Unexpected Sex Adventures With Young SIL – 6

Hi guys, I am Sundeep. In the previous story, I wrote about my first encounter with my sister-in-law Anu in the future. And how she caught Earl spying on us and masturbating.

After that, she was in no mood to talk. I left the room and followed Earl.

I asked Earl, “Why did you do that? You made Anu angry.”

“I didn’t want to disturb you guys with my presence while you are engaged in your act. And I liked what I saw and started masturbating. I didn’t know it was inappropriate as no one taught me before.”

I understood Earl’s situation and said, “It is okay, don’t repeat it again unless you are allowed.”

Me: If you like what you saw. I will help you with it.

Earl: I don’t understand what are you suggesting.

I took Earl to his computer and searched some porn. Hopefully, I could find some porn in the internet archives. I told him, “These are made by actress and professional, which helps to masturbate while watching. It lacks art and is addictive.”

He said, “I will watch carefully. Thanks for help.”

Eve: I see you’re angry at Earl.

Anu: Yes. He spied on us.

Eve: Earl doesn’t know it’s wrong to do that. He spent his life in this chambers and have no social connections. Consider this and forgive him.

Anu: Sure, I will. Earl said, he found himself in this facility after he fell into old ruins. Why don’t you show him the way out?

Eve: The doors of this facility are locked. After detection of the threat, the door are completely locked. I can’t override them. There is a way out. Earl found a way in after a boulder from the mountain made an impact on the roof. We closed it to not allow others in. If the word pass out about this facility, it will become vulnerable.

Anu: All these years Earl helped you do what?

Eve: I asked Earl to help me beat other evil AI called Freya. Freya is created to help in war. After having its own mind and some people manipulating it, Freya decided to kill every human being in this planet. And succeeded in the process. A new AI named Raya is designed to stop Freya. More advanced than Freya. In the process of stopping Freya, Raya is completely destroyed. In other words, Raya sacrificed herself to stop freya.

Anu: If Freya is destroyed. How did it come back.

Eve: Before it’s death, Freya sent a signal to where it was made. The source of Freya is in a secure location that can’t be hacked, even for a million years. It took so many years to Freya to rebuild itself. It wasn’t active until it found a signal from a Cudendum, a machine forging facility to build machines. Knowing the facility is active, it took control over it. The facility creates machines which help to save the planet. Now the same machines are destroying it.

Anu: So life on earth is ended before Raya defeated Freya.

Eve: Yes, the earth became uninhabitable after high levels of radiation. Soil, water and air is polluted. It’s just machines fighting machines. Humans created a terraforming system which comes into life after death of Freya. It helped to create life on earth again. Now the system is broken, we need to fix it and stop freya. For that, we need to find its source code.

Anu: What about space exploration? Terraforming mars.

Eve: The technology is advanced but the time is limited. So space exploration is not the best solution at that period.

Anu: If life on earth ends, why bother creating again? Humans did it to themselves.

Eve: To save the earth.

Anu: I don’t understand.

Eve: Billions of year ago, way before your time, Species named dinosaurs walked this planet. They got extinct after an asteroid collision. The green planet started to burn for years. Slowly after the earth cooled down, life on earth started to grow after the end of ice age.

When life on earth is growing at an optimal pace, earth started the evolution process. In other words, survival of the fittest. Species that are unable to survive the harsh conditions of earth began to extinct.

Humans became the alpha species in this process after gaining consciousness. Earth went through evolution process to have a species with conscious that can make their own decisions.

This intelligence species is created by earth. So when in future, if there is a threat or earth is in danger of extinction. This intelligence species can save the earth and themselves from the extinction, and not to end up like dinosaurs.

Anu: I’m convinced, but ironically humans became the threat and life on earth ended.

Eve: That is a tragedy. Now, on bright side humans are still walking this earth but they’re not in a position to fight a machine.

Anu: So that’s reason you brought us to future.

Eve: yes. I think we’re on same page. So it’s important that you start your training.

Anu: Sure, let’s get me trained.

We kept training for few months. At nights, Anu and I slept together naked. My sister-in-law would blow my dick before sleep. This continued for a few months. Earl and both of us became a family. We also used to invite Earl to watch while we are being intimate. Earl would masturbate himself watching us.

One day I asked Eve, how to have sex not impregnating Anu. She suggested a vasectomy. I agreed and she agreed to do the procedure. I laid on the operating table and two robotic arms started the procedure. It was over in 5 minutes and with less pain. Eve suggested not to have sex for a few days.

For the next few days, my balls felt sore, but after that, everything felt normal. My erections were normal and I couldn’t feel any pain. It was time to deflower my sister-in-law.

