Top 10 Indian sex stories of September 2022

Rains, followed by Navratri, followed by more rains! This was September 2022 for everyone! But for our ISS readers, these stories kept them horny and hungry for more sex! So dive into the list, and enjoy once more.

1.Traditional Mom’s Sacrifice for Son’s Education – Part 2

By: kkoughen

Vinita decided to make any sacrifice to make sure her son was educated. Her sacrifices soon change into selfishness as she craves a young cock in her pussy.

‘Vinita stood up and removed her saree. While Akash watched Vinita’s body shape through her tight blouse and petticoat. It was also the sexiest Indian milf body I saw for the first time. While observing my mom’s body, I removed my junior and started shagging.’ Read the entire story here.

2. Me and My Mom – Part 1 (First Encounter)

By: harsha25

A young teenage boy finds himself attracted to his mother. The mother, too, in return, responds positively as she slowly encourages him to explore her body.

‘She had a flawless complexion and was fresh after a shower. She looked even hotter. Her pussy was cleanly shaved. I had an instant boner. She carefully dried her body with a fresh towel and wore her clothes. After she left, I jerked at least 3-4 times in the day thinking about her.’ Read the entire story here.

3. Beautiful, Big Boobs UP Mother’s Sex With Son

By: motherfucker1

After watching milf porn, I got attracted to my own mother. Read how I seduced my hot, big boobs U.P mom and fucked her warm and unsatisfied pussy.

‘I just cummed there and from there to clean my hands! Then I called her. She dressed hurriedly and came out of the room and asked me the reason for coming back from college. I gave her the answer and went into my room. From that day I wanted to ask her for sex, but I had no courage to ask her.’ Read the entire story here.

4. My Daughter-in-law – Part 1

By: hornyauthor99

An unfortunate/fortunate misunderstanding brings Mahender close to his daughter-in-law. Will Mahender take advantage of the situation, or will he back out?

‘I held her head and tried to pull her up. Sneha started kissing my stomach and slowly came up, licking my neck. Sneha bahu was in a saree, and I held her waist as she came on top of me. She licked my neck and kissed my cheeks. I pulled her pallu away and grabbed her boobs with my rough hands.’ Read the entire story here.

5. My Watchman’s Hot Wife, Aabha

By: tim6669

This story is about my watchman’s wife cheating on him. I was smitten by her breasts when I once saw her feeding her baby. Read how I got her to my bed.

‘We both got completely naked and comfortable. We kept making out in a missionary position for a good 10 minutes. My dick was covered in pre-cum, and her pussy got wet (as our parts kept rubbing each other). She got close to my ears and wished her husband had a dick like mine.’ Read the entire story here.

6. Innocent Housewife Mom And Her Son Abroad – Part 1

By: agniva48

My innocent housewife mom came to meet me at my place abroad. Learn how she had no choice but to wear a bikini at beach and erotic incidents that unfolded.

‘Mom finally agreed and we then went back to the beach. I was unable to take my eyes off mom. In fact, even the nude women around didn’t attract me anymore as I continued staring at my mom’s big boobs and her ass.’ Read the entire story here.

7. Incest Journey – Part 2 (Pregnant Mom)

By: areincest

After getting a huge raise at work, I celebrated it by fucking my milf mom. When I gave her the news, she gives me back the news of her pregnancy!

‘Now I placed my dick into mom’s pussy fucking her in a missionary position. She was taking every stroke with pleasure and loud moaning. After 5 minutes, I turned her back fucking in the doggy style. I placed both of my hands on her boobs squeezing and playing with her nipples.’ Read the entire story here.

8. Love Child With Saali

By: sutapar1

She had no problem sleeping with him casually. He was much older than her but wanted to get into her pants at any cost. Guess what happened in the end?

‘Ramola held my face with her delicate hands and kissed my cheeks. When she let me go, I rested my head on her boobs and got smothered, trying to trace her cleavage with my nose. During our canoodling session, my cock became hard and ready for sex.’ Read the entire story here.

9. My Sali, My Love – Part 2

By: avimaheshwari

I was attracted to my unmarried sister-in-law. Read how we got close by having hot conversations and how it turned into developing the lust between us.

‘My sister-in-law then asked me to send a link to massage porn. Since I used to regularly watch porn, I had bookmarked my favorite porn video links. So, I sent her one of my best massage porn links. She said she would message back after watching it. She was horny.’ Read the entire story here.

10. Accident Ke Chakkar Mein Maa Bani Randi

By: incestsaukin001

Meri widhwa maa pichle 7 saalon se chudi nahi thi. Padhiye kaise maine maa ko apna lund dikhaya, aur fir uski chut ko shant kiya.

‘Maa ki ye baat sunte hi maine usko poora nanga kar diya. Maa ne bhi isme mera sath diya. Fir maa ne mujhe nanga kiya. Mujhe nanga karne ke baad wo mera lund choosne lag gayi. Uske baad maine maa ke boobs dabaye, aur 69 position mein aa gaya.’ Read the entire story here.

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