Unforgettable Ride to Hills

Hi friends, This is Vikram, a 21-year-old guy from Bangalore. I’m a good-looking dark-skinned guy with a huge black dick. I have been a regular reader of ISS. The stories I have read encouraged me to share my happiest moments, which happened recently.

Today, I am here to share my sexual experience with my girlfriend at Nandi Hills. Her name is Jennifer, 19 years old. She looks beautiful with her dusky complexion, a bit short, but plenty of prettiness. She is kind of 5.2, chubby with real curves 32B-26-34.

Her boobs were so attractive, and her buttocks were filled with extra flesh. Every guy in college wanted to bang her for her body. Jennifer is an eye candy for boys. I was in my final year of engineering, and so was my girlfriend. She was a batchmate. Our relationship went smoothly for about six to seven months.

After college, we often used to meet, spend time together, and go to movies and stuff. But we never had sex. We kissed a few times. But that was all. We never did anything beyond that. We sometimes wished to have sex. I was especially determined to break her virginity with my dick.

But the problem was that we didn’t get a place to make out. Both my house and her hostel were inhabited most of the time. Then, one fine day, I got the opportunity! Her parents had to go out of the station because of a family function. But as our exams were on the brink, she refused to go with them.

Finally, they went, and she was left alone at home. We both decided to go on a road trip on my bike to Nandi Hills. It was around 70 km from the city. We decided to leave at 4 o’clock in the early morning as the view of the sunrise on the hills is really beautiful.

The next morning, I went to my girlfriend’s house to pick her up at 4 o’clock in the early morning. Jennifer was waiting for me at the gate. I was amazed to look at her! I stared at her as if I had seen her for the first time. She was wearing a white T-shirt and a blue hoodie over it.

Her jeans hugged her fleshy thighs and tempting ass. She was looking sizzling hot! She sat on the back of my bike by holding my shoulder. And we set out on our journey with the aim of catching the sunrise on time. On the way, the weather was drizzling, so it was cold and romantic.

As it was really cold, Jennifer was sitting really close to me. I could feel her boobs on my back. I was getting a hard-on just by the feelings of her warm boobs on my back. She was smelling amazing and her perfume smell was turning me on.

While riding, I adjusted the side mirror so that I could admire her beauty through the mirror. It made her happy. She tapped on my shoulder by saying, “You are very flirty. Please concentrate on the road.” After a while, she hugged me tight from behind as she was feeling cold.

I was enjoying the journey, and I didn’t want it to end. I then stopped by a roadside tea stall for a hot cup of tea to escape from the cold weather. It was around 5.30 pm. I ordered tea. In the meantime, she lit a cigarette and we both shared the cigarette.

I felt the taste of her strawberry-flavoured lip gloss on the cigarette butt. The sight of my girlfriend smoking and exhaling slowly and seductively right onto my face was too much to handle. Jennifer was a pro at smoking. After having tea and cigarettes, we hopped onto the bike and continued our journey.

We had to cover another 8 km of the Ghat road to reach our destination. Finally, we reached Nandi Hills. There was not much of a crowd in Nandi Hills. We parked the bike and walked a bit towards the peak through cold and foggy weather. It was a heavenly experience walking amidst clouds.

The cold wind was blowing at such high speed that it became quite difficult to stay in one place. We walked through the forest, enjoying the nippy monsoon air with the beautiful hazy view of the surroundings. We went to Tipu’s drop, Sunrise Point and hopped on to wooden machans.

We were walking close to each other, and sometimes my hand touched hers, and I felt her smooth hands, which were glowing white with a super feathery touch. I instantly got a hard-on. She saw my erection and started laughing. We then diverted our path towards some bushy areas.

We noticed some couples touching and kissing in the corner. We looked at each other and smiled. Finally we came to a secluded place where no one was there, only me and my girlfriend. We sat close to the cliff’s edge on a large rock under a tree. We were enjoying the viewpoint without uttering a single word.

I looked at her, staring at the viewpoint, smiling like an angel. The cool breeze was whipping through her silky hair. Everything about the moment was beautiful. I was mesmerized, not by the beauty of the Nandi hills but by my girlfriend, Jennifer. I don’t know what happened.

I lost control and started kissing her madly. She was confused about how to react and what to do. But I kept sucking her lips and sliding my tongue deep into her mouth, inviting her to suck my tongue. My kissing fully aroused her, and she started sucking my tongue inside her mouth.

We lost sense of our surroundings and kissed passionately, tasting each other’s saliva. Suddenly, she stopped and said let’s go to some lodge as it was not safe here. I was happy!

I immediately pulled out my mobile and searched for nearby lodges. Luckily, I found one on the hilltop itself and I booked for a night. Our hotel was just a 5 minute walk. While walking, she caught my dick all of a sudden and pressed it badly.

She whispered to me that her panties were wet and were flowing out of her jeans. We both were too horny and craving each other. The rain started pouring in as soon as we reached the hotel. The cloudy sky created an illusion of dusk. We both looked at each other with a smile on our faces.

We both realized that we were fortunate enough not to get caught up in the rain. They handed over the keys to us, and we headed towards our room. As soon as we entered the room, she pounced on me. We started kissing like hungry fuckers tearing each other’s clothes right there one by one.

The hunger with which she sucked my tongue was scary. I didn’t know she could be that aggressive. Indeed, Jennifer was proving herself as an excellent kisser. Soon, we both became naked. Before I could say something, she started blowing me wildly.

She was taking it in, spitting on it, and taking it deep into her throat. It was looking just amazing. The way her tongue and lips were working on my dick showed that she had all the experience of having sex. She wasn’t a virgin. She was getting gagged, and her saliva was dripping all over my dick.