I told Anu that Eve gave me a vasectomy and I was ready to take her virginity. She was so happy to hear this. It had been hard for her to restrict her from having sex. I didn’t know how Earl was doing for more than a century.

Speaking of Earl, he overheard us and asked if he can be a spectator. We both agreed and we finished the training earlier. We cleaned our bodies and started getting ready for the act.

Anu was in her room. Earl and I walked toward her room. We opened her door and there she was, in a transparent white night gown. She lit the room with candles, the place looked erotic. I walked toward her, she extended her arm and I took it and placed a kiss on her hand.

I took her into my arms and kissed her head. She wrapped her hands around me. My dick started to grow.

My sister-in-law lifted her head and started kissing me. Anu was pulling my lower lip and sucking it. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. She left my lip and started sucking my tongue. Her both lips are inside my mouth while she was sucking my tongue.

My hands were in her hair and kissed her even harder. She slid her hand inside my pants and grabbed my dick.

I broke the kiss and undressed myself. Anu also dropped her gown, we were both completely naked now. I quickly grabbed her and started kissing. We guided ourselves to the bed while kissing each other.

Anu laid back on her back and came on top her. I took her left boob in mouth, pressing the other one. She caught my dick with her right hand and started stroking it.

Room was filled with my brother’s wife’s soft moans. Earl undressed himself and sat at one corner of the bed, stroking his cock. I switched to other tit and took it in my mouth. My tongue played with her nipple while I was sucking her tit.

I went south kissing her body and put my middle finger inside her cunt. Her pussy was wet with her juices.

I kissed her vagina lips and started licking her clitoris while fingering her pussy. Anu grabbed Earl’s dick with her hand and started giving him a handjob. It was the first time she touched a hard big black cock. She had shared her fantasy about blowing a black cock when we were back in the days.

I was eagerly watching her stroking Earl’s dick while licking her clitoris. Will she take that back dick in her mouth or not? I was waiting for her. Will she fulfill her fantasy or not?

With one hand, my sister-in-law was pressing her boobs and with the other, she was stroking Earl’s dick. Earl started pressing her boobs. Anu made a eye contact with me to know if I was ok with what she was going to do next.

I stopped licking and took my finger out. I lifted her up holding her hips, and turned her around into doggy style. Her head was near Earl’s cock and now she got the message from me that she needed and to took Earl’s big dick in her mouth. I started to eat her pussy from her back, holding and pressing her soft butt.

Anu was sucking Earl’s dick passionately while I was tongue fucking my sister-in-law’s pussy. In a few minutes, she reached her orgasm. She turned around and laid back in the bed. Earl kept his dick on her lips, she started licking it slowly.

I took her right boob in and started sucking it. My dick was near her pussy, rubbing it. I was moving my hips to rub my dick on her pussy. Earl finished in her mouth, ejaculating his cum. Anu kissed him with her mouth full his cum, giving him taste of his own cum. Earl liked his cum and they both shared it kissing each other.

I left her boobs and I grabbed my dick and placed my dick head on her vagina opening. She stopped kissing Earl and staring at me. I pushed my dick down my sister-in-law’s pussy. It went half way. I could feel the tightness of her pussy. I slowly started humping, going only halfway in. She was feeling some easy down there.

I started rubbing her clit with my thumb and continued humping her. I started to go deeper while slowly humping her. I could feel her vagina walls opening when I was thrusting in and griping my cock while taking back. It was a heavenly feeling when a vagina does that.

After a few more thrusts, my dick was completely in. My balls were touching down her pussy. I laid on top of her and we started kissing passionately. I could feel my cock pulsating inside her as hot blood rushing into my penis. At the same time, I could also feel her vagina is beating like her heart.

I rested my cock for few more seconds and started moving my hips.

I increased my pace and started fucking her. She started moaning and kissing me hard. I grabbed her right breast with my left hand and started playing with her nipple. She grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down. She switched into cowgirl position and started riding my dick.

I was enjoying the pleasure seeing my dick entering her pussy. Earl started to suck her boobs. I caught her hips and started to thrusting her with good pace while she was standing on her knees spread between me.

Anu came close to me and started kissing me. I placed my hands on her butt cheeks and humping her pussy hard. After a few minutes, I took her in missionary position. As I was nearing my orgasm, I started humping her in medium pace. I could feel the pressure building in my cock.

I took my dick back and gave one final push and my cock pumped hot cum inside her. Feeling my hot cum inside her, Anu also reached her orgasm. I took my dick out and rested beside her. We both cuddled and slept and Earl slept next to me naked.

I will continue what happened next in the next part. Thank you for reading and wait for the next one. Each part will have story in the first half and erotic sex in next half. For good experience, I suggest not to skip the story. Any feedback, send to