, lifted her saree and shoved his head in. Mummy was slightly bent over and her back arched. Her saree was lifted to her knees. Uncle pulled her panties down to her ankles. His head formed a bulge inside her saree as if her butt had grown.

It moved up and down around her hips. At first, mummy asked him not to do it. But he ignored her. After some time, mummy started gasping. She threw her head back. Her eyes were closed, and her lips parted. She moaned while Uncle held her legs in place and moved his head up and down.

“Ahhh…aah,” mummy gasped and moaned.

Water began to drip from between her legs. It started as slow drips and soon turned into a shower. There was a pool at her feet. Her panty was soaking wet. Rajeev uncle pulled his head out of her saree. He turned mummy around, picked her up, and put her on the counter. Her wet panties remained on the ground.

“Rajeev ji… this is not right,” mummy whispered, Rajeev uncle shut her up by kissing her.

He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. He gently picked her legs up and set her heels on the counter. Her thighs spread, and the saree pushed up to her waist.

Just as he dropped his underwear down, papa called for mummy. She quickly climbed down the counter and adjusted her saree. She flicked her pallu over her shoulder to cover her breasts and sprinted out of the kitchen.

Rajeev uncle pulled up his underwear and pants. He noticed mummy’s soaked panties on the floor. He picked them up, smelled them, rolled them up, and pocketed them.

Rajeev uncle swung by the house the next morning when papa was at the office. He tried to enter, but mummy didn’t let him. Later that evening, papa came back angry. He and mummy had a big fight. He yelled at her and even slapped her a couple of times.

He warned her never to deny entry into the house to any of his friends ever again. Mummy was too scared to tell him the real reason. She spent the whole night crying to herself.

A few days later,  I was walking past my parents’ room one morning. I heard the sound of the bed squeaking coming from the inside. The door was open ajar. I peeked through it. Mummy was naked. Her back turned towards the door. She was in papa’s lap and was bouncing up and down.

“Yes… yes… yes,” she repeated.

Just a few minutes later, papa grunted and lifted her pelvis off the bed. Mummy went up and then came down. She giggled. She seemed happy. Just as she got off papa’s lap and got down the bed, I ran up the stairs and back into my room.

Later that day, papa left. He had to go out of town for his training and was not expected back for 2 months. Rajeev uncle came to pick him up and drop him at the station. He returned after dropping papa.

I was playing on the terrace when he rang the doorbell. My older sister was at school. I was at home due to being sick for the past few days. I looked down from above. He was holding a box of sweets in his hand.

While I watched, he removed the box lid and took a bottle out of his pocket. He removed the cork with his teeth and sprinkled the white powder (that was in the bottle) all over the coconut laddoos. He put the cork back and the bottle away in his pocket.

I climbed down the stairs that led me to the backyard. Through the back door of the kitchen, I entered the house. Mummy had just come out of the shower and hurried towards the front door. Adjusting her wet hair, she passed the kitchen. She had no idea that I was in the kitchen.

“Good Morning, ji,” said Rajeev uncle with a smirk.

“Rajeev ji! You are here?” said mummy, questioning.

“I wanted you to know that your husband boarded the train.”

“Thank you,” said mummy hesitantly.

“May I come in?” he asked.

Mummy looked reluctant. She wanted to refuse. But because of the angry response from papa, the last time she denied Rajeev uncle entry, she allowed him to come inside.

“My mother came back from her pilgrimage. She brought these laddoos as prasad and asked me to bring them to you,” he offered.

“Thank you. Do say my namaste to her,” mummy replied, trying to get the box from uncle’s hands.

“Uh-ah,” he pulled the box away, “she asked me to make sure I feed you one with my hands.”

Mummy hesitated at first. But being a religious person, she couldn’t say no. Rajeev uncle picked one from the box and put it in her mouth. Mummy gulped it down.

“Can I get a glass of water?” he asked.

Mummy got up, went to the kitchen, and brought him water. At this point, I had moved into the corridor and was observing everything from behind the curtain. Mummy didn’t notice me standing in the corridor, nor did Rajeev uncle.

Rajeev uncle gulped the water down his throat. Setting the glass down, he began chatting with mummy about casual things. Mummy mostly nodded or hummed. She tried her best to show her disinterest, but he didn’t seem to catch the hint.

After some time, he requested her to make him some tea. Mummy got up reluctantly. As she got to her feet, she felt a bit dizzy. She took the support of the sofa to stabilize herself. She rubbed her neck and bit her lower lip. Sweat had formed on her forehead.

She walked with her legs closed. It was as if she was trying to hold back her pee.

“Make it without milk, please,” Rajeev uncle ordered.

