Unexpected Sex Adventures With Young SIL – 7

Hi guys, I am Sundeep. In the previous part, I shared about how I took my sister-in-law’s virginity. We had erotic sex last night. We both slept beside each other after having sex. Earl also slept beside me. We three slept naked that night.

Then Earl’s hard dick was poking between my legs. I took his hard dick into my hands and began stroking it in half-sleep. With my touch on his dick, it grew significantly harder like a rock. Earl took my dick in his left hand, and my dick started to grow.

I took my sister-in-law Anu’s left boob in my mouth and started sucking it. Earl reached his limit and he held my dick a little harder. He sprayed his cum on my ass.

I slowly pulled his skin back, leaving it and again pulling back again. His cum started oozing out slowly. Earl was stroking my dick faster, and I released my cum on Anu’s thighs. She woke up and saw what was going on, and went back to sleep again.

We kept training for a couple of months, and we both got skilled in hunting. In the afternoons, we go out of the facility to hunt. Mostly, slaying some pigs or rabbits. Earl taught us how to not show mercy when killing people and animals. We got trained heavily in combat and assassination skills. We were now ready to kill.

Daily, we go into the woods and practice stealth killing. We get tired of training and slept most of the nights. Finally, after a few months, we were ready to leave the nest.

Eve: You’re training is complete. Now you need to civilize with these people, know their culture and complete your mission. They need to feel you are one of them. You also need to guide them to save the world.

We: Sure, we’ll do what we can.

Eve: Earl and I stay in this facility and help you through your journey. Earl can’t join your journey because I need his assistance, and if anything happens to you, he needs to be here to resurrect you again in your new clone.

Me: That’s great.

Eve: Don’t die. It’s a lot of work on our hands.

Me: We’ll be careful.

Eve: A lot of things changed since the past centuries. You need to re-learn about this earth and the people. In your time, land on earth is divided into 7 continents separated by oceans. After the ice, these continents collided with each other and formed a supercontinent. Ancient people referred to this as ‘Pangaea’. Now we call this supercontinent ‘Neo Pangaea’.

Me: At least we don’t need plains to travel.

Eve: Yes! Now, this facility is located in north-east. One of you will travel 500 km southwest to a city called ‘Minerva’. The other one will stay here. There is a village in the mountains, you need to start from here.

Me: That’s unexpected. You are splitting us.

Eve: It is the quickest way, I think you both understand.

Me: Ya, sure. I’ll travel southwest in the dawn and Anu stays here.

Eve: That is exactly what I’m about to suggest. We’ll guide you the way. We still has GPS.

Me: Sure, I’m not surprised.

I prepared myself to leave tomorrow. In the night, my SIL had sex with me, and we both slept cuddling. In the morning, I woke up before the sun and got up from bed. I prepared my stuff and said bye to Anu.

She hugged me tightly and started to kiss me. We kissed so passionately that my dick got so hard. She took my dick out and started giving me a blowjob. As the dawn was upon us, I could hear birds chirping.

My sister-in-law started massaging my balls while blowing my dick. I started to enjoy the blowjob. Anu gives excellent blowjobs. She even wraps her tongue to the dick while sucking my cock. In a few minutes, I released my cum inside her. She drank all of it and started cleaning my dick, licking with her tongue.

After she finished cleaning my dick, she kept my dick back in my pants and wished me good luck. I left the facility and all walked southwest.

Eve and Earl working on encrypting our signal frequency transmission. After they were done, they started to guide me with coms. I ran upon some machines on my way, Eve scanned them to gather some data. These machines were harmless and were part of a terraforming system. Eve warned me to not get caught by them. If they suspect humans, they may attach or run away. These machines looked likes animals.

I changed direction and took a detour to avoid those machines.

Me: Eve? Are there horses around, I can ride?

Eve: Unfortunately no. Animals with more heat signatures get killed by machines. Only animals with less heat signature are around. Animals like dogs, which are small also got killed because they used to bark at the machines. Machines are sensitive to sound and also good at detecting thermal signatures. Animals that are quiet and have low thermal signatures are spared by the machines.

I travelled all day taking some intervals. I walked 73 km in total. It felt so good walking on this new earth. All I can see was lots of vegetation and some old ruins, which made me nostalgic. I was literally walking in a post-apocalyptic world, and this looked more beautiful than that I knew of.

