To Rajan Sir With Love – Part 3

Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed my stories. Here I am with another episode of my sex escapades for your benefit. Thank you all for your encouragement. I await your valuable comments and suggestions for future guidance. Here is the story.

It was 9 pm when we came out of the restaurant after an excellent gastronomic delight as the birthday treat from Sir. He asked if we would like ice cream of our choice as dessert from the parlor at the entrance of the restaurant. I told him that we would leave after the ice cream, giving a meaningful glance at my friends.

But Sir disagreed, saying, ” I’ll get you the ice cream on one condition that you all will spend more time with me. I know you have a free weekend and you can return even after midnight.” I smiled at him, quite aware of his intentions. I replied, “Ok, Sir. We agree, provided you entertain us the way we want. Is that ok?”

He gave a confused look. After a few minutes, he said, “Agreed. The same holds good for you also, I hope!” We nodded our heads, chose the ice cream of our choice. We got them packed deciding to have it later in his house. We walked in silence till we reached his house.

Near the steps, Sir was called by the house owner uncle for some clarification. Saying that I will wait for him with my friends upstairs, I took the key and went upstairs with the pack. I sat on the sofa with the duo flanking me. After keeping the pack in the fridge they pestered me for a show before Sir returned.

Since the juice of the forbidden fruit was so sweet that they craved for more and more. I held their hands tightly and told them if they really wanted spice and variety, they better listen to me. They agreed to my proposal but not before they sucked my spongy boobs.

Sir came half an hour later, muttering apologies. But I welcomed him at the doorstep with a deep kiss on his lips. I bolted the door and window after us and dimmed the light to create a romantic mood. My friends were watching us in surprise and disbelief and at the same time.

They were embarrassed when Sir was scanning our topless torso closely. They muttered apologies and tried to cover themselves up. But I encouraged them to be how they were. I also told them that Sir would have definitely enjoyed the scene of their live act on me, watching through the window!

Both of them literally blushed and were shivering in fright. Sir came from the bedroom with only a dhoti and a towel barely covering his torso. I asked him if he was ready for the next round of the treat with a mischievous smile. Sir was silently admiring Suraj’s chiseled body.

He was smacking his lips. Sharath’s greedy eyes were running all over Sir’s athletic, moderately hairy chest and attractive big perky nipples. In short, all of us were equally horny, thinking who will bell the cat! Realizing their shyness and hesitation, I took the initiative.

I said, “Ok, Today is our dear Sir’s birthday. As a befitting finale, let’s celebrate it in our birthday suits freely, without inhibitions. Before helping Sir to get into his birthday suit that Sir will definitely love. So, are you ready?” Both of them looked at each other and stood confused.

Finally, I helped Sharath and Suraj to get rid of their dresses swiftly and almost at the same time, helping Sir also. Sir stood motionless as I pulled his dhoti off in one go. Taking advantage of it, I ran my palms over his chest and teased his nipples.

Sharath was feeling the armpits and Suraj, the crotch (mainly the rock hard dick), asking Sir if he was feeling comfortable. He nodded his head silently. My friends’ eyes widened to see, for the first time, Sir’s adult, full-blown, long, thick and stiff one-eyed monster glistening with precum.

My friends froze for a second when Sir dragged them towards him. They were squirming and hissing as he fondled their tools simultaneously. In no time, all four of us were aroused, feeling horny and full of lust. Suraj was staring at our beloved Sir’s huge, adult, long, stout stiff manhood.

Sharath was scanning Sir’s chest and bushy armpits. “The game will be an uninhibited, thoroughly enjoyable,pleasure-seeking one with full cooperation and whole-hearted participation of all of us. We will have two rounds, understood?” I declared.

“Ok, tell us the plan of action,” Sir asked impatiently.

“It is called the sucking game. In the first warm-up round, Sir will be blindfolded and he will judge, in his opinion, the best sucker of the day. The second round will initially be a foursome sucking one, exchanging sides. Later, a stepwise elimination to threesome and 69, based on the fast cummer. Any questions?”

Both of them blushed. Sir told us impatiently, “Ok, ok, Got it. let’s not waste time and be quick.” I blindfolded Sir and made him stand near the wall. We had three minutes each to show our cocksucking talents. Suraj was totally immersed in sticking to Sir’s tool like a vacuum.

He was sucking as if he was drinking juice through a straw. Sharath was licking and slurping the stiff rod like a kulfi. I was pushing the monster deeper into my throat. I was covering his bulb with warm saliva and eating it like an ice cream cone.

Sir was squirming, shivering in ecstasy, breathing heavily and trying to mouthfuck us. In the end, Sir said that he enjoyed it thoroughly and that his judgment is reserved. Sir added one more condition for the next round. We would have 10 minutes each and will complete the exercise by changing sides.