Mummy returned with the cup. She sat it down on the table and crashed into the sofa beside Uncle’s. Her back faced the windows that opened into the front lawn. She looked like she was in a trance.

She leaned back into the sofa. Her eyes were closed, and her lips parted. She was breathing heavily, and moans followed whenever she exhaled. Rajeev uncle got up from his chair and moved over to mummy’s side. He placed his hand on her shoulder. She began breathing faster.

Rajeev uncle slowly moved his hand down her shoulder and pulled down her pallu. Mummy gasped. He turned her face towards himself and leaned forward to kiss her. Mummy arched her back. Her breasts inflated and then sank as she inhaled and exhaled.

Rajeev uncle moved his hand across her front and opened the hooks of her blouse one by one. Opening her blouse, he removed it from her body. Mummy bit her lips. He removed all the safety pins and unwrapped her saree off her. He pulled the string to undo the knot, and the petticoat slipped away.

Mummy was in her bra and panties. Rajeev uncle put her hand behind her back and opened her bra in a snap. As it fell to the floor, he made mummy bend over the table. Placing the tea cup underneath her boobs, he squeezed one. A jet of milk squirted out of her nipple and into the teacup.

He squeezed it again, adding more milk to his tea. And again. He licked mummy’s nipple and then helped her settle into the sofa again. Mummy slumped into the sofa with her legs spread. Her panty was soaking wet on the underside.

Rajeev uncle grabbed the band of her panties and pulled them off. He picked up her right leg and placed it on the arm of the sofa. He picked up her left leg and put it on the table at an angle, opening her pussy wide.

He picked up his teacup and sat in his chair. I watched from behind the curtains. While he sipped his tea, mummy played with herself. She massaged her clit with one hand and pinched and squeezed her boobs with the other.

Uncle got up and began to undress. Once stripped, he went over and stood by mummy’s side. He took his big fat dick and stuck it in mummy’s mouth. Mummy sucked on it as some porn star would. While Rajeev uncle played with her breasts.

After a few minutes, he grunted. He cupped mummy’s face and pushed his cock deeper into her throat. From behind the curtains, I watched, completely unaware of what was happening. But still, my eyes were glued to it for some reason.

He finally pulled his dick out and took his seat. Something white dripped from her mouth (which I now know was cum). He picked up his cup and returned to his tea. Mummy continued to rub her clit and give out soft moans. When he finished the tea, his cock was erect again.

Rajeev uncle wiped mummy’s face with her blouse. He went down on his knees and started licking her cunt. Mummy moaned even louder. She was drawing long and deep breaths. Her breasts moved up as she inhaled and sank as she exhaled.

He got back to his feet after a while. He bent over to kiss mummy on the lips. After spitting on his cock, he gradually pushed it inside her.

“Aah,” mummy grunted.

From where I was, I could clearly see Rajeev uncle’s dick drilling mummy’s cunt. It was wet and formed foam around the edges. Uncle kissed her neck, shoulder, and breasts and even sucked them while he fucked mummy. As he picked up the pace, mummy’s moans grew even louder.

“Yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes,” she moaned.

“You like it, Sangita, you like it, don’t you?”

“Oh yes… oh yes… Oh god… I like it… yes… yes… I like it… ahhh… yes.”

“You wanted it, didn’t you… You always wanted my dick.”

“Yes… yes… yes, I want it… Oh god… I want it bad.”

“You are a good bitch, Sangita… you are a good bitch.”

“Yes, I am… I am your bitch… ahhh… ahhh… yes… I’m a bitch… fuck me… ahhhh… fuck me… fuck me please,” mummy cried.

Rajeev uncle increased his pace even more. Mummy cried even more. Her pussy slapped and farted. The foam around the edges began to turn white. Soon, he grunted. His legs trembled. His dicked stiffened. When he pulled out, the same white dripped out of her pussy, as it did from her mouth earlier.

Rajeev uncle slumped into his chair. He looked exhausted. Mummy wasn’t done yet. She continued to rub her creampied cunt. After drinking enough water and resting for a while, he was ready to go again. He flipped mummy over and fucked her in the doggy.

It was after almost 3 hours that mummy could return to normal. She looked defeated and dejected. There was an expression of shame on her face. Like she had done something horrible. Rajeev uncle moved into our house and stayed with us until papa returned.

He used his sex session with mummy that day to gain entry and stay in our house. Mummy used to kiss my elder sister and me on our forehead like she was feeling guilty about something. She even used to cry sometimes. Uncle would sleep with mummy in her room. In her and papa’s bed.

So, friends, this was the story of my mother’s . There will be more to come in the future. Stay tuned for more. I’m /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”c2b1b7aea7a9aaa3acf0f3fb82a5afa3abaeeca1adaf”>[email protected]