Earl and Anu were going through the data I gathered today to find some way to control these machines. Eve didn’t know how to control these machines. She was one of the sub-ordinate functions in the terraforming system designed by humans. Eve’s responsibilities were creating humans and taking care of cradle facilities.

The head of this terraforming system was another intelligence AI called ‘Hera’ mother of all other sub-ordinate functions like Eve. Hera was the main governing intelligence, it helped humans to create Eve and other sub-ordinate functions.

After Freya took control over a machine forging facility, Hera knew Freya will come after her. Hera was not capable of defeating Freya. If Freya got to Hera, everything will go down in vain. It will be machines that rule the earth again.

So Hera put herself to sleep in a secure location. With no guidance, sub-ordinate functions like Eve became vulnerable. All followed Hera and went to sleep in different secure locations waiting to be awakened, leaving humans on their own. Eve was awake because of Earl.

Earl couldn’t find anything against these machines. But Eve found a way to disguise the thermal activity. That will help not get detected by machines with our heat signatures. It was like a cloaking device that masks our bodies’ heat signatures. For that, I needed to collect some parts which were available from the machines. I needed to find some machines and kill them!

I made myself a bed with some branches and leaves. I quickly drove into sleep. Earl and Anu was working on a cloaking device, rendering its design.

After a few hours, they got bored. Earl opened some porn. Earl took his dick and started masturbating. Anu noticed it and took his dick in her hand. My sister-in-law lowered her dress and kept Earl’s left hand on her pussy. They both are masturbating each other while watching porn.

Anu was stroking his dick and rubbing his cock. Earl kept his finger inside my brother’s wife and fucked her pussy with his finger while rubbing her clit. Earl quickly learned, he was pleasuring Anu with his hands as he couldn’t fuck her.

They both masturbated each other until they both finished each other. Anu crawled down the desk after some time and took Earl’s big dick out of his pants to blow his dick while he was working. She knew that he’ll cum soon when she gives him a blowjob.

Anu wanted to play with his dick a little longer. So she started edging his cock. Whenever he neared his orgasm, Anu stopped stimulating his dick and pulled his balls. This continued a few times. When she decided to let Earl cum, she stroked his dick quickly and sucked his balls.

When he was about to cum, my sister-in-law left his dick and balls so that Earl could have a hands-free orgasm. She waited in front of his cock for his cum. Earl’s body flinched and he moaned while his cock sprayed his cum. His cum hit Anu’s face with a force. He had a very intense orgasm and felt weak in his knees.

After some time, Earl returned his favor to Anu. He went down to eat my sister-in-law’s pussy. She kept her legs over his shoulders and pinned him down to her pussy. Earl took her boobs with one hand and held her hip with the other. He licked her pussy a few times and put his tongue inside her. He was sucking and licking with his tongue. He started licking his clitoris top to down, left to right and even went in circles. She cummed after a few minutes and went to sleep.

I woke up in the dawn, thankfully still alive and continued my journey. I found a few machines dead on my way. I tried to search for some valuables, but these machines were stripped apart and the parts are looted. I think some nearby villagers did this.

I searched the area for some clues, I found tracks marks on the road and I followed them, keeping my guard up. It had been six hours and I was still following their tracks. Eve scanned them through my lens and found that it may be a group of four people. Eve warned me that they may be bad people.

I found them, they were four people, dressed in armor. The armor was mostly made of leather, and metal shards covered vulnerable places. Their leader also had a face-covering that blocked arrows coming for his head.

They camped near the lake. Three men and a woman were cleaning their gears. I spied on them from the bushes. Earl woke up and came online and identified these people as rebels. Rebels were outcasts, shunned by their people for their wrong-doings. They hunt traders and merchants for their loot.

So, I had come across the bad guys indeed. The leader was within my striking distance. I drew an arrow pointing toward the back of his head where it was not covered by any armor. I released the arrow and it pierced into his head, killing him in one shot!

The group got alert and took cover. They were vulnerable without their leader. They decided not to fight and ran away.

Earl: I think they are heading to their outpost, where other rebels stay. You better be careful.

Me: I will not follow them.

They left their stash in a hurry. I looted their camp and also upgraded my bow with the leader’s bow. It also has sharp metal edges at both ends. I said to myself, “To save the world, I may have to kill the bad guys or find a way to make them yield. We need more people to fight against machines.”

Well, I was scared of the rebels and took their leader from behind. If I was going to save the world, I was going to fight for it and not killing people.


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