She was showing off her deep-throat skills like a professional whore. She then switched towards my balls and took my balls into her warm mouth. She started sucking and rolling them like a real slut. She was sucking on my balls, and at the same time she was stroking my dick.

For every five to six strokes, she kept switching between my dick and balls. She gave one of the best blowjobs, which can make you weak on your knees. My body tensed up! She knew I was about to cum. My groaning and breathing made her aware of my intentions.

I trembled and released. I thought she would take it in her hand or something. But surprise! She swallowed it. I didn’t expect that. We both smiled at each other. Now, it was my turn to give her something back. I pulled her up and started kneading her boobs gently.

Her boobs were so soft, and I kept fondling and kissing them. I then bent down a little and started sucking and squeezing her boobs one by one. I kept sucking, licking and biting her erect nipples like a hungry wolf. I was rolling my tongue all around her boobs.

I sucked those boobs like I was really sucking the juice out of them. Jennifer was screaming and enjoying the act by scratching me with her nails. Her long and pointed nipples have become very hard and red, with all my teeth pulling and biting them. I continued playing with her boobs.

Suddenly, my right hand went into her pussy which got completely wet. I started fingering her wet pussy while I sucked on her boobs. Jennifer was playing with my dick while I was busy sucking her boobs. After a few strokes, my dick rose again.

Her hot expression made me want to fuck her. Then she started shouting my name and pleading to fuck her! But I was not going to fuck her so easily. I was in a mood to make her crazy completely. I pushed her on the bed, moved down between her thighs and parted her legs.

I was happy to see her pussy with little hair. I stuck my tongue out and dived in like a hungry wolf. Sucking, biting and licking whatever came into my mouth. Jennifer went insanely mad the moment my tongue touched her divine place.

She was screaming in joy and uncomfortably twisting and turning on the bed, begging me to lick more. She grabbed me by my hair and kept rubbing my face over and over to lick more. I was initially struggling to keep my mouth open. But in a few moments, my tongue was expertly licking every part of her pussy.

I inserted my tongue as deep as possible, giving her the ultimate pleasure she wanted. Her breathing started to become heavy, and she started shivering. She held my head tightly and kept screaming, “Here, Here! Take it, Take it! Aah, I’m Cumming.”

With that, her trembling increased so much that it sounded like a thunderous storm that was coming. For the next few seconds, she kept splashing on my face, squirting out her juices from her pussy. I was shocked to see her squirting.

As the shaking came to a halt, I knew I had given her one of the most intense orgasms right now. I kept licking and swallowing all she offered me right now. She tried to push me back to stop. But I continued licking and drank every bit of juice falling from her pussy.

I loved the way she squirted like a fountain. My face, my body and the bed got drenched in her juices.  Once I left licking her pussy, she directly pulled me up and started kissing me very badly. She then placed her rosy lips on my nipples and started sucking and biting them hard.

She kept chewing my erect nipples hard. I was in pain, but I was enjoying it a lot. She was licking my nipples, and my chest was completely wet with her saliva. She then asked me to come from behind as she wanted to try the doggy position first. She took a condom and started rolling down on my dick.

She positioned her beautiful round ass in the air at me in a doggy position. She struck the pose like a pro. I placed my dick on her pussy and started teasing her by rubbing my dick on her pussy. She was getting restless by it and thus took my dick in her hand and guided it into her pussy.

I wrapped her hair around my palm and started fucking her from behind, going in and out with the full intensity she craved. It was a dream come true for me, how many times I had masturbated thinking of these lovely pussy. My thrusts were slow initially.

But gradually, I increased the speed and started pounding hard into her pussy. She started to clutch the bedsheet tightly with her fingers and moved her waist for my every stroke in excitement. The room was filled with her moans and the thap-thap sounds of the intercourse.

Within some time, I realized that my girlfriend was getting pretty tired with all the back-to-back orgasms she was having. But I was in no mood to leave her pussy. I continued fucking her from behind. I grabbed her dangling boobs with my both hands and penetrated my dick more deeply into her pussy.

That was the best moment for both of us. I kept on banging her as hard as I could and let her enjoy. Jennifer then moved up and pushed me on the bed. She came over to me with her pussy right above my erect dick. She moved in such a way that my dick was getting rubbed between her pussy lips.

She then held my dick and placed it over her pussy. She guided my dick into her pussy. She started jumping on my dick wildly, going up and down like a beast jumping on its prey, showing her slutty face. Her boobs were hanging and swinging each time she was bouncing on my dick.

I raised myself, and I took her bouncing boobs in my hands and continued to play with them. She then placed her hands on my chest for support and started riding me vigorously like a cowgirl. I was thrusting her in rhythm. She made sure my dick went deep into her pussy.

Once she got tired, we started in a missionary position. This time, I was fucking her like an unstoppable machine. She was scratching my back with her nails and biting my chest, leaving marks all over my body. She was pounded and stabbed by my dick.

My girlfriend was so horny that she wrapped her legs around my waist and lifted her hips in rhythm for my every stroke in excitement. We both were so hot and sweating like hell. I was about to cum. I could also feel her pussy muscles were gripping tighter.

I increased my pace. Finally, I lost control and blasted all of my load deep into her pussy with a condom. We were breathing heavily with pleasure. Our naked bodies were still connected, with my chest firmly pressing her naked boobs. My dick, by now, started getting limp but still inside her.

We both got exhausted and literally collapsed on the bed. Later, we took a rest for some time and slept for a couple of hours, cuddling each other. The weather was so cold that we got up and planned to make the cold weather hot. We fucked each other in different positions all night.

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