All said, “OK” in the chorus and we started the next round of suck play. After the initial hiccups and adjustment(three of them, except me, were of the same height) forming a trapezium instead of a square. We settled to suck the dick at our disposal in abandoned gay.

Thus, Sir was sucking Sharath’s, Sharath on mine, myself with Suraj’s and Suraj on Sir’s dick. It was a fast and furious action with nonstop licking, slurping and chuckling and intermittent jerking. Each one trying to outdo the other. After about 10 minutes, I withdrew my junior from Sharath’s mouth (purposely).

I was about to cum and Sharath followed suit soon, leaving his nectar in Sir’s mouth. Suraj and Sir were in the finals. We were watching them in 69 position, both trying to win over the other. They had the longest sucking session of more than 20 minutes.

It ended in a tie, with both of them releasing their love juice almost at the same time. Sir arched his body in total euphoria and excitement, developing goosebumps all over, reflecting his enjoyment. It looked like a crazy game. I asked them if they liked the game.

Sir’s reply was, “An absolutely cockstatic and superb feat, it was, undoubtedly, my love! Won’t mind a second round, if your friends are ready.” I laughed and told him, “Anna, it is ice cream time now. We will play a different game after 15 minutes. After the ice cream round, if you want, ok?”

In the dim light, I saw it was nearing 11 pm. Suraj wanted to use the washroom, asking me to go with him. Sharath looked nervous to be left alone with Sir. But I told him that he can handle Sir to his heart’s contentment and Sir would love it.

When we returned, Suraj exclaimed, “Hey! it was a great show’ da! I would love to have a deep penetration by his monster in my love hole to experience that erotic pleasure. Please do something, da!” I was taken aback. What a coincidence it was. Sir also had expressed his desire to me for a fuckgame with him.

We tiptoed towards the hall only to find Sharath asking Sir to let him play on Sir’s armpit(his fetish). Sir was telling him ok on one condition that he would be allowed for a fuckplay. Both me and Suraj were stunned at Sir’s request. Sharath nodding his head, sniffing and licking the armpits feverishly and enjoying it thoroughly.

Our tools had a hard-on seeing this and we went closer. I woke up Sir by caressing his stiff rod. Both of them came to their senses. Sir asked me why we took such a long time and that they were bored. I gave him a naughty smile and asked him if he would like a fuckgame.

“What! Are you crazy? You know very well that I don’t like anal, then what’s the point?” Sir asked me. “Anna, we overheard your conversation. Don’t act so innocent! Two holes are already waiting for you. Go ahead and fulfill your urge, ok?” I told Sir.

He got up and pulled me close. He gave a deep lip kiss with the exchange of icecream-mixed saliva in appreciation. My friends followed suit and we ended in french kissing and tongue dancing with a cocktail of the ice cream-coated saliva. By now, we were ready for the next round of sex game.

Sir asked me if all of us are ready. We started fondling one another, playing on him also without any reservation or inhibition. We were on the high. They became impatient and were nudging me for action.

“Anna, I have a plan. The duo will be in parallel cocksucking position(69). We will be the fucking partners, as per your preference. In other words, we will be the donors and my friends, the recipients. Shall we start?” I told him. He was slightly confused but asked me to lead him.

I brought coconut oil from the kitchen and made my friends lie on the floor. They understood and started filling their oral cavity with the cock awaiting them. Sir was standing and was watching them with their asses sticking out. I caught hold of his boner and gave a brief blowjob, thus exciting him.

I smeared oil liberally on his tool and massaged it for a few minutes. When he was ready, I poured oil into Suraj’s asscrack, lubricated it well by fingerfucking his love hole. I asked Sir to go ahead with his mission.

“What! You can’t just be a spectator. You must be an active participant too. You have one free hole to grind, isn’t it?” he asked me pointing to Sharath. I said, “Anna, I’ll be taking on Sharath in missionary style while you penetrate Suraj in doggy posture. We will exchange our positions, maybe after 15 minutes. or so, Ok?”

Once they were ready, I got Sharath’s hole. My dick lubricated while both of them were into sucking. As we started pushing the tools almost simultaneously, there was resistance and painful groan from both.

“No pain, no gain /pleasure, remember?” I reminded both of them. Sharath had little problem in accepting my member, which easily slid into his tunnel. But slipped out subsequently. I guided my prick into him with a deep push in missionary position.

Sharath groaned in pain for a few minutes. But soon ordered me to pound him deeper as pain turned into pleasure (as he remarked). I looked at Sir, who was struggling as Suraj’s anal sphincters had become rigid. I instructed Suraj to relax and widen his asscheeks. I asked Sir to loosen the entry and give a hard push.

Suraj gave a stifled cry with tears in his eyes. Sir got a bit concerned but Suraj wanted it in him at any cost. Encouraged by this, Sir fingerfucked and replaced it with his monster. This time, the head entered the cave and with one hard push, half of the rod was in.

Now Suraj started moaning, “Sir, I love it. push it hard and deeper. Please give me that ecstatic delight I’ve been waiting for!” With one more push, the love hole was full of Sir’s anaconda. I was just watching him fuck him in full force and vigor. With every thrust, Suraj’s moans became louder.

Hearing this, Sharath asked me not to spare him as he also wanted that heavenly pleasure. Sir and I were pounding them mercilessly making them convulse with excitement. In addition, the mutual blowjobs treat between them. I signaled to Sir for switching of the holes and he reluctantly got up.

Suraj also objected. Sir agreed with me. This time, Sharath had the monster to make its way into his manpussy in the doggy style. They reversed the positions with Sharath on top of Suraj. Though I had loosened it a bit, he found it difficult to accommodate the monster dick.

He shouted in pain, but the push of Sir’s bums from me forcibly, half the dick entered the tunnel. Now, Sharath felt it heavenly and spread his asscheeks more and the rod slid fully in. I entered Suraj with much ease in missionary posture. We started fucking them almost simultaneously.

It was nonstop action by us that electrified all of us to the maximum. Both of them groaned and moaned in sheer ecstasy. They were begging for more and more. We pounced on them like hungry lions on their prey. The entire room was charged with emotional outbursts.

Fast and furious actions of ramming of the respective tunnels by our master and myself augmented the love and lust in us. It resulted in Sir’s sac hitting the bums of Sharath this time. Both of us made the sucking duo to mouthfuck mutually, thus choking them.

Our rhythmic action increased our excitement to the soaring heights. We were flying high and were feeling as if we were in 7th heaven. We continued to experience heavenly pleasure until I had the orgasm and was about to cum. I waited until Sir also reached the orgasm and was ready to ejaculate.

We, the fucking duo filled the tunnels at our disposal with our love juices. The sucking duo drained their jizz mutually. All of us were gasping and profusely sweating, but quite contented at our feat. We fell together as a heap. We were on cloud 9 and were feeling quite thrilled.

Our limp dicks slipped off the holes of Sharath and Suraj with the nectar oozing out of their mouths and love holes. Both of them embraced us, with their dicks kissing ours. They thanked us for the wonderful treat.

Sharath and Suraj said, “it was an unforgettable, wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable session, indeed. We reckon that our anni (Sir’s future wife, our sister in law) will have a gala time in bed, based on our experience tonight with you. You’re a hard taskmaster, no doubt. Nevertheless, you’re an excellent loving partner in bed. Anna, our apologies to you if we had indulged in taking undue advantage of you in asking for sex.”

Sir was laughing loudly which made them feel all the more uncomfortable. They looked at me quite perplexed. I told them, ” You fools, do you think he would have cooperated if he had not liked it? It’s the best birthday gift that he got from us, I’m sure,” and looked at Sir.

He nodded his head and said, “Now, it’s our turn to thank you, Bala. For making it the most memorable and thoroughly enjoyable night. Remember, what I told you and are you ready, guys?”

“Wait, wait, now that the game is over, you better announce the result, my dear Sir!” I pulled him up. His answer was, “I loved the way you gave me the sweetness of your talent. More of it I get from you, merrier it’ll be for me to enjoy. Now, let’s go ahead with the thanksgiving round, ok, mates?”

My friends jumped at the suggestion and pushed me on the bed. Taking positions on my sides while Sir descending to the love kit. Ordering me to stay put, they smeared the ice cream and cake all over me. They feasted on me by rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking and slurping continuously and changing sides clockwise.

I was bathed in a shower of salivary cocktail and sticky all over. It was quite an unexpected way of thanksgiving. It made me convulse, gasp and pull them on me, literally begging for more. I loved it to the core. It was nearing midnight by the time we cleaned ourselves and dressed to take leave of our dear master.

He was reluctant to let us go. I promised him for more of a repeat performance in the future and left for the hostel. Before we reached the hostel, I was showered by rains of kisses, hugs, and thanks by the duo throughout the stretch of walking.

My friends couldn’t still believe this really happened. They were in their own dreamland to realize what a sweet personality they discovered in Sir. They had disliked him for his strictness and discipline. Soon, the duo also became very close to Sir, both in the college and outside.

It resulted in the weekend meetings and matings, till the academic year and Sir’s relocation to Chennai for his Ph.D. program. Thanks to all!