Two wheeler lessons and seducing brother-in-law

I am Devika, age 29. As you must be knowing from my earlier stories, I love being fucked. Since my hubby is working outside, I miss his physical touch. So I had my encounters with my brother-in-law and my hubby’s cousin Mama and their friends.

This time, I decided to have someone who can fuck me with some risk as I find it more thrilling. So my brother-in-law (my husband’s sister’s husband) came to my mind. He was staying in the plot next to us with my sister-in-law and his two sons – Pranav (19 years old) and young one Suraj.

Raman is 42 years old. Though he was illiterate, he had a well-built body. So I started planning to get him. I knew how to drive a car but I didn’t know how to ride a scooter. So I decided to take a chance with my brother-in-law using this.

I requested him to teach me how to ride two-wheelers and he agreed. We had a playground away from our house. That day, I was wearing a sleeveless tight salwar without a dupatta. We started the class. I sat behind my brother-in-law with both my legs on one side. Soon we reached the ground where there were hardly a few boys playing.

He told me to start and he sat behind me, holding my fair hands from behind. His touch was making me turn on. His sweat smell made me hot and wild. We started. He was holding my palm and using it to accelerate and apply the brake. I was enjoying it.

Soon my brother-in-law’s cock became hard with my touches and it started to poke my ass cheeks.

It became darker; he stopped my Activa scooter and told me to get down. I did and suddenly, my BIL grabbed my boobs and pressed his dark lips on my lips! I was behaving like I didn’t like it. I was saying, “Jijaji, please leave me..What are you doing?!!”

But he didn’t stop, he kept pressing my fair big boobs (from the inside, I was enjoying as my plan was successful). After kissing my lips, he put his hands inside the top of my salwar and started pressing my nipples. I behaved like I had surrendered to him now. And I started smooching his lips deeply. He enjoyed this as he never had such a kiss from his wife or anyone else in his lifetime. He said to me, “Devika, I can’t control now. I want to fuck you right now.”

I said, “It’s risky here. You come to my bedroom at 11:30 pm when everyone is asleep.” He said ok but we kept enjoying for some more time. I was rubbing his hard cock from his short pants. His dick was short but thick and hard. He hugged me tightly. I enjoyed his sweaty body smell. I too started smelling it. Then my brother-in-law raised my hands and started sucking my fair-shaved clean underarms. I started getting very aroused and sexy by then and started pressing his cock harder and harder. I was loving this and enjoying every bit of it.

He continued with my other underarms too. I lost my control and told him to fuck me right there! He was surprised and asked me whether I was sure. I said, “Yes, I want it now.”

He took me to a small shed and removed my clothes including my bra and panty. He too became nude. I asked him to suck my pussy and he got in 69 position. I took his cock in my mouth. It was thick. I had to widen my mouth to adjust his size. My brother-in-law was happy to see my pink shaved pussy. He was eating it like a cherry. I was lost in the pleasure.

Suddenly, some young guys playing there started watching us but I was lost in my heavenly world by then and didn’t care. I wanted a hard fuck anyhow. Very soon, he kissed my lips deeply. I loved the taste of my pussy juice on his lips. He was pressing my sexy big right boob and sucking the left boob while biting its nipples. I was happiest now.

The cool breeze was making me more hot and sexy. My BIL then made me sleep down and entered his cock inside my pussy. It was very hot and hard. It pained me as after a long time, I was having sex. But it was pleasure and pain that I needed and expected. Our bodies were full of sweat and smell. I loved his sweaty smelly body.

After fucking me for almost 20 minutes, my brother-in-law started removing his cock while saying, “I am cumming..”

I told him to need it inside my pussy and shoot his cum inside only. He was surprised by this but he did as I wished I hugged him tightly as I also came same time. We slept kissing deeply for a long time. Then we got up and dressed up and left for home. We reached home and his sons were at his house. I smiled at them. The elder one was Pranav and the younger one was Suraj.

I went straight to the bathroom and had a hot bath. I prepared my dinner. I was eagerly waiting for more hard sex.

I had my dinner. I saw from my window that the lights were off in my sister-in-law’s place. Soon I opened the main door and sat in the hall. After 11.30 pm, Raman entered. I was wearing a short-netted sleeveless night, no bra and panty inside. It was showing my big fair boobs and pussy. My brother-in-law was in a hot mood and immediately started smooching me. His hands were massaging my boobs. I was in a very hot mood, and making me feel like a true slut.

Soon my eyes went on to our opened door. Pranav was staring with his hand rubbing his cock. I was surprised and tried to pull Raman away from me, but Raman was not in the mood to leave me. He signaled Pranav to come in. I was not knowing what was happening.

Pranav came closer to me closed the main door, and started pressing my soft boobs. I was shocked and stopped Raman. I asked Raman, “What is this?!”

He said that slut like me needed two cocks at a time – one fresh one of Pranav and an experienced cock of his.

I was not knowing what they were planning to do. Suddenly, Pranav started smooching me and biting my lips. Raman then spanked me harder saying, “Randi, you needed to be fucked hard by father and son.” He tore my nighty and they made me nude.

I was sweating now and started smelling. Pranav was looking at my big fair boobs and Raman was pressing my ass cheeks. Pranav became nude and smooched me deeply. Raman also was nude. He started licking my sweaty and smelly armpits while Pranav was pressing my boobs. This was unexpected for me.

Pranav went down and started licking and sucking my pussy. My brother-in-law was on top of me and inserted his thick cock in my mouth and started stroking me slowly. With all this, I lost control and started responding. I sucked his thick cock, as it was double enjoyment for me. Raman came to know this, he started stroking me hard. After a few strokes, he was coming. I held him tightly so that he can cum in my mouth as I was a cum loving slut.

Soon, my brother-in-law loaded his cum inside my mouth while his son Pranav was doing really good job down. I was all wet with sweat and cum of mine.

I smiled at Pranav. I hugged and smooched him deeply. His lips were smelling my cum and my lips with his father’s cum. It was all a good mixture, Soon Raman told me to take Pranav down and me on top of him.

As soon I slept over him, Pranav inserted his cock and started stroking me. I was enjoying it. His hand was on my boobs, massaging them. Soon Raman was hard. I kissed him and he went behind. I was surprised. He bent me and inserted his thick cock in my ass without informing me! It was very tight. I froze with my nails poking Pranav. Soon, both guys achieved the rhythm and started fucking me fast. I loved this hard double penetration by father and son. My whole body was dripping a lot of sweat and I was smelling sexy.

I became more horny and took Pranav’s tongue inside my lips and started sucking it. With this, Pranav came inside me. But I continued smooching him.

Raman was on high, he pulled my hair and took a proper doggy pose now. He was hitting his cock hard in my ass. I was hurting but the pleasure was more than the pain. After some time, he too came inside my ass.

The whole night, they fucked me by changing their positions. It was the most sexy and hot night of my life, getting fucked by father and son.

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