Took virginity as tuition fees

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well in your life. This is me, anonymouswriter, back with another real story. I uploaded gave me a great response. If you haven’t already read them, I ask you to read them first. I promise it won’t disappoint you.

So coming to the story, as you already know, I’m a guy from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. I’m doing my graduation from Delhi. Anyone near Delhi can ping me up. So I’m 6 ft tall, athletic, with a 6′ inch dick.

This story happened just before I came to Delhi as colleges reopened. It is a story involving my school junior with whom I’ve been talking for 3+ years now.

So we started talking when I had just passed junior college and was thinking about my courses. I used to play basketball at my school. I was quite popular, so everyone knew me in my school and city. She, too, texted me as she was impressed with my game and wanted to know about me.

Soon we started going naughty. We sexted, but she never sent me nudes. She was one hot hell of a bitch. Like almost everyone wanted to fuck her. We never met, and I didn’t force. We would stop texting suddenly and won’t talk for months, and then after that, we again started.

This happened for quite some time. She even started dating someone, but still, she had a crush on me and would often text me. So one day, randomly, she said, “Do you want nudes?” I was like, “Stop joking. I know you won’t give me.” She sent me a picture in a bra but with no face.

I said there are tons of pictures like these on the internet stop fooling me. So then she sent me a picture with her face but with the top on. I was awestruck by her size. She was 19 at that time, but her boobs were huge. I couldn’t believe she had sent me her picture in a bra.

I got horny and said, “I want a video call.” First, she denied it, but after some saying, she agreed. She called me, and she was wearing an off-shoulder top. I told her to remove her top. She was denied, but her attraction toward me was so high she undressed her.

Me being smart, screen recorded her so that I could jerk on her name later. Damn, she had huge mangoes. Then for weeks, we sexted, but she didn’t give me any nudes. And after some random incident with her bf, she blocked me.

Her bf didn’t like her talking to me. He didn’t know she was cheating on him. I considered her character loose, but I showed her respect.

After a few days, she texted me again. But me being furious, I refrained from talking to her. So to make me talk to her, she sent me nudes with her face this time. I instantly got a boner looking at her fair body with brown nipples. We started talking again.

I wanted to fuck her this time, but she didn’t meet me. I, too, had my other flings, So I also didn’t bother. Her boyfriend made her block me 2-3 times. But she would fight with him and eventually return to me.

So this is the incident around winter last year. Out of the blue, she texted me. I was too angry this time, so I ignored her. But she kept trying for days, so I finally asked her what she wanted. She said, “I broke up and have been single for months now. I miss you every day, every night.”

I said, stop fooling me etc., but she sounded serious. So after she asked me to forgive her, we started talking again. She was so into me that she didn’t even care about deleting her pictures after sending them. She wanted me to keep them, and I considered that a responsibility.

I have nudes of many girls, and they even know that. But they are okay with that cause they know I won’t misuse them. That night I made her show her boobs. I made her press them on a video call. But she was yet not ready to show her pussy.

So we had phone sex, and damn she moaned so well. I got a boner thinking about her. So we texted for some days, and then the frequency of conversations decreased. Then around the corner, my birthday arrived. She didn’t remember my birthday. She saw my status the next day and said sorry for not wishing me.

I said, “You don’t consider me important enough, that’s why. That’s why you don’t meet me.” So this time, she said, “Okay, I’ll meet for sure it’s just that I don’t meet with anyone in the open.” So I asked her should I come to her place when she was alone.

So she said, “When I’ll be alone at my place, I’ll call you.” I was getting impatient and wanted to meet her once. She had her board exams coming, so I had an idea. I said that I’d come over and teach her the subjects she has difficulty in.

She thought and said, “Why don’t you be my tutor? I’ll ask my mom, and you can come over.” This made me happy and tense cause I didn’t expect this to happen. So she discussed it, and we decided to meet after 2 days. For these 2 days, I made her nude every night.

She was like, “Don’t try anything when you come. Just make me study and complete my portion.”

The day arrived, and I was all set to reach her place. Her mother invited me in, and I went to her study table and sat on the chair. She was not there in the room. Her mother called her, and she came. She had normal clothes on but still looked pretty. She shook my hands and tried to maintain no eye contact.

Her room had two doors, one which led to the kitchen and the other was the entry one that no one used. The kitchen door was open. Her mother could walk in or watch what was happening, so I was patient. When I watched her, she was shivering with a lack of confidence.

She was a bright student, too confident, yet she felt very unusual. I started teaching her for 40 minutes continuously. I didn’t try to touch her or anything. She tried to get back to normal, and I offered her water. While reading, I saw her and was amazed by how pretty she looked.

I just moved my hands towards her, pulled her face towards mine and started kissing her. She was still not giving her, so I held her from her waist, pulled her closer, and started pressing her boobs. Her boobs were so perfect, just like mangoes filled with juices.

As soon as I touched her, she opened her lips to make way for me. She started kissing me back. I started pressing her boobs harder and put my hands inside her t-shirt. She didn’t expect that to happen, and damn, her nipples were so erect I can’t explain them in words.

I separated her legs and rubbed her inner thighs near her pussy region. She couldn’t believe the pleasure she was experiencing. I started rubbing her over her tights. She cum in seconds and took some breaths. I, too, made her settle down and gave her water.

She just looked into my eyes with so much lust now. I said her bye and went back to my place.

When I saw her texts, she was like, “My God, your hands have magic. I’ve never felt anything like this. My ex has tried so much, but that’s nothing compared to you. You make me move like a fish. I have no control.